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In January 2005, upon invitation by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council ... intermodal center rather than proposed location on former Remington Arms site ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Urban Land Institute

Urban Land Institute
  • Update on Status of ULI Initiatives
  • Presented to the Bridgeport City Council
  • April 3, 2006

  • In January 2005, upon invitation by the
    Bridgeport Regional Business Council Mayor John
    Fabrizi, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) visited
  • At the Mayors request, the business community,
    under the leadership of Peter Brestovan Paul
    Timpanelli, raised 150,000 for this venture.

  • January Spent 1 week evaluating economic
    development strategies, projects sites
  • Interviewed over 255 individuals, reviewed Master
    Plan Comprehensive Economic Development
  • Toured City
  • April ULI developed detailed report with
  • June-Oct. Over 75 Bridgeport Stakeholders
    evaluated ULIs recommendations in 3
  • City Administrative Services
  • Economic Development Delivery Support
  • Real Estate

  • On October 15, ULI sub-committees
    recommendations were shared with Bridgeport
    stakeholders at Bridgeport Community Summit.
  • Nearly 700 city residents, business leaders,
    elected officials attended. 
  • Sub-committee reports were revised incorporating
    community comments. Updated reports availableat
  • The following summarizes the status of ULI and
    sub-committee recommendations.

I. Economic Development Service Delivery
The City of Bridgeport faces a complex and
daunting set of obstacles regarding the way it
delivers economic development programs, provides
land useand supports economic growth
I-1. Update Master Plan
  • Updating the Citys Master Plan was a major ULI
    Sub-committee recommendation.
  • State Funding estimated 252,000 for FY 2005
  • 4/06 Targeted funding date requiring
  • OPED draft of scope of services for RFP
  • PZVC, ZBA, Economic Development Service
    Delivery Sub-committee will prepare draft and
  • Total Request 525,000 FY 06/07 (LOICP)
  • Update Master Plan 2008-2018
  • Create Planed Conservation Development
  • Create new Zoning Map Regulations
  • Create Comprehensive Economic Development
    Strategy (CEDS)
  • Create Comprehensive Housing Strategy
  • Create Consolidated Plan (HUD Programs) 2008-2013

I-2. Streamline Econo. Dev. Entities
  • Completed merger of Bridgeport Neighborhood Fund
    Grow Bridgeport Fund into Community Capital
  • BEDAC/BERC restructuring to streamline
    public/private development efforts
  • MOU to City Council late March/early April 06
  • Operating Agreement to be prepared within 60 days
    of MOU execution
  • Fundraising in progress

I-3. Streamline Econ. Dev. Process
  • One-stop permitting located at City Hall for all
    development related departments
  • Implement On-line tracking software by 6/07
  • Departmental relocations to be completed by end
    of 2006
  • Camp, Dresser McGee hired to develop scope for
    RFP for e-govermnent process
  • OPED/IT initiative implementing Bridgeport
    Enterprise Geographic System (B EGIS)
  • City flown April 2005
  • Operational internally by 12/06
  • Operational through website by 12/07
  • Capital Budget funding 1,100,000 FY 06/07

I-4. Address Obstacles caused by Brownfields
  • 5-hour workshop held January, 2006 at Peoples
    Bank w. DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy
  • Developers, financial institutions, city
    business community
  • Legislation pending for Brownfields Remediation
    funding at 15M level
  • Central Grants has identified grant funding for
    Brownfields Coordinator position
  • Will require additional FY 06/07 operating budget
  • 20,00 available via Central Grants
  • Congressman Shays announced additional Federal
    funds for Bridgeport Brownfield Revolving Loan

I-5. Update Zoning Map
  • To be updated thru Master Planning Process

I-6. Improve City Partnership w. State
  • One Agenda for the delegation presented by
    Mayor before legislative session

I-7. Stop Sale of Tax Liens
  • Sub-committee recommended bulk sales stop due
    to budget constraints sales will continue
  • Sale of liens to responsible civic-minded
  • Will generate much needed revenue while tax base
  • American Tax Funding sale netted 200,000 above
    face value
  • Public auctions of properties implemented to
    raise revenues
  • Bridgeport held first public auction February
    06 More scheduled
  • Targeted tax lien sales to stimulate development
  • Similar to Reddings Georgetown project
  • Now under review

I-8.Training Boards Commissions
  • OPED sponsored training for PZ ZBA
  • July August 2005
  • Orientation program for new members
  • By 06/06
  • Additional Training planned for 2006-2007
  • Operating Budget request FY 06/07 15,000

I-9. Increase Minority, Women Local Business
  • Disparity Study results announced 7/05
  • Task force appointed and recommendations made
  • Calendar of minority contracting initiatives
    events ongoing
  • Construction Management Training withTurner
  • OSHA Construction Safety Training, 7/05

I-9. Increase Minority, Women Local Business
Participation (cont.)
  • Pre-bidders Conference with Urban Green Builders
    for WIMBEs
  • Small Business Enterprise Ordinance implemented
  • Work with local developers to unbundle contracts
  • 500,000 needed to cover staff, salaries, staff
    development, contractor training, small business
    loans, marketing, project insurance/bonds

II. City Administrative ServicesThe single
greatest challenge confronting the city is how to
regain the publics trust
II-1. Strengthen Ethics Culture
  • Ethics is the lynchpin for transforming city
  • Mayor is committed to transparent honest
  • Strengthening ethics must coincide with programs,
    training, and processes that together cause a sea
  • Mayors establishment of High Ethical Standards
    Initiative Team is good first start
  • Transparency, accountability accessibility must
    define how we do business

II-1. Ethics - Recommendations
  • Regular Ethics Training for City Employees
  • Statement about ethical behavior training in
    Employee Manual on employment applications
  • Annual ethical training seminars w. certificates
    of completion
  • Ethics Commitment Pledge posted conspicuously
  • Ethics Commitment Pledge to be signed filed
    annually by city employees including
  • BOE Members
  • All appointed Board Commission Members
  • All Elected Officials

II-1.Ethics Recommendations (Cont.)
  • Establish Ethics Hot Line
  • Establish position of Ethics Director
  • Expand High Ethical Standards Initiative Team
  • Include be co-chaired by private sector
    individuals (BRBC)
  • Require new employees undergo Ethics Training
    before commencing employment
  • Front line managers policy setters submit
    annual financial disclosure from
  • Pending Council action
  • All city initiatives include statement of ethical

II-1.Strengthen Ethics Culture Status
  • Dr. Michael Rions Training Modules
  • City Employees 11-12/05
  • Elected Officials 2/06
  • 6,000 cost for training
  • City Employees/Developers in Good Standing
    Require Background Financial Disclosure Forms
  • Introduce proposed new ordinance to City Council
    in 06
  • New Purchasing Ordinance
  • 2/06

II-2. Improve Budget Process Recommendations
  • Simplify City Budget Document
  • Mayor should appoint Citizens Budget Improvement
  • Convene immediately
  • Charge with improving document
  • Include qualitative/quantitative information in
  • Establish Citizens Budget Review Committee
  • Members appointed by Mayor, confirmed by Council
  • Assist in preparation, review changes, assist
    Council to understand budget

II-2. Improve Budget Process Recommendations
  • Publish detailed budget in addition to summary
  • Available in libraries, schools, community
    centers police precincts
  • Recommended approved budgets be
  • Posted on Citys Website
  • Summarized in daily Newspaper
  • Citys balance sheet and results of operations
    published on City website monthly

II-2. Improve Budget Process Status
  • Simplified budget as announced at State of the
    City address
  • Budget 101 Seminar held 02/06.
  • Additional sessions to be scheduled

II-3. Improve Public Education
Improving public education is critical to the
success of Bridgeports economic development
  • Recommendation
  • City hold Education Summit
  • Status
  • Summit has been scheduled for May 24, 2006

II-4.Establish Arts Entertainment Commission
  • Include Members from the Arts Community
  • Annual Master Plan
  • Envision Art and Entertainment as two
    circles that overlap.
  • Develop Business Plan
  • Operate with Organizational Structure
  • Take Regional Approach to the Arts
  • Provide Supportive Policies
  • for existing businesses and future growth

II-4.Establish Arts Entertainment Commission
  • Three Meetings Convened
  • Applied for 501 (c) 3
  • Solicited Funds for Arts Assessment
  • Greater Bridgeport Area Foundation
  • State Commission for Arts

II-5. Create City Identity
  • Existing BRBC Marketing Plan
  • Three Prong Approach
  • Target City influence makers
  • Identify send speakers to civic organizations
  • Hire marketing coordinator (2007)
  • Harold Levine (city marketing consultant)
  • Marketing a product before its ready does more
    damage than good
  • Bridgeport has internal external markets

II-5. Create City Identity
  • Internal Audience
  • Institute ethics training
  • Institute hospitality cultural diversity
  • Leverage Anti-blight Campaign
  • Promote reduced crime rate
  • Create new website
  • Support existing micro-grant programs

II-5. Create City Identity
  • External Audience (Road Show)
  • Newsletter
  • Tool of engagement
  • What we are doing to address concerns
  • Email, public distribution, sent to press
  • Deliver Bridgeports message
  • Neighborhoods Suburbs
  • Enhance and expand annual feel good event
  • Celebrate Bridgeport
  • Barnum Festival
  • Initial PR Program Costs 150,000-200,000

II-5. Create City Identity Status
  • Appointed Honorary Marketing Director
  • Establish Marketing Committee
  • Develop 1st Phase Marketing Plan
  • Create Mayoral Newsletter
  • To be sent to1,000 city influence makers
  • Create on the road package
  • Solicit 3 marketing proposals
  • BRBC to raise marketing dollars

III. Real Estate Market OpportunitiesA set of
guiding principals were established to evaluated
ULIs recommendations concerning specific sites
and projects. All real estate development
within the city should be evaluated with regard
to the ability to further the following
principals. This will generate the highest tax
revenues to support city operational expenses
stabilize mill rate
III. Real Estate Guiding Principals
  • Replace, over time, public housing projects with
    mixed income developments.
  • Concentrating poverty is bad public policy
  • Support scattered site and in-fill housing to
    create and support mixed-income neighborhoods.
  • Emphasize residential, commercial and retail
    development over manufacturing
  • Between 1990 2000 Bridgeport lost 106
    manufacturing firms and 5,400 manufacturing jobs
  • City must look to other business sectors to
    provide employment tax revenue

III. Real Estate Guiding Principals (cont.)
  • Re-zone significant tracts of industrial land to
    support new residential, commercial, retail
    mixed-use development.
  • Return underperforming land structures to
    productive use
  • Waterfront is citys greatest asset
  • Ideal for residential mixed use development
  • Most of the citys waterfront (excluding
    parkland) is currently zoned for declining
    industrial base
  • Support encourage high rise, high-end housing
    mixed income housing on the waterfront.
  • City can significantly increase tax base by
    encouraging high-rise, high-end housing mixed
    income housing along waterfront
  • Residential development can be catalyst to
    support new retail, office commercial

III. Real Estate Guiding Principals (cont.)
  • Improve the image of the city along all major
    thorough fares (I-95, RT 8/25) and gateways.
  • Discourage warehouse operations and other
    non-rateables from relocating within the city.
  • Land used for econ. Dev. should create jobs tax
  • City should discourage low-rise, land intensive
  • Warehouse operations yield little tax revenue
    few jobs
  • Retail services needed within neighborhoods.
  • Identify sites suitable for basic convenience
    shopping in citys inadequately served

III. Real Estate Guiding Principals (cont.)
  • Preserve enhance citys rich architectural
  • Citys architecture, historic buildings open
    space-tremendous asset for citys revitalization
  • Urban design standards may need to be adopted
  • Focus development on existing sites.
  • Make Central Business District an exciting
    24-hour community.
  • Master Plan should support development in CBD
  • Create vibrant CBD connected to neighborhoods via
    appealing functional streetscapes

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Lafayette Square
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • 70,000 sf Office Building short term priority
  • Status
  • Site to be developed for residential tower
  • 60 Main Street
  • Sub-committee recommendation
  • Residential ancillary retail development
  • Status
  • Developer to build residential tower to be
    announced imminently

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Pequonnock Development Site
  • 800-car parking requirement inhibits developing
  • Not in citys best interest to
  • preserve site for at grade parking
  • develop structured parking for 800 cars
  • Over 1,000 spaces available in downtown 3-4
    blocks away
  • Status Oh Hold pending conclusion of
    negotiations with HUD, CT Legal Services BHA

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Sikorsky Airport
  • Sub-committee finds ULI recommendation to reuse
    airport as office park unfeasible
  • City/Airport Commission conduct study to
    determine opportunity to increase corporate
    commercial service
  • Status
  • Developer selected to build new aircraft/support
  • City and Stratford negotiating to address runway
    safety concerns

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Father Panik
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • Consider placing school on land closest to
    Railroad Residential to south
  • Only if does not interfere with construction
  • Status
  • School to be located on northern portion of site.
  • Construction must start by June, 2006
  • Occupancy scheduled August 2008

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Container Barge Service
  • 500,000 SF Warehouse
  • Proposed roll-on/roll-off freight operation at
  • Requires 15-20 acres
  • Sub-committee believes both uses to be tremendous
    underutilization of land.
  • Status
  • Port Authority is proceeding with 3-year
    demonstration program funded by CT DOT

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Congress Plaza Urban Renewal Area
  • Sub-committee recommendation
  • Do not RFP area without understanding of what
    would like to see happen in this area of CBD
  • Market study needed to assess potential
  • Status
  • Downtown Plan Action Strategy plus Transit
    Oriented Development overlay to be completed in
  • Consultants retained
  • Work to begin April 2006
  • RFP/RFQ of city land to be issued by BERC in late

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Intermodal Center
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • Urge city to examine fast-tracking project
  • Status
  • Bus Terminal Dual Walkways
  • construction begun March 2006 Opening December
  • Expanded Commuter garage
  • Design/build RFP Mid. 2006 Opening 2007
  • New Ferry Terminal Garage
  • construction start 2006 pending resolution of
    litigation between Bridgeport Port Authority
    Bridgeport/Port Jeff Ferry Company
  • New/Upgraded Train Station
  • Economic Development Phase 2007-2008

Site Specific Recommendations
  • High Speed Ferry
  • Subcommittee recommended a site proximate to
    downtown intermodal center rather than proposed
    location on former Remington Arms site
  • Other Land in South End
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • South End particularly waterfront has strong
    potential for high-rise luxury mixed income
    residential development.
  • City rezone all industrial land on both sides of
    Barnum Dyke to accommodate high-rise residential
  • Rezoning would allow current industrial users to
  • Would signal market that land is to be
    repositioned to higher use

Site Specific Recommendations
  • SteelPoint
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • Examine potential for high-intensity combination
  • Large-format retail garage parking, destination
  • Status
  • Developer implementing ULI recommendations for
    24/7 destination community incorporating
    mixed-use residential/retail/commercial/entertainm
    ent with transit street-car feature.
  • Infrastructure construction start scheduled for
    fall 2006
  • Retail phase north of Stratford Avenue scheduled
    to commence by second quarter 2007.

Site Specific Recommendations
  • Seaview Avenue Corridor Enhancements
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • Motivation for corridors construction must not
    be for trucks supporting heavy industry
  • Motivation should be to reduce traffic congestion
    provide access for support vehicles
  • Design should not be 4-lane limited access
  • Design as boulevard to encourage redevelopment
  • Stimulate redevelopment of waterfront (Yellow
    Mill Pond)
  • Status
  • Original design in progress.
  • East End NRZ backs ULI recommendations

Site Specific Recommendations
  • University of Bridgeport
  • Sub-committee found ULI incorrectly understood
    extent of land available at UB
  • Status
  • UB has only 2 small sites available for
  • one will be used for school
  • Pleasure Beach
  • ULI/Sub-committee recommendation
  • Significant costs to replace burned bridge
  • Consider providing ferry service to Pleasure
  • Status
  • Pending State Bond Commission authorization of
    resources to initiate operation of analysis and
    develop business plan

Site Specific Recommendations
  • New City School Sites
  • Neighborhoods surrounding schools should be
    opportunities for new residential, retail
    commercial development
  • Status
  • 5 new schools in various stages of design
  • Swing School space at UB under design
  • 2 new Regional magnet schools awaiting State
  • 5 Neighborhood Revitalization Plans in various
    stages of development for Planning Zoning
    Commission and City Council action

In Conclusion
  • Many thanks to the members of the ULI Steering
    Committee, the 75 members of the sub-committees,
    the 225 people interviewed by the ULI and the 750
    that attended the Bridgeport Community Summit.
  • The Original ULI Report the 3 Sub-committee
    Reports are available at www.bridgeport-econ.org/U
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