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CTE in the Economic Stimulus Package


CTE in the Economic Stimulus Package. Alisha Hyslop, Assistant Director of Public Policy ... House bill released, 1/15. Appropriations Committee Mark-up, 1/21 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CTE in the Economic Stimulus Package

CTE in the Economic Stimulus Package
  • Alisha Hyslop, Assistant Director of Public
  • Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Steve Hoiberg, Marketing Manager, Higher
    Education Nichelle Grant, Marketing Manager,
    K-12 Education
  • Siemens Building Technologies
  • February 18, 2009

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Why Now?
  • A total of 3.6 million jobs lost since December
  • Unemployment rate at 7.6
  • Growing severity of the global recession
    affecting exports
  • Consumer spending slowing drastically
  • Economists predict downturn will intensify

  • To preserve and create jobs and promote economic
  • To assist those most impacted by the recession
  • To provide investments needed to increase
    economic efficiency by spurring technological
    advances in science and health
  • To invest in transportation, environmental
    protection, and other infrastructure that will
    provide long-term economic benefits
  • To stabilize state and local government budgets,
    in order to minimize and avoid reductions in
    essential services and counterproductive state
    and local tax increases

Legislative Process
  • Discussions began in Fall 2008
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • House action (H.R. 1)
  • House bill released, 1/15
  • Appropriations Committee Mark-up, 1/21
  • Ways and Means Committee Mark-up, 1/22
  • Passed in House 244-188, 1/28
  • 819 billion total spending

Legislative Process
  • Senate Action
  • Senate highlights released, 1/23
  • Appropriations Committee Mark-up, 1/27
  • Finance Committee Mark-up, 1/27
  • Passed in Senate 61-37, 2/10
  • 838 billion total spending

Legislative Process
  • Conference Agreement
  • Committee Meeting, 2/11
  • Passed in House 246-183-1, 2/13
  • Passed in Senate 60-38, 2/13
  • Signed into Law by President Obama, 2/17

Final Bill - Summary
  • 787.2 billion
  • Approximately 35 tax cuts and 65 spending
  • 74.2 percent of spending and tax breaks would go
    out by the end of fiscal year 2010
  • Will create/save 3-4 million jobs
  • Major focuses on energy, science and technology,
    infrastructure, healthcare, and education

Final Bill - Summary
  • State Stabilization Fund
  • Specific education line items
  • Job training
  • Other funding

State Stabilization Fund
  • 53.6 billion total funding
  • 5.282 off the top to DOE
  • 48.3 distributed to states
  • 81.8 (39.5 billion) for education
  • Restoring state budget cuts
  • Subgrants to LEAs
  • 18.2 (8.8 billion) for other government

State Stabilization Fund
  • Allowable secondary uses
  • Perkins, IDEA, NCLB, Adult Ed and school
  • Allowable postsecondary uses
  • education and general expenditures including

Education Funding
  • Total 130 billion
  • IDEA 12.2 billion
  • Title I of NCLB 13 billion
  • Education Technology 650 million
  • Pell Grants Raised to 5,350 for 09-10
  • Work Study 200 million

Workforce Investment Act
  • Total funding of 3.95 billion including
  • 500 million - adult employment and training
  • 1.2 billion - youth activities, including summer
    employment programs for youth
  • 1.25 - dislocated worker employment and training

Workforce Investment Act
  • 200 million - dislocated workers assistance
    national reserve
  • 50 million - YouthBuild activities
  • 750 million - competitive grants for worker
    training and placement in high growth and
    emerging industry sectors
  • 500 million set aside for training in careers in
    energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Priority for remaining funds is health care sector

Other Job Training
  • 500 million to address health professions
    workforce shortages
  • 100 million within the Electricity Delivery and
    Energy Reliability Program for worker training

Green Job Training
  • 500 million for job training for careers in
    energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Wind Turbine Technician
  • Solar Photovoltaic Technician
  • Energy Analysthelps design green buildings using
    sophisticated computer models
  • Energy Expertcoordinates building systems to
    maximize energy use
  • Environmental Technology Certificates
  • LEED Green Building Certificationprinciples of
    green building, sustainable construction,
    interpretation of green bid specs and energy
  • Sustainability and Ecological Literacy
    Certificationethics, economics of natural
    resources, environmental biology, etc.

Green Job Training (cont.)
  • Cultivate green natives
  • Increase knowledge about green majors and green
    collar jobs
  • Green the curriculum
  • Green jobs training will include preparing
    workers for activities supported by other
    economic recovery funds such as retrofit of
    buildings, green construction and the production
    of renewable electric power
  • Provide green training for teachers
  • A growing evolution of partnerships with high
    schools and community colleges
  • Creating partnerships between industry and

Our Common Goal
SIEMENS Building Technologies a leading provider
of energy and environmental solutions, building
controls, fire safety and security system
solutions, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.,
makes buildings comfortable, safe, secure and
less costly to operate.
ACTE SIEMENS Common Goal To provide quality
education for all students and to prepare them
for meaningful, lasting careers.
School Modernization
  • One option under the State Stabilization Fund is
    modernization, renovation and repair of schools
    and colleges
  • Numerous provisions provide for expedited but
    effective obligation of funds so that dollars are
    invested in the economy as quickly as possible
  • Financial prudencebe judicious in spending and
    provide transparency
  • Create a polished, prioritized list of
    projectswhat modernizations and renovations need
    to be made?
  • Think green in regard to all projectsenergy is
    a focus

Project Prioritization
  • One measure for prioritization in infrastructure
    projects is energy savings and payback
  • Investments should be prioritized based on the
    end goal of extending facility life
  • Investments in energy conservation and overall
    sustainability should ideally align with your
    institutional mission
  • Infrastructure projects that can align with your
    green goals
  • HVAC Upgrades
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Building Automation Upgrades
  • Energy Management Applications

Leveraging Your ESCO

Customized Plan that takes into account all
aspects of facility operations and occupant needs
  • Analyze and improve building systems and
  • Strengthen energy management and control
  • Implement alternative and renewable energy options
  • Ability to measure performance against past
    benchmarks and future goals
  • Customized monitoring and reporting solutions
  • Monitor energy consumption
  • Analyze building efficiency
  • Implement Facility Improvement Measures (FIM)
  • Manage alternative energy supplies
  • Train employees and occupants to ensure long-term

Financing Options
  • To qualify for stimulus money, specific
    parameters must be met
  • In the event the stimulus money does not finance
    your entire project, explore alternative funding
  • Performance Contracting may be an option in your

  • Publicize energy and green projects through
  • Newsletter
  • Web site
  • Articles
  • Open House upon completion of your project(s)

Contact Information
  • Nichelle Grant, LEED AP
  • K-12 Marketing Manager
  • Industry Marketing Solutions
  • SIEMENS Building Technologies
  • 1000 Deerfield Pkwy.
  • Buffalo Grove, IL  60089
  • office  847-941-6293
  • cell 847-682-9888
  • nichelle.grant_at_siemens.com

Steve Hoiberg Higher Ed Marketing
Manager Industry Marketing Solutions   SIEMENS
Building Technologies 1000 Deerfield
Pkwy. Buffalo Grove, IL  60089 office/cell 
708-502-8305 fax 866-774-1760 steve.hoiberg_at_siem
Contact Information
  • Alisha Hyslop
  • Assistant Director of Public Policy
  • Association for Career and Technical Education
  • 1410 King Street
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • 703-683-3111
  • 703-683-7424 (Fax)
  • www.acteonline.org
  • ahyslop_at_acteonline.org

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