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... interactive devices than it is to say it to their face. ... Little Smiley Face- c-: Heart- 3 / Face with glasses- 8-) Elvis- 9:-) Dead (Not Literally)- XP ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CyberBullying.

Why People Cyber Bully
  • Bullies have been around forever but cyber
    bullies are different because they keep the
    harasser anonymous.
  • Is easier to harass people over the internet or
    on interactive devices than it is to say it to
    their face.
  • Cyber bullies can pick on anyone and know that
    they wont get caught or in trouble.
  • Bullying is when someone keeps making negative
    comments repeatedly.

What Can Be Done About Cyber Bullying
  • Always tell someone! Do not be afraid, its not
    your fault!
  • Do not respond to cyber bullies-dont play their
  • Do not check you emails if they were sent by an
    unknown email address.
  • Do not respond to posts.
  • Do not engage in live chat rooms.
  • Do not do what the bully is doing.
  • Save evidence so that adults can deal with it.
  • Cyber bullies may like the anonymity but there is
    always evidence.

Can Cyber Bullying Be Stopped?
  • Tell anyone older or someone you can trust.
  • Schools will try to take care of cyber bullying
    if its happening at school.
  • Parents should always be informed if there was
    cyber bullying.
  • The police are unlikely to become involved but if
    it comes to that level, police will be contacted.

Things You Should Not Do
  • Do not give out personal information
  • Such as
  • -Phone numbers
  • -Address
  • -Name (full name)
  • -School / Grade
  • -Age
  • -Birth date

Email Netiquette
  • Use meaningful subject lines, tell them what they
    are expecting.
  • Dont type all caps, thats considered screaming
    and its rude.
  • Always think before you type because once you say
    something out of anger, you cant take it back.
  • Think about youre attachments, dont send
    something unless you really need to.
  • Dont spam-or send unwanted messages.
  • Dont pass around chain letters, they can get

  • These stand for emotion icons.
  • While emailing or using the Web, Emoticons help
    the reader understand your emotions.
  • It also helps them visualize and they get what
    you are really trying to say.
  • You can use characters on your keyboard to make

Emoticon Examples
  • Smile- -)
  • Sad- -(
  • Laughing- -D
  • Angry- -_at_
  • Confused- -/
  • Yucky but Funny- XD
  • Crying- (
  • Eyes closing- .
  • Sticking tongue out- -P
  • Surprised- -0
  • Yucky- XC
  • Little Smiley Face- c-
  • Heart- lt3 / ?
  • Face with glasses- 8-)
  • Elvis- 9-)
  • Dead (Not Literally)- XP
  • Winking- -)
  • Mustache Man- 0

Netiquette Activity Time!
Make sure you have fun!
Be Safe, I-Safe.
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