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Android Application Development


Android applications are fun to develop. Our Android developers have excellent experience in Android Application Development. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Android Application Development

Phone 800-414-4172
What is Android?
Android is a software stack for mobile
devices that includes an operating system,
middleware and key applications
  • Easy and simple to use.Start using Android
    Market in 3 easy steps register, upload, and
  • Come one. Come all.Android Market is open to all
    Android application development. Once registered,
    developers have complete control over when and
    how they make their applications available to
  • Great visibility.Developers can manager their
    applications portfolio where they can view
    information about downloads, ratings and
    comments. Developers can publish updates and
    versions of their apps.

Android Applications
  • We can develop wide variety applications in
    Android that includes
  • Business/Office Application
  • Communication Application
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Fun Applications / Games
  • Utility Applications
  • Security Applications

Android Application Services
  • Web-based applications development for mobile
  • Java mobile applications development
  • Android games development
  • Mobile business software creation
  • Third-party libraries building
  • Multimedia and security mobile solutions
  • Software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and
    GPS support
  • Communication mobile application development
  • Utility applications design and implementation
  • QA services for Android projects

Effective Android Source Code
Here we are discussed some android views
Layouts example. This helps you to develop
android applications easily.
  • Android Views Text Color
  • Android Listview Example
  • Android Textview Border
  • Android Toggle Button Example
  • Android Hide Title Bar

How to change Android Views Text Color?
Input Output
ltTextView androidtext"_at_id/TextView01" androidid"_at_id/TextView01" androidlayout_width"wrap_content androidlayout_height"wrap_content androidtextColor"23cf34" /gt
ltEditText androidtext"_at_id/EditText01" androidid"_at_id/EditText01" androidlayout_width"wrap_content androidlayout_height"wrap_content androidtextColor"23cf34" /gt
ltButton androidtext"_at_id/Button01 androidid"_at_id/Button01 androidlayout_width"wrap_content androidlayout_height"wrap_content androidtextColor"23cf34" /gt
Android Listview Example
Input Output
public class ListviewExample extends Activity private ListView lv1 private String lv_arr "Android","iPhone", "BlackBerry","AndroidPeople" _at_Override public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) super.onCreate(icicle) setContentView(R.layout.main) lv1(ListView)findViewById( // By using setAdpater method in listview we can add string array in list. lv1.setAdapter(new ArrayAdapterltStringgt(this, android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1 , lv_arr))
Android Textview Border Example
Input Output
ltTableLayout androidid"_at_id/TableLayout01" androidlayout_width"wrap_content" androidlayout_height"wrap_content" androidbackground"55771B"gt ltTextView androidtext"_at_id/TextView01" androidid"_at_id/TextView01" androidlayout_width"wrap_content" androidlayout_height"wrap_content" androidlayout_marginLeft"3px" androidlayout_marginBottom"3px" androidlayout_marginRight"3px" androidlayout_marginTop"3px" androidbackground"010101"/gt lt/TableLayoutgt
Android ToggleButtonExample
Input Output
lt?xml version"1.0" encoding"utf-8"?gt ltLinearLayout androidid"_at_id/LinearLayout01" androidlayout_width"fill_parent" androidlayout_height"fill_parent" xmlnsandroid"http// apk/res/android" androidgravity"center"gt ltToggleButton androidid"_at_id/ToggleButton01" androidlayout_width"wrap_content" androidlayout_height"wrap_content" androidtextOff"Off Stage" androidtextOn"On Stage"/gt lt/LinearLayoutgt
In On Stage
In Off Stage
Hide the Title Bar in Android
Input Output
public class HideTitleBarExample extends Activity _at_Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE)
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What do our customer say
  • "We are definitely satisfied with the
    web development and integration work done by
    Anubavam. They helped us create our company's new
    corporate community Web site from the ground up.
    The project had some extremely aggressive
    timetables to meet, and they were not only able
    to meet those time demands by coming in on time,
    but they also finished the project within the
    originally promised budget, all with quality
    results. The company was extremely professional
    to deal with, provided excellent service, and
    were very responsive throughout the life of the
    project. We look forward to working with them in
    the future as our community continues to evolve."
  • David Marshall
  • Director of Marketing, Hyper9
  • "Anubavam was HUGE help in getting us live. !!
    Siva and his team have been both responsive and
    proactive in working our issues and a huge help
    in getting us up to speed on the product. The
    ability to quickly turn around requirements and
    their providing a staging area for us to review
    changes, improved the final products quality and
    allowed us to move forward quickly. I could not
    recommend a better business partner for your
    software and a better partner for your clients to
    engage. I would recommend that you keep Anubavam
    at the top of your partner list. "
  • John Bonilla
  • OSIsoft, Inc.
  • "Anubavam is a tremendous help to us. I have
    worked with Anubavam for some time now on a
    variety of projects from programming to web
    design and even SEO. They understand software,
    are very knowledgeable and bring new insights to
    every project."
  • David Garcia
  • CIO, Icon Building Systems Inc.