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Wharton Community Consultants Information Session Fall, 2009


... Center has valuable yet untapped intellectual property that could open up an entirely ... strengthen the essential role of visual art in community life. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Wharton Community Consultants Information Session Fall, 2009

Wharton Community ConsultantsInformation
SessionFall, 2009
  • WCC Overview
  • Project Descriptions
  • Applying

What is Wharton Community Consultants?
  • Wharton Community Consultants (WCC) provides
    free hands-on consulting and advisory services to
    nonprofit and community organizations throughout
    the Philadelphia area.
  • Our goals are to
  • Make a measurable impact on the success of
    promising non-profit organizations in
  • Serve Philadelphias underserved communities
  • Sustain relationships between Wharton and the
    nonprofit community
  • Provide a memorable career and community service
    experience to volunteer consultants.

What services does WCC provide?
  • Cost Analysis
  • Business Improvement
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Fund Raising Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Direct/Database Marketing
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Project Management Training/Planning
  • Marketing Strategy

Why should you join WCC?
  • Work with a new team
  • Get to know classmates with similar interests
  • Be a part of one of the largest community service
    clubs at Wharton
  • Learn about the non-profit sector
  • Develop client management and project management
  • Help Philadelphia

Why you SHOULD NOT join WCC!
  • Resume padding
  • Uncertainty makes you nervous
  • Your Schedule is already overbooked

WCC Project Team structure
WCC Advisors
(As Needed)
Team Members (4-5 MBAs, 0-1 Undergrads)
Project Manager
Client Contact
WCC Board
Client Organization
WCC Mentor
(As Needed)
  • Project Manager
  • Coordinates and manages team work
  • Sets up meetings
  • Tracks progress
  • Acts as primary client contact
  • Updates status with Mentor
  • Takes on tasks of a Team Member
  • Team Member
  • Performs analysis
  • Conducts research
  • Takes on leadership roles
  • Develops hypotheses and recommendations
  • Mentor (2nd year)
  • Provides guidance
  • Reports to Board

Event Timeline
  • September
  • Club Social Tuesday 9/29
  • Project Manager Training on Tuesday 9/29 _at_ 430
  • October
  • Club-wide Kickoff and Training on Friday 10/2 _at_
    10am 3pm
  • Special non-profit consulting training led by The
    Boston Consulting Group
  • Helpful tips from last years projects
  • MBA Pub sponsored by WCC and the Wharton Alliance
    for Social Responsibility
  • Training sessions on topics relevant to your
    project, led by Wharton professors and WCC
  • November
  • Project Midpoint Review Sessions on Saturday 11/7
  • Town Hall club-wide lunch meeting
  • December
  • Final deliverable and presentation to client

  • Signed Client Contract
  • Project plan and timeline
  • Mid project progress report to client and Board
  • Final project report and presentation
  • Potential deliverables
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Financial models
  • Interview Lists, Summaries and Transcripts
  • Other Client Requested Documents

  • WCC Overview
  • Project Descriptions
  • Applying

2009 Clients Project Descriptions
  • Project descriptions are accurate as of today
  • Due to the nature of non-profit organizations,
    project scopes may still change slightly
  • These descriptions will help you determine your
    project rankings on your applications

How are Clients Projects Selected?
  • Client sourcing
  • Returning clients
  • 1st Year TAP projects, FAP projects, NPBLP
  • Contacts, word of mouth, Philadelphia non-profit
  • Client selection
  • In line with WCC mission
  • Organizational readiness
  • Organizational commitment
  • Project Scope
  • Sets Expectations
  • Confirms Timeline
  • Sets Projects Up for Success

Arab American DC
  • Project Fund Raising Strategy
  • Mission The Arab American Development
    Corporations mission is to preserve the Arabic
    culture and language, to empower the
    Arab-American community and promote its economic
    development, and to combat racial, ethnic, and
    religious discrimination.
  • Situation Arab American DC currently receives
    funding from foundations through grants. The
    organization would like to explore other funding
    strategies including private donations,
    individual and corporate solicitation of funds,
    fundraising events, and even funding from a
    broader national level.
  • Project WCC would help develop a funding
    strategy as part of a strategic plan. The key
    deliverables for the project would be to provide
    a funding strategy or plan for 2010 that is
    realistic and can be implemented immediately.

Arts Spirituality Center
Project Pricing Strategy Marketing Plan
  • Mission The Arts Spirituality Center partners
    with multicultural groups in the Philadelphia
    area to empower and transform communities through
    spiritual and creative expression such as poetry,
    creative writing, music, dance, and other
    artistic media.
  • Situation Currently, the Arts Spirituality
    Center is healthy financially but is quickly
    moving into a more mature phase of its lifecycle
    that requires new forms of income. The center
    sees curricula as a potential game changer for
    sustainability on a variety of levels.
  • Project The Center has valuable yet untapped
    intellectual property that could open up an
    entirely new funding stream while catalyzing
    growth. WCC would help develop the revenue model
    and channel strategy for two anchor programs.

Clarke Pennsylvania Auditory/Oral Center
  • Project Marketing Strategy
  • Mission Clarke Pennsylvania is an early
    intervention preschool for deaf and hard of
    hearing children living in the Greater
    Philadelphia area. Clarkes mission is to provide
    deaf and hard of hearing children with the
    listening, language and speaking skills necessary
    to be successful in mainstream school settings.
  • Situation Clark relies on a combination of
    public funding and fees for service which covers
    only about 33 of our tuition.
  • Project Clarke Pennsylvania would like to
    engage Wharton Community Consultants to assist us
    in developing a strategy for marketing the EITC
    (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) program to
    the corporate community with the goal of
    increasing our Scholarship Funds through
    corporate donations.

Clay Studio
Project Marketing Strategy
  • Mission Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio (TCS)
    is a non-profit educational arts organization
    dedicated to the promotion and development of the
    ceramic arts and the work of new clay artists.
  • Situation TCS launched a new interactive
    website almost three years ago, and have seen
    extraordinary results in online class and
    workshop registrations but have not seen similar
    results in online Shop sales. Ceramic Shop sales
    for the past fiscal year totaled approximately
    110,000, but less than 3,000 came from the
  • Project WCC would develop a tactical growth
    promotional strategy designed to increase earned
    income, particularly from the on-line Ceramic
    Shop (www.theclaystudio.org/shop/).

Evoluer House
  • Project Marketing and Fundraising Strategy
  • Mission The Evoluer House (EH) is dedicated to
    nurturing at-risk girls to help them achieve
    their full potential and become productive
    members of their communities through the
    development of social and academic competence.
  • Situation The Evoluer House is currently
    suffering from a lack of identity in
    philanthropic, corporate communities and a lack
    of a branding model.
  • Project The WCC team would develop a short-term
    branding strategy, marketing, and corporate
    fundraising plan. The project will enable EH to
    raise a significant amount (75,000) of funds
    that will be used for annual scholarships for
    these low-income girls.

First Foundation
Project Marketing and Financial Strategy
  • Mission The First Foundation distributes street
    accessible food and primary medical care delivery
  • Situation First Foundation needs to generate
    excitement by aligning the profit structure
    concurrent to the nonprofits foundational
    launch. The promotional capabilities would
    enhance the Foundations long term initiatives by
    supplying an upfront vital prospective
    marketability capacity and streamlining current
    community based food/medical distribution/clinical
    research recruitment efforts.
  • Project WCC will perform a marketing analysis
    to identify ways to improve the Foundations
    marketing efforts and will perform a partnership
    profitability analysis to identify ways to pursue
    public and private funding partnerships.

Learning Sandbox
  • Project Start-up planning
  • Mission The Learning Sandboxs mission is the
    facilitation of learning globally by maximizing
    Edutainment, the combined potentials of
    technology and entertainment.
  • Situation The Learning Sandbox is currently in
    the early start-up conceptual stage. Learning
    Sandbox has ideas but needs help creating a
    non-profit company and a strategy plan to realize
    the initiatives.
  • Project The WCC team would develop a strategic
    plan to start and grow the business including an
    understanding cost, budgeting, marketing, and the
    financial outlays regarding the pursuit of
    product creation and distribution

Main Line Arts
  • Project Marketing Strategy
  • Mission The mission of Main Line Art Center is
    to inspire and engage artistic creativity for
    individuals of all ages and abilities and to
    celebrate and strengthen the essential role of
    visual art in community life.
  • Situation Main Line Arts would like to expand
    upon previous marketing studies conducted in 1994
    and 2006 that indicated a potentially broader
    audience in our community for the visual arts.
  • Project The WCC team would conduct marketing
    research and develop a marketing plan in
    preparation of opening a new satellite facility
    at Ashbridge Park in Lower Merion County.

National Cristina Foundation
Project Product Strategy
  • Mission For the past 24 years the National
    Cristina Foundation (NCF) has led the national
    effort to promote the reuse of technology from
    its first life to productive reuse with
    non-profit organizations and public agencies.
  • Situation NCF is preparing for the launch of a
    social networking system called the Cristina
    Network where open communication and the sharing
    of best practices and lessons learned can be
    tracked and promoted.
  • Project The use of social networking is
    relatively new within the non-profit sector. The
    WCC would examine and ascertain what might be the
    best methodologies to consider for the structure
    of the site.

Non-Profit Finance Fund
  • Project Reorganization
  • Mission The Non-Profit Finance Fund (NFF)
    works to create a strong, well-capitalized and
    durable nonprofit sector that connects money to
    mission effectively, supporting the highest
    aspirations and most generous impulses of people
    and communities.
  • Situation The Philadelphia office employs nine
    staff and the current organization structure is
    based on a business model from at least six years
    ago. During this time the market has shifted and
    the nature of NFF delivery of services has
    attempted to manage the shift within an outmoded
    organization structure.
  • Project The proposed project for the WCC team
    is to evaluate the work flow and processes of the
    Philadelphia office as it fits within the
    Mid-Atlantic Region in an effort to identify the
    most effective organization structure.

Rock School
Project Strategic Planning
  • Mission The Rock School is dedicated to
    enriching the lives of all students and preparing
    those students who are specially gifted for
    careers as professional artists.
  • Situation The Rock School needs help in the
    development of the Schools strategic plan, which
    is being recast starting in the summer of 2009.
  • Project First, the WCC team could gather
    information on the activities of other top-level
    dance schools. Second, the WCC team would gather
    information from board members regarding the
    development of strategic objectives and plans.
    Third, the WCC team would help to develop ideas
    for new sources of revenue.

Ronald McDonald House
Project Finance Strategy
  • Mission The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
    provides a home away from home to families
    traveling to Philadelphia to seek medical
    treatment for their critically ill children.
  • Situation In the last 3 years, the Ronald
    McDonald House has gone through a 7.5 million
    capital project to build a second House. The
    second House has added an additional 500,000 to
    the operating budget. The expansion has affected
    the organizations financial position
    significantly, along with the unstable economy.
  • Project The WCC team would determine the best
    way to conduct a 5 year projection on the capital
    and operating needs of the organization,
    incorporating the investments and assets into the

White-Williams Scholars
Project Product Management
  • Mission White-Williams Scholars' mission is to
    support high academic achievement in Philadelphia
    public high school students of limited financial
    resources in order to increase their
    opportunities for success in the future.
  • Situation The organization is now facing the
    problem of essentially operating three lines of
    business stipends, Back on Track, and College
  • Project The WCC project will focus on Back on
    Track. White-Williams piloted this program with
    26 students, a part-time consultant, and 15
    volunteer and work-study tutors. The deliverable
    would be a rollout plan, including a 3-year
    budget for the programs growth.

Womens Therapy Center
Project Pricing Strategy
  • Mission Rooted in the empowerment of women,
    Women's Therapy Center (WTC) provides individual,
    couples, and group psychotherapy based on a
    sliding fee scale to adult women who can neither
    afford mainstream mental health services nor are
    eligible for subsidized care.
  • Situation WTC currently earns 75 of its income
    each year through fees charged to clients for
    therapy services. The organization operates on a
    sliding scale that was developed based on the
    clients ability to pay this fee schedule bears
    no relationship to what it costs the center to
    deliver services.
  • Project WTC would like WCC to evaluate its
    business model to better understand the true
    costs of delivering services, and considering new
    methods of increasing the earned income without
    compromising client access.

  • WCC Overview
  • Project Descriptions
  • Applying

What our Clients say about us
  • What do clients like most about working with WCC?
  • New insights to long standing problems
  • Thoughtful approaches to problem solving
  • Professionalism and attentive nature of the teams
  • Excitement and fun that the teams bring to the
  • A results oriented focus that leads to tangible

What are we looking for?
  • Passion for serving the community
  • Commitment
  • Approximately 3-5 hours per week
  • September through December
  • Interest in building consulting and non-profit
  • Functional skills
  • Project management and client experience

Application Process
  • Applications will be sent to you via email
    tonight. Make sure to sign-in!
  • Applications due September 22nd at 500 pm(see
    application for details)
  • Applications should be turned into the 2nd year
    mail folder labeled Gomez,Courtney outside the
    MBA Cafe
  • Project Managers notified for Interviews on Sept.
  • Project Manager interviews Sept. 24th - 25th
  • Teams selections made and emailed to you on Sept.
  • Mandatory Training Session for Project Managers
    on Sept. 29th
  • Mandatory Club-wide Training Session on Oct. 2nd

  • Questions for any of us?
  • Thank you for your interest inWharton Community
  • If you have questions or concerns about the
    application process please contact Courtney Gomez
    at cogomez_at_wharton.upenn.edu
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