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Rsum Preparation for Chemical Professionals


A r sum is your chief marketing tool ... Documents accompanying your r sum can also impact your chances of getting an interview ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Rsum Preparation for Chemical Professionals

Résumé Preparation for Chemical Professionals
Importance of Résumé
  • A résumé is your chief marketing tool
  • Making it through the first screen of applicants
    in a job search is most dependant upon the proper
    format and content of your résumé
  • Documents accompanying your résumé can also
    impact your chances of getting an interview
  • Maintaining your résumé is important to your

Résumé Purposes
  • Get an interview, not a job
  • Quick read of skills and qualifications
  • Guide during interview
  • Reminder after the interview
  • Example of your communication skills
  • Good self-assessment tool
  • Does not take the place of the application
  • Is not an autobiography

Résumé Challenges
  • Of all the résumés I have seen, why should I
    consider yours?
  • Managers are looking for a way to exclude
  • 1001 résumé-to-job ratio!
  • 30-45 seconds reviewing each résumé!

Characteristics of a Good Résumé
  • Emphasize Results
  • Factual, not subjective
  • I perform my job with effortless efficiency,
    effectiveness, efficacy, and expertise.
  • Provide quantitative information whenever
  • Developed a novel method that allowed the
    analysis of twice the number of samples/hour.
  • Dont overstate capabilities and/or

Common Résumé Mistakes
  • Wordiness
  • Its a résumé, not an autobiography
  • Difference between a résumé and a curriculum
    vitae (CV)
  • Sloppiness
  • Little attention to formatting
  • Grammatical and spelling errors

Résumé Format
  • Neat, well-organized, mistake free
  • Easy and quick to read
  • Key information highly visible
  • Usually 2 pages
  • Include brief but complete job descriptions
  • List major accomplishments
  • Include key words for electronic searching
  • Email your résumé as an attachment

Proofread Carefully!!
  • A recruiter received a résumé with an unusual
    work history. According to the document, the
    candidate, who had stressed her reputation for
    accuracy in a cover letter, had held one job from
    1998 to 2013.
  • (She didnt get an interview.)
  • Wall Street Journal, August 5, 2003

Personal Data Formats
  • Be sure to use the data format best suited for
    your employment sector

This workshop will focus on the résumé format.
Résumé Format for Recent Graduates
  • Chronological format
  • Shows career progression without gaps
  • Expected format for recent graduates
  • Most commonly used
  • Emphasizes most recent accomplishments

Résumé Format for Experienced Chemists
  • Chronological format as before, or
  • Functional format
  • Highlights relevant accomplishments, regardless
    of when
  • Allows grouping of skills by category, not
    when/where acquired
  • Can highlight older or unusual skills
  • Must still include chronological listing of
  • Ideal format for those transitioning to a new

Where to Start?
  • Create lists of
  • Degrees (dates place earned)
  • Employers (names, addresses and dates)
  • Publications, Presentations and Patents
  • Awards and Accomplishments
  • Inventory your skills and accomplishments
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Communications

Sections of the Résumé
  • Heading
  • Objective and/or Highlights
  • Education
  • Skills and Accomplishments
  • Experience (especially research)
  • Awards
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Publications, patents, presentations
  • References
  • Résumé PreparationTips for Chemical
  • available online through

Résumé Heading
  • Name, address, phone email
  • Srinishvashikan (Sri) Doe, Ph.D.
  • Sandia National Laboratory
  • Chemistry Division
  • Albuquerque, ME 87175
  • 505-555-1212

The Great Résumé Debate
  • Question 1
  • Should I state a Career Objectiveon my résumé?

Arguments For Career Objective
  • A career objective
  • Clarifies professional objectives
  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • What can you bring to the organization?
  • Can be tailored to fit the position you are
    applying for
  • E.g., scientific communication vs. research,
    narrow expertise vs. broad challenges

Arguments Against a Career Objective
  • A career objective
  • Can turn into an exercise in creative writing!
  • To participate in and lead a group of talented
    people in an institutional/industrial set-up to
    reach new horizons through productivity and

Arguments Against a Career Objective
  • Can close doors, rather than open them
  • By sending the wrong message
  • E.g., seeking management vs. research scientist
  • By unnecessarily narrowing your options
  • E.g., organic chemist for drug discovery vs.
    other types of organic chemist positions

Recommend Using a Career Objective
  • Recommendation
  • Use a Job Objective if it clearly and succinctly
    meets your career needs
  • This works most of the time
  • E.g., A position as on organic chemist on a
    drug-discovery team that takes advantage of my
    skills in synthesis and medicinal chemistry.
  • Be very aware of the risks of a poorly focused or
    poorly written Job Objective

Highlights Section (optional)
  • Highlight 3-5 key accomplishments/areas
  • Be brief and action-oriented
  • Support by details later in your résumé
  • Conveys the essence of YOU as a Professional!
  • The objective and highlights sections provide an
    excellent opportunity for you to use
  • key terms used in database searches.

Sample Highlights BA/BS
  • Adept at operating and interpreting the data for
    a wide range of analytical instruments
  • Excellent problemsolver
  • Adept at multi-tasking
  • Proficient in both written and oral
  • Excellent attention to detail

Sample Highlights Ph.D.
  • Extensive experience in the investigation of
    photochemical reactions
  • Developed new techniques for the analysis of
    previously undetectable biomolecules
  • Elucidated synthetic pathway for the first
    ß-hairpin ß-helix peptide
  • Developed method to trap enzymes in silica gel
    beads allowing for timed release in detergents as
    well as extended shelf life

Sample Highlights Experienced Ph.D.
  • Skilled at working in a GMP environment
  • Adept at using a wide range of synthetic organic
  • Highly skilled analytical chemist with practical
    expertise in operating a wide range of modern
  • Proven track record of publications
  • Proven problem-solver - 7 patents granted

Education Section
  • List in reverse chronological order
  • Include degree, specialization, institute,
    location and date of graduation
  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Private Polytech
    University, Collegetown, ST, 2005.Advisor J.H.
    Hopkins.Dissertation Novel Synthesis of 15
    Taxol Derivatives
  • For masters or doctorate include advisor and
    thesis title

The Great Résumé Debate
  • Question 3
  • Should I put my gradeson my résumé?

List My Grades?
  • Undergraduate grades
  • Yes, if they are relatively high (3.5?)
  • No, if they are relatively low (
  • Otherwise, it is a gray area
  • Graduate grades
  • Generally no, unless they are very high
  • It is okay to list undergraduate grades but not
    graduate grades the other way around is not okay

Once youve had a job or two, do not list any
Build a CAR
  • When stating an accomplishment or skill, use the
    CAR principle
  • Context State the where, when and how
  • Action Using an action verb state the action
  • Result What was the outcome of your action?

Some Useful Action Words
Use action verbs avoid the passive voice
  • Verbs
  • Created
  • Developed
  • Established
  • Directed
  • Influenced
  • Produced
  • Demonstrated
  • Managed
  • Led
  • Adverbs
  • Effectively
  • Quickly
  • Successfully
  • Reliably
  • Aggressively
  • Actively
  • Productively

Types of Skills
  • Technical (laboratory, analytical)
  • Business (leadership, management)
  • Teamwork (initiation, facilitation,
    collaboration, flexibility, coordination)
  • Communications (writing, editing, presenting,
  • Management (project direction, team leadership,
    laboratory supervision)

Exercise Identify Your Skills
  • On a piece of paper
  • List three of your accomplishments
  • Below each, list the skills used
  • Use bulleted key words or phrases
  • Start with action verbs
  • Provide results, quantify if possible
  • Compare your list with people sitting near you

Research Experience Section
  • State title, institution, dates of employment and
    key accomplishments
  • Research Fellow, ABC State University 2003-2004
  • Developed novel procedure for plating copper with
  • Modeled the kinetics of heterogeneous
    photochemical atmospheric reactions.
  • Developed a new, highly sensitive technique for
    the measurement of photochemical reactions on
    heterogeneous surfaces.

Tailoring the Résumé
  • Your résumé should be tailored to the position
  • Where is the résumé going and who will read it?
  • Recruiting manager
  • Hiring manager
  • Recruiting team
  • Electronic database
  • Consider multiple versions for different jobs
  • But be carefully not to send different versions
    to the same company

Focusing Your résumé
  • Stay on target
  • Clearly elucidate educational or work history
  • Provide objective evidence of technical skills or
  • Focus on results instead of duties and
  • Studied the synthesis of new compounds
  • vs.
  • Designed and executed the total synthesis of
    three new heterocyclic amine compounds in less
    than four months, with results leading to two

The Great Résumé Rebate
  • Question 2
  • If I am not a U.S. citizen,should I list my
    visa statuson my résumé?

List My Visa Status?
  • Only if it is to your advantage
  • If you are foreign-born but a permanent resident
    (green card) or U.S. citizen, list this in the
  • If you are on a J-1, F-1, H-1B, or other
    nonresident visa, you should generally not list
    this if you are applying for a position in the

The Great Résumé Debate
  • Question 4
  • Should I list all of mypublications and
    presentationson my résumé?

List All Publications and Presentations?
  • Generally yes, with authors and full titles
  • Departmental seminars are not very impactful
    generally not included
  • If listing all publications and presentations
    pushes résumé beyond two pages, consider
    shortening by
  • Using the heading Publications and Selected
    Presentations or
  • Attaching the whole list as an Appendix
  • Include articles submitted or in press
    manuscripts in progress are more problematic

The Great Résumé Debate
  • Question 5
  • Should I list the names and contact information
    for references or say References available upon

List References by Name?
  • Recommendation Yes
  • Include contact information for references
  • Name, title, employer, phone and email
  • Employers will contact references, especially
    your thesis advisor, before offering a job (and
    maybe even before talking with you)
  • References should have a strong academic or
    business relationship to you

Etiquette for References
  • Visit with potential references before asking
    them to write for you
  • Ensure that they will be true advocates for you
  • Give information about yourself and the position
    for which you are applying
  • Ensure that they have the background information
    they need
  • Keep references informed of your progress,
    especially if they should expect a call

Putting You Into The Résumé
  • Stress Action Tell what you did, beginning each
    accomplishment with a power verb
  • Stress Results Quantify the results of your
  • Employers arent just interested in what you did
    ... they also want to know how well and how much
  • Highlight leadership, awards, and accomplishments

What Not to Include on Your Résumé
  • Dont include your
  • Salary history or requirements
  • References to age, race, religion, sex, health,
    marital status, or national origin
  • However, it is okay to include information that
    discloses the above by inference (e.g.,
    membership in an organization)
  • Hobbies, unless they are relevant to the job or
    reflect a skill or accomplishment
  • Reasons for leaving your previous job

Formatting Résumés for Scanning
  • Hardcopy résumés are often scanned into a
  • As a result, simple is better to
  • Use a standard font (at least 10 pt, 11 pt)
  • Avoid underlining, graphics, shading
  • Avoid putting information into columns
  • Use black ink and light-colored 8.5x11 paper
  • Avoid folding on a line of print
  • Avoid faxing your résumé

Electronically Submitted Résumés
  • Keyword searches of résumé database
  • Used by most larger companies
  • Software ranks résumés by keyword presence and
    frequency of hits
  • Therefore, need to make sure all key words that
    describe your technical background are in the
    résumé at least once

The Curriculum Vitae (CV)Course of Life
  • For new PhDs, a CV will be little different from
    a résumé
  • A CV is a living document that is constantly
    updated without eliminating information
  • Length is not a concern
  • An encyclopedic inventory of a persons work
  • Uses reverse chronological order
  • Important differences between a résumé and a CV
  • A CV should not have an Objective section, but
    should have a list of references
  • A CV should provide an exhaustive list of
  • Publications and presentations
  • Research interests
  • Research grants and proposals submitted
  • Courses taught (including each TA assignment and
    any tutoring)
  • Students mentored and where they are currently

Additional Documents
  • Cover Letter
  • Research summary
  • List of publications, presentations and patents
  • References

Research Summary
  • Optional addition to résumé, as an attachment
  • Very helpful in describing your research
  • Different from an abstract
  • Objective
  • Results
  • Conclusions/next steps
  • Limit to about 1 page
  • Include a mechanism or graphic
  • Probably not warranted for undergraduate studies

The Cover Letter
  • Should always accompany your résumé (hardcopy or
  • Personalize the letter to suit the organization
  • Make it brief and to the pointless than 1 page
  • Explain why you are applying and what you can do
    for the organization
  • If replying to an ad, reference that ad (where
    published, date, position reference/code)
  • Highlight your skills but dont duplicate
    detailed information in your résumé

Structure of Cover Letter
  • Try to address the letter to a specific person in
    the organization.
  • Opening paragraph Explain the purpose of the
    letter, what job you are applying for, how you
    heard about the job, when you will be available.
  • Middle paragraph(s) Explain your skills and how
    they will benefit the company. Try to
    demonstrate that you have done your homework on
    the company.
  • Closing paragraph Reiterate your desire to work
    for the company and thank them for their
    consideration. Tell them your résumé is
    enclosed. If you are sending the letter to a
    specific individual, say you will follow up to
    ensure receipt of the résumé.

  • Your résumé provides a first impression
  • If its not really good, its also the last

Maintain Your Résumé
  • Track the different versions of your résumé
  • Keep your lists of skills and accomplishments
  • Set an anniversary date to update your résumé
  • Many people use Groundhog Day, Feb. 2nd
  • You never know when you might need your résumé
    again. It is easiest to keep it up-to-date.

Summary of Presentation
  • Your résumé is your chief marketing tool make it
    work for you!
  • Use the right format to get the right results
  • Make allowances for electronic prescreening
  • Include keywords
  • Keep format simple
  • Update your résumé on a regular basis

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