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LEAP Daily Review Day 29


... Daily ... LEAP Daily Review. Day 22. A map key tells what each symbol on a ... LEAP Daily Review. Day 14. Which of these actions is NOT associated with ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: LEAP Daily Review Day 29

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 29
  • Which symbol, when placed in the circle, will
    make the number sentence true?
  • 4 X 5 24 7

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 28
  • American citizens have the responsibility to do
    which of the following things?
  • obey the law
  • get married
  • get a drivers license
  • purchase goods

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 27
  • What is the term of office for the person who
    is elected as President of the United States?
  • a. two years
  • b. four years
  • c. six years
  • d. eight years

LEAP Daily reviewDay 26
  • Select the letter next to the word that is a
    synonym for the underlined word.
  • The writer is well-known for her scary stories.
  • Scared
  • Hungry
  • Famous
  • Angry

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 25
  • Select the letter next to the word that is a
    synonym for the underlined word.
  • We can complete the project in two days.
  • Eat
  • Move
  • Start
  • Finish

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 24
  • Which unit of measurement would you most likely
    use to measure the weight of a cereal box?
  • centimeter
  • gram
  • liter
  • kilometer

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 23
  • 3 n 20
  • n stands for which number?
  • 33
  • 8
  • 6
  • 17

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 22
  • A map key tells what each symbol on a map
    represents. What is another name for a map key?
  • a scale
  • a legend
  • a compass rose
  • a grid

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 21
  • Choose the correct answer.
  • Hard is to soft as cruel is to ________.
  • Mean
  • Nasty
  • Nice
  • Smart

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 20
  • Mary has 2.00. She wants to go to the movie at
    300. The movie ticket costs 3.80. What is the
    scarce resource?
  • time
  • the movie theater
  • money
  • people

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 19
  • Voting, signing petitions, participating in
    marches, and using the court system are all ways
    for citizens to
  • get elected to public office
  • do community service
  • change unfair laws
  • volunteer in the local community

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 18
  • New Orleans is called the birthplace of a
    certain type of music made popular by musicians
    like Louis Armstrong. What is this lively music
  • classical
  • rock and roll
  • opera
  • jazz

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 17
  • What caused the Grand Canyon to form over a
    million years ago?
  • a. water erosion
  • b. earthquakes
  • c. water pollution
  • d. volcanic eruptions

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 16
  • Which of these is an important quality for our
    citizens to have in order to preserve our
    nations quality?
  • greed
  • dishonesty
  • jealously
  • patriotism

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 15
  • Which number makes this number sentence true?
  • 400
  • 41
  • 32
  • 9

- 16 25
LEAP Daily ReviewDay 14
  • Which of these actions is NOT associated with
    good citizenship?
  • Volunteering time at a nursing home for the
  • Recycling newspaper and aluminum cans
  • Throwing litter on the street
  • Collecting goods for the local food bank

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 13
  • 9 students are standing in line at a snack bar.
    Rob is the 7th person in line. Jason is standing
    in front of Rob. What ordinal number represents
    Jasons place in line?
  • 8th
  • 6th
  • 10th
  • 7th

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 12
  • Select the letter next to the word that is a
    synonym for the underlined word.
  • He had very strong emotions about that subject.
  • Colors
  • Feelings
  • Hair
  • Hands

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 11
  • Rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • three warriors galloped into the village
  • Three warriors galloped into the village.
  • Solve the three impossible tasks
  • Solve the three impossible tasks.
  • help us!
  • Help us!

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 10
  • Make 2 complete sentences out of each of the
    following sentences.
  • 1.Tornaodes are powerful storms they cause
    serious damage.
  • Tornadoes are powerful storms. They cause
    serious damage.
  • 2. The storm was getting closer we had to
    seek shelter.
  • The storm was getting closer. We had to
    seek shelter.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 1
  • Write the letter of the sentence that has a
  • Tonya and Bill will
  • be here soon. Them was
  • stuck in traffic for an hour.
  • No mistakes
  • They were

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 2
  • Which means the same amount as 2.00?
  • 20 pennies
  • 20 nickels
  • 20 dimes
  • 20 quarters

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 3
  • Rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • 1. The young farmer dug a cave
  • The young farmer dug a cave.
  • 2. the old woman lived in a secret room.
  • The old woman lived in a secret room.
  • 3. Why did he hide his toy
  • Why did he hide his toy?

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 4
  • Nina babysat twice for the Johnstons. The
    first time she earned 8.00. The second time she
    earned 6.25. She spent 7.32 on a birthday
  • How could you find out how much money she has
  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Add, then subtract
  • Divide, then add

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 5
  • Write the letter of the sentence that has a
  • Its a beautiful day.
  • Lets walk over to the
  • park and play ball.
  • No mistakes.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 6
  • Select the letter next to the word that is a
    synonym for the underlined word.
  • My assistant will call you back.
  • Friend
  • Helper
  • Father
  • Baby

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 7
  • Which word has the same prefix as
  • a. Like
  • b. Probability
  • c. Recent
  • d. Spoon

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 8
  • When Josie rounded her game number to the
    nearest hundred she got 400. Which number could
    have been her game points?
  • 486
  • 437
  • 329
  • 455

LEAP Daily ReviewDay 9
  • Choose the correct answer.
  • Damp is to dry as history is to _______.
  • Gone
  • Future
  • Past
  • Yesterday

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which of these items might have been found
    in a colonial home?
  • a butter churn and a gas stove
  • a birch broom and a freezer
  • a wooden stool and a spinning wheel
  • a typewriter and a quill pen

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What was the main reason that pioneers traveled
    across the Great Plains to California in 1849?
  • to look for gold
  • to get free government land
  • to work in clothing factories
  • to avoid fighting in the Civil War

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • Moms casserole was good.
  • Moms casserole was good.
  • Barrys burglar alarm works.
  • Barrys burglar alarm works.
  • 3. He went to friends house.
  • He went to a friends house.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • Stories is interesting.
  • Stories are interesting.
  • Michelle are an artist.
  • Michelle is an artist.
  • I were the little girl in the picture.
  • I was the little girl in the picture.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • He have a son.
  • He has a son.
  • They has hope.
  • They have hope.
  • They speaks their own language.
  • They speak their own language.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • Judy ran fastest than Luke.
  • Judy ran faster than Luke.
  • Of all the girls, Kaci worked harder.
  • Of all the girls, Kaci worked hardest.
  • Rip slept longest than I did.
  • Rip slept longer than I did.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Write the letter of the sentence that has a
  • The team hasta play
  • better if they are going
  • to win the championship.
  • No mistakes.
  • has to

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • A poem written by Francis Scott Kew during he
    War of 1812 later became our national anthem.
    What is the name of our national anthem?
  • a. America, the Beautiful
  • b. The Star-Spangled Banner
  • c. This Land is Your Land
  • d. Battle Hymn of the Republic

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
How much more money did Darren spend than Joey?
.29 b. 1.29 c. 6.67 d. 1.31
If Cyndis mom gave her twice as much as she s
pent, how much money did Cyndis mom give her?
2.79 3.94 14.86 d.
LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What is another way to write .30?
  • 10
  • 3
  • 30
  • 10
  • 3
  • 10
  • 3
  • 100

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Jerry is making hamburgers for a cook-out. He
    will use 4 ounces of meat for each hamburger.
    How many pounds of meat will he need to make 12
  • 48
  • 24
  • 12
  • 3

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What French explorer claimed the entire
    Mississippi River Valley for France in 1682 and
    named after King Louis XIV of France?
  • a. Robert LaSalle
  • b. Hernando de Soto
  • c. Christopher Columbus
  • d. Henry Hudson

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • How did the steamboat change transportation?
  • a. River travel became slower than ever
  • b. People could travel both upstream and
  • c. Less cargo could be carried on rivers
  • d. Land travel became eaiser and cheaper

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What is one way that people become
  • citizens of the United States?
  • By swearing allegiance to the United States
  • By being born in the United States
  • By immigrating to the United States from a
    foreign country
  • By signing up to join the military of the Untied

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Why have levees been built along the banks of
    the Mississippi River?
  • To make fishing easier
  • To allow port cities to load and unload goods
    more easily
  • To keep the river from overflowing
  • To stop water pollution

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • A child of today and a colonial child living
    three hundred years ago, could both have had fun
  • playing hopscotch and riding bicycles
  • flying kites and playing basketball
  • jumping rope and playing tag
  • playing video games and pitching horseshoes

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • One way the government gets money is by
    collecting taxes. Which of these is a service
    provided by the government that is funded with
    tax money.
  • building factories and stores
  • providing for national defense
  • developing personal budgets for each of its
  • growing and harvesting crops

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Melissa is arranging photos in the family
    photo album. Each page will hold 6 photos.
    There are 50 pages in the album. She has 72
    photos to put in the album. Choose the equation
    she would use to find how many album pages she
    will need to use.
  • a. N 72 (506)
  • b. N 72 50
  • c. N (72 x 6)
  • d. N 72 / 6

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which number is divisible by 2 and divisible by
  • a. 54
  • b. 48
  • c. 27
  • d. 13

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
Scott used some eggs to bake cookies. The
figure below shows How many eggs were left in the
carton. If Scott started with a full carton
of 1 dozen eggs, how many of the eggs did he use
for the cookies? a. 8 b. 6 c. 4 d. 2
LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • April and Amanda made bead necklaces to give
    as gifts to their friends. Amanda worked much
    slower than April because of a sore finger. By
    the time Amanda had made 1 necklace, April had
    made 3. By the time Amanda had make 2 necklaces,
    April had made 6 necklaces. If this pattern
    continues, how many necklaces will April have
    made when Amanda has made 5?
  • a. 6
  • b. 9
  • c. 12
  • d. 15

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Latrell is saving for a trip to an amusement
    park. He saved 1.75 the first week, 4.25 the
    second week, and 6.75 the third week. If this
    pattern continues, how much will he save the
    fifth week?
  • a. 8.25
  • b. 8.75
  • c. 10.25
  • d. 11.75

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • 1 tablespoon3 teaspoons
  • 1 cup16 tablespoons8 ounces
  • 1 pint2 cups
  • 1 pound16 ounces
  • A shortbread recipe that Jimmy and Angela are
    using calls for 1/2 pound of butter. How many
    tablespoons of butter should they use?
  • a. 8
  • b. 16
  • c. 32
  • d. 64

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Jodie and Sandy both collect baseball cards.
    Jodie has 3 times as many cards as Sandy. If
    Jodie has 210 baseball cards, which expression
    would you use to find how many cards Sandy has?
  • a. 210 / 3
  • b. 210 3
  • c. 210 x 3
  • d. 210 - 3

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Nicholas is buying airline tickets. Each
    costs 189.00 About how much money will Nicholas
    need in order to buy 3 airline tickets?
  • a. 100
  • b. 200
  • c. 500
  • d. 600

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Maria bought a 32-ounce bag of chocolate chips
    to make cookies. The cookie recipe called for 8
    ounces of chocolate chips. How many batches
    (recipes) of chocolate-chip cookies could Maria
    make with the chips she bought?
  • a. 24
  • b. 4
  • c. 3
  • d. 2

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • In September, Eric practiced his guitar for 2
    hours and 45 minutes. In October, he practiced
    for 5 hours and 55 minutes. How much time did
    Eric practice over these 2 months?
  • a. 7 hours 90 minutes
  • b. 8 hours
  • c. 8 hours 30 minutes
  • d. 8 hours 40 minutes

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Joey received 125 dollars for his birthday.
    He spent 25.00 for a shirt and 36.00 for a pair
    of pants. How much money does he have left?
  • a. 51.00
  • b. 61.00
  • c. 64.00
  • d. 186.00

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What is the sixth number in this pattern?
  • 1, 4, 16, 64, ____, ____
  • a. 128
  • b. 256
  • c. 512
  • d. 1,024

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Nick has 1 dozen people coming to his party.
    He wants to have 3 cupcakes for each person.
    About how many cupcakes will he need?
  • a. 40 cupcakes
  • b. 30 cupcakes
  • c. 20 cupcakes
  • d. 10 cupcakes

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which list below shows a skip-counting
  • a. 10, 15, 20, 25
  • b. 2, 4, 8, 16
  • c. 2, 5, 8, 9
  • d. 8, 12, 18, 22

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Capital resources are needed to produce goods
    and services. Which of these is a capital
    resource that is needed to manufacture an
  • a. iron ore
  • b. factory worker
  • c. welding machine
  • d. water

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • All of these facts about George Washington are
    true except that he
  • a. served as the leader of the U.S. army
    during the Civil War
  • b. became the first president of the United
  • c. was nicknamed the Father of Our
  • d. helped to write the U.S. Constitution

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Civil rights leaders, such as Martin Luther King,
    Jr., fight to change laws so that
  • a. buses and other transportation will be
  • b. taxes will be lowered
  • c. everyone will be treated fairly
  • d. the government will provide jobs to all

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Bobby usually earns 5.00 on Saturdays mowing
    his neighbors lawn. Last Saturday he chose to
    go on a picnic with his friend instead. What had
    Bobby given up?
  • a. earning money
  • b. having fun on the picnic
  • c. saving his allowance
  • d. spending the day with his friend

Daily LEAP ReviewDay
  • What name is given to the plan of government
    that was written by the founders of our country
    and became the supreme law of the land?
  • a. the Declaration of Independence
  • b. the United States Constitution
  • c. the Louisiana Purchase
  • d. the Bill of Rights

LEAP Daily Review Day
  • A toy company has just produced a new video
    game called Captain Zap. What will most likely
    happen to the price of the video game if very few
    people want to buy the game?
  • the price will go up
  • the price will go down
  • the price will not change
  • the toy stores will give the games away free to

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • A person who makes goods or provides
    services is called a
  • designer
  • consumer
  • citizen
  • producer

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • The symbol of our countys freedom that can be
    viewed at Independence Hall in Philadelphia is
  • a. the Statue of Liberty
  • b. the Lincoln Memorial
  • c. the Liberty Bell
  • d. the American bald eagle

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • The Senate and the House of Representatives
    make up make up which branch of our government?
  • legislative
  • judicial
  • federal
  • executive

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Homework Machine
  • by Shel Silverstein
  • The Homework Machine, oh the Homework Machine,
  • Most perfect contraption thats ever been seen.
  • Just put in your homework, then drop in a dime,
  • Snap on the switch, and in ten seconds time,
  • Your homework comes out, quick and clean as can
  • Here it isnine plus four? and the answer is
  • Three?
  • Oh me . . .
  • I guess its not as perfect
  • As I thought it would be.
  • 1. Which of the following is the best way to read
    Homework Machine?
  • a. Read the first and last line.
  • b. Read only the rhyming words.
  • c. Read the entire poem several times.
  • d. Read slowly, spelling each word.
  • 2. Who would most likely be the speaker of this
  • a. a teacher
  • b. a parent
  • c. a principal
  • d. a student
  • 3. How do you know this selection is a poem?
  • It has rhyming words
  • 4. What is the problem with the Homework
  • It did not work

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which of these is the responsibility of our
    national government?
  • printing money
  • collecting state taxes
  • providing police and fire protection
  • providing street and traffic signs

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which type of map shows height above sea level?
  • a highway map
  • an elevation map
  • a climate map
  • a political map

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which of these events in the history our county
    happened first?
  • the American Revolution
  • the Louisiana Purchase
  • the Civil War
  • The settlement of Plymouth, Massachusetts

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • How is the governor of a state chosen?
  • appointed by the state legislature
  • appointed by the president of the United States
  • elected by the people of the state
  • elected by city council members

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which one of these inventions did not improve
  • a. barbed wire
  • b. television
  • c. computers
  • d. telegraph

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • The United States bought Louisiana from
    France in 1803. Which of the following
    statements about the Louisiana Purchase is not
  • The land deal gave the U.S. control of
  • New Orleans and the Mississippi river.
  • Thomas Jefferson was the U.S. President who
    agreed to make the deal.
  • The U.S. nearly doubled in land size because of
    the land purchase.
  • A war broke out between the U.S. and France after
    the deal was signed.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • A place where buyers and sellers exchange
    goods and services is called a
  • market
  • resource
  • profit
  • budget

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Moms pot of soup is cooking with a spoon inside
    of it. When I touch the spoon, it is hot. What
    explanation best describes the reason for this?
  • The spoon is made of metal and metal is a good
    conductor of heat.
  • b. The spoon is made of metal and metal is
    not a good conductor of heat.
  • Heat was transferred from the pot to the handle
    of the spoon.
  • d. None of the above

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • A construction company is trying to
    move 3 large boxes. Box A is on carpet, box B
    is on tile floor, and box C is on a cement floor.
    Why would box C on the tile floor be the easiest
    to move?
  • a. The bottom of the box had a rough surface.
  • b. There was more friction between the smooth
    surface of the tile floor and the bottom of the
  • c. There was no friction between the tile
    floor and the box.
  • d. There was less friction between the smooth
    surface of the tile floor
  • and the bottom of the box.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which of the following below would be an example
    of a chemical change?
  • A piece of rough wood that has been sandpapered
    for smoothness.
  • A piece of wood that has been painted.
  • A sheet of paper torn in half.
  • d. A piece of metal that has rusted.

LEAP Daily Review
  • All animals have basic needs in common like
    getting food, water, shelter, and maintaining a
    steady body temperature. Which statement below
    describes and animal meeting of if these needs?
  • a. A lion roaring.
  • b. A lizard crawling under a rock in the desert.
  • c. A snake hissing.
  • d. A bird laying eggs.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What is the function of your lungs?
  • To trap dust particles.
  • To get oxygen to your body.
  • To pump blood to all parts of your body.
  • d. To digest your food.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Which statement below would best describe the
    life cycle of a plant?
  • seed, flower, seedling, adult plant
  • seedling, flower, seed, adult plant
  • seed, adult plant, seedling, flower
  • d. seed, seedling, adult plant, flower, seed

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Why would a bee be classified as insect instead
    of a spider?
  • A bee has 8 legs and 2 body parts.
  • A bee has 6 legs and 3 body parts.
  • A bee has wings and can fly.
  • d. A bee pollinates flowers.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Why is a dog classified as an vertebrate instead
    of an invertebrate?
  • A dog has a backbone.
  • A dog has no backbone.
  • A dog gives birth to live young.
  • d. A dog has fur.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Fossils of animals that lived in the ocean
    have been found on land in sedimentary rock.
    What is the best explanation for this is?
  • The fossils moved over time.
  • There is no explanation for this.
  • The area where the fossils was found was once
  • d. The rock layers moved.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • A full moon occurs about
  • Once a day
  • Once a week
  • Once a month
  • d. Once a year

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • The rotation of the earth on its axis causes
  • a. change of seasons
  • b. day and night
  • c. lunar eclipses
  • d. long and short years

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • What are the non-living things in an ecosystem?
  • Plants and animals
  • Sun, soil, water, rocks, and air
  • Sun, plants, and animals
  • d. Plants, animals, soil, and water

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
In problems 1 and 2, write the number that is 1
less. 58 _____ 57 2) 1000 __
__ 999 In problems 2 and 3, write the nu
mber that is 1 more. 3) 9 ____
10 4) 1037 ____ 1038 In problems
5, choose the number that is the largest in the
pair. 5) 68 or 62 68

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • On Monday, 55 tickets were sold for the school
    play. On Tuesday, 32 tickets were sold. How many
    tickets were sold on the 2 days?
  • 87 tickets were sold on the 2 days.
  • 2. Isaac has 15 cars in his collection. Pete
    has 9 cars in his. How many more cars does Isaac
    have than Pete does?
  • Isaac has 6 more cars than Pete.
  • 3. Casey had 15 marbles. He gave 7 marbles to
    a friend. How many marbles does he have now?
  • Casey has 8 marbles now.
  • 4. Margies family is taking a 330 mile trip
    to Shreveport. They drove 130 miles before lunch.
    How many more miles do they need to drive?
  • They have to drive 200 more miles.
  • 5. Mona had 2 jack-o-lanterns, 3 skeletons,
    and 2 black cats to use as decorations for
    Halloween. How many decorations does she have?
  • She has 7 decorations to use for

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Work the following problems. Write each of your
    answers in a complete sentence.
  • Lisa and Wendy collected 10 leaves for their
    science project. If they share the leaves
    equally, how many will each girl get to use in
    her project?
  • 10 (leaves) divided by 2 (girls) 5
    leaves each
  • 2. Shaun placed 12 pencils into 3 equal
  • How many pencils did he put into each
  • 12 (pencils) divided by 3 (groups)
    4 equal groups
  • 3. Monica had 18 roses. She wanted to put 3
    roses in each vase.
  • How many vases will she need?
  • 18 (roses) divided by 3 (roses in each
    vase) 6 vases

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Use the chart to answer the following questions.
  • 1. In which year did the fewest number of
    students attend mathematics
  • contests? _________
  • 1998, 275
  • the largest number? _________.
  • 2000, 595
  • 2. How many 3rd and 5th graders attended contests
    in 1998? _____________
  • 117
  • 3. How many 3rd graders attended contests in 1998
    and 1999? ___________
  • 229
  • 4. How many more 4th graders attended contests in
    2000 than in 1999?
  • _____________

Number of Students Attending Mathematics C
LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Each problem below has some data missing. Fill in
    the blanks with the
  • correct numbers from the boxes. You can use each
    number only once.
  • Remember that your problem must make sense. Be
    ready to explain
  • your choices.
  • 1. Jeff is ______ years old. His sister, Charley,
    is _____ years older than he
  • is. Charley is _____ years old.
  • 22, 10, 12
  • 10, 12, 22
  • 2. Shanna has _____ kittens and _____ puppies.
    She has _____ more kittens
  • than puppies. Altogether she has _____ pets.
  • 3, 2, 7, 5
  • 5, 2, 3, 7
  • 3. Pedro spent _____ hours mowing lawns. This
    time is the same as _____
  • minutes. He earned _____ for each lawn
    mowed. Since he mowed

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • 1. How should you correct the error in number 1?
  • a. change Natchitoches LA 71007 to Natchitoches
    LA, 71007
  • b. change Natchitoches LA 71007 to Natchitoches,
    LA, 71007
  • c. change Natchitoches LA 71007 to Natchitoches,
    LA 71007
  • d. There is no error.
  • 2. How should you correct the error in number 2?
  • a. change Dear Mr. Catalano, to Dear Mr.
  • b. change Dear Mr. Catalano, to Dear Mr catalano
  • c. change Dear Mr. Catalano, to Dear Mr,
  • d. There is no error.
  • 3. How should you correct the error in number 3?
  • a. change Me and my sister to My sister and me
  • b. change Me and my sister to My sister and I
  • c. change Me and my sister to My Sister and I
  • d. There is no error.
  • 4. How should you correct the error in number 4?
  • 1100 Elm Drive
  • Natchitoches LA 71007
  • 1
  • December 11, 2000
  • Dear Mr. Catalano,
  • 2
  • I thought that I would write to thank you for
  • coming to our school. I really love the books you

  • write and draw. Me and my sister got to buy
  • 3
  • a book. I like to write and draw, but Im not as
    good as
  • you. What is your favorite book I like the way
    you talked
  • 4
  • about ideas. Do you draw everyday? Write me

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • 1. How should you correct the error in number 1?
  • A. change in january to in january,
  • B. change in january to In January
  • C. change in january to in January
  • D. There is no error.
  • 2. How should you correct the error in number 2?
  • A. change short fat and brown to short, fat, and
  • B. change short fat and brown to short, fat and,
  • C. change short fat and brown to short fat, and
  • D. There is no error.
  • 3. How should you correct the error in number 3?
  • A. change didnt no to didnt no
  • B. change didnt no to didnt know
  • C. change didnt no to didnt know
  • D. There is no error.
  • I got my dog in january for my birthday. He
  • 1
  • was short fat and brown. I didnt no I was
  • 2 3
  • getting a dog for my birthday. I couldnt

  • 4
  • think of a name for him. My dad suggested
  • 4
  • I name him Sparky. My friend said to
  • name him Brownie. My brother and me named
  • 5
  • him Shoes because he liked to chew on
  • shoes. Thats a good name for him, said Dad.

  • 6

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Butterflies are liked by everyone. A close
    relative of the butterfly is the moth.
    Butterflies and moths belong to the second
    largest classification of insects with over
    150,000 species that have been described. How do
    you tell the two apart?
  • The antennae help observers to tell them apart.
    The butterflies antennae are knobbed, or
    enlarged. In moths, the antennae are skinny and
    taper to very fine points. They can also be
    feathery. Another way to tell the difference
    between butterflies and moths is their flying
    habits. Practically
  • all butterflies fly only in daytime. Most
    moths fly at night. However, if disturbed,
    butterflies and moths fly day or night.
  • With this information, you now have the facts
    to classify butterflies and moths properly. This
    hobby is enjoyed by children and adults both.
  • 1. This article says The butterflies antennae
    are knobbed, or enlarged.
  • What does knobbed mean?
  • a. big
  • b. bright
  • c. colorful
  • d. furry
  • 2. What is the main purpose of this article?
  • a. to describe a new hobby
  • b. to tell how butterflies fly
  • c. to include with your science project
  • d. to explain the differences between butterflies
    and moths
  • 3. What information about butterflies can not be
    found in this article?
  • a. when butterflies fly
  • b. the eating habits of butterflies
  • c. how to recognize butterfly antennae
  • d. how many species have been classified

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Shannon stood on the edge of the cliff staring
    at the ravine. She dropped a pebble and watched
    it bounce off the rock as it fell to the stream
  • below. She looked first at the rickety wooden
    bridge ahead of her and then at the rushing
    stream below. She wished there were some other
    way to get
  • home by 500 oclock. She could walk three miles
    upstream and wade across at the ford, but that
    route would take too long. She didnt have
  • enough time.
  • The old bridge creaked and swayed in the wind
    as if daring her to cross. Shannon took a deep
    breath. Her mouth was dry. She wiped her sweaty
    palms on her jeans. She gripped the side ropes so
    tightly that her knuckles turned white. Then,
    holding securely to the side ropes, she stepped
    onto the bridge. It gave a sickening lurch under
    her. Shannon stood still until the bridge stopped
    swaying then she slowly and carefully began to
  • work her way across. Each step she took sent a
    wave from one end of the bridge to the other and
    threatened to tip her into the water below.
  • About halfway across, a bird flew low over
    Shannons head. It startled her and made her lose
    her balance. One foot slid off the side of the
  • bridge. Shannon hung on with all her strength.
    Then she slowly pulled herself back up. With her
    heart pounding, she continued on as slowly and
  • carefully as before. At last she reached the
    other side. Shannon gave a sigh
  • of relief and started to run.
  • 1. What was Shannons problem in this selection?
  • a. She could not get home because the bridge was
  • b. She had to cross a rickety bridge to get home
    on time.
  • c. She fell off a bridge and had to be rescued.
  • d. She had to overcome her fear of heights.
  • 2. This story creates a mood that is
  • a. gloomy.
  • b. mysterious.
  • c. sad.
  • d. tense.
  • 3. Shannon had to cross a rickety wooden bridge.
    What does rickety mean?
  • a. brown
  • b. old
  • c. shaky
  • d. sturdy

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • 1. The story says Louis Armstrong had to
    overcome poverty and the lack of a formal
    education. In this sentence formal means
  • a. crowded
  • b. proper
  • c. dressy
  • d. boring
  • 2. The authors purpose in writing this article
    is to
  • a. encourage the reader to play the trumpet.
  • b. tell a story about a boy who took music
  • c. give information about a mans life and
  • d. describe New Orleans.
  • 3. Which statement from the passage is an
  • a. Armstrongs life began to change when he
    joined a band in reform
  • school.
  • b. Armstrong played for several bands in the
  • c. Soon he became very famous for his music.
  • Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans,
    Louisiana, in 1901. As a child, he had a
    difficult life. He had to overcome poverty and
    the lack of a formal education. Armstrong got
    into trouble when he was thirteen, and the
    juvenile court sent him to reform school. Reform
    school was where he had
  • his first formal music lessons. His life began
    to change when he joined a band. He found his
    purpose in life playing the toe-tapping music
    known as jazz.
  • Armstrong played for several bands in the early
    1920s. He formed his own band called the Hot
    Five in 1927. Armstrong played jazz on the
    trumpet and sang in his unique gruff voice. His
    voice was one of the most recognizable of the 20
    th Century. He was indeed the best jazz musician
    who ever played. He was selected for a Grammy
    Lifetime Achievement Award. Since he traveled all
    around the world performing, Armstrong became
    known as the unofficial musical ambassador for
    the United States.

LEAP Daily ReviewDay
  • Shel Silverstein
  • Last night while I lay thinking here,
  • Some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
  • And pranced and partied all night long
  • And sang their same old Whatif song
  • Whatif Im dumb in school?
  • Whatif theyve closed the swimming pool?
  • Whatif I get beat up?
  • Whatif theres poison in my cup?
  • Whatif I start to cry?
  • Whatif I get sick and die?
  • Whatif I flunk the test?
  • Whatif green hair grows on my chest?
  • Whatif nobody likes me?
  • Whatif a bolt of lightning strikes me?
  • Whatif I dont grow taller?
  • Whatif my head starts getting smaller?
  • Whatif the fish wont bite?
  • 1. How can you tell that this selection is a
  • a. It has rhyme and rhythm.
  • b. All the lines begin with capital letters.
  • c. It is funny.
  • d. It has a title.
  • 2. From reading this selection, you can tell that
    the author is
  • a. dangerous.
  • b. carefree.
  • c. a musician.
  • d. a worrier.
  • 3. What are Whatifs?
  • They are the things we worry about.
  • 4. The poet uses a list of questions. Why do you
    think he wrote the poem as a series of
  • He wrote it this way to show the things
    we worry about and how silly they are.
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