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Puerto Rico: Strategic Location for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Puerto Rico's is the preferred location for new business opportunities and ... Puerto Rico among a handful of pharmaceutical manufacturing centers, but other ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Puerto Rico: Strategic Location for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Puerto Ricos Life Sciences Roadmap
UP-DATE Presented at the prtec Forum 8/12/
04 Ponce Hilton Ivan Lugo
  • Puerto Ricos is the preferred location for
    new business opportunities and knowledge creation
    in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical
    Device, Health Care, Electronic and Allied

  • Pfizer
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Lilly
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Wyeth
  • Johnson Johnson
  • Merck Co
  • Hewlett Packard
  • MOVA Pharmaceuticals
  • Proctor Gamble Pharmaceuticals
  • Government of PR ( PRIDCO )
  • University of Puerto Rico System
  • Politechnic University of PR
  • Pontificial Catholic University
  • Ponce School of Medicine
  • Caribbean Industrial Construction
  • Gilbane
  • Kelley Services
  • Penn Well Publications

  • Southern Technology Council
  • INTERPHEX , Reeds Exhibitions
  • Penn Well Publications ( Clean Rooms )
  • Puerto Rico 2025
  • PHARM TECH, Advance Star Com.
  • CANIFARMA, Mexico
  • PRMA
  • Oxford University, ISIS Park
  • ISPE
    In progress
    In progress
  • Bio State Organization
  • Michigan State Univ. Perdue Univ.

A Sense of Urgency Where Fear and Opportunity
Innovation Lifecycle Bringing Economics and
Science Together
Knowledge Creation
Technology Transfer
Incubation/ Research Parks
Proof of Concept Testing
Venture Capital
Clinical Trials
Universities Research Institutions
Collaborations/ Partnerships
Federal RD
Regulatory Environment
Regulatory Approval
Industry Consortia Partnerships
Business Planning
Industry RD
Job Creation
MA Activity
Product Pipeline
Labor Market/ Graduates
Economies of Scale
Clusters Networks
Health Clusters Roadmap
  •  Why a Roadmap?
  •  The four health clusters identified major
    impediments or gaps which need to be addressed in
    order to grow their sectors.
  • Many of the same gaps have been identified by
    more than one of the cluster steering committees.
  • The success of all of these cluster promotion
    efforts will require significant resources and
    coordination by the private sector.
  • Pharma Cluster
  • Health Council
  • Biomedical Devices
  • Biotechnology Alliance
  • . The roadmap will
  • Identify Existing strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify primary opportunities for short long
    term growth.
  • Outline the public and private sector investments
    necessary in order to assure continuous expansion
    of our health sector over the long term.

Health Clusters Roadmap
  • Organization
  • Led by a steering committee mostly made up of
    representatives of key institutions that share
    the cost of the consulting contracts.
  • Working committees and an advisory board created
    to tackle the background research and the
    preparation of preliminary drafts of the
  • The whole effort requires 9 months.
  • Focus
  • High Tech Job Creation
  • Strengthen Research Community
  • Foster Innovation
  • Promote start-up enterprises
  • Engage international Alliances (Global Hub or
    Global Node)

Health Clusters RoadmapEXPECTED OUTCOMES
  • List of prioritized opportunities and gaps that
    strategically stimulate job creation and quality
    of life.
  • Identify global Hubs and Nodes.
  • Clear action plan and timetable to implement the
  • Identify resources ( costs) associated with
  • Firm commitment of stakeholders for
    implementation of Roadmap. (Who does what!)

Health Clusters Roadmap
  • PRMA
  • Abbott, Amgen, Lilly, Pfizer
  • UPR
  • CES
  • Dept. of Health
  • Stakeholders from the Academia, Government,
    Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and
    the Healthcare Care Industries.

The Puerto Rico Life Science Road Map Linking
and Leveraging Actions and Initiatives for Results
Health Clusters Roadmap Strategies for
  • Leveraging Existing Initiative Cluster Mapping
  • - Telemedicine, Smart Card, Clinical
    Research, Bio-pilot Plant, Molecular Science
    Complex, NCI Cancer Center, CAPTech, RR Science
    Park, CIT MAESTI, COBRE, EPSCOR, others
  • Resident Expertise in Pharma, Biotech, MD and
  • Bio Manufacturing, Facility Management,
    Regulatory Compliance, Construction, others
  • Position PR as a Global Best Practice Center,
    Expatriate Networking for ST
  • Workforce, Skills and Competencies
  • -Technology Transfer, Regulatory Compliance,,
    Pharma and Bio processing, Materials Sciences,
    Molecular sciences, Basic Core Skills in ST
    COBRE, EPSCOR, others
  • Branding, Marketing, Positioning PR as Global

Clusters Mapping Leveraging Existing Initiatives
  • Telemedicine, Smartcards, CIT cluster studies
    have been conducted but sustaining and leveraging
    results has been a challenge. In turn, new
    incentives have been put in place for Sec. 936,
    clinical trials, bioprocess pilot plant,
    molecular science complex, science parks and
    other related infrastructure.
  • Healthcare challenges remain for Puerto Rican
  • To improve the economy without ties to improving
    the quality of life and health for Puerto Ricos
    citizens would be irresponsible
  • Some of the globally best minds in health care
    are indirectly linked to Puerto Rico through the
    bio, pharma, and IT sectors and therefore can
    offer potential insight and council.
  • Puerto Rico creates a global best practice model
    in health care by linking clinical discovery and
    research to reduce the developmental cost of new
    products that will jumpstart health initiative
    in a 21st century comprehensive Puerto Rico.
  • The promise of telemedicine, Smartcards, health
    information catalyzes a new cluster convergence
    to serve the needs of all citizens and leading to
    significant improvements in the treatment and
    diagnosis of diabetes, cancer, and hypertension

Why Selected
PR Scenario
Cluster Map A Sample of Stakeholders
External Focused
University Research Centers
Federal Labs
Incubators Eco Develop
Local Venture Cap
Legal/ Accounting
Contract Research
Local Suppliers
Equipment Sales Servicing
Supportive Local Infrastructure
Facilities and Related Spaces
State Agencies
Resident Expertisein Pharma-Bio Manufacturing,
Facilities construction, tech. transfer and
  • Global pharmaceutical manufacturing in Puerto
    Rico (60B in infrastructure)
  • 2nd largest FDA office
  • Facilities design, construction,
    management/operations leadership
  • Regulatory-responsive manufacturing, operations,
    and logistics
  • Puerto Rico among a handful of pharmaceutical
    manufacturing centers, but other regions
    aggressively positioning themselves to
    attract/recruit manufacturing operations
  • Puerto Rico should exercise its knowledge on the
    world stage beyond the brick and mortar of
    facilities its the knowledge in and around the
    building that is essential
  • Partnering with other key academic and industry
    organizations throughout the world will create a
    place for Puerto Rico in the future
  • Negative Puerto Rico does not want to be the
    21st Century textiles ghost town if and when
    the consolidation of pharmaceuticals and
    biotechnology occurs, thus impacting future
    expansion of manufacturing operations
  • Positive Puerto Rico does want to make itself
    into a knowledge hub around its expertise by
    sharing its understanding (for a fee!) with
    regions developing their own manufacturing
  • Positive Puerto Rico does want to identify,
    before other regions, both the threats and
    opportunities to make manufacturing competitive

Why Selected
PR Scenario
A New Regional Model Emerging
Position PR as a Global Best Practice Center,
Expat. Net
  • Population centers of Puerto Ricans in the
    United States
  • Examples of research/technology/industry in
    those locations
  • Puerto Rico Federal Affairs regional offices
  • Famous Puerto Ricans in key agency positions
  • Example of United Kingdom strategy for
  • AT Kearney analysis of key brain-drain and
    intellectual flight to other locations
  • Key resources off the Island provide critical
    link to passionate/committed Puerto Ricans
  • Population demographics are becoming vital
    research strengths in genomic/proteomics
  • A global network of scientific, technological,
    and entrepreneurial resources is created to
    advance both the investment in and results of
    Puerto Ricos innovation lifecycle
  • Puerto Rico as a brand for science and
    technology is achieved by leveraging on and off
    island relationships

Why Selected
PR Scenario
Branding, Marketing, Positioning As A Global
  • Dollars spent on promoting Puerto Rico are not
    aligned to key messages of new economic drivers.
  • Anecdotal perspective on Puerto Rico as seen
    through the eyes of visitors in airport gateways
    beaches, casinos, rum, golf but not science and
  • Puerto Ricos competitiveness is often defined
    by incentives vs. strengths in knowledge creation
    or competencies.
  • To position Puerto Ricos science and technology
    future citizens, visitors, and targeted interests
    must be made aware of current strengths to
    attract jobs and investment dollars.
  • Disparate messages and tactics do not leverage
    resources mixing quality of life and
    technological innovation.
  • 25-40 of Puerto Ricos branding budget is spent
    on the education and awareness of the islands
    scientific and technological activities.
  • The hospitality and tourism industries are vital
    partners with industry and academia in designing
    and delivering the business, scientific, and
    entrepreneurial offerings.
  • Surveys on the future identify Puerto Ricos life
    sciences among culture, arts, music, food, and
    quality of life as reasons to relocate and/or
    expand Puerto Rico operations.

Why Selected
PR Scenario
Constructing the Road Map Scenario
Hot Teams
  • Examine the data, the ideas and recommendations
    from the initial report and conduct a market
    examination around the ideas to craft two-page
    business plans for each potential initiative
  • Create business plans that are very specific and
    include detailed plans with performance metrics
  • The business plans will then be prioritized to
    create an Innovation portfolio that has the 3-5
    most critical Big Ideas for advancing Puerto
    Ricos competitiveness
  • The Project Advisory Group will participate as
    liaisons to the Hot Teams to ensure the work is
    done, is of the highest value and assists in
    prioritizing next steps
  • In turn, the Project Advisory Group will begin to
    identify the resources necessary for funding and
    sustaining the Hot Teams business plans
  • The Consultants will co-facilitate the Hot Team
    sessions, provide outside counsel to the business
    plan process, and identify any additional Subject
    Matter Experts that will assist in the completion
    of the work.

Project Advisory
Consultants/ Experts
Suggested Performance Metrics Milestones
  • Number of new jobs created
  • Number of expanded physical plants and facilities
  • Percentage of wage increase and wealth generated
    that advances Puerto Rico in United Nations,
    other benchmarks
  • Improvement in shareholder value by being located
    in Puerto Rico
  • Process or technological improvements that reduce
    measured costs
  • Broader spectrum of employed Puerto Ricans
  • Reductions in disease and death from major
    health care challenges
  • A sense of pride among Puerto Ricans for its
    contribution to global life science and health
    care solutions
  • A sense of community, of social capital created
    among partners
  • This is not the first report, first strategy,
    first consulting team in Puerto Rico to discuss
    these issues and challenges. Make it one of the
    last by ensuring the Road Map and the Process
    meet expectations.
  • What are those expectations? Be very specific in
    your explanation. Be very realistic in your
    terms. And be very aggressive in advancing the

The Private-Public Sector Asset Mapping Alignment
Industry Research Entrepreneurs
Biotech, Pharma, Device, Other Enterprises
Large Employers, Insurers, Providers
Inventory of RD areas
Inventory of Assets
Output from Investments
Mechanisms for Collaboration
New Discoveries
Private Sector
Public Sector
Recognition of Role of Discovery, Entrepreneurs,
Inc Investment in the State Cluster Approach
Encourage Univ/ Institution Commercialization
Facilitate Process for Partnering
Co-Invest in Trends Initiatives
Tech-Sci Center Programs
Regional Efforts, Networks
Define Health Burdens/ Eco Dev Agendas
Next Steps / Hot Teams
The Coalitions Importance to the Road Map
  • Government should be a stakeholder not THE driver
  • Industry MUST be the driver for the good of the
    Commonwealth and self-interest of their members
    and firms
  • Entrepreneurs and CEOS of high-growth firms are
  • Broader business stakeholders MUST KNOW how they
  • Shift the view of Puerto Rico from third world
    to global competitor
  • Identify EVERY available dollar to invest in
    Puerto Rico global philanthropy, global
    alliances, global institutions
  • Leverage Puerto Ricos expatriate networks
  • Link and update the economic development
    incentives, investments and institutions into a
    more competitive position
  • What are the expectations for the Road Map? Be
    very specific in your explanation. Be very
    realistic in your terms. And be very aggressive
    in advancing the Commonwealth.
  • We have some thoughts on engaging the Coalition
    to build a critical Partnership for

Changing Perspectives
Tactics for Implementation
Healthcare Roadmap
  • Next Steps
  • Based on the work plan, the Roadmap should be
    ready for publication and implementation by
    October 2004.

PR Life Sciences Road Map
  • YOU ARE Welcome to join the Hot Teams
  • Contact INDUNIV at
  • 355 Roosevelt Ave.
  • Suit 302, Hato Rey, PR
  • (787) 772-4604
  • Thank You for Your Attention
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