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October 2005


Discuss history of events associated with WTO conferences in other locations. ... this process as allowing trans-national corporations to pillage nations that are ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: October 2005

Surviving The 2005 WTO MeetingPossible Impact,
Business Continuity Risk Mitigation
  • October 2005

Presentation Goals Objectives
  • Discuss history of events associated with WTO
    conferences in other locations.
  • Identify pressure groups likely to attend the
    Hong Kong event and identify possible threat
  • Discuss potential location-specific impact.
  • Identify business continuity concerns.
  • Identify practical risk mitigation measures.

WTO What It Is What It Does
  • The Self-Description Founded in 1994, The
    World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global
    international organization dealing with the rules
    of trade between nations. At its heart are the
    WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the bulk
    of the worlds trading nations and ratified in
    their parliaments. The goal is to help producers
    of goods and services, exporters, and importers
    conduct their business.

WTO Why Some People Are Against It?
  • The ability to become an exporter is perceived to
    require a civilization embrace Western education
    systems, Western economic policy, and,
    inevitably, Western culture.
  • Some see this process as allowing trans-national
    corporations to pillage nations that are willing
    to sell right to land at incredibly low prices
    due to desperation or ignorance.
  • Some opponents also claim that globalisation has
    created unsustainable growth that will have a
    detrimental effect on the environment.

WTO A History Of Violent Protest
  • Geneva Violence 1998.
  • Cancun Violence 2003.
  • Seattle 1999. Worst case of violence.
  • Police prepared for more than one year and were
    warned in advance that violent protest was
  • Police still failed to cope with the protests in
    spite of significant preparation.
  • State of emergency called, National Guard
    deployed 600 people arrested. Innocent
    bystanders caught up in police crackdown.
  • Property damage and lost business in excess of
    US20 million.
  • Police admitted they were taught a hard lesson by
    a well-trained and well-organized adversary.
  • Police also admitted that not focusing on worst
    case scenarios was the wrong thing to do.

WTO Pressure Groups
  • Sierra Club North American Pressure group with
    global connections.
  • Korean Peasants League Korean Farmers
    Association Plan to send more than 1,000
  • Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior arriving in October.
  • Indonesian Fishermen Plan to protest in the
    harbour using fishing boats.
  • Hong Kong People Alliance on WTO Plan peaceful
    demonstrations, could be hijacked by other
    pressure groups.
  • Numerous smaller groups with unknown agenda.
  • Total number of protesters expected 6,000

WTO Pressure Groups
  • Three levels of protest
  • Capturing public awareness. Typically peaceful
    protesting (banners, people attached to
    buildings), and other publicity stunts.
  • Disrupting the conference Through peaceful as
    well as violent protest. Generally by blocking
    delegates from attending the conference or
    attacking the venue itself.
  • Wreaking havoc on the area surrounding the
    conference. Normally violent in nature and may
    involve attacking premises belonging to
    multi-national corporations and retail outlets.
    This involves vandalism or looting.

WTO Pressure Groups
  • The WTO conference significantly increases the
    threat of terrorism.
  • It is widely believed that Asia could become a
    target for a significant terrorist incident in
    the short term
  • Press releases have names Singapore and Tokyo as
    the most likely potential targets
  • However, if we accept that the prime motivation
    for terrorist attacks is to gain publicity, then
    what better target than Hong Kong during the WTO
    conference in December when the world will be
    watching Hong Kong?

WTO Will Hong Kong Suffer The Same Fate?
  • Hong Kong does not lend itself to large numbers
    of international protesters due to travel
    distances and is expensive once in country.
  • The Chinese government is perceived to be strong
    in response to demonstrations.
  • The Hong Kong Police are identified as being
    proactive and prepared.
  • Home grown pressure groups are generally regarded
    to be peaceful.

WTO Will Hong Kong Suffer The Same Fate?
  • In view of this, it is not likely that Hong Kong
    will see the numbers of protesters, nor the level
    of violence seen at the Seattle conference.
  • Violence will likely occur, but a firm response
    from law enforcement agencies is expected.
  • Nevertheless, significant disruption to business,
    primarily in Wanchai, is expected.

WTO Location Specific Impact
  • Based on past incidents and the lessons learned,
    Hong Kong police will likely prepare for the
    worst case scenarios, and population control will
    be very stringent.
  • Because of the population and infrastructure
    density, the impact of the WTO conference on the
    local community is likely to be significant with
  • Large scale disruption to ground transportation
    (ferry, MTR, bus and taxi services).
  • Disruption on building walkways.
  • Disruption of building access.

WTO Business Continuity Concerns
  • Transportation to Wanchai offices will likely be
    sporadic and unreliable.
  • Access to offices will be difficult and
    potentially hazardous. Underground car parking
    is likely to be stringently controlled.
  • If violence erupts in the first days, employees
    are not likely to return to their offices on
    subsequent days.
  • Office deliveries (courier services etc.) are
    likely to be disrupted.

Practical Risk Mitigation Measures Building
  • Police deployment is likely to be concentrated on
    the street, leaving buildings to their own
    devices. Building solutions should include
  • Production of a crisis management plan.
    Including partial and total building evacuation
  • Increased level of physical guarding at access
    points and public areas.
  • Enhanced guard-force training.
  • Increased level of CCTV monitoring and recording.
  • Control over access to vehicular parking,
    searches should be considered.
  • More stringent control over office tower vertical
  • More stringent after-hours monitoring of

Practical Risk Mitigation Measures Building
  • Ensuring security is planned from a holistic
    viewpoint, taking into consideration
  • Staffing, policies procedures
  • Electronic systems
  • Architectural security elements

Practical Risk Mitigation Measures Businesses
  • Carry out an independent risk assessment,
  • Whether you company is likely to be a target.
  • Proximity of your office to the conference centre
    and likelihood of the event impacting your
  • Security provisions that your building will
    implement, ascertaining whether they are (a) good
    enough, and (b) whether they will have an impact
    on your operation.
  • Whether there are any adjacency issues or
  • Whether you need to enhance your own security.
  • Prepare your own crisis management and business
    continuity plan.

Practical Risk Mitigation Measures Businesses
  • Personnel safety is of primary importance.
    Operate with a skeleton crew if your office is in
    the immediate vicinity. Alternatively, work from
  • Prepare for disruption
  • Assume the transportation system will be
  • Consider setting up a secondary office away from
  • Do not plan to have visitors to the office that
  • Prepare to have no, or, disrupted mail
    deliveries. Designate another mail delivery
    location if necessary.
  • Make sure all employees are aware of your crisis
    management plan and that they all have the
    telephone numbers of the local emergency services.

Kroll Independent Security Consultants
  • Kroll have a wealth of experience, covering
  • Threat risk profiling
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Security, crisis management, emergency response
    and business continuity planning
  • Integrated security systems design
  • Peer review of existing solutions
  • Executive protection travel planning

Kroll Independent Security Consultants
  • Contact
  • Philip Lomax, CPP
  • Kroll Security Group
  • 1701 1702 Central Plaza
  • 18 Harbour View Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • Tel. 852.28847788
  • Fax 852.25688505
  • Email plomax_at_krollworldwide.com
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