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FourYearOld Kindergarten 4K Advisory Board


Four-Year-Old Kindergarten (4K) Advisory Board. Our Vision ... The Four Year-Old Kindergarten program will be child-centered with a focus on ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: FourYearOld Kindergarten 4K Advisory Board

Four-Year-Old Kindergarten (4K) Advisory Board
  • Our Vision
  • Our vision is to provide all four-year olds
    access to developmentally appropriate learning
    experiences through partnerships with communities
    and families.
  • Members
  • Jeff Campbell School Board
  • Julie Dachel EC Educator
  • Rusty Helland Superintendent
  • Gary Hoffman Principal - Greenfield
  • Amber Lee Parent
  • Denise Monicken Parent, Daycare provider
  • Kim Paul Special Education Para
  • Patti Phillipps Director of Pupil Services
  • Deb Rasmussen School Board
  • Carol Rolland Community Preschool Teacher
  • Jason Sell BWHS Teacher
  • Sarah Spenle Kindergarten Teacher
  • Cindy Zielinski Speech/Language Pathologist

Benefits of a 4K Program
  • Research on early brain development indicates
    that during the years from age 3 to 5, the part
    of the childs brain responsible for planning and
    organizing, motor control, control of emotions,
    and attention to task is growing rapidly.
    Preschool children, who are read to frequently,
    have a rich variety of opportunities to interact
    with others and their environment develop the
    skills that will be needed at school age. The
    preschool childs brain is not only ready, but
    hard-wired to learn at an amazing rate given
    appropriate, play-based learning opportunities.
  • National and state research shows the benefit of
    4K for children regardless of family income.
    Teachers report improved social skills and
    improved readiness for kindergarten. Academic
    benefits include greater success during school
    years, reduced special education placements,
    reduced occurrences of grade retentions and
    higher rates of high school graduation. Wisconsin
    reports that for every dollar invested in quality
    4K, a school district could see .68 in
    educational savings.

For more information refer to www.collaboratingpa and
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wood CityElmwoodSpring ValleyDurandSomersetPl
um City
  • Wisconsin 4K Programs

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Why should we have 4K in the Baldwin-Woodville
  • The Advisory Board feels that all families who
    are interested in quality early learning
    experiences for their 4 year old child should
    have access to a high quality program. Excellent
    private preschool options currently exist with in
    our school district, but some families who may be
    interested cant access these programs due to
    financial constraints, transportation, enrollment
    limits or other factors.
  • Baldwin Woodville children currently do not
    have access to a Head Start program for
  • Parent interest

The Advisory Board mailed 109 surveys to the
parents of three-year-old children in the
community. Based on the district survey report,
82 surveys were returned, 69 were received with
positive responses, 9 were undecided, and 4 were
opposed or not interested.
  • Parent Survey Results

Advisory Board Steps to Making a Recommendation
  • The Advisory Board would like to recommend that
    the Baldwin-Woodville School District adopt a
    community approach to 4-year-old kindergarten for
    the 2009-2010 school year. We are currently
    working with two interested sites that would be
    available for the next school year.

How will this be accomplished?
  • Curriculum Focus Recommended
  • The Four Year-Old Kindergarten program will be
    child-centered with a focus on play-based active
    learning. Our curriculum will include basic
    concept development as well as promote a language
    rich environment, which focuses on pre-reading
    experiences. It will follow the research on
    child development that tells us that children who
    have appropriate experiences with oral language,
    phonological awareness, letter knowledge, and
    print knowledge develop lifelong skills.
  • Our program will contain a component on
    social/emotional development. The goal is to
    teach four year-olds how to handle difficult
    situations appropriately and to use role models
    to ensure that they are prepared for success in
    Five Year-Old Kindergarten and beyond.

How will this be accomplished?
  • Components of our program will include circle
    time, story time, music and movement, centers and
    outside play.
  • We recognize that parents are partners in the
    educational process and that they have both the
    right and the responsibility to share in
    decisions about their childs education and
    development.  The 4K program will plan numerous
    parent outreach activities.  Outreach activities
    are intended to support, nurture and instruct
    parents in their role as the primary educator of
    their children. 

How will this be accomplished?
  • Some examples of outreach activities include
  • orientation activities the summer before the 4K
    program begins
  • general communications (phone calls, newsletters,
  • special classroom events
  • parent teacher conferences
  • evening family fun nights
  • pot luck dinners/meetings
  • parenting classes
  • classroom involvement training
  • parent-governance activities
  • extended family and intergenerational component

How would this be accomplished?
  • A total of 437 instructional hours would be
    provided in a 3 hour day - four days a week
    following the school district calendar.
  • Teacher collaboration time between the sites and
    the school district would be established.

How will this be accomplished?
  • Community Site Information
  • Each site would need to meet the site criteria.
    A site contract would be established and signed.
    A copy of the contract would be provided to the
    School Board at a later date.

How will this be accomplished?
  • Site Criteria
  • Meet applicable current state license
    requirements in State of Wisconsin Department of
    Health and Family Services (DHFS) 45 or 46 Day
    Care Licensing Rules and have no violations that
    required enforcement action within the last year.
  • Provide a teacher(s) certified by DPI and meets
    DPI 4K requirements. DPI Licensed Staff (may
    have any of the following licenses 080, 090.
    083, 088, 100, 103, 106, 108, 808, 809)
  • Site access to appropriate space and equipment
    (list) for outdoor play.
  • Site provides for multiple different play/center
    and small group learning spaces for children.
  • Site provides adequate large group areas for
    circle time and story time.

How will this be accomplished?
  • Site Criteria (cont.)
  • Site provides adequate early learning materials
    including, but not limited to appropriate books,
    counting and sorting manipulatives, toys,
    puzzles, blocks, musical instruments, balls,
    varied art materials, science and nature
  • Site is clean, well-lighted, and well maintained.
  • Site provides adequate personal storage space for
    children (i.e. cubbies).
  • Ratio no larger than 112, maximum group size 20
    (with an aide).
  • Only allow children admittance into program that
    are 4 years old before September 1st of that
    school year.
  • Students must have the required vaccines
    according to the districts current policy.

How will this be accomplished?
  • Site Criteria (cont.)
  • Facility must provide a non-sectarian
    environment, curriculum, and program.
  • Facility must provide a minimum of 437 hours of
    instruction with an additional 87.5 in Outreach
  • Meets DPI requirements of parent involvement.
    (Outreach activities of a minimum of 87.5 hours
    with the primary caregivers of students). A list
    of planned parent outreach activities will be
    provided by August 15 of each year.
  • Conduct and document two formal parent-teacher
    conferences each year. Dates and times should be
    documented in parent involvement documentation.
  • Implement curriculum and assessment materials as
    determined by the Baldwin-Woodville 4K Advisory
  • Actively participate in monthly professional
    development opportunities. Attendance records
    will be maintained by the district.

How will this be accomplished?
The State of Wisconsin requires that the district
be responsible for transportation to/from
half-day programs, including four-year-old
kindergarten programs.
Working together for our childrens future.