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... When you add a word to the dictionary it will be blocked from translation on ... Gay Street translated in Spanish 'The happy Street', that would make Gay street ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Translation

  • 1. version in another language a word, phrase,
    or version in another language that has a meaning
    equivalent to that of the original2. expressing
    of something in a different language the
    rendering of something written or spoken in one
    language in words of a different language

  • In The United States about 94 million people use
    the Internet at home.

  • Internet use is influencing how society manages
  • The Internet has become a major venue for the
    dissemination of news. Among adults, nearly 1 in
    5 used the Internet at home to check on news,
    weather, or sports. Nearly 1 in 4 adults used the
    Internet for other sorts of information searches,
    such as information about businesses, health
    practices, or government services.
  • 80 of the websites on the Internet are in

Why Translate
  • To Reach a broader local community
  • To reach as many communities as you can
  • To increase sales sites that have translation
    services tend to have higher sales
  • Translation services give you the ability to talk
    to the world

How we picked the languages
  • We choose the top eleven (11) languages spoken in
    the world English, French, German, Italian,
    Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, Chinese,
    Korean and Japanese.
  • Community groups will complain that you are not
    representing them- How to determine what
    languages you translate - Research
  • How to determine what services should have human
    translators (Health)

Why not use human translators? Does the online
translation content translate correctly?
  • It isnt 100 correct, but human translation is
    not 100 percent correct. It is better to have
    bad grammar when speaking than not to speak at
  • Human to Human translation is 90 accurate, we
    do not expect online translation to be highly
    accurate, but it gives us a voice.
  • The goal is to communicate the best that we can
    without breaking the bank.

Did we test the community for accuracy?
  • We spoke to the LEON group, they are an advocacy
    group for the Columbus Spanish speaking
  • The Response from the LEON group was a big thank
    you, for reaching out to our community. They let
    us know that it wasnt 100 accurate but, the
    message was received and understood

Lost in Translation Block translation tags
  • Block Translation Dictionaries (more costly but
    more efficient) When you add a word to the
    dictionary it will be blocked from translation on
    every page and site
  • Skip Tags ( do not translate) Names, titles,
    addresses Time consuming but less expense

Why Block Translation
  • Gay Street translated in Spanish The happy
    Street, that would make Gay street hard to find,
    French translation Cheerful street, and
    Portuguese translation is Street cheer up.
  • Names and titles the title Mayor in German is
    Bürgermeister, the French translation of Mayor
    Michael B. Coleman translates to Michael de maire
    B. Coleman

October 1st, 2003 through January 6th 2004
CountsMonth of February
  • German 157
  • Greek 7
  • English 0
  • Spanish 59
  • French 38
  • Italian 29
  • Japanese 68
  • Korean 28
  • Dutch 31
  • Portuguese 49
  • Russian 0
  • Chinese Simplified 71
  • Chinese Traditional 0

Browser Translator services
The customers can download a browser translator
The small plug-in translates all links on a
given website, not just individual pages. This
means you can quickly and easily use the Browser
Translator to translate from any website
location, without returning to WorldLingo to
begin another translation. You can effortlessly
browse from page to page and site to site while
the translation technology works seamlessly in
the background. Unlike many poor quality desktop
translation systems, the Browser Translator gives
you the highest enterprise level of translation
accuracy available on on the internet today at
around 70 - 75.
Shift in services
The rise of e-commerce in the private sector
further reinforced the shift in the focus of
government. The Internet allows not only
companies but also individual citizens
to exchange information and conduct business
transactions cost-efficiently. The flexibility of
the Internet in providing access to goods,
services, and information raises
citizens expectations of customer service in a
range of contexts, including interactions with
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