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Our Hungry Heritage


... Matron of Honor, Dena Williams, and other wedding guests eating wedding cake. ... 'Pound cake recipe that uses cake mix as its base. Works well for wedding cakes. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Our Hungry Heritage


Our Hungry Heritage
Foods and Nutrition An expedition into food
preparation and eating By Leanne Cunningham
Unidentified stacks of home-canned food - between
1941 and 1945 Source Library of Congress
American Memory
We may live without poetry, music, and art We
may live without conscience, and live without
heart We may live without friends we may live
without books But civilized man cannot live
without cooks. -Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Fun at the Bakery
Which situations and practices are inappropriate
for food preparation?
Fun in a bakery shop / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. -
field(NUMBER_at_band(animp1620)) Source Library
of Congress American Memory
Why do we eat what we eat?
List all of the reasons you eat any kind of food.
Source Microsoft Clipart
What is hunger? What is appetite?
What physical reasons do you see in each
picture? What do you think the people are
-Physical Reasons
Left Cook Car Middle GI serving food to
Italian Upper right At four o'clock everything
stops for tea, even in pioneer days Lower Right
A good lunch - one hot dish, meat, vegetables -
sandwich - fruit - milk WPA school lunch. Jul 7
1941 Source Library of Congress American
-Social Reasons
In what social situations do you eat?
  • At work
  • At home
  • With our friends
  • At fast food
  • Outside on Picnics and camping
  • At social celebrations

What do you think these gentlemen were eating?
Who prepared the food?
Brandy Station, Va. Dinner party outside tent,
Army of the Potomac headquarters Source Library
of Congress American Memory
- Psychological reasons
Do you have foods that you eat for comfort?
Which of these pictures deal with emotions, food
associations, and past experiences?
Upper left Matron of Honor, Dena Williams, and
other wedding guests eating wedding cake. The top
tier of the cake is being removed so that the
bride and groom can save it to celebrate their
first anniversary. Lower left Choice Recipes
Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes, Home Made Candy
Recipes. 1913 (image 14) Middle Basque ranch
wife Delfina Zatica in her kitchen with her
great-grandchildren, Paradise Valley, Nevada,
1978 Far right Nurse the baby Your
protection against trouble Inform yourself
through the Health Bureau publications and
consult your doctor . Sep 2 1938. Source
Library of Congress American Memory
- Cultural reasons
Indicate the reasons for eating that are
influenced by the national origin, ethnic,
religion, and cultural traditions represented in
the pictures
Top left Making Poi, Island of Oahu,
Hawaii. 1936. Lower left Blizzard staff
members in Italian home. 1945. Upper Middle
11518 Drying fish on the Yukon River, Alaska.
Lower Middle Sunday night supper Myrtle
Erickson, Mrs. George Erickson, Mrs. Fred
Erickson, Fred Erickson, Andrew Thompson,
Fairdale, North Dakota. 189-? Top right Priest
blessing baskets of food outside the church in
the Polish community on the day before Easter.
1943 Apr. Lower right . Photographs depicting
foodways. 1920. Source Library of Congress
American Memory
Resources- Match the picture with the following
resources Food available, skills, money, time,
knowledge, energy
How do the resources you have influence your food
Upper left The Clock, Brooklyn Navy Yard.
1900. Lower left Workers in physical therapy
unit, 1st floor Roxie Jackson, physical
therapist assistant (left), and Shirley Nealy,
physical therapist aide (on exercise bike).
1994-09-14. Middle left Filenes Sons, William.
Bernstein at Harvard graduation. 1939. Middle
right . It makes no difference what you do, get
the money Get the money African argument.
1904. Upper right Chemawa Indian School cooking
class, Salem, Chemawa Indian School cooking
class, Salem, Oregon Lower right Canned and
Bottled Food. 1920. Source Library of Congress
American Memory
Where are these terms used?
slow oven
penny weight
Moderate oven
Quick oven
Recipes A set of instructions that explain how
to prepare a food or a beverage.
Any One Can Bake image 8 - Source Library of
Congress American Memory

Identify the parts of this recipe
  • Yield
  • Amounts
  • Nutrition information
  • List of ingredients
  • 5. Temperature
  • 6. Equipment
  • 7. Time

Source Beef Flavour at its Best!
Identify the parts of this recipe
  • Yield
  • Amounts
  • Nutrition information
  • d. List of ingredients
  • e. Temperature
  • f. Equipment
  • g. Time

Gold Medal Flour Cook Book, 1917 (page 65)
Source Library of Congress American Memory
Compare the two recipes
  • Which has missing parts and what are they?
  • What is similar about the two? What is different?

Grandmother's Pound Cake I"Recipe provided by
www.Allrecipes.com, the world's favorite recipe
web site."
Left Gold Medal Flour Cook Book, 1917 (page 64)
- Gold Medal Flour Cook Book, 1917 - Pound Cake,
No. 1 Source Library of Congress American
Memory Right All Recipes Web Site

Look at this recipe. How is it written? How is
it illustrated?
Gold Medal Flour Cookbook. 1917 Source
Library of Congress American Memory
Literature Circle
  • Get into your teams.
  • Select a job Poet
  • Illustrator
  • Question writer
  • Make a PowerPoint slide like the example.
  • Graded Product descriptor
  • Group grade and individual grade.

Source Microsoft Clipart
Recipe Challenge
1. Work in 4 teams/4 recipes- pound cakes and
chocolate cakes 2. Recipes 2 recipes will be
modern 2 recipes will be old from the Library of
Congress American Memory web site. 3.
Your group must make a work plan to ensure that
each member has equal job responsibilities. You
will be graded on this using a product
descriptor. 4. Each person must complete and
turn in a completed lab evaluation sheet.
Source Microsoft Office Clipart
Lab Evaluation Sheet Recipe Challenge
Copy the chart on a sheet of paper and enter the
Rate on a scale of 1-5. 1 very poor and 5
very good
Source Microsoft Office Clipart
Lab Evaluation Questions
Use the lab results to answer the following
questions about the food products prepared in
  • How were the products made using the old recipes
    different from the products made using the new
    recipes? Which recipes yielded the most desirable
  • 2. Why do you think the products made using the
    old recipes came out as they did?
  • 3. Do you think people from the early part of
    last century got the same results that you did?
    Why or why not?
  • 4. Which did you like best? Why?

Source Microsoft Office Clipart
Computer Lab AssignmentWriting a recipe
1. Using the recipe you brought from home write a
paragraph about the origin of this recipe.
2. Enter the components of your recipe into the
Dine Healthy computer program to get a
nutritional analysis Completed. 3. Type your
recipe in the format provided in class. Add any
missing parts of the recipe to make it complete.
Save it on the disk provided.
These recipes will be used to make our class
recipe book.
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