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TALL Talk Tips


c. TALL Texans April 2006. TALL Talk Tips. Everything ... Hot Tubbing. More Snacks. Book Clubbing. Shopping and Sight-seeing. Long walks in the Hill Country ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: TALL Talk Tips

TALL Talk Tips
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about TALL

What is TALL Texans?
  • Texas Accelerated Library Leaders
  • Week-long Leadership Institute Summer Camp for
  • Canyon Oaks Ranch near Wimberley, Texas

  • Foster leadership capabilities
  • Define leadership development activities for TLA
  • Foster cultural diversity in library leadership
  • Encourage leadership in the community as well as
    in the workplace

Canyon Oaks Ranch in the beautiful Texas Hill
  • Mid-career library practitioners (degreed and
    non-degreed) with a minimum of 5 years experience
  • Currently employed in the profession
  • Laypersons with at least 3 years experience
  • Participants from all types of libraries
  • School
  • College
  • Public
  • Special
  • Laypersons

  • Successful leaders in TLA and in the profession
  • Includes President or President-elect of TLA
  • Reflect diversity in TLA library, geographic,
  • Establish on-going professional relationship with
  • Four mentors selected by the TLA Executive Board

  • Maureen Sullivan
  • Librarian
  • Organizational Development Consultant
  • Jack Siggins
  • University Librarian
  • George Washington University
  • Jan Moltzan, Project Coordinator (House Mom)
  • Liaison between TALL Texans and TLA
  • Retired from Dallas Public Library
  • Adjunct professor at UNT

Mentors and FacilitatorsClass of 2003
Class Pictures
Class of 1994
More class photos at http//www.txla.org/groups/ta
  • Leadership in libraries today
  • Understanding your work and leadership roles
  • Values and ethics Self-awareness for
    professional practice
  • Communication
  • Using power and influence
  • Risk taking
  • Managing differences
  • Working with groups and teams
  • Transforming libraries Creating a culture of
    commitment and high performance
  • Creating a shared vision
  • Developing others
  • Achieving your potential Personal planning

  • Self-examination
  • Leadership skills
  • Networking
  • Not all business

Fun Stuff, Too!!
  • Home Cooking
  • Fun and Games
  • Snacks
  • Hot Tubbing
  • More Snacks
  • Book Clubbing
  • Shopping and Sight-seeing
  • Long walks in the Hill Country

Networking, meals, resting, games
Jack, Maureen, and work time
Action Plans
  • Two Year Commitments
  • TLA Action Plan
  • Professional Action Plan
  • TLA Involvement
  • Opens the door for participation in leadership
  • Invaluable networking with TLA leadership

Why Apply?
  • Not a leader just for TLA
  • TLA expects you to grow as a leader
  • In your daily life
  • In your workplace
  • In your community
  • Aim high and be involved on the state and
    national levels

Why Apply?
  • Leadership skills are taught by TLA mentors to
  • Build and maintain alliances
  • Become change agents
  • Build trust and ability to influence others
  • Convince local and state legislators to support
    libraries in legislative matters, for example,
    funding which excludes school libraries the 65
  • Proactive
  • Advocate

Application Tips
  • Sell yourself!
  • Treat the application like a cover letter for a
    job interview.
  • Dissect the application in order to understand
    the questions.
  • A key concept to remember all the questions are
  • Each question builds up to the 20-point question.

20-point question
  • Why do you want to participate in the TLA TALL
    Texans Leadership Development Institute?
  • It is essential that you address this question by
    focusing on what you have done and using your
    past experiences.

20-point question - Weak
  • Why do you want to participate in the TLA TALL
    Texans Leadership Development Institute?
  • Weak
  • I have known other participants in TALL Texans
    who have benefited from the experience. I want
    to become a better leader.
  • (Originally presented by Kimberly in 2003)

20-point question - Stronger
  • Why do you want to participate in the TLA TALL
    Texans Leadership Development Institute?
  • Stronger
  • I want to participate in the TALL Texans
    Leadership Development Institute to focus my
    priorities and set new goals. After thirteen
    years in the profession, this is an opportunity
    to evaluate my work and progress and seek new
    leadership models and fresh ideas. Also, it will
    provide me with an environment in which I can
    focus on my strengths and my ability to
    capitalize on them, meet new colleagues who can
    challenge me to grow, and gain new energy and
    motivation to pursue new goals.
  • (Originally presented by Kimberly in 2003)

15-point question - Weak
  • What do you consider your greatest leadership
    skill and why?
  • Weak
  • I am able to organize my work, complete
    assignments on time, and stay within budget.
    Also, I am always aware of what staff are doing.
    I can solve the problems they bring to me.
  • (Originally presented by
    Kimberly in 2003)

15-point question - Stronger
  • What do you consider your greatest leadership
    skill and why?
  • Stronger
  • Good leaders create an atmosphere in which
    risk taking is encouraged and staff are expected
    to determine and implement solutions. I have
    cultivated that atmosphere in the reference
    services department where staff work with each
    other to search for new ideas and better
    approaches to reference service. In the two
    years I have been manager, I have coached and
    challenged staff to solve the problems they
    encounter. I can see the result. In the
    beginning, they always looked to me for answers.
    Now they routinely determine solutions to the
    problems they encounter and implement them.
  • (Originally presented by Kimberly in 2003)

10-point question - Weak
  • Describe how one workshop, seminar, or
    continuing education session enhanced your
    leadership abilities.
  • Weak
  • The activity that has most enhanced my
    leadership ability was participation in Outward
    Bound. Outward Bound uses trust exercises to
    build teamwork. It provided insight into teams
    and reinforced my own confidence.
  • (Originally presented by Kimberly in 2003)
  • Do not list more than one workshop!
  • (TALL Texans selection committee members)

10-point question - Stronger
  • Describe how one workshop, seminar, or
    continuing education session enhanced your
    leadership abilities.
  • Stronger
  • The activity that has most enhanced my
    leadership ability was participation in Outward
    Bound. The experience reinforced my teamwork
    skillsworking with a group of diverse people
    with different skills and abilities who must
    assess their own and each others strengths then
    utilize the variety of talents to meet a group
    goal. Also, Outward Bound reinforced my
    confidence in my ability to persevere regardless
    of obstacles, to trust others and ask for help,
    and to respect the pace and contribution of
  • (Originally presented by Kimberly in 2003)

Other Application Tip Points
  • Write a draft and set it aside.
  • Review your draft, edit it, and set it aside
  • Proofread, edit, and polish your draft.
  • Give your draft to one or two mentors, former
    TALL Texans, or colleagues.
  • Learn from constructive criticism and edit.
  • Submit.

More application tips from TALL Texans Alumni
  • The most essential tip is to be persistent if not
    first accepted. (Martha Tandy, 2000 Janis Test,
  • There has to be a balance among the different
    types of librarians throughout different parts of
    Texas you should consider reapplying. (Linda H.
    Alexander, Ph.D., 2003)
  • If re-applying, use your first application as a
    springboard to revise and complete a stronger
    application by listing your experiences gained
    between the applications. (Dana Davis-Avants,

More application tips from TALL Texan Alumni
  • Start early as you need time to plan thoughtful
    answers. (Laura Baker, 2001)
  • Read questions carefully and answer them
    concisely and confidently. (Tina Oswald, 1999
    Karen Vargas, 2001)
  • Pay attention to word count and answer the
    question asked without getting off track. (Terry
    Alegria-Roper, 2002 Don Hamerly, 2004)

More application tips from TALL Texan Alumni
  • Emphasize what you can bring to the group as well
    as what you seek to gain. (Connie Moss, 1996)
  • Reflect and use relevant experiences from both
    your personal and work life, regardless whether
    you are from a small or large library, in a rural
    community or a city. (Cynthia Ward Cooper, 1997
    Juanita Hazelton, 2003)
  • Review current literature to assist you in
    answering your questions. (Robin Dwight, 2004)

Another Use for the Application Personal and
Professional Growth
  • At University of Houston Clear Lake, we require
    our School Library Interns complete an
    application as an class assignment
  • Provides an opportunity for school librarians to
    look ahead and plan for personal and professional

Question 11 Professional Leadership Goals in
5 years
  • Key question knowing where you are going helps
    you develop the tools to get there
  • I couldnt figure out why this was an assignment
    until I read this question. Aha! I am supposed to
    have a plan for my library career! (Internship
    student, Summer 2005)

Question 4 Professional Organizations
  • To achieve the goals articulated in question 11,
    think about current and future involvement in TLA
    and other organizations
  • I have just gotten involved in TLA and will now
    explore ALA and other library organizations. I
    see how networking with librarians outside my
    district will help me professionally.
    (Internship student, Spring 2006)

  • I have always relied on other librarians in my
    district, my buddies. I never thought about
    professional development through TLA and other
    organizations. Now I know I have been
    concentrating on the individual trees rather than
    looking at the whole forest. I need to be more
    global in my approach. (Internship student,
    Spring 2006)

  • I thought I was doing a lot locally and within
    my district, but when I started filling out the
    application, I realized I was pitiful in my
    participation. I plan to get more involved in
    TLA. (Internship student, Summer 2005)

Question 9 Leadership Skill
  • We want students to think about their
    professional skills and strengths.
  • I had not thought about being a campus leader,
    but I guess the school librarian has to be.
    (Internship student, Summer 2005)

The Application as a Tool
  • Allows our students to articulate career goals
  • Makes our students aware of the school
    librarians leadership on campus
  • Makes our students aware of the TALL Texan

TALL Texan Institute for 2007 Early June
  • APPLY!!!
  • Timeline
  • Apply between October 1 and December 1
  • Application process will be done online starting
    in October 2006.
  • Notification prior to Conference
  • Cost 550
  • Usually subsidized with employer contributions
  • Scholarships available
  • Provide own transportation

  • I no longer feel apologetic, and instead I am
    embracing opportunities to be involved. (Angela
    Skaggs, 2003)
  • I have the confidence to go forth and be a more
    vital part of TLA. (Jeana Actkinson, 2003)
  • It gave me the confidence to take part in the
    leadership of TLA as well as other organizations.
    (Carrie Jo Parmley, 1999)

  • I have a whole new network of contacts across
    Texas! (Linda Alexander, 2003)
  • If June Berry thought I could be a leader, I
    could! (Peg Patrick, 1994)
  • Meeting colleagues was truly the most important
    thing from TALL Texans. (Beth Thomsett-Scott,

Information and applications
  • TALL Texans website - http//www.txla.org/groups/t
  • TALL Texans Round Table open to all TLA members
  • Beth Perry and Sian Brannons article in Texas
    Library Journal, Fall 2005
  • http//www.txla.org/pubs/tlj81/TALLTexans.pdf

Information and applications
  • Contacts
  • Jan Moltzan, Project Coordinator (House Mom)
  • Denise Kornegay, TALL Texans Round Table Chair
  • ckornegay_at_cox-internet.com
  • Ted Wanner, TLA CE Specialist
  • tedw_at_txla.org

  • Written by Denise Kornegay, 2004
  • Application Tips written by Mary Jo Venetis, 2006
  • Personal and Professional Growth written by Dr.
    Linda Alexander and Jane Claes, 2006

  • Photos courtesy of Jeana Actkinson, Jan Moltzan,
    and Denise Kornegay
  • Acknowledgement and Appreciation to Laura
    Kimberly for her willingness to share her
    application question examples and tips based on
    her 2003 presentation
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