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Absolute Monarchy in Russia


... a medieval state untouched by the Renaissance and isolated from Western Europe. ... Czar Peter the Great took throne at age 10, eventually stood 7 feet tall, and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Absolute Monarchy in Russia

Absolute Monarchy in Russia
  • Ch. 17 sec. 5

  • (1600s) Russia is still a medieval state
    untouched by the Renaissance and isolated from
    Western Europe.
  • Romanov family rules.
  • Czar Peter the Great took throne at age 10,
    eventually stood 7 feet tall, and was very
    curious about the west.
  • Peter goes to study western technology in Europe
    and wants to modernize Russia.
  • He returns to Russia with many ideas, however,
    its difficult to convince fellow Russians to

  • Peter centralized royal power and brought all
    Russians under his control, including the Russian
    Orthodox Church (Christian).
  • He also spread serfdom (slavery).

  • Improved education, waterways, canals, math,
    science, engineering.
  • Paid for reforms by encouraging exports.
  • Insisted noblemen shave their beards so as to
    imitate western Europe.
  • Imposed tax on beards. If you paid the tax, you
    held a coin for proof and didnt have to shave.
  • Sought to end practice of secluding women so held
    grand parties to encourage upper-class men and
    women to dance.

  • No mercy for anyone that resisted reforms.
  • Had 1,000 palace guards tortured and executed for
  • He left their rotting corpses outside the palace
    for months.
  • Peter looks to extend Russian borders by
    utilizing the largest army in Europe.
  • Russia goes to war with Sweden, wins, gets land
    on the Baltic Sea.
  • Wanted a warm-water port though, so he looks to
    the south.

  • Russians fight the Ottoman Turks for coast of
    Black Sea, lose.
  • Peter begins new capital city of St. Petersburg
    to create a window on the West.
  • City was built on swamps, so he had serfs drain
    the swamps. Thousands died.
  • Invited Italian architects and artisans to design
    great palaces.
  • Russian traders and raiders blazed trails across
    Siberia toward Pacific Ocean.
  • Peter hires Vitus Bering to explore area between
    Siberia and Alaska (Bering Strait).

  • Peter dies and Russia decentralizes and noble
    landlords reassert their independence.
  • Czar Peter III rules later and has wife named
  • Her mentally unstable husband is murdered by army
  • She may have been involved in the plot.
  • She ascends to be Czarina Catherine the Great.
  • Embraced western ideas.
  • Centralized Russia once again.
  • Exempted nobles from taxes and put down peasant

  • She mollywhops the Turks, achieves Russian dream
    of a warm-water port on Black Sea.
  • Poland is unable to centralize their power and is
    ill-prepared to stand up to Catherine.
  • Poland gets partitioned to Russia, Austria, and
  • Not until 1918 would a free Polish state reappear.
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