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200911 Energy Efficiency Portfolio


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 200911 Energy Efficiency Portfolio

2009-11 Energy Efficiency Portfolio
  • Southern California Edison SoCalGas
  • April 16, 2008

Nonresidential Portfolio Update
Southern California Edison2009-11 Energy
Efficiency Programs Portfolio
Meeting Purpose
  • The purpose of this meeting is to
  • Highlight the 2009-11 draft Energy Efficiency
    program plans
  • Create an opportunity for the public to review
    the draft plans and provide comments and input

Meeting Overview
Session 1 10 a.m. 12 p.m.
  • Regulatory Timeline
  • A Look Ahead 2009 2011 Goals
  • A Look Back How Did We Do In 2006 2007?
  • Targeting EE Potential in 2009 2011
  • 2009 2011 EE Portfolio Overview

Regulatory Timeline
  • 36 workshops held, 1,100 participants, 90 days in
    support of Strategic Plan
  • Currently in program solicitation period
  • May 15 filing
  • Supplement June 16 (est.) to include selected
    bidders (nonres. only)
  • Expected CPUC decision October 2008

A Look Ahead At 2009 2011
2009-11 Goals By Year
A Look Back How Did We Do In 2006 2007?
SCE Energy Savings vs. CPUC Goals
2006-07 kWh (in Millions)
2006-07 MW
96.5 achieved
1.25 achieved
Economic Potential by End Use Building Type
Note Economic Potential refers to the technical
potential of those energy/conservation measures
that are cost effective when compared to supply
side alternatives. Ref. Potential Study, ITRON,
May 24, 2006
Nonresidential Portfolio Update
Residential Programs
Appliance Recycling Program
  • Program Description
  • Statewide program designed to reduce energy
    usage by allowing customers to turn-in their
    operational, inefficient refrigerators and
    freezers. The refrigerators and freezersare
    picked up at the customers location and
    disposed of (e.g., recycled) in an
    environmentally safe manner.
  • Target Markets
  • Primarily residential households. The program
    also targets nonresidential locations that use
    residential style (non-commercial) refrigerators
    and freezers.
  • Whats New
  • Increase incentive to 50 (35 in 0608
  • Increase maximum size to 32 cu. ft. (27 cu. ft.
    in 06-08 program)
  • New real-time software/PDA program delivery tool
  • Increasing participation and improving customer
  • Tell a friend Reward-based lead generator
  • May continue based on 08 pilot test
  • Expand DR/EE integration using new lead
    generation tool
  • Continue to explore opportunities to coordinate
    with appliance retailers the pickup of old,
    inefficient, working units with the delivery of
    new units.
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Coordination with Low Income Appliance Recycling

Home Energy Efficiency Rebates
  • Program Description
  • Provides mail-in, on-line and point-of-sale
    rebates to residential customers for the purchase
    of qualifying energy efficient appliances and
    equipment for the home
  • Target Markets
  • Residential customers
  • Retailers and contractors for POS rebates
  • Whats New
  • POS rebates through retailer websites
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Big Bold HVAC Initiative
  • DSM coordination with EE partnerships

Business and Consumer Electronics Incentives
  • Program Description
  • Provides mid-and/or upstream incentives to
    retailers for qualifying energy efficient
    electronic devices such as LCD monitors and
    computers and possibly TVs and cable and
    satellite set top boxes
  • Target Markets
  • Nonresidential and residential customers
  • Manufacturers and retailers for upstream and
    midstream incentives
  • Whats New
  • New program for 2009-11
  • POS rebates through retailer websites
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Plug-Load Initiative

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
  • Program Description
  • Promote energy savings and offers rebates for
    the installation of qualified energy efficiency
    products in apartment dwelling units and in the
    common areas of apartment, condominium
    complexes, and mobile home parks.
  • Target Markets
  • Property owners/managers of existing residential
    multifamily complexes with two or more dwelling
    units in SCEs service territory
  • Whats New
  • Measure added Variable Speed Pool Pump
  • Decrease incentive/rebate for the ENERGY STAR
    Interior Hardwired Fluorescent Fixtures
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Marketing and implementation efforts with the
    Appliance Recycling Program
  • Consider integration opportunities with the Home
    Energy Efficiency Survey (HEES) Program and the
    Energy Management Assistance (EMA) Program
  • Plan to coordinate with SCEs Energy Center on
    developing or utilizing a current curriculum
    with subjects applicable to the program to engage
    property owners/managers, independent
    contractors, and other interested parties.

Residential Lighting Incentive Program
  • Program Description
  • Provides incentives and messaging resulting in
    installation of energy
    efficient lighting products
  • Uses the manufacturer wholesale buy-down
  • Passes 100 of the incentive to the customer,
    and more due to synergies with retailers and
  • Holds Exchange events for plug-in lighting
  • Target Markets
  • Mass market Natural emphasis on low to moderate
  • Upper-middle to high income These are
    hard-to-reach markets.
  • Whats New
  • Focus on transitioning to a market devoid of
    general-use incandescent light bulbs
  • Expansion of efforts to tap large remaining
    market potential - through higher volumes and a
    more diverse product mix.
  • Tight monitoring of products, sectors, and
    geographies to regulate and focus growth into
    under-saturated areas.
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Super CFL development and promotion, lighting
    showroom outreaches, and special introductory
    incentives for recipients of DOE Bright Tomorrow
    awards for new LED products

Home Energy Efficiency Surveys
  • Program Description
  • Provides energy and water efficiency
    information, in multiple languages, to help
    customers reduce usage and costs
  • Target Markets
  • Residential customers
  • Whats New
  • Upgrade survey instrument, software and hardware
    (i.e., PDA, blower door test options)
  • Structured energy auditor training and
  • Pilot energy surveys for multifamily units
  • Coordinate with Nonresidential Audits to conduct
    surveys for multifamily common areas
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Expansion of in-language in-home energy surveys
  • DSM coordination with other EE programs and
    partnerships, DR, CSI, LIEE and advance metering

On-Line Buyers Guide
  • Program Description
  • Provides customers with instant online access to
    energy efficiency information on energy
    efficient lighting, appliances and equipment and
    tools to overcome the market barrier of
    purchasing energy efficient products
  • Target Markets
  • Residential customers
  • Whats New
  • New program for 2009-11
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Program will be implemented by third parties
  • DSM coordination with other EE programs and
    partnerships, LIEE, DR, CSI and advance metering
  • Support and coordinate with Top Ten Website

Efficient Affordable Housing Program
  • Program Description
  • Promote a comprehensive building analysis
    approach, offering incentives for installing a
    mix of energy efficient products that achieves
    20 energy improvement over existing building
  • Target Markets
  • Property owners/managers of existing affordable
    and supporting housing complexes in SCEs service
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Target disadvantaged communities

Comprehensive Manufactured Home Program
  • Program Description
  • Direct-install program providing a comprehensive
    package of energy efficient products and
    services in manufactured (mobile) home units
    and in the common areas of mobile home parks.
  • Target Markets
  • Customers of existing mobile home units and
    mobile home parks in SCE service territory,
    starting in warmer climate zones and working west
    across the service territory.
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • SW initiative to advance EE in manufactured homes

Comprehensive Home Performance Program
  • Program Description
  • Delivers comprehensive improvement packages
    tailored to the needs of each existing home and
    its owner.
  • Solicits, screens, trains, and mentors qualified
    residential repair/renovation, and HVAC
    contractors to build capable contracting teams
    and perform whole-house diagnostics, propose a
    comprehensive improvement package, and complete
    the improvements.
  • Target Markets
  • Existing Residential Single Family Homes
  • Whats New
  • Positioning program as a resource program
  • Potential to achieve deeper energy savings
  • Offer incentives to customers and contractors to
    encourage comprehensive improvements
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • CHP supports the CEESP Strategic Plan, Whole
    House Solutions in Existing Homes
  • High quality energy efficient HVAC system
    installations aligns with the Big Bold Strategy
    HVAC initiative
  • Encourage and integrate DR, CSI, Self Gen, Smart

Nonresidential Portfolio Update
Business Programs(Non-Residential)
Business IncentivesStandard Performance Contracts
  • Program Description
  • Offers financial incentives to offset the capital
    cost of installing high efficiency equipment
    and/or systems
  • Lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, other process
  • Incentives based on measures installed and the
    kWh saved over a 12-month period
  • Target Markets
  • Mid-to-large businesses in Industrial and
    Commercial vertical markets
  • Whats New
  • Comprehensive package of incentives and services
    for existing buildings
  • Expansion of financial solutions
  • Deeper penetration of vertical markets
  • Expansion of customized EE solutions

Business Incentives Express Efficiency
  • Program Description
  • Offers rebates toward the purchase and
    installation of qualified equipment that
    improves energy efficiency
  • Lighting, air conditioning, food service
    equipment, and others
  • Participants receive cash/credit incentive
    (rebate) based on measure installed
  • Target Markets
  • All businesses regardless of size and monthly
    demand primarily concentrated in Commercial
    vertical market segment
  • Whats New
  • Comprehensive package of incentives and services
    for existing buildings Program management option
    for Express Efficiency (Express Assist)
  • Expansion of financial solutions
  • Focus on service delivery through business
    owners/franchisee Networks
  • Target offering to vertical segments that
    optimize savings

Business Incentives Direct Install
  • Program Description
  • Offers free installations of replacement
    equipment using new, energy-efficient
  • Lighting, refrigerators, and others
  • Participants gain incentive of lower energy use
    and costs
  • Target Markets
  • Small businesses with largely within the Commercial Market Segment
  • Whats New
  • Comprehensive package of incentives and services
    for existing buildings
  • Focus on service delivery through business
    owners/franchise networks
  • Offer Financial Services

Comprehensive HVAC
  • Program Description
  • Offers access to pre-qualified contractors who
    can improve the reliability and efficiency of
    A/C equipment
  • Participants save on maintenance and operational
  • Target Markets
  • All businesses regardless of size and monthly
    demand with particular concentration in
    Commercial and Government and Institutional
    vertical markets
  • Whats New
  • Comprehensive package of incentives and services
    for existing buildings
  • Expansion of financial solutions
  • Focus on service delivery through business
    owners/ franchisee networks

Comprehensive HVAC (continued)
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Big Bold HVAC Strategic Initiatives
  • Encourage quality installation and maintenance
  • Climate-optimized and new technologies
  • System diagnostics
  • Evaluate the entire building envelope

Ag EE Pump Tests
  • Program Description
  • Promotes energy efficient solutions, including
    innovative technologies
  • Pump Test Program tests for system reliability
    and efficiency, and offers predictive
    maintenance services
  • Target Markets
  • Agricultural-Food Production and Crop Production
  • Water Systems Public and Private Sector Water
    Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Industrial Large users of process water
  • Whats New
  • Comprehensive package of incentives and services
    for existing businesses
  • Pump tests to expand for non-water applications
  • Expanded resources for Pump Testing

Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
  • Program Description
  • Promotes energy efficient solutions, including
    innovative technologies targeted to Industrial
  • Target Markets
  • Oil and Gas Production and Refining, Mining,
    Cement Kilns, Industrial Gases, Paper
    Production, Aerospace, Semiconductor
    Manufacturers, Primary and Secondary Metals,
    Chemicals and Allied Products
  • Whats New
  • Comprehensive package of incentives and services
    for existing businesses supported by third-party
  • Increasingly targeted bundled offerings and
    service delivery to sub segments
  • Incentives and Contracts to encourage timely
    program implementation
  • Greater application of this program to Industrial
    Market Segment
  • Greater emphasis on EE project adoption vs EE
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Integrated DSM approach inclusive of demand
    response, waste heat recovery and direct

Market Segment Solution Program
  • Program Description
  • Targets Comprehensive EE programs for Niche
    Vertical Markets that may be hard to reach, have
    relatively high energy intensity
  • Targets Comprehensive EE programs for High
    Growth or High Installation New Technologies
    that are cross cutting across all vertical
  • This program includes mainstream and pilot
    programs (i.e., adopt model Phase I program by
    segment then duplicate for larger-scale roll-out)
  • Leverage internal expertise in vertical market
  • Target Niche Vertical Markets
  • Military Bases, Sports Venues, Biotechnology,
    Solid Waste and Recycling Processing Facilities,
    Ports of Call
  • Target Niche New Technologies
  • Data Center Applications, Industrial Battery
    Recharging, Medical Imaging Technology

Business Services Program
  • Program Description
  • Provides a bundle of service elements drawing
    from existing core offerings including RCx,
    Non-Residential Audits, Pump Testing and new
    service offerings
  • Target Markets
  • All Major Vertical Markets including Commercial,
    Industrial, Agriculture and Water Systems, and
    Government and Institutions
  • Whats New
  • Express Assist Program
  • Building and Vertical Market Energy Benchmarking
  • Comprehensive Investment Grade Audits
  • Combining Remote Audits and On-Site Business
    Audits under one program
  • Business Services as Toolbox for specific
    business needs
  • Project Management Services in Express Assist
    present more turnkey offerings to customers

Financial Solutions Program
  • Program Description
  • Provides Bundle of Existing and New Financial
    Tools to assist businesses in financing and
    monetizing EE projects
  • Target Markets
  • Program Supports all Major Market Segments
    including Commercial, Industrial, and Government
    and Institutions
  • Customers which have limited access to working
    capital or capital expenditure funding
  • Use Project Flow to create Loan Origination
    pipeline for 3rd Party Financial Institutions
  • Wed EE Projects with Carbon Emissions Reductions
    and monetize GHG reductions into tradable offsets
    for operating carbon markets (e.g. European
    Climate Exchange and Chicago Climate Exchange)
  • Whats New
  • Energy Efficiency Project Loan Program
  • AB-32 Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) Finance

K-12 Private Schools E.E. Program
  • Program Description
  • To provide comprehensive energy efficiency
    services to the private preschools
  • Target Markets
  • Private preschools and K-12 schools
  • Whats New
  • Provides customized solutions by leveraging
    savings from no-cost/low-cost improvements and by
    introducing innovative funding mechanisms such as
    on-bill financing.
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Program will provide referrals to demand
    response and information about distributed
    generation technologies into the overall
    program design.

Note The 3-yr forecast is an estimate based on
the implementers proposal. This could change.
Energy Efficiency Program For Entertainment
  • Program Description
  • Provides low cost installation services for
    demand controlled ventilation, economizer
    repair, coil cleaning, adjust refrigerant
    charge, HVAC control setting adjustments, and
    lighting retrofits
  • Target Markets
  • Commercial buildings/assembly areas with highly
    variable occupancy including theaters, bowling
    alleys, auditoriums, concert halls, night clubs,
  • Whats New
  • Program is now mainstreamed and made more
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • DSM Integration

Integrated Solutions for Food Processors
  • Program Description
  • The integrated approach combines traditional
    measures (energy efficiency) with demand
    reduction( demand response) to offer customers a
    comprehensive approach to managing their energy.
  • Target Markets
  • Post-harvest processors, refrigerated warehouses,
    food processing. Fruit and vegetable processors
    (canners, dryers and freezers), prepared food
    manufacturers, wineries and other beverage
  • Whats New
  • A totally integrated and consolidated approach
    (audit), offered by one vender with knowledge and
    skill sets aligned with the segment as well as
    the strategies of Energy Efficiency and Demand
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • DSM Integration

Campus Housing EE Retrofitting Program
  • Program Description
  • The CHEER Program will offer the following
  • components for Campus-Housing sub segment
  • Retrofits
  • Retro-commissioning and building optimization
  • The use of students at select schools which will
    be trained to conduct energy efficiency lighting
    audits and to perform compact fluorescent lamp
    (CFL) change outs within the residence halls and
    other appropriate campus facilities.
  • Target Markets
  • The Program will target private college
    campus-housing facilities.

Commercial Real Estate Management Affiliates
Partnership EE Program
  • Program Description
  • The Program will focus primarily on commercial
    office building, retail department stores and
    other business buildings from participating
    property management companies.
  • The Program will work with other organizations
    such as joint power agencies and local
    governmental councils, to provide limited
    assistance and Program services to cities with
    specific needs for the Program offering. The
    focus will be to expand the use of proven
    emerging technologies.
  • Target Markets
  • Commercial Real Estate Management Companies, and
    Local Governments.

Healthcare EE Program
  • Program Description
  • Provides for an audit and installation of energy
    efficiency facility upgrades (e.g., lighting,
    HVAC and controls upgrades, retro-commissioning,
    etc.) at hospital facilities.
  • The audit will primarily target the retrofitand
    commissioning component of the energy efficiency
    strategy using a whole building/system approach
    in order to minimize lost opportunities.
  • Target Markets
  • The program will focus on hospital services
    (medical office buildings and hospital
    facilities) that are exempt from OSHPD approval.

California Preschool EE Program (CPEEP)
  • Program Description
  • Offers a comprehensive EE strategy that includes
    detailed audits, technical assistance in
    understanding the recommended technologies and
    preparing a financial analysis of the identified
    projects, implementation, and verification. It
    will also include facility staff workshops to
    educate preschool owners and managers on new
    energy efficiency practices and technologies.
  • Target Markets
  • Preschool Centers

Nonresidential Portfolio Update
New Construction Programs
New Construction PortfolioSavings By Design
  • Program Description
  • Offers high-performance, high energy efficient,
    building design and construction services
  • Participants receive financial incentives to help
    offset increased construction costs
  • Target Markets
  • Building owners
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Developers
  • Whats New
  • Adding sustainability incentives for green
    building certification, commissioning, and
    building MV
  • Adding design team stipend to perform integrated
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Supports integrated design
  • Market transformation
  • Delivery channel will offer DSM solutions (EE,
    DR, CSI)
  • Minimize lost opportunities

New Construction PortfolioAutomated Energy
Review for Schools
  • Program Description
  • Is a late-design stage intervention program to
    capture last-chance opportunities
  • Intercepts and influences projects at plan check
  • Participants receive financial assistance to
    offset design re-work and plan re-check costs
  • Target Market
  • Public Schools
  • Whats New
  • New mainstream program for 09-11
  • Was 07-08 IDEEA program
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • On-Bill Financing

New Construction PortfolioCalifornia New Homes
  • Program Description
  • Offers financial incentives to homebuilders who
    construct homes exceeding Title 24 standards
  • Participants also gain access to training
    opportunities, technical support, and marketing
  • Incentives based on measures installed,
    performance margin, and the kWh saved over a
    12-month period
  • Target Market
  • Production homebuilders building homes serviced
    by SCE
  • Whats New
  • Partner with Sempra to trade kWh/kW and therm
  • Doubles penetration potential while holding down
    administrative and marketing costs
  • Switch to performance-based incentives
  • Service Planning fast lane for qualifying

New Construction PortfolioCalifornia New
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • DSM integration at the solution integration level
  • Market transformation
  • Long term approach

New Construction PortfolioSustainable Communities
  • Program Description
  • Offers integrated design approaches that support
    energy efficient and sustainable buildings and
  • Participants receive increased levels of
    technical assistance beyond core offerings (SBD,
  • Target Markets
  • Cities and Counties
  • Redevelopment agencies
  • Developers
  • Large, mixed-use, multi-family, or multiple
    building construction projects
  • Whats New
  • Non-resource program aimed at piloting zero net
    energy strategies and communities
  • Results mainstreamed into core programs as they
    become cost-effective
  • Claim direct energy savings through Savings By
    Design or CANHP

New Construction PortfolioSustainable
Communities (continued)
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Integrated delivery of sustainability offerings
    both within and outside of SCE (Energy DSM,
    water, etc.)
  • Long term approach

Nonresidential Portfolio Update
Codes Standards Emerging Technologies
Statewide Codes and Standards Program
  • Program Description
  • CS is a resource program that advocates
    improvements to building standards and
    appliance regulations.
  • Target Markets
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial and
  • Whats New
  • Greater emphasis on code compliance improvement
  • Develop above code standards
  • Research and analysis to move the code to a zero
    net energy-based approach
  • Expand Title 24 and 20 to address significant end
    uses such as plug loads (e.g., copy machines,
    battery chargers, televisions), server farms,
    process loads and water use
  • CEESP CPUC Initiatives Addressed
  • Coordination with Programs carried out between
    IOU programs and Local Government Programs
  • Big Bold Initiatives Progressively increase
    stringency of standards towards net zero goals,
    HVAC improvements
  • DSM Integration Involve DR, AMI, and Renewable
    programs in development of integrated codes and
  • Long Term Support the goals of the California
    Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan

Statewide Emerging Technology
  • Program Description
  • ETP is an information only program that enables
    the acceleration and improvement of technology
  • Target Markets
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and
  • Whats New
  • Mine Innovation
  • Broader Markets
  • Understanding Market Exposure
  • Understanding Consumers
  • Supporting Environmental Efforts
  • Included Strategies
  • Participating in the Upstream Technology
  • Conducting Pilot activities on Selected
  • Increasing Market Intelligence
  • Studying Consumer Behavior
  • Interacting/Coordinating Net-Zero Energy
    Buildings Initiative

Nonresidential Portfolio Update
Third Party Solicitation Update
Third Party Overview
  • Five Flights
  • Statewide General/Local Innovative
  • Statewide Local Targeted
  • SCE did not participate
  • Local Targeted 1
  • Local Targeted 2
  • Expect to allocate the funds between
  • 7 Statewide General and Local Innovative
  • 17 targeted bids
  • 14 of the 2006-08 programs will be invited for
  • Program Implementation Plans (PIPs) will be
    included in the May 15 Filing
  • October 1, 2008 is the target date to have
    Purchase Orders signed

Whats New Technology Resource Energy
Efficiency Outreach (TREEO) (AKA, Incubator
  • Objectives
  • Find undiscovered energy efficient technologies
    in University and technology competitions
  • Nurture these new technologies through How to
  • Promotion of new and emerging technology
  • Supports the strategic plan to fast track and
    commercialize newer technologies
  • Continue to seek innovation in program delivery

Whats New Local Innovative Program
  • Innovative Design for Energy Efficiency (IDEEA)
  • IDEEA 365 Three Steps
  • Step 1 Open abstract reviews
  • SCE will receive abstracts monthly
  • Step 2 Bidders of successful abstracts submit
  • Proposals will be submitted monthly
  • Step 3 Proposals awarded quarterly

Question Answer
Lunch Break Resume at 1 p.m.
Meeting Overview
Session 2 1 p.m. 230 p.m.
  • SCE SCG Joint Presentations
  • Partnerships
  • Workforce, Education Training
  • Marketing, Education Outreach
  • SCG 2009-11 Program Portfolio

Break 230 p.m.- 245 p.m.
Session 3 245 p.m. 445 p.m.
Joint SCE SCG Presentations
SCE SCG Partnerships
Local Government Institutional Partnerships
  • Program Description
  • Partnerships with public sector customers to
    most effectively address their unique
    opportunities and challenges in implementing
    energy efficiency
  • Target Markets
  • Local Government Partnerships with cities and
    counties. Addresses municipal facilities as well
    as community
  • Institutions Partnerships with state and other
    public entities. Addresses unique institutional
    market issues
  • 2009-11 Process
  • New Partnerships for 2009-11solicited under PRG
    guidance via a Call for Abstracts
  • Portfolio will include a placeholder to
    accommodate new Partnerships during the program

Local Government Institutional Partnerships
  • Whats New
  • Partnership activities have broader context from
    the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan
  • Greater emphasis on comprehensiveness
  • Tiered approach to ensure that every partner is
    supported at an appropriate level
  • Help partners to lead by example, increased focus
    on improving energy efficiency of municipal and
    institutional facilities
  • Included Strategies
  • Greater emphasis on comprehensiveness (Beyond
    lighting and short term resource activities)
  • Build Capacity, create sustainable model
  • Integration of CSI, LIEE, DR and EE
  • Regional training and sharing of information,
    lessons learned

SCE SCGWorkforce, Education Training
Workforce Education Training Overview
  • Program Description
  • Comprehensive education, training and outreach
    portfolio of programs that promote energy
    efficiency, demand-side management and supports
    Californias workforce training and development.
  • Target Markets
  • Cross-cutting Market Sectors/Customers
  • Market Sectors Residential, Commercial,
    Industrial, Agricultural, Government and
  • Green Collar workforce Technicians,
    Engineers, Architects, Building Owners, Plant
    Managers, Builders, Contractors, Inspectors,
  • Consumers Residents and Students

Workforce Education Training
  • Strategic Plan Strategies
  • Establish working relationships with k-12
    stakeholders to ensure energy education is
    provided in primary grades and continued through
    high school
  • Support the community college and adult education
    efforts and provide technical training
  • Assist with the current need for technically
    trained installers, energy auditors and building
    energy operators, including traditional
  • Create/expand programs for green campuses
  • Collaboratively identify goals and strategies to
    build workforce through 2020

Workforce Education Training
  • Strategic Plan Overarching Activities
  • Conduct a scoping study and needs assessment for
    long-range strategic plan recommendations (refer
    to last page of section)
  • Develop a web portal to establish a single
    point-of communications for energy efficiency and
    demand-side management education and training
  • Establish ongoing dialogue with market players to
    engage decision makers and legislative
    representatives for continuous coordination and
  • Form an IOU/CPUC task force to oversee scoping
    study and needs assessment evaluation, web portal
    and be involved in ongoing dialogue with market

Workforce Education Training
Two program components developed to support the
WET strategic plan
WET Schools
WET Synergies
  • WET School
  • WET Synergies

Building Operator Training and Certification Commu
nity Language Efficiency Outreach Energy
Centers AGTAC, CTAC, ERC Energy Design
Resources Mobile Energy Unit/Industrial End User
Training (Mobile) Technical Testing
Centers Refrigeration Testing Center Southern
California Lighting Test Center
Green Schools Green Campus LivingWise PEAK
Workforce Education Training
  • Whats New
  • Focused efforts in support of Zero Net Energy
  • Pilot Considerations
  • Creation or expansion of Tool Lending Library
  • Development or expansion of Web technologies
  • Enhanced focus with Resource programs
  • Expansion of Community Language Efficiency
    Outreach efforts to underserved commercial
  • Development and enhancements to tool lending
  • Expanded focus on developing or enhancing
    relationships with government agencies, colleges
    and universities, K-12 education, and trade

SCE SCGMarketing, Education Outreach
  • Maximize energy savings
  • Facilitate long-term behavior change
  • Integrate DSM messaging more effectively

Path to ActionMoving Customers through a
Statewide Campaign Creates Awareness
Stakeholders create awareness
DSM Awareness
DSM Awareness
Change in Attitude
Behavioral Change/
from Apathy to
Attitude Change
Behavior Change
Intent to Take Action
Intent to Take Action
Integrated Marketing Approach
Bundled Marketing
Bundled Marketing
Bundled marketing leverages personas to
Bundled marketing leverages personas to
craft messaging and bundle.
craft messaging and program bundles.

Cross sell opportunities

Leverage statewide brand and Energy Star

Provides customers with choices and

Provides customers with DSM choices

Increase awareness of
Increase awareness of

Provides cost efficiencies
energy savings benefits
energy savings benefits

Provides cost efficiencies
and solutions
and solutions

Leverage FYP, Energy

Drives customers to
Vertical Campaigns
Targeted Marketing, Education, and Outreach
Star, and other
Targets specific personas by campaign.
Targets most likely participants
partnership opportunities

Targeted to likely respondents

Partner with retailers, local governments,
community organizations, trade

Test new message and media mix
associations, etc.

Partner with retailers and other third
Statewide Marketing Outreach Flex Your Power
  • Multi-year campaign designed to create awareness
    and influence attitudes
  • Flex Your Power (Energy Efficiency)
  • Flex Alert (Conservation)
  • Executed by three primary partners and the IOUs
  • Efficiency Partners General Market
  • Staples Marketing Hispanic
  • RSE Rural
  • Utilizes a multi-media approach including TV,
    radio, print, online, direct mail, outdoor,
    website, CBO events to reach Californias diverse
  • Seasonal media buys and budget aligned to periods
    of peak energy use (summer/winter months)
  • Global warming as impetus for increasing
    awareness, changing attitudes/perceptions and
    inciting behavior change (social marketing
  • Continue for 2009-2011 program cycle modify
    approach pending results of statewide DSM Brand
    Study (MEO Strategic Plan)

2009-2011 MEO Strategic Plan
  • Explore Statewide DSM brand
  • Conduct customer segmentation research to develop
    more relevant marketing messages
  • Leverage social marketing techniques to move
    Californians to long-term, energy-efficient
  • Develop statewide website as source for GHG
    reduction, conservation and DSM awareness/options

SoCalGas Portfolio
Portfolio Vision
  • Develop a cost-effective energy efficiency
    portfolio over both the short- and long-term
  • Provide a comprehensive portfolio mix reflective
    of EE market potential
  • Integration of Energy Efficiency, Low Income EE,
    Demand Response, Renewable Technologies
  • Making energy efficiency and demand response easy
    for our customers
  • Implement roadmap of actions by the IOUs and
    other stakeholders needed to successfully
    implement the programmatic initiatives in the
    Strategic Plan

Portfolio Overview
  • 2009-11 Portfolio Design reflects
  • CPUC Energy Savings Goals
  • CPUC 2009-11 Decision
  • ITRONs 2008 Potential Study (Draft)
  • Process Evaluation Findings/Recommendations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Long Term Strategic Plan
  • Big, Bold Strategies
  • Integrated DSM
  • Third Parties
  • Stakeholders

2009-11 Filing Structure
2009-11 Savings Goals
Third Parties
  • 2009-11 Third Party Solicitation Overview
  • Four Flights
  • Statewide General/Local Innovative
  • Statewide/Local Targeted
  • Local Targeted
  • Local Targeted Non-Resource
  • Target Budget - 50 to 60 Million
  • 21 Targeted Bids
  • 11 2006-08 contracts will be invited for renewal
  • PIPs for successful bidders will be included in
    the May 15th Filing.
  • Targeting October 2008 to have contracts signed

Residential Programs
Program Description
  • Single Family Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program
    provides rebates for deemed energy savings, and
    incentives for custom energy savings to maximize
    energy efficiency within the residential sector.

Target Markets
  • The program will target owners and renters of
  • Single family homes
  • Apartments
  • Town homes
  • Condominiums
  • Manufactured homes

Whats New
  • Home Performance Program
  • Joint effort with SCE
  • Develop home performance contractor network
  • Energy Audits
  • Identifying energy saving gas, water and
    electric opportunities and offering a suite of
    incentives or rebates to assist homeowners,
    tenants, and property owners implement measures
    to manage their energy cost

Whats New (Cont.)
  • Expanded Point of Sale rebate program
  • Online application
  • Appliance early retirement program
  • Water heaters (Explore)
  • Furnaces
  • Pool heaters
  • Build on the green message themes
  • Target marketing strategies
  • Single Family
  • Common Facilities
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Online Focus Group to test market ideas and
    obtain customer feedback

  • Comprehensive integrated approach to energy
    efficiency (Inclusion of water and electric
  • Expanded distribution of Home Energy Efficiency
  • Program marketing efforts through local
    government programs, HOAs, manufactures and
  • Joint SCG, SCE and water agency program offerings
    (Home Performance/Energy Efficiency Surveys).
  • Coordination with Low Income Energy Efficiency

Program Description
  • The Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Retrofit
    Program is designed to assist residential
    customers and property owners in reducing their
    natural gas energy usage via rebates for new
    energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

Target Markets
  • Targets property owners and managers of
    multifamily residential dwellings.

Whats New
  • Multi-family Energy Efficiency Surveys
  • Joint effort with SCE and Water Utilities
  • Identifying energy and water savings to assist
    tenants, and property owner/manager in saving
    overall energy costs.
  • Identify potential solar hot water application
  • Online Focus Group to test market ideas and
    obtain customer feedback

  • Develop Whole Building Performance approach
  • Implement Appliance Early Retirement effort
  • Continue Tankless Water Heater Pilot (2008
  • Add new measures
  • Pool Heaters
  • Shower Start w/ low flow showerheads
  • Comprehensive, integrated approach to energy
  • Inclusion of water and electric savings
  • Marketing efforts through Local Government
  • Joint SCG/SCE program offering (Energy Efficiency
  • Monitor solar hot water technologies (Renewables)

Nonresidential Programs
Program Description
  • Rebate Program and Incentive Program
  • Comprehensive programs designed with multiple
    program elements to enable the creation of
    customized energy efficiency solutions for a wide
    range of customers.

Target Markets
Whats New
  • Customized marketing approach to various market
  • Expansion of targeted vendor programs
  • Explore point-of-sale rebates for non-residential
  • Simplify rebate and incentive applications
  • User-friendly, web-based rebate application
  • Food service used equipment replacement
  • Online Focus Group to test market ideas and
    obtain customer feedback

Whats New (Cont.)
  • Investigate Food Processing pilots
  • ClimatEEfficienttm Program Promotion
  • Encourages customers to quantify their GHG
  • Certifies emissions inventory with the Climate
  • Promotes taking early actions to reduce GHG
    emissions through EE programs
  • Green Energy Systems
  • Utility ownership of major energy systems (e.g.
    Biogas Production, DG, Chillers)
  • Financing updates
  • Raised OBF loan cap for all customers
  • Raised OBF loan term for Institutional customers

  • Maximize Distribution Channels Account
    Executives, Vendors, Public Affairs Managers,
    Commercial and Industrial service technicians and
    Multi-lingual Commercial Industrial Call Center
    Customer Service Reps, Faith and Community Based
    Organizations and Cross-cutting Programs
  • Utilize Segment-Based Marketing Outreach
  • Provides specialized resources, networking
    contacts, seminars, which includes expert
    personnel, for the segments within the program
  • Explore Web resources interactive training and
    simulation tools, on-line applications

Strategies (Cont.)
  • Expand Hard-to-Reach Small Business Outreach
    Addresses untapped energy savings potential.
    (energy audits, campaigns, chamber of commerce)
  • Enhance Energy Audits Provide immediate feedback
    on audit results
  • Provide Financing Options Monthly payment on a
    term loan would be billed as part of the
    participating customers monthly utility bill
  • Enhance Vendor Management Training on the energy
    savings measures offerings and assistance with
    customers applications

New Construction Programs
Program Description
  • Commercial
  • Savings By Design New construction incentives
    aimed at building owners and design teams.
    Promote whole building integrated design
  • Sustainable Communities building owners, design
    teams, land planners, economic development
  • Residential
  • Advanced Home Program New construction
    incentives for Developers/Builders/Architects

Target Markets
  • Commercial
  • Design teams
  • Building Owners
  • BOMA
  • Associations (AIA, ASHRAE, IES, USGBC, CHPS)
  • Residential
  • Architects
  • Energy Analysts
  • HERS raters
  • Builders
  • Associations (BIA, USGBC, Build it Green, Energy

Whats New
  • Commercial
  • Energy Charrettes
  • Incentive Kickers
  • Green Rating System LEED, CHPS
  • Commissioning
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Cutting Edge projects Zero Net Energy as target
  • Residential
  • Sustainable communities
  • New demonstration projects
  • Support Green Bldg programs
  • Performance based modeling/incentives

  • Use developers with a long timeframe Master Plan
    as a test bed for new, integrated technologies
  • Use sustainable design tools and products to
    drive integrated, comprehensive solutions.
  • Create a comprehensive approach looking upstream
    toward enhanced professional education
  • Integrate partnerships with new construction

Codes Standards Programs
Program Description
  • Advocate progressive Codes Standards
  • EE
  • Renewable and DG programs
  • Develop initiatives for codes that are more
    stringent than current state and national
  • Influence long-term code upgrade cycles
  • Inform building community on changing codes and
  • Undertake activities to improve code compliance

Target Markets
  • The Codes and Standards program is a crosscutting
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture

Whats New
  • Research and analysis to move the code to a zero
    net energy based approach
  • Developing two tiers of voluntary standards above
    minimum standards
  • Analyze approaches for enhancing Title 24 to
    include whole-building solutions
  • Greater emphasis on code compliance improvement
  • Research to better determine non-compliance
  • Target training to areas that would derive
    greatest benefit and maximize compliance
    Investigate ways to simplify codes
  • Evaluate expedited permitting programs with local
  • Explore development of a internet based HVAC
    tracking system

  • Support the goals of the California Energy
    Efficiency Strategic Plan
  • Progressively increase stringency of standards
    towards net zero goals
  • Involve Renewable, DG programs in development of
    codes and standards that are integrated and
  • Investigate strategies with code compliance and
    verification activities
  • Coordination with IOU programs, Local
    Governments, Low Income and others
  • Keep stakeholders informed and involved during
    the new code development cycle

Emerging Technology Programs
Program Description
  • Emerging Technology program will continue to
    identify promising energy-efficient technologies
    that can be incorporated into the EE portfolio

Target Markets
  • The Emerging Technologies program is a
    crosscutting program
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture

Whats New
  • Intensified collaboration with the CEC PIER
  • Expanded effort investigating market needs
    potential impacts
  • More assistance developing customer audit tools
  • More emphasis on use of pilot studies as

  • Continued priority on technology assessment
    activities that support EE programs to understand
    and address new product market barriers like
  • Performance uncertainties
  • Lack of customer knowledge
  • Lack of market presence
  • First cost and payback issues
  • Include use of studies that are longer term

Strategies (Cont.)
  • Zero Net Energy New Homes (w/SCE)
  • Commercial Building Envelope, and hybrid HVAC
  • Whole House comprehensive retrofit program
    support (w/SCE)
  • Continuous commissioning for new existing
    commercial buildings
  • Investigate linkages among technologies from EE,
    CHP-DG, and Renewable energy sources programs
  • Test market bundles of new technology products
    and service offerings
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