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2010 Communications AOP October, 2009


2010 Communications AOP October, 2009 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2010 Communications AOP October, 2009

2010 Communications AOPOctober, 2009
IGP Vision
What We Do
We make healthy natural things delicious
Be the worlds favorite natural fruit (and
vegetable) goodness company
Provide everyone with their recommended servings
of fruit and vegetables every day
2010 begins the journey toward our IGP vision
Comm Role
Portfolio Strategies
Loyalty Promo Build Buzz/Drive Registration
Nutrition/Equity Communicate the functional
benefits of OJ
Create a bridge to Reinvention
Reshape Market With Superior Functional
Solidify Trop50 Platform
Expand to capture kids
Launch new line
Promote commitment and initiative (weave
messaging into existing programming
Build on momentum
Communication, Connectivity and Community Blog
Improve org health
Internal Comms
Engage division
Risk assessment/ response plan Proactive social
Mitigate risk and anticipate issues
The 2010 calendar reflects the key priorities
Squeeze More Rewards Loyalty Promotion
Ultimate loyalty program
Superior Functional Offerings
Solidify Trop50 as a Platform
Expanding to capture kids cohort
Distinguish Dole with value innovation
Diff Profitable Value Juice
Stakeholders The networks of consumer influence
Digital/Social Media
Traditional Media
Health/ Nutrition Professionals
Sales Customers
  • Tropicana Pure Premium

Growth Plan
2009 Stabilize Regain growth momentum
2010 Bridge Change value equation
2011 Superiority Transform across key areas
TPP challenged by two core issues . . .
Volume losses driven by reduced consumption and
competitive switching
Increased Switching
Switching to SO FN PL FC Who HH w/ kids
(primary) Boomers (secondary) Why Value Brand
52 wks ending P6 2009
Increased Switching
26 w/e P4 08
26 w/e P4 09
Reduced Consumption
Reduced Consumption
TPP Avg.Purchase Frequency declining
Who Hvy Users to Med/Light Boomers
(primary) HH w/ kids (secondary) Why Value Bra
nd relevancy
P6 08
P6 09
Source IRI HH Panel Brand Switching 52weeks
end 6/14/2008 vs. YAG and 6/14/2009 vs. YAG
Total US All Outlets - NBD
Source IRI House Hold Panel 26 Weeks Ending
4/13/2009 vs. YAG- NBD
TPP Primary Target 35-54 yrs with kids
  • Primary Target 35-54yrs with kids
  • Strategic Objective for Target Grow
  • 23 of Buyers
  • 26 of Volume
  • 34 of Volume Loss
  • Rationale
  • Predisposed to OJ benefits
  • Most valuable consumer (6.5 gallons per
  • Ensures franchise longevity (correlation between
    consume as kids and consume as adults
  • Secondary Target 55 (Matures/Boomers)
  • Strategic Objective for Target Hold
  • 37 of Buyers
  • 40 of Volume
  • 32 of Volume Loss
  • Rationale
  • 40 of TPP volume
  • Valuable consumer (6.1 gallons per HH)
  • Significant health barriers to growth

TPP Objectives Strategy
  • Re-engage our consumers
  • Change the value equation
  • Loyalty promotion with compelling value
  • Re-establish brand relevancy
  • Nutritional message
  • Get existing users to buy more
  • Reduce switching amongst
  • Families (35-54 w kids)
  • TPP Matures (55 w/o kids)
  • Increase consumption amongst
  • Matures (55 w/o kids)
  • Families (35-54 w kids)

What It Is
  • Loyalty program based on structure and key
    learnings from successful Walkers Brit Trips
    program redesigned to address brand objectives
    in U.S.
  • Provides added value to consumers who are looking
    to get the most out of every spend and who are
    being tempted by price promotions on private
    label and other premium brands
  • Promotion designed and executed to enhance brand
    equity and build on family-oriented position by
    offering rewards that can be used to build on the
    healthy start consumers get from Tropicana

Evolved to focus on our target and value
To inspire people to get the most out of life.
Helping families squeeze more out of their juice
More of what?
Helping families squeeze more...
  • Savings

2. Moments
3. Health
With the rewards program you get amazing
and feel good knowing its healthy fun.
which means you can enjoy special family
out of their juice
Promotion Name
Juicy Rewards 20,000 ways to get more out of
your juice
Current Packaging Graphics
Measure of success
The most talked about marketing campaign in 2010
Success Metrics
Base Plan
Stretch Plan
  • No. of registrations 3MM
  • 7.5 of TPP HHs
  • Equivalent to Brits trips 590,000
  • 50/50 mix of loyals switchers
  • Incremental purchases 2 cartons
  • Switchers 3 incremental cartons
  • Loyals 1 incremental carton
  • No. of registrations 4MM
  • 10 of TPP HHs
  • 50/50 mix of loyals switchers
  • Incremental purchases 4 cartons
  • Switchers 6 incremental cartons
  • Loyals 2 incremental carton

3MM Gallons 1 uplift (full year)
8MM Gallons 2.6 uplift (full year)
Source IRI Household Panel Total U.S. All
Outlets - 52 w/e 11/2/2008 (Loyalty Bought on
Deal are volume measures)
360 Framework
  • Reduce switching
  • Increase consumption

Business Objectives
Juicy Rewards Squeezes More Consumers collect
points for healthy savings on healthy fun!
The Big Idea
Bring to life the Tropicana Juicy Rewards Program
to create a lifestyle connection with target and
a compelling call to action
360 Strategic Approach
Our Charge
  • Amplify the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program in a
    big way that delivers on

Large-scale talkability
A true 360 activation
Driving registration
360 Role
PR social media Role
Generate earned media coverage
Drive registration
Drive engagement
Drive offline and online conversations
Were focusing our plan against desired consumer
Activation Concept
Juicy Rewards Squeezes More
  • Take Tropicana Juicy Rewards to the streets with
    inescapable visuals and activities that bring the
    Rewards program to life, create excitement and
    talkability where (and how) our consumers work,
    live and play

Juicy Rewards PR Original Amplification
Experiential pop up in NYC
Commute Stunt
Associates Activation
Create experience for consumers to engage with
prizes, register, drive earned media
Say Tropicana gives me juicy rewards at toll
booth / train station and well pay your toll /
  • Engage associates in Race to the Trop to
    encourage sign up

WOM Buzz Social Media
Tropicana Juicy Rewards
Integration with LIVE
Giving consumers more value
  • Table-setting with BlogHer community, Trop Moms,
    select bloggers to drive pre-buzz
  • Ongoing excitement and contesting with the
    BlogHer community widget for automatic sign up
  • Say Tropicana gives me juicy rewards and get
    10 off at participating retailer, travel partner
    or taxi

PR Earned Media
Integration with LIVE to bring to life unique
Juicy prizes, highlights experiential pop up
  • Table-setter seeding with key media
  • National media to kick off campaign and drive
    people to register, see pop up Celebrity
    athletes on-site at pop up to drive interest
    (leverage partner spokespeople)

Latest Situation
  • Originally, with the 360 ideation, the
    experiential pop up was linked to several
    disciplines (the integration, earned media,
    social media, rewards sweepstakes)
  • Now, the integration has taken a path of its own
    and the experiential pop up is no longer a part
    of it
  • While we think an experiential pop up is a great,
    strategic idea, as a standalone it is not as
    powerful it needs a full 360 marketing engine
    behind it to be as impactful as possible
  • As a result, weve done some revised thinking in
    order to optimize what we put our resources
    against and still give us an EARNED PR and social
    media story

Juicy Rewards PR Updated Thinking
Tropicana Juicy Surprises
  • Enlist street teams across the country to visit
    retail locations, commuter stations, high traffic
    areas in key cities
  • Hand out cards with info on rewards including
    promo codes
  • 5 lucky winners will receive super prize when
    they register and enter promo code
  • Potential to tie-in with integration
  • Surprise automatic winners on the spot

WOM Buzz Social Media
PR Earned Media
  • Table-setting with BlogHer community, Trop Moms,
    select bloggers to drive pre-buzz
  • Ongoing excitement and contesting with the
    BlogHer community widget for automatic sign up
  • Say Tropicana gives me juicy rewards and get
    10 off at participating retailer, travel partner
    or taxi
  • Table-setter seeding with key media
  • National media to kick off campaign and drive
    people to register
  • Celebrity engagement TBD

Tropicana Juicy Rewards
Giving consumers more value
Associates Activation
  • Engage associates in Race to the Trop to
    encourage sign up

Engaging a National Spokesperson Option 1
Celebrity Mom
  • 360 Activation
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Web site
  • Loyalty Program
  • Spokesperson Criteria
  • Has children
  • National appeal
  • Can deliver a health and wellness message
  • Bookable with editorial media (must have
    something timely to discuss in the news)

Engaging a National Spokesperson Option 2 NFL
  • 360 Activation
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Web site
  • Loyalty Program
  • Spokesperson Criteria
  • Has children
  • National appeal
  • Can deliver a health and wellness message
  • Bookable with editorial media (must have
    something timely to discuss in the news) With
    sweeps timeframe, NFL may not have as much appeal
    as a hot celebrity mom

WOM social media pre-seed and activation builds
Juicy Rewards Kick-off
Table setting
Sustaining Juicy Rewards Conversations
  • Select 15-20 influential BlogHer and Trop Moms
    bloggers and create branded spotlight rewards
    pages to spark excitement Twelve days of
    Tropicana Juicy Rewards
  • Exclusive sweeps pre- launch with unique rewards
  • Prize-related reader polls
  • Registration widget for easy sign-up seeded to
    BlogHer bloggers and other influential bloggers
    with tie to unique contest
  • Tropicana is Juicy buzz phrase to get 10 off
    at participating retailer, travel partner or taxi
  • Juicy Fridays with exclusive contests
    communicated via social media platforms
    (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Challenges how did you use your rewards?
  • Trop Moms challenge each other to get most out of
    rewards for summer break
  • Ongoing polls
  • Activation at BlogHer 2010 Conference

Earned media jumpstarts registration and sustains
Table Setting
Juicy Rewards Kick-off
Sustaining Juicy Rewards Coverage
  • Exclusive preview and celebrity interviews with
  • Key traditional national media (e.g. Jayne
    ODonnell at USA Today, Stuart Elliott at New
    York Times)
  • Online magazine editors, pitching exclusive prize
    packages for readers
  • Entertainment media (TBD)
  • National media to kick-off campaign and drive
    registration Battle of the rewards challenge
    media to challenge local consumers to test the
    value of Juicy rewards
  • Celebrity spokesperson appears on LIVE (or
    selected integration hits entertainment circuit
    to drive excitement - TBD
  • Leverage consumer and blogger testimonials to
    demonstrate tangibility and create story for
    local media
  • TBD Layer on unattainable prize to drive
    talkability (e.g. Juicy Island, private jet)

January table-setting seeding Juicy Rewards with
key influencers
Building internal excitement
  • PepsiCo
  • Week of February 1, distribute PEPLine email
    introducing new rewards program and encouraging
    people to engage their friends to sign up with
    Race to the Trop sweepstakes
  • QTG Plaza
  • Week of February 1, create a mini pop-up
    (regardless of which execution we chose) in the
    QTG lobby to generate excitement and buzz with
  • Raffle off 10 good for you prizes
  • Hand out 12 oz product samples
  • Coordinate with cafeteria staff for breakfast
    discount any employee that says Tropicana
    gives me juicy rewards at the register get 10
    off breakfast
  • Purchase, Barrington Bradenton
  • The week of February 1, raffle off 10 Good for
    You Prizes
  • Hand out 12 oz product samples
  • Coordinate with cafeteria staff for breakfast
    discount any employee that says Tropicana
    gives me juicy rewards at the register get 10
    off breakfast
  • Ogilvy PR
  • Activate our US network to sign up

Juicy Rewards Get Real Timeline
Consumers can start to redeem for rewards
On-air w/o 2/1
Marketing and entertainment outreach
Ongoing buzz building and contests
Blogger, long lead previews
Lobby event and PEPLine w/o 2/1
2010 Nutrition PR
To help increase consumption, we must drive
Why OJ is not relevant now
The Power of OJ
56 think other juices are better than OJ
100 OJ is one of the most nutrientdense
beverages available
54 think OJ has added sugar
OJ has no added sugar
35 dont think of OJ as a goodway to get fruit
One 8-ounce glass provides twoservings of fruit
20 think nutritional benefitsarent worth
In one serving has two servings of fruit,a full
days supply of vitamin C
  • Charge help drive relevancy by making the
    nutrition case for consumers to put OJ back on
    the breakfast table.

Aligning Tropicana research priorities to key
micro nutrition trends
Tropicana Opportunities (as outlined by Debbie
Garcia, Beate Lloyd PepsiCo Nutrition team)
Nutrition Trends
How to Fill Nutrient Gap Nutrient-dense beverages
are a convenient vehicle to meet nutrient
requirements of concern (e.g. vitamins A,C,D,E,
calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, etc.)
Differentiate and elevate Tropicana OJ as the
most nutrient dense option versus other commonly
consumed juices
Dimensionalize Tropicana OJs role in meeting
dietary recommendations (Vit C, potassium,
folate, Mg, fruit servings)
Meeting Dietary Recommendations With the release
of the new guidelines, focus will shift to
meeting new daily dietary intakes
Behavioral Reality Key stakeholders shift
direction from what to eat to how to eat
Demonstrate how when eaten together certain food
pairings have a complementary effect on your
nutrition (e.g. Tropicana OJ and iron-rich foods)
Beverage Intake Empty Calories? Health
implications of beverage intake highlighted, from
negative (calories, HFCS, etc.) to positive
(functional nutrition)
Create positive associations of Tropicana OJ by
connecting individual health and nutrition needs
with specific fortified products (e.g. Tropicana
Calcium Vitamin D)
Emerging Science on Vitamin D, Hesperidin
Vitamin D may play a functional role in the
prevention of other diseases hesperidin may play
a role in supporting cardiovascular health
Drive Tropicana OJ nutrition leadership through
ownable benefits
The Opportunity Nutrition gap calls for our
Original Nutrient Powerhouse
  • Economic Reality
  • The economic recession is making Americans diets
    nutrient poor
  • In a down economy people tend to eat less
    nutritious foods
  • Low-cost diets are energy-dense and nutrient-poor
  • Nutritious foods are harder to afford
  • Nutrition Gap
  • 30 of Americans are not consuming enough vitamin
  • Less than 3 of Americans meet their daily needs
    for potassium
  • 7 out of 10 consumers are not getting the
    recommended fruit servings
  • Were in a nutrition recession
  • TPP is part of the recovery from this nutrition
  • Helping families squeeze more nutrition into
    their diets with each glass packed full of the
    nutrients they need
  • With less of a squeeze on your wallet

OUR OPPORTUNITY Tropicana OJ is an Original
Nutrition Powerhouse
  • BCG 2008 Near and further out opportunities
  • According to Forbes Woman (Is The Economy
    Making You Fat?, Feb. 20, 2009), one recent
    survey of over 1,000 Americans revealed that 25
    were more likely to eat high-calorie comfort food
    because of the economic downturn

How well create relevancy with a nutrition
  • Create a focused plan that
  • elevates Tropicana OJ as a nutrition powerhouse
  • delivers our key messages to a specific set of
    audiences and
  • drives a steady drumbeat of nutrition coverage.

Our Approach
Health wellness media
Nutrition-focused bloggers
Nutrition influencers dietitians,physicians,
Primary Audiences
Secondary Audiences
HCP Microsite
Breakfast calculator
Our Tools
Focus on nutrient-density
Tropicana Pure Premium
Primary message One 8 oz glass of Tropicana OJ
is packed with essential nutrients including a
full days supply of vitamin C, and a good source
of potassium and folate, plus two servings of
  • Secondary support messages
  • TPP is one of the most (commonly consumed)
    nutrient-dense 100 fruit juices
  • TPP has a full days supply of vitamin C (to help
    support a healthy immune system)
  • TPP has as much potassium as a medium-sized
  • TPP (Calcium Vitamin D) has as much calcium
    vitamin D as a glass of milk
  • TPP provides two fruit servings that helps you
    get half your daily fruit intake

Nutrition activation roadmap
Generating Health Wellness News
Driving Conversations with Nutrition Bloggers
  • Co-op SMTs during key time periods
  • Ongoing RD Network, adding supermarket RDs
  • Health-focused editorial partnership
  • Elevate national RD spokesperson around Dietary
    Guidelines launch
  • Behind-the-scenes blogger trip to Bradenton
  • Social media platform activation (e.g. Facebook,
  • Nutrition blogger outreach

Tropicana OJ Is An Original Nutrition Powerhouse
AT-A-GLANCE Nutrition PR/Influencer Program 2010
Program Activities
Create News Nutrition News Bureau
  • Back-to-school
  • August/September
  • Media - timely local print outreach
  • RD Network Monthly outreach and opportunistic
  • 2010 Dietary Guidelines
  • August/September
  • SMT National Broadcast - Leverage national RD
  • Ongoing Media (Print, Online, Broadcast)
  • Year-round
  • Ongoing, timely newshooks opportunistic
  • March Participation in National Nutrition
    Month co-op SMT
  • Immunity
  • November/December
  • Media - timely local print outreach
  • RD Network Monthly outreach and opportunistic
  • Participation in immunity health foods co-op SMT
  • Immunity
  • January/February
  • Media - timely local print outreach
  • RD Network Monthly outreach and opportunistic

Timely Editorial Partnership
Influence the Influencers Nutrition Influencers,
Key Opinion Formers, Research, Social Media
Key Opinion Formers (January December)January
Initial Outreach March December Ongoing
relationship building and engagement
Key HCP Conferences AAFP Scientific Assembly
(Sept. 29-Oct. 2, Denver, CO) AAP National
Conference (Oct. 2-5, San Francisco, CA) ADA
FNCE (Oct. 17-20, Denver, CO)
Industry Partners Ongoing Continued
partnership with FDOC, JPA
HCP Microsite E-toolkit March Microsite
launch with Todays Dietitian e-blast
announcement March E-toolkit distribution
Ongoing Social Media Platform Activation March
Nutrition blogger outreach June Bradenton
immersion trip
  • Trop50

So far, Trop50 has attained excellent
distribution and repeat, but lagged trial and
awareness goals
New flavors will bring news to the brand, which
we must leverage to drive trial awareness
across all varieties
Goodness of Real Fruit Juice With 50 Less Sugar
and Calories
Drive Trial/Awareness
Build Frequency
At Home/Breakfast
AM/Afternoon Enjoyment
Orange is the biggest flavor in CJ/JD OJ has
strong health wellness halo The base of the
Trop50 business
Flavors create news and interest 50 expansion to
occasions outside of breakfast Drive
frequency/repeat with Trop50 users
Must dos
Ensure 80 ACV on each variety Build
awareness/drive trial with new users Encourage
repeat with Trop50 users
Achieve 80 ACV on each flavor Leverage flavors
to drive news/awareness Drive repeat with Trop50
users trial with new users
Increase awareness Drive trial in a target
relevant way
Suggested Direction
Use flavors to increase purchase frequency 1.00
off 2/ Buy OJ get free PomBlue 12oz/ Buy OJ 1.00
off flavor
Target Overview
  • Convert reducers back to brand, addressing fact
    that you can enjoy Orange Juice with 50 less
    sugar and calories, in a natural way
  • I am extremely busy in my career, but make sure
    to carve out time for my friends and family. I
    want it all and believe I can do it all, its all
    about balance.
  • Im always up on the latest innovations, from
    health and fitness to technology and fashion.
    Im usually the first of my friends to try them
    and therefore think its important to stay
  • I am a very active person. I make sure that I
    have an overall wellness / fitness routine in my
    life and try to integrate outdoor activities when
    I can.
  • I crave excitement and I get bored easily. Its
    the little changes I can make everyday that keep
    life interesting.
  • Need to be on top of your game
  • Enjoying the goodness of juice with less calories

Source OMD Prospector MRI Doublebase 2008
The Trop50 Target Consumer
Women who are wired for health. She is
thoughtful regarding her lifestyle choices. She
looks for products that are light and
calorie-reduced, but she is not necessarily a
dieter. She just wants her calories to count.
She understands the nutritional benefits of
juice, but believes it has a lot of sugar and
calories, so drinks less of it in favor of other
beverages like fortified waters and those with
just a hint of juice. She thinks positively
about Tropicana (the brand), but isnt buying it
as often as she used to.
Trends, Information, and Entertainment 24/7
Trop50 Do-it-All Generation X-er
Connected 24/7 continues to be an opportunity due
to the Digital confidence the Prospect displays,
but context of instant access revised to
reflect age increase
Trend seeker
Information Junkie
Entertainment Seeker
Connected 24/7
Source OMD Prospector MRI Doublebase 2008
Communication StrategyBuilt on the space where
brand, consumer and content meet
Trop50 Do-it-All Generation X-er
BRAND Provides the goodness of fruit juice with
50 less sugar and calories
CONSUMER Motivated Go Getter, Ahead of the Curve
CONTENT Trends, Information, Entertainment,
Technology Socializing
Source OMD Prospector MRI Doublebase 2008
Trop50 Communication Platform Enables Enriches
Consumers to Resonate
On-Air Implement a daypart strategy to intercept
consumer during key message receptivity on
Network and Cable AM for breakfast, PA /
syndication for new flavor innovation and rewards
program Identify opportunities that are own-able
and celebrate consumer passion points Promotion
Awareness on Taxi TV, Hulu and social networking
video players
Events Create opportunities and variety in
outdoor activities (i.e. yoga in the park,
sponsored runs) Create 360 messaging by bringing
online/on-air programs to life within key markets
through events, sampling opportunities, and
street team prize patrols
Digital Reach consumers at the point of research
through target Search keywords around product
benefits and lifestyle trends (i.e. low calorie
foods) Align with key Health Wellness
Womens content through blogs and community
destinations to seed awareness and provide tools
and tips
Note Events to be jointly discussed / developed
with Activation agency
Trop50 Communications Framework
  • Restore franchise volume profit growth
    (reduced/lapsed users, new users)
  • Create broad awareness of Trop50 platform (OJ
    flavors) and stimulate trial
  • Encourage repeat

Business Objectives
Build awareness and engage consumers
Communication Objective
Establish relevancy to help make Trop50 an
essential part of our consumers
lifestyle. Connect with our target where she
lives, works and plays and insert Trop50 into her
daily life to help her see Trop50 as an essential
part of her routine.
PRStrategic Approach
Get More with Less. Theres an inherent good
feeling that comes from getting more with less -
a feeling of balance and satisfaction. Tropicana
Trop50 lives up to that same good feeling by
helping you get more (goodness of juice) with
less (sugar and calories).
The Big Idea
Drive social and digital conversation and
community engagement
Create relevance with entertainment / lifestyle
Drive new product news
Activation Pillars
Target Insights
  • 42 of Americans say exercising and/or getting
    into better shape is the most important thing
    they can do to improve their health
  • However, 77 of adults say they would exercise
    more if they could fit it into their daily
  • Finding a fitness program or lifestyle that hits
    the right balance doesnt have to be so hard

Target Insights from OMD
Health and Wellbeing in America survey by Cigna
2007 Harris Interactive telephone survey on
behalf of NASS, February 2006
Get More with Less with the T50 Wellness Movement
  • Trop50 introduces the first ever more for less
    workout/ fitness system and eating plan the
    T50 Wellness Movement
  • It offers the benefits of a great, effective
    workout with 50 less time, pain and burden
    (TBD) and the nutrients you need with
    before/after a great workout with 50 of the
    sugar and calories
  • Appeal to desire to make smart choices, be ahead
    of trends, find balance and wellness
  • Fitness stores have become a wellness hub,
    offering yoga classes in addition to apparel

Why it works resonates withTrop50 target
  • National retailer lululemon (to be confirmed) to
    create disruptive experience
  • Nationally known fitness guru (to the stars) to
    develop The T50 Wellness Movement

The partner
  • At your local retailer, donate gently used
    workout gear, equipment, clothing, DVDs, etc
    (less of what you dont want), and get 5
    discount, courtesy of Trop50, PLUS enter to win a
    private exercise and nutrition session with a
    fitness trainer to the stars
  • Get exclusive in-store coupons and Trop50 samples
  • Log on at in-store kiosks to join the T50
    Wellness Movement at Trop50.com

Cause-relatedincentive to support call to
Fitness guru and lululemon retail partner help
drive awareness
Get More with Less Cause Incentive
Drive Coverage for Trop50 Fitness Series
Editorial Partnership
Kick Off Event / Blogger Preview
  • Donate your old workout gear to charity, and get
    5 off a new item courtesy of Tropicana Trop50
  • Engage charity partner to accept clothing and/or
    other equipment (e.g. Clothes off our Back)
  • Exclusive in-store product sampling and coupons
  • Leverage ad buy with key health fitness
    magazine to secure Trop50 fitness insert
    featuring spokesperson and highlights from
    session and tips on how to build your own T50
    fitness movement and eating plan
  • Pitch trainer and work out tips to print and
    broadcast outlets
  • Pursue editorial integration with OMD to bring
    workout to life on TV
  • Example Sponsor Regis Kellys Fitness
    Challenge in 2010 and give a new move each day of
    the week
  • Spokesperson to appear on show to demonstrate
    work out
  • Kick-off T50 fitness movement / nutrition plan
    and partnership with exclusive celebrity workout
    in store (Beverly Hills)
  • Stars bring their gently used workout gear for
    Charity donation
  • Product sampling T50 workout snack
  • Social media Host fitness bloggers for exclusive
    behind-the-scenes look
  • Partner with Hollywood Life to give online look
    at store opening

Celebrity fitness trainer spokesperson creates
Drive New Product News and New Flavor
Wellness Influencer Network (WIN)
Drive Ongoing Print News
Drive Product Coupons, Trial
Participate in Co-Op Media Tours
  • Pilot new WIN network of five fitness trainers to
    drive awareness with national print media and in
    New York and Los Angeles markets
  • Focus on spring into shape segments
  • Maintain ongoing RD Network
  • Ongoing outreach to key short lead and long lead
    outlets, including boomer
  • IMPLICATION if budget does not start until
    January 2010, coverage for Trop50 will not hit
    until May/ June
  • Take megabrand approach to magazine outreach
  • Our new news is limited - elevate new flavors
    as a new angle
  • Coordinate with PureVia team to optimize pitching
  • Given success of 2009 partnership with Family
    Circle, look to partner with key magazine editors
    to craft relevant co-op SMTs
  • Focus on key periods
  • New Years Resolutions
  • Spring back into shape
  • Coordinate dedicated email with recipe and link
    to coupon of Trop50 in PopSugar (similar to Daily
  • Reach of approximately 40,000 consumers
  • long-lead effort in 09

  • Social Media

Social Media Right for Tropicanas Target
  • TPP and Trop50s target audiences are all avid
    consumers of social media, though content
    creation and active sharing skews predictably to
    the younger audience
  • The brands must continue to offer a ladder of
    engagement that allows women of all ages to
    view, share, participate, and create at a level
    that is most comfortable to them

Building Tropicana Franchise Social Media
Strategy 2010
Regain OJ Supremacy
Franchise Goal
  • Create broad awareness of Trop50 (OJ new
    flavors), drive trial
  • Build repeat
  • Capture a new cohort (moms and kids)
  • Increase loyalty
  • Increase consumption
  • Create awareness for OJ as nutrition powerhouse

Brand Business Objectives
Performance with Purpose / Issues Management /
Employee Engagement
Develop breakthrough programs and influencer
relationships that generate positive WOM -
increasing preference for the brand, and driving
trial and repeat
The Role of Social Media
Drive dialogue (internal and external)
Harness the power of the Tropicana voice
Leverage co-creation opportunities
Strategic Priorities for Social Media
Social Media Tools to Meet Business Objectives
Imperative Give each brand a distinctive voice
while leveraging the power of the Tropicana
franchise across key social media vehicles.
Dedicated initiatives Amplification of 360
Opportunistic Issues Management
Seizing the moment
Reputation management
Go Where your Audience Is
Activation Roadmap A Distinct Voice for Each
Project Oz
  • Engage a small group of influencers moms with
    significant social media presence in an
    immersive and ongoing Tropicana-branded
    experience that
  • Provides them with the opportunity to have their
    voices heard by one of Americas leading brands
  • Allows them to feel like invested ambassadors in
    Tropicanas product and marcomm development
  • Generates reaction to existing ideas/concepts
    from Tropicana
  • Provides blue-sky input to Tropicana on future
    iterations of kids products
  • Generates positive word-of-mouth prior to and at

Project Oz Mom-Ambassador Panel Drives
  • The Tropicana Mom-Ambassador panel is an advisory
    group of 10-12 individuals (scalable) who will be
    engaged both online and offline. The goals of
    the panel are
  • Short-term/Inbound Generates reaction to
    existing ideas/concepts from Tropicana
  • Long-term/Outbound When confidentiality is no
    longer necessary, create sustained WOM and
    goodwill towards Tropicana
  • Generate content, including video, blog posts,
  • Discuss their involvement in the process
  • Generate positive outbound word-of-mouth about
    the product itself
  • Build social media goodwill for the future
  • Build a foundation for outreach to the next ring
    of influencers per campaign (they become the
    foundation for additional outreach to others)
  • Provides blue-sky input to Tropicana on future
    iterations of kids products

Consistent and Dedicated Coverage Throughout the
ADA Conf
BlogHer Conf
Kids (outbound)
Kids (inbound)
Expanding Tropicanas Social Media Capacity
  • Recruiting brand enthusiasts
  • Work with Consumer Response and the individual
    brand teams to identify and train social web
    manager to participate on Twitter, Facebook and
    other platforms. These voices will be a key
    liaison to the fan community.
  • Establish social media listening post for TPP,
    Trop50 and other relevant products and work with
    social web manager on streamlined response
    approach. This will enable a proactive and
    reactive rapid response capability.
  • 360 integration
  • OMD
  • Collaborate on 2010 planning process to integrate
    relevant social programs into ad buys
  • Understand their role in SEM efforts, discuss
    leveraging for social programs and where OPR can
    add value
  • NuOrbit
  • Provide senior counsel during 2010 planning in
    order to set up framework to evolve Tropicana.com
    into more social destination
  • Understand their role in SEO efforts, and where
    OPR can add value

  • Kids

Households with kids are a key opportunity
Moms see pros and cons with current juice
Kids is a large attractive cohort
Moms seeking natural nutritious options
  • Moms are concerned that kids arent getting the
    nutrition they need
  • Strong desire for natural healthy products
  • Strong health credentials, but losing relevance,
    especially among
  • reduced/lapsed HH
  • 25 million kids ages 4-10 yrs in the U.S.
  • 16 (5 Yr CAGR)

of Category Sales () from Kids Products
Mom Attitudes Toward Juice Needs
Mom Unmet Needs
Confident my child gets the right nutrition
More natural options
Specially formulated for childhood nutrition needs
Natural items with noadded sugar and 1-2
servings of fruit
Source IRI House Hold Panel Brand Switching
26weeks end 4/19/2009 vs. YAG IRI GDMx 52 wk end
March, 2009 BCG mom survey
A Kids Platform That Breaks Through For Mom and
The Winning Formula
The Vision
Drive Kid Crave (AND Mom-Desired Nutrition)
An Experiential kids brand
  • Kid dream team to guide platform development
  • Top creative minds kid design experts
  • Sensory specialist to identify kid delighters

Kid-craved delight
Mom-desired Nutrition
  • Interactive package product prototyping lab
  • On-going kid/mom panel
  • Co-create with kids/moms to drive kid delight

Gold standard nutrition that also delights kids
Competitive set is boring or junky
Break-through creative platform engagement
beyond product
Experience is un-inspiring
Professionally Approved Nutrition
  • Key professionals to guide nutritional profile
  • Grounded in science/physiology
  • Professional approval at launch
  • Pediatrician approved nutrition
  • Kids Favorite juice/fruit snack
  • Great for lunch box, on-the go

  • Kids age 4-10 yrs, Bulls-eye 8 yrs
  • Back to school 2010 in a big way

  • On-going guidance with professional community
  • Leverage blogger relationships to scout
  • Co-create with professionals moms

  • Strategic customer(s) H2 10
  • National launch H1 11

Target Influencers in Childrens Food Innovation
Reaching Mom Core Nutrition Influencers
Experts National, academic experts focused on
childhood nutrition
Professionals Everyday, local nutrition
Organizations Prominent, credible national
health/wellness associations
Nutrition Insights and Communications Activation
  • Short-term goals
  • Garner and leverage insights from key influencers
    to form nutritional profile recommendation
  • Long-term goal
  • Leverage research process to gain third-party
    support at launch

Supporting the Communications Framework Goal
  • Nutrition Insights garnered through phases 1 and
    2, will help to generally inform and guide the
    end goal of
  • Pediatrician Approved (more feasible at launch
    given market pre-requisites for recommended)
  • Pediatrician Recommended
  • Independent work to be commissioned by Tropicana
    to substantiate claims

Engaging High Influence Moms Tropicana
  • Drive meaningful dialogue with key consumers to
  • that Tropicana is a brand that listens to moms
    and values their feedback.
  • Generate inbound ideation and feedback from mom
  • Inbound feedback will constitute nearly 100 of
  • Build relationships with online influencers that
    generate favorable,
  • sustained outbound WOM
  • Outbound WOM will constitute 70 of activity.
  • Engage a small group of influencers moms with
    significant social media
  • presence in an immersive and ongoing
    Tropicana-branded experience that
  • allows them to feel like invested ambassadors

Strategic Approach
The Mom-Ambassador Panel
The Tropicana Mom-Ambassador panel is an advisory
group of 10-12 social media-savvy individuals
(scalable) who will be engaged both online and
offline. Panel goals include
Short-term/Inbound Generates reaction to existing
ideas/concepts from Tropicana
  • Long-term/Outbound
  • Create sustained WOM and goodwill towards
  • Generate content (i.e. video, blog posts, tweets)
  • Discuss involvement in the process
  • Generate positive outbound WOM about the product
  • Build social media goodwill for the future
  • Build a foundation for outreach to the next ring
    of influencers
  • Provides blue-sky input on future iterations of
    kids products

Project Phases
  • Phase 1 Identifying the right influencers
  • Phase 2 Making the invitation
  • Phase 3 Initial engagement
  • Phase 4 Ongoing dialogue

How well measure impact
  • Ogilvy will apply its Conversation Impact model
    to this program, measuring impact in terms of
  • Potential program metrics include
  • Social media marketing ideas generated (inbound)
  • Internal audiences reached meetings, email,
    events (inbound)
  • WOM mentions tonality (outbound)
  • Shift in competitive share of voice amongst
    influencers (outbound)
  • Reach of mentions (outbound)
  • Message pull-thru (outbound)

Recommended Timeline
For discussion
  • Issues
  • Brazilian Sourcing
  • Migrant Workers
  • Water Permit
  • Squeezed What You Dont Know About OJ
  • Carmine/Cochineal
  • Trop50 specific
  • Social Media
  • Resources
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training/message coaching
  • Reactive/pre-emptive
  • Crop Report
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