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... say that love is a ... mistakes, shut your eyes, and let destiny take its sweet course. ... Even though it's a very short poem, I think my senryu 'Not-So ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Portfolio 1

Creative Writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park
Portfolio 1
Karina Page Grade 11 Mrs. Dowling
Welcome to my portfolio. I hope you have as much
fun reading it as I had making it. The following
is a collection of some pieces I have worked
especially hard on. Theyre all unique and
special in their own way. I can honestly say that
I love them all equally. Enjoy!
Table Of Contents
  • Portfolio 3
  • Poetry 1
  • Poetry 2
  • Poetry 3
  • Poetry 4
  • Poetry 5
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 2
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Journal Entry 5 continued
  • Writing Assignment (2, 3)
  • Poetry
  • Poetry
  • Reflections
  • Portfolio 1
  • Journal Entry 1
  • Journal Entry 2
  • Journal Entry 3
  • Journal Entry 4
  • Journal Entry 5
  • Writing Assignment
  • Poetry
  • Additional Work
  • Reflections

A Meaningless Life
I once had a dream that reality was really my
dreams and that my dreams were really reality.
Everything I did made no sense whatsoever. I
died one day and the next day I was floating
through air, perfectly healthy. All the things
I had worked for in my life meant nothing they
were merely illusions. They were all my
subconscious scheming up different fantasies for
me to enact in what I falsely perceived as my
life. My family, my dreams, my aspirations
were just inventions of my overactive
imagination. I was fake, and all the bizarre,
senseless scenarios that never made any
sense they were real.
Back In the Day
When did life get so rushed and crazy and harsh?
When did we stop caring about playing outside and
avoiding cooties and start caring about passing
tests and being in a clique? Remember the days
when there was no homework and all you cared
about was playing outside until the streetlights
came on? Remember eating tons of cheerios and
goldfish and watching cartoon network religiously
(which some of us still do)? Remember being
excited about McDonalds happy meal toys and
going to the dentist so you could get a cheap
toy? I miss the days where recess was hours long,
you didnt need a pass to use the bathroom, and
backpacks carried only a folder with two paper
inside of it instead of huge calculus and AP
I miss getting a decent nights sleep and eating
pancakes in the morning instead of dashing out of
the house with a venti Starbucks. I miss playing
hop scotch and double dutch and jump rope outside
with the group of neighborhood kids (who we
barely know anymore and now give only a quick nod
of recognition if we happen to see them in the
halls). I guess growing up is inevitable, but
couldnt we just go back and appreciate it just a
little longer?
Mass Hysteria
Kids run in crazed, hyper circles, ignoring the
minivans and buses weaving desperately slow
around them. Cliques stroll together, giggling,
wresting, and enjoying inside jokes. A football
game abruptly appears in the middle of the
cul-de-sac, catching innocent bystanders in the
midst of it. Cheerful goodbyes are said along
with promises of get-togethers after homework and
dinner. Its four thirty in Ashland also known as
loud noise, crazy traffic, fumes from monstrous
buses, and hoards of middle schoolers who think
theyre cool.
My Suburban Adonis
I speed walk up to the entrance, weaving my way
through slow stragglers. In my haste, I become
oblivious to the glass obstruction and almost
smack into it. I carefully step through the door
and am quickly meet by an arctic blast of air
conditioning. I jolt to a stop as I feel a hand
on my shoulder I turn quickly, and sigh A giant
adonis hovers above me. He smiles, his lips
parting to reveal two rows of perfect teeth. He
gently grabs my hand and pulls me to the nearest
booth. Sensing my unrest he quickly calms me. As
he talks I cannot help but notice his muscles
flexing as his pulls on his favorite T-shirt
proudly displaying the name of his beloved band.
I snap back to reality as he excitedly explains
his job as a firefighter and how he helped save
someones life the other day on Highway 95. I
cannot help the feeling of utter pride that
erupts from my body as I think of all his
accomplishments. His bright blue eyes flash and
his hands dance and fly in the air as he
animatedly illustrates the dangers and commitment
involved in his latest venture. He finally
finishes his story and grins as I gush about his
unmatched bravery and valor. Finally we are
ready to order dinner. As I dig through my
unorganized purse for cash he gently pulls my
hand down and shakes his head. Dont you dare
even think about paying for your own dinner he
says softly but seriously. I look up
gratefully. Awwwthanks! I reply appreciatively
and rack my brain trying to think of the last
time a guy actually paid for my dinner. We grab
our food and settle back into our comfortable
booth. As we munch on our dinner we talk openly
about everythinglifefaithplansfuture. I share
my deepest aspirations and he tells me his secret
fears. There are no breaks in our conversation-
no awkward pauses or embarrassed silence. As
the night ends I lean back into his arms. He
grabs me, and we simply sit together taking in
the star-lit sky. I breathe deeply into the damp
night air and thank God for His
blessingsespecially the one holding me.
Confused Appreciation
I do not understand why nerds got stuck with such
a negative connotation. Why do people associate
being smart and academically advanced with low
social status? In elementary school it seemed as
though the kid with the highest grade was the
coolest and most popular. Now it seems as though
the kids who slack off, goof around and always
get in trouble are rewarded with the most
attention. However, when you think about life in
the future, a feeling of sympathy is almost felt
for the same kids who barely tried to succeed
because their failure in the real world is almost
inevitable. It is the nerds, the AP kids, and the
geeks who end up with the huge salaries, the
attractive spouses, the mansions, and the amazing
If Only I Were In _______...
Paris Leaves skip across the sun filled park as
I sit reading the newspaper while sipping coffee.
After eating a light supper I skip along to my
next social engagement, picking up a vintage wine
for the host. Hong Kong I sit high upon a stool,
glasses perched on my head, conducting a meeting
while eating sushi. After closing a 10 billion
dollar deal for my company, I hop on a plane
bound for my next meeting. New York My Chanel
boots click along the sidewalk, and my Starbucks
brew sloshes as I hail a taxi. I flip through the
latest issue of Vogue and quickly stow it in my
Louis Vuitton tote as arrive at the latest
party. Los Angeles Trudging along in my Ugs and
sweats, I jump into my Tahoe and head for mall to
go shopping with my friends. On the way we grab a
bag of bagels and Starbucks gossiping about the
latest celebrity affair. Rome My flirty black
skirt whips in the sun as I grab my fiancés
hand. We eat a romantic meal by candlelight,
talking until the restaurant closes. The moon is
full and bright as we take a walk through the
rustic streets.
Others look right through me, But you see and
know. Your eyes, A kiss of emerald intertwined
with haze, See the inner contours of my
soul. Your gaze is fulfilling as it pulls away,
Scraping sparks along the way. I am complete. My
eyes see glimpses of passion. Together we see
mixed flickers of stars flashing As we stand as
one before a disbelieving world.
My Human
My Human Life From A Robots Point Of View
My human is ugly and really quite dumb. He does
what I say when I utter come. His work is sloppy
and always a mess. But when I correct him, he
seems to give less. I would do anything to trade
him right in. Yet he loves me so much and thinks
of me as kin. Oh how annoying and childish he
is. Why compared to him Im almost a whiz! Hmm I
guess he does make me look good. Perhaps I will
keep him! Maybe I should! The more I think about
it, the more I see My humans not so bad.
Dont you agree?
  • My Suburban Adonis was definitely the most
    challenging for me. I found it hard due to the
    fact that I needed to describe someone else, and
    I wanted to make sure I described him perfectly.
    I overcame this challenge by spending a large
    portion of time just thinking about him and
    writing down his characteristics. This way, I
    could give him justice in my writing.
  • (2) I found that I am most proud of If Only I
    Were In _______... because I think it shows true
    creativity and uniqueness. I found it the most
    fun to write, and I found myself really mulling
    over my writing.
  • A certain writing on Mohammed I found to be
    tremendously interesting but also very morbid. I
    do not necessarily like or enjoy writing about
    death so ultimately I decided not to include this
    piece in my portfolio.
  • They were all my subconscious scheming up
    different fantasies for me to enact in what I
    falsely perceived as my life. is my favorite
    sentence in the piece A Meaningless Life
    because every time I read it, it shocks me.

In the piece A Meaningless Life I would work
on extending the part about what exactly is
bizarre to make the dream sound scarier. I would
definitely extend If I Were Only In _______...
into a longer piece, because I had so much fun
writing it! (7) I think I would have a lot of fun
changing If I Were Only In____... into a short
story perhaps about my travels around the
world! Back In the Day probably shows me the
best because it shows (1)that I value the past
(2) that I value my childhood and (3) my
childhood was so much fun! My friends have mostly
commented about If I Were Only In____...,
because it is very unique and not really
expected. If a character in literature, such as
Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter, read My
Suburban Adonis,she would probably understand
the passion and affection I have. Even though my
enthusiasm could never amount to hers, I think
she would write to me about how I should value my
Portfolio 2
My Closet
My Closet
My closet is an expression of my individuality
a sign of my unique nature. A plethora of color
and design, it reflects my true thoughts. Shapes
swirl about with no particular organization
whatsoever. Clothes from previous years lay
waiting, unworn for months. Shoes lie in a
haphazard pile on the floor, missing their
partners. Old issues of People and Us Weekly
dating back from 2003 scatter themselves about,
their pages torn and bent. Awards from swim team
and school huddle together collecting dust. My
mum begs me to clean it all up in an attempt to
introduce organization into my life but wouldnt
that be cramping my creativity?

I am floating beautifully down the river, my body
glittering in the sun. I am weightless, riding
smoothly along the gentle curves and bumps of the
water. The warm sun massages me, relaxing me
until I grow sleepy. I am aware of my
surroundings and yet I feel peacefully alone. I
make no effort into moving and yet somehow I end
up gliding down with the current, my golden hair
twisting around the bubbles escaping from the
abyss beneath my body.
The Future
  • High school is the epitome of craziness. Weve
    all suffered through Starbucks-fueled nights, our
    eyes barely staying open as we struggle to
    complete just one more math equation or english
    essay. Yet somehow we manage to complete it all,
    go to practice, catch a couple hours of sleep,
    and arrive at school the next morning ready for
    more. Why do we do it all? Essentially, the
    classes and activities we take now are important,
    and no matter what we endeavor to involve
    ourselves in, Forest Park is preparing us for the

Canadian Geese
  • Stomping about as if they won the land, the geese
    peck about, destroying the field before moving on
    to new prey. A seemingly dumb bird, it attracts
    the hatred of many with its mere presence. Its
    disgusting honk breaks the silence that
    previously graced us. We stand, unable to even
    disturb it for a second. Out imaginations run
    rampant as we imagine crushing them into the
    ground they are decimating

Surfing Through Life
  • I breathe deeply, relaxed and equipped for any
    wave, any obstacle or calamity. Wading into the
    ocean, I go slowly, cautious and prepared for the
    sea has a way of astounding me. I turn my back
    and lose my senses for one second and suddenly
    off I go getting flipped up and down so many
    times I become a bewildered mess. So I learn to
    be vigilant, catching any unforeseen crashes,
    guarding myself. I attempt to anticipate the
    water monsters next move, endeavoring to catch
    any tricks it tries to pull. I paddle out with
    strong steady strokes, the rhythm of my movement
    controlling my body. My board protects me from my
    environment, shielding my body from the oncoming
    waves that pummel the rocks before crashing into
    the sand. I search for the next wave, the perfect
    opportunity. Time seemingly drags on as I
    waitand waitand wait. My spirit, at one time so
    awakened with excitement droops. I become envious
    as I watch other people with less skill than I
    stealing the waves I should be on, stealing my

Surfing Through Life
  • And suddenly I spot it, an opportunity so
    flawless it seems God himself sent it my way to
    encourage me. So I ride that wave for all its
    worth and time momentarily stops for me and only
    me and I once again regain control of the my
    ocean. And while Im riding that wave, my feel
    planted so firmly, my arms spread out, my
    position perfect I feel a euphoric rush, as if
    life could not get any better. But oh so suddenly
    I am beaten down, the water tricking me as it has
    a habit of doing. Down I go into the big pool, my
    arms and legs a tiny speck of oblivion in a huge
    mass. I am forgotten beneath the blue green
    expanse. I struggle, my lungs void of oxygen, my
    mind void of sanity. Emotions run rampant in my
    mind as I struggle to break the surface. Just
    when I feel as though there is no way to survive,
    no exit, an arm grabs me and I am pulled to
    safety. The overwhelming concerns of moments
    earlier seem absurdly dramatic, almost silly. It
    takes me just moments to recover and I am primed,
    ready to conquer this deep force that so easily
    deceives me. Who known when I will once again
    become intoxicated with this ocean. The Ride is
    precious so enjoy it while it lasts.

The Sun
  • It massages my body with its rays,
  • Its warmth caressing my skin.
  • Its the friend whos always happy -
  • Ever present though hidden sometimes.
  • Yet it never stays away for too long.
  • It wakes me in the morning-
  • Its light pressing through my window.
  • It calls me out to enjoy its presence
  • To run in its glory
  • Leap in its sincerity
  • Laugh in its enthusiasm

Choosing Peace
  • The wind blew warm air onto the
    girls face, stifling her in the oppressive heat.
    Children shrieked and screamed joyously around
    her. Sticky sand flew around and clung to their
    sticky skin. The waves roared and crashed onto
    the shore, reaching out to the bathers as they
    relaxed on their towels. Tourists streamed to and
    from their cars, picking up food from the
    ramshackle hot dog stand run by bored teenagers.
  • It was a lazy August day in 1969, one
    of the last left in summer. Students were
    anxiously preparing for school, some looking
    forward to see old friends but most dreading the
    oncoming storm of homework and exams. Liz sat
    slumped over in her lawn chair, pretending to be
    reading her magazine but really peaking around
    the corner to glance at the lifeguard. She
    restlessly moved her gaze, her mind numb from
  • She fretfully fluffed her hair, painfully
    aware of its drooping figure. After rearranging
    her swimsuit she settled back in her chair,
    trying once more to read her magazine, featuring
    a huge article on the Beatles which would usually
    excite her considering her overwhelming love for
    Paul McCartney. But today she could not focus on
  • All her life she had been viewed as the
    perfect little blonde Barbie- the cheerleader
    with no mind of her own. The truth was, she had
    played into that image for years, because she
    loved the attention she received. Girls admired
    her, constantly attempting to copy her style and
    attitude. And the guys, well, judging from the
    fact that she had not been single since sophomore
    year kind of explained everything.
  • But now she did have a mind of her own and she
    was casting off the dumb blonde image to fight
    for something she truly believed in peace. The
    fighting in Vietnam she had seen on television
    and in newspapers had scarred and scared her. The
    images of

Choosing Peace
bloody soldiers, dying citizens, and decapitated
limbs made her sick with despair. For her to
merely watch and not act would be almost unjust
and inhumane. It angered her that the United
States could stand to be involved in such a blood
bath. President Johnson was a complete fool to be
involved, and stay involved, in a conflict in
which innocent lives were being taken every day.
It seemed as though he was turning a deaf ear to
the protests occurring nationwide. She was
utterly determined to make President Johnson hear
the protestors voices. There was a peace rally
this weekend and she was going to attend no
matter what. Her parents would be disappointed in
her but she knew protesting was her place her
calling almost. Angered by her thoughts, Liz
snatched up her towel, stomping down the beach
with a flushed face. The days passed slowly, but
Saturday finally came. As Liz dressed for the
rally, her mind jumped in a frenzy of activity.
What would it be like? Who would be there? Would
anyone be arrested? Yet she remained resolute in
her stand. Arriving at the protest, she was
immediately accepted by many faces she had
watched on local television. Grabbing her
anti-war , pro-peace sing out of the trunk of her
car, she joined the ranks of determined citizens.
Her spirit soared as she watched news reporters
gather round she knew her message was being
spread. Yet, why so many cameras? Protests were
not this popular. With a jump, she glanced back
at the person who had just tapped her shoulder.
End the Vietnam War! Choose peace! Violence is
not the answer! yelled a stunningly gorgeous
blonde woman beside Liz.
Choosing Peace
  • J-j-j-ane FONDA?!!? gasped Liz, painfully aware
    at what a pitiful loser she must be looking like
    right now with her mouth wide open.
  • Why yes, That would be me the woman answered.
    And who are you?
  • Lizer Elizabeth Heneshall maam uh Ms. Fonda
    Liz forced out.
  • Pleased to meet you! said Jane Fonda brightly.
    Ready to spread peace?
  • Yes! Liz grinned.
  • Liz could not believe the events that occurred
    after Jane joined the rally. Hundreds of people
    joined the protest, sparking a country-wide
    interest. Liz and Jane became protesting friends,
    sharing opinions and thoughts on various
    conflicts. The night became fiery, filled with
    the passion of protests and the vision for peace
    in Vietnam.

  • I lay happily in the warm sand
  • My toes digging into the ground.
  • All around me are happy sounds-
  • Sounds of children screaming,
  • games of frisbee,
  • Hotdogs cooking,
  • Suntan lotion being slapped on,
  • and the chatter of gossip.
  • The sun makes me sleepy
  • I struggle to stay awake
  • but succumb to a sleep full of dreams.
  • I awake to the same scene.
  • As I run to the beach,
  • A wind comes, wrapping its arms around me.
  • I stay completely still
  • And sway to the breeze,
  • To the rhythm of the waves,
  • To the smell of the salt.

1) I believe the greatest thing I have learned
this semester is how to elaborate and make an
okay piece of writing actually amazing. I have
also brushed up on my grammar skills which is
essential to be a good writer. 2) I believe being
able to write on the spot will help me with all
my other classes. Also, being able to edit and
make a piece better will help me in other
studies. 3) I especially liked my free verse
poem The Sun because just writing it make me
feel inspired and very happy. 4) I have really
learned to swallow my pride and fear and share my
work with other writers this quarter. I believe
just practicing showing others my work has helped
me overcome my shyness. 5) I believe writing free
verse poems is really my strength. I write them
with inspiration and really connect with them. 6)
I really need to work on writing long pieces of
work like narratives and such. I tend to get very
involved for the first page but them loose
interest and end poorly.
Porfolio 3
Can You Imagine
The world as a square Models with no designer
clothes to wear Writing without words UCLA
minus the nerds Driving cars without
wheels Donald Trump not making any deals The
80s without Duran Duran Soccer moms not
driving huge vans Dairy Queen without the
blizzard Mickey Mouse without the wizard The
Beatles without Ringo Seinfeld without
Elaines Dingo Everything in black and
white The sun rising without any light?
Presenting itself, Spring unfolds, bursting with
life, Vibrancy, and peace.
Reality shows- The first the same as the
last Pointless and shallow.
I Dont Understand
I dont understand why people dont know
Jesus why my brother has to go to Iraq why
most guys dont get pedicures   But most of all
why people cuss and use the Lords name in vain
why the people with the best outlook on life get
cancer why God lets bad things happen to good
people why my peers think its cool to do drugs
and drink   What I understand most is Jesuss
love for me why I get up every morning and go
to school why crew and surfing are the best
sports in the world why my family is so amazing
Just Because
Just because Im blonde   Dont assume Im
uneducated and illiterate dont make jokes
about my hair color accept me for who I am
despite my outward appearance   Just because Im
blonde   Doesnt give you the right to judge
me Doesnt mean Im an airhead Doesnt mean
my hair defines me Get to know me and then
decide.   Just because Im blonde   Doesnt
mean Im a snob Doesnt give you permission to
stereotype me Doesnt make me dumb   Just
because Im blonde --- doesnt make me different
from any other brunette!
My Throne
Stepping onto the beach and taking in the salty
freshness makes me almost elated to be abandoned
on this empty stretch of beach that circles
forever. I like to imagine myself as the Queen of
the Land ruling over the various sea creatures,
sitting on a throne of seaweed, and waiting for
my king to arrivebut then I snap back into
reality and realize that my bedraggled clothes
reek, my throne is what meager belongings I was
able to salvage from the wreck, and my king,
alas, is thousands of miles away. My sad
realization quite simply has become acceptable to
me as thoughts of my present situation run crazy
in my mind a large portion of the day.
Hey Yall
I step into the smoke filled room and immediately
emit a high pitched obnoxious laugh. Weaving my
way through complete strangers, I touch their
arms and call them by any name I can think of
Hey George! Oh Kelly Anne I havent seen you in
years! I yell into their ears in a loud Southern
accent. One poor fellow tries to get by me,
accidentally brushing past my body. My daddys
gonna kill you! Just wait till he find out! I
holler while smacking his face. Hell drive
right up from the ranch and git you with one of
his guns!. Seconds later Im storming away, my
cowboy boots making dents in the perfect hardwood
He reaches over and holds my shoulder, looking
into my eyes searching for a signal that will
reveal my misery. I refuse to show my discomfort.
I flash a winning smile. As he looks away, I
sigh, wishing I was anywhere but this crowded
table of couples. Girls with tight hair, poofy
dresses, and goopy makeup threaten to strangle me
while guys with ridiculous suits and cocky smirks
glance at me up and down. I know no one but him
and so I cling to him. Cling as if my life
depended on it.
Some might say that love is a detour. You
completely leave common sense behind and embark
on a road that might lead to either a silly
happiness or heartbreak. Your destination is
hidden it can be determined by only you and your
partner. You simply act the best you can, love
like a fool, learn from your mistakes, shut your
eyes, and let destiny take its sweet course.
Everyone who has lived in Northern Virginia can
attest to the fact that though there are a
plethora of roads and congested construction
filled avenues, they invariably lead to the same
place. One can therefore choose the route
sweetest to their personal taste and
satisfaction. The following are the detours I
would suggest taking coming from Potomac Mills to
Ashland. THE FIELD! Enjoy the flowers.
Breathe in the pollen. Live in the beauty. THE
FOREST! Trees make good shade. Enjoy the bed of
fallen leaves. Laugh as birds chirp above your
head. THE POND! Fish do exist in suburbia!
Watch as fishermen try to steal them away. Watch
as the feisty fish resist! CAFFEINE! Lifes
better when youre actually awake to see it. You
need caffeine in the bloodstream. You take
caffeine to the bloodstream. FOOD! Stop that
loud rumbling so you can hear the world. Try
something organic. Its good for you.  
Crown Victoria
Oh my Crown Victoria! Without you life is
doneDONEDONE! I was so careful without you!
Sure the police officer claims I was driving a
tad spastically but that can be explained I
lost my reading glasses! And sure I probably
should have been wearing them since Im legally
blind without them but Food Lion was having a
special on bananas and theres NO way I was going
to pass that opportunity up. Everyone back at the
retirement home is going to mock me now. I was
the only one left with a drivers license! Oh
well. In my old age who knows how long Ill be
My Island
Yes, yes dont give me too much credit but Im
actually pretty positive that my island would by
alive and thriving for many years to come if the
following list of people actually existed on an
island I created. The Priest Domini the
Franciscan priest lovable and friendly always
available to anyone who needs advice and
direction. 32 The Farmer Nathaniel born and
raised in Kentucky knows how to make a desert
become a fruitful garden. 38 The Surgeon
Benjamin attended private school and then
Harvard. Interned at Seattle Grace. Rather good
looking. 29 The Engineer Thomas graduate of
Virginia Tech spacey and completely random but a
genius looks like Seth Cohen. 25 The
Mathematician Stephanie taught at USC
professor of logistic can look at any real life
problem and solve it. 53 The Supermom Rhonda
raised three boys and a girl who were involved in
baseball, soccer, football, chess, surfing,
boogie boarding, dancing, crew, and much more.
She can do anything. 54
My Island
The Handyman Victor learned from his fathers
business can construct or revise anything from
plumbing to electrical. 23 The Judge Andrea
candidate for Supreme Court ruled in thousands
of cases has a fake leg. 61 The Best Friend
Pantos grew up with him down the street can
make you laugh just by looking at him. 17 The
Industrialist Antonia has worked with every
major vehicle, plastics, and steel company in the
United States gruff and has a crush on the
priest. 29 The Musician Andy plays the
acoustic guitar mostly sounds like Jack Johnson
and always smells good. 18 The Poet
Audriana can become inspired by the mere sight
of a paperclip. 19 The Painter Rose
descendent of Michelangelo draws murals and
portraits of any surface lives in skinny jeans.
The Programmer Zack can build a computer from
spare parts created his own computer language.
26 The Makeup Artist Mathilda or Mattie can
make anyone look beautiful using organic
substances. 39
The greatest skill I have learned this year is
how to express myself and what I am feeling.
Before, I felt inhibited by my writing. I knew
what I wanted to write but I had difficulty
expressing it. Now, I can think of a topic and
write openly. Writing is an important part of
every class but I would say that I have
especially helped my essay writing skills and
grammar this year. Even though its a very
short poem, I think my senryu Not-So-Reality is
my best piece, because its able to express what I
want to say concisely and with a humorous edge.
By working up the courage, I have been able to
share my work with other. I really had to
overcome my fear of showing other my work but now
Im happy to! I think I am able to express a
variety of rhetorical strategies rather well in
addition to correct grammar. I have learned
that I actually enjoy writing when I have a
prompt! Even though I am given a direction, my
mind can run more freely when it knows where to
go. I need to work on my longer pieces,
because often I just get tired of them and end
them rather abruptly.
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