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Welcome to University of Illinois Extension Monroe County


Welcome to University of Illinois Extension Monroe County – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to University of Illinois Extension Monroe County

Welcome toUniversity of Illinois Extension
Monroe County
Monroe County
2006 Estimated
  • Population 31,876
  • Approximately
  • Adults (21 years older) 21,000 (/-)
  • Youth (under 21 years) 9,000 (/-)
  • Race
  • White 98
  • All Other 2
  • Median Age 37.5 years

Monroe County Courthouse
Monroe County Bluffs
Jefferson Barracks Bridge
Local Festivals
  • Workforce
  • The majority of the county workforce drive
    between 20-40 miles to their work place.
  • 87 individuals age 25 older have a high
    school or higher degree
  • 20 individuals age 25 older have a
    Bachelors degree or higher
  • 70 population 16 years older are in

Major County Employers
  • School Districts
  • Oak Hill Nursing Care Facility
  • Gateway FS
  • Harrisonville Telephone Company
  • Budnick Converting, Inc.
  • Philip Environmental Services
  • Luhr Brothers, Inc.
  • MAR Business Forms

Business Growth
  • YMCA built a facility between Columbia
    Waterloo. Opened January 2006
  • St. Elizabeth Medical Building also between
    Columbia Waterloo. Opened September 2006
  • Unique business in the county Rock City
    Business Complex- 6 million square foot
    commercial cold storage facility in the converted
    caverns of the limestone bluffs at Valmeyer. In
    December, U. S. Rep. Jerry Costello announced
    that the U.S. government will lease a 400,000
    square section to house National Archives and
    Records such as treasury checks, postal money and
    military and Internal Revenue Service records.
    Other businesses (Target, Nestle, Schwans) rent
    space for cold food storage.

County Agriculture Production(2004)
  • 531 farms
  • Average age of principle farm operator 54.5 years
  • 177,430 acres in farmland make up 71 of county
  • Major crops produced wheat, soybeans, corn
  • Livestock hogs, cattle, sheep
  • (source IL Agricultural
    Statistics 2006)

  • Senior Population
  • Age 65 older approximately 14
  • Columbia Waterloo seniors have access to
    nutrition sites
  • Columbia, Waterloo Valmeyer seniors are
    involved in senior citizen clubs
  • Extension educational programs have been
    conducted at all of the sites

Marketing Efforts
  • Regular visits with County Board of Commissioners
  • Program information sent to State legislators
  • Post all programs on the county website
  • Flyers distributed to businesses libraries for
  • Newspaper ad articles
  • Program flyers sent to targeted mailing lists
  • Articles ads posted in the Farm Bureau
    monthly newspaper

Marketing ...
  • Waterloo Columbia Chamber of Commerce promote
    Extension programming to their members via
    website e-mail news
  • Outdoor marquee
  • 4-H bags with information distributed during
    community parades

  • Information booth at Senior Jubilee
  • Youth education website bookmarks along with
    educational booklets distributed to 5th grade
    students from January April leading up to
    Conservation Days.
  • 4-H club activities at community events
  • 4-H Youth Development program flyers distributed
    through schools
  • County website bookmarks included in mailings

  • Newsletters
  • 4-H Club members
  • 4-H Club leaders
  • Master Gardeners
  • Ag Quarterly distributed at programs delivered
    to agriculture businesses for pick-up
  • Educational materials displayed at County Fair
  • 4-H Club displays/banner at County Fair

  • 4-H Week window displays by 4-H clubs
  • E-mail notification to all 4-H families,
    Master Gardeners other targeted audiences when
    information is posted on-line
  • Educational program information included in 4-H
    Foundation/Alumni newsletter the Monroe County
    Home Community Education newsletter

4-H Youth Development
A growing number of families are choosing to
home school their children.
Youth Demographics
  • 22.6 of Monroe Countys population, 6,247 youth,
    is between the ages of 5 19.
  • The median income for families is 62,397.
  • 3.4 of the population is below the poverty
    level, which includes 2.8 under the age of 18.
  • Monroe County youth and families have easy access
    to attractions, goods and services in the St.
    Louis Metro Area.
  • Many adults commute to jobs in St. Louis

Access Systems
  • Community Based 4-H Clubs
  • Community Based Cloverbud Groups
  • County Based Cloverbud Group
  • County Based 4-H Federation
  • County Based 4-H Ambassadors
  • 4-H Special Interest Groups/Project Clubs
  • Short Term 4-H Groups

Mission Mandates Community Based 4-H Clubs
  • 13 Community Clubs serving 255 youth
  • 5 Community Clubs 1 County Cloverbud
    Group serving 30 youth
  • 38 adult volunteers provide leadership for this
    portion of the program
  • Science, Engineering, Technology
  • ?Science based 4-H projects
  • ?Special emphasis on Animal Science more than
    half of members are enrolled in
    animal projects
  • Healthy Living
  • ?Food Nutrition based 4-H Projects
  • ?Health based 4-H projects
  • Citizenship
  • ?Citizenship based 4-H projects
  • ?Community service projects carried out by a
    most community clubs

?Special emphasis on Animal Science
  • Beef premiere program since 1984
  • Lamb premiere program since 1997
  • Beef Lamb Carcass Evaluation
  • Local Superior Young Producer Contests which
    include Beef, Sheep, Swine, Rabbit

County Based 4-H Federation 4-H Ambassadors
  • Monroe County 4-H Federation is made up of high
    school and college age 4-H members.
  • Currently 20 members
  • 5 adult volunteers provide leadership
  • Federation members may choose to serve as county
    4-H Ambassadors after one year of membership
  • Science, Engineering, and Technology
  • ?Members provide leadership for Science
    related project workshops particularly
    Animal Science Workshops, and Livestock
  • Citizenship
  • ?Members provide leadership for activities and
    events for younger 4-H members Officers
    Training, Craft Day, etc.
  • ?Ambassadors make appearances on behalf of 4-H
  • ?Ambassadors preside over county events

4-H Short Term Special Interest Groups
  • More than 800 county youth accessed the 4-H youth
  • development program through short term and
    special interest groups.
  • Science, Engineering, Technology
  • Outdoor Education Environmental Stewardship
    with Conservation Days (annually 450
  • Field Trips
  • Robotics Workshop
  • GIS/GPS Workshop
  • GIS/GPS Camp
  • Junior Master Gardener Camp
  • Monroe County 4-H GIS Club
  • Healthy Living
  • Youth Cooking School 205 Youth
  • Babysitter Workshop
  • Citizenship
  • Plans are underway to map and identify trees at
    County Courthouse
  • Plans are underway to work with local EMA to
    map locations such as schools, shelters,
    railroad crossings, etc., that would be helpful
    to the agency and general public.

Promote and provide staff support in these
multi-county, regional, and state 4-H youth
development programs
  • Southern Illinois 4-H Camp
  • Southern Illinois Junior High Camp
  • 4-H Discover Chicago
  • Southern Region Hippology Contest
  • Regional Horse Judging Hippology Contest
  • Illinois 4-H Leadership Convention
  • Junior High Leadership Conference
  • Regional Leader Forums
  • Southern Illinois Livestock Judging Contest
  • State Judging Contests
  • Illinois State Fair
  • indicates Monroe County staff supported events
  • Susans leadership on state regional committees
    helps activate local youth interest involvement

Program Evaluation
  • New 4-H Clubs
  • Increased Enrollment
  • Increased show percentage
  • Youth submit award applications, a high
    percentage of youth are eligible for County Award
    of Excellence
  • Increased number of adult volunteers
  • Increased attendance at 4-H Club Leader updates
  • County youth participated in the International
    4-H Youth Exchange program

Agriculture, Horticulture Natural Resources
Animal Health and Production
  • Beef Seminars
  • (co-sponsor with Monroe County Cattlemans
  • Swine Seminars (co-sponsor with Monroe County
    Pork Producers) and Pork Quality Assurance
  • Shepherds Clinic
  • Sheep Festival-with judging event for youth
  • (with Monroe County Sheep Producers)
  • 4-H Livestock Workshops
  • 4-H Poultry Workshop-March 2009
  • 4-H Rabbit and Horse Workshops
  • QA
  • in office research, work with Waterloo Animal
    Hospital and Extension Educators

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Agriculture Economics Farm Management
  • Ag Computer Trainings (co-sponsor with Farm
  • Women in Ag Programs (co-sponsor with Farm
  • Agriculture Technology Workshop
  • (co-sponsor with Bond Clinton, Madison/St.
    Clair Randolph Extension)
  • Sale of farm record books
  • QA
  • i.e. leases, cash rent, custom machinery rates,
    pasture rental rates, computer
    programs, starting small, specialty or organic
    farms, etc.
  • in office research (Farmdoc website) work with
    Extension Educators

(No Transcript)
  • Alfalfa Workshop
  • Host site to Illinois Department of Agriculture
    Commodity Elections
  • Host annual Pesticide Safety Education Program
  • Promote annual Grain Fumigation training
  • Weed identification-done in office with reference
    materials or with use of Digital Diagnostics
  • QA
  • i.e hay pasture establishment, crop diseases
    pest management
  • in office research work with Extension

Master Gardeners
  • 30 active certified Master Gardeners.
  • Answer approximately 120 phone call/walk in
    questions about garden related questions.
  • Maintain educational native plant garden and
    landscaping surrounding the Annex.
  • Assist with horticulture entries/judging at
    Monroe County Fair.
  • Promote the MG program horticulture events at
    Oak Hills Senior Jubilee
  • Landscape at the Monroe County Courthouse.
  • Presence at Monroe County Farmers Market.
  • Presentations to community groups.
  • Program partner with Waterloo Columbia
    Garden Clubs

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Monroe County Garden Tour
  • Garden host sites are at various locations in
    Monroe County.
  • Sites are visited by nearly 200 people annually
    on the 2nd Saturday in June.
  • Planning and coordination is done by the Master
    Gardeners and local garden clubs.

2009 Garden Tour Sites
Educational Events
  • 4 Seasons Home Horticulture Telenets
  • -3 garden-related topics are covered every
  • Nursery Tour-Held every other year.
  • - The 2009 tour was at Schaefer Farms. Over 60
    people attended to hear Dave Robson-Horticulture
    Educator speak about the characteristics of
    various plants.


Junior Master Gardeners
  • Started in Monroe County in June 2007.
  • Offered to 2nd-8th grade students.
  • 5 starting participants in 07 grew to 27 in 09
  • A garden plot was planted in 2008 to attract more
    participants and help with the educational aspect
    of the program.
  • - An IDNR Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant was
    used to aid in the construction of this garden.
  • The garden is used by this group as well as the
    adult Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists

Jr. Master Gardener Camp
Master Naturalists
  • 3 participants took the classes through the
    Monroe County Extension office in 2009.
  • 2 participants are currently enrolled through
    Monroe County for 2010.
  • Volunteer work includes honeysuckle eradication
    and prairie burns on state sites.

5th Grade Conservation Days
  • Held annually in partnership with the Monroe
    County Farm Bureau and Monroe County Soil Water
    Conservation District.
  • This event has taken place at the Waterloo
    Sportsmans Club since 1997.
  • 100 participation by all Monroe County schools.
  • Grants through the Bi-County Health Department
    and the Turkey Federations have helped cover
    program expenses.
  • Presenters have been from organizations such as
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service, Monroe
    County Mapping Platting, Illinois Department of
    Natural Resources, Farm Bureau Womens Committee,
    Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois
    Environmental Protection Agency, University of
    Illinois Extension.
  • Presenters also include local retired teachers,
    high school FFA students, Master Gardeners and
    Master Naturalists.

Monroe County Conservation Days
Educational Events
  • Prairie Restoration Telenets
  • Educator booth at the Festival of the Bluffs
    (sponsored by Clifftop and IDNR)
  • Pond and Lake Workshops-held in 2008 and planning
    another for 2010. (co-sponsored with Monroe
    County Soil Water Conservation District)
  • Timber Rattlesnake Program (co-sponsored with
  • QA
  • i.e. pond maintenance, food plots, forestry
    management, native plants, sinkholes, erosion
    control, wind power, etc.

(No Transcript)
  • Partner with Farm Bureau, NRCS/SWCD, Gateway FS
    IDNR to address issues such as urban development
    in rural areas, karst issues, pond maintenance,
  • Kelly serves as an appointed representative of
    the Southern Regional Groundwater Protection
    Planning Committee which serves Madison, St.
    Clair, Monroe Randolph Counties . Other
    representatives include individuals from county
    Health Departments, IEPA, IDOA, U of I Extension,
    Gateway FS, various water companies, etc.
  • -Address issues such as groundwater protection
    karst education hold bi-annual well water
    screening for pesticides and hold annual
    educational field days/conferences for the

Promote all Regional Programs such as
  • Certified Livestock Manager Training
  • Beef Cattle Co-Products
  • Dairy Days
  • Farm Economic Summit
  • Crop Management Conference
  • Grain Fumigant Training
  • Corn Soybean Classic
  • Winter Wheat Forum

Regional Program Promotion continued
  • Vegetable School
  • Small Fruit Strawberry School
  • Grape Production Workshops
  • Tree Fruit School
  • Gateway Green Industry Conference
  • Soil Water Management Workshop

Nutrition, Family Consumer Sciences
Educational Programs
  • Nutrition Update Series for Dieticians
  • Eating Well with Diabetes Series
  • Getting the Most for your Meat Dollar
  • co-sponsored with Schneiders Quality Meats
  • Food Preservation Workshop
  • Serve It Safely Training to community groups who
    serve food at local events.

  • Food Handlers Refresher Course
  • Extension educators teach a local course every 6
  • BI-County Health Department staff assist with
  • Living Well Day
  • Educational lessons presented to HCE members
  • Disaster Preparedness
    programs partnerships
  • Pam is a member of the Monroe County
    Citizen Corps for Community Emergency
    Response Team

  • Pressure canner gauge testing food preservation
  • Nutrition materials provided to schools
  • Food safety question/information provided to

  • Provide materials to child care centers
  • Collaborate with Childrens Home Aid to provide
    training sessions for child care providers

Community Economic Development
  • Network with the Monroe County Economic
    Development Council
  • Nora partners closely with the Monroe County
    Economic Development Council helping to identify
    and address business development retention
    plan educational opportunities such as Historic
    Tax Credit and using social media for business
    marketing business grant opportunities business
    leadership development and increasing state
    Economic Development agency networks.
  • Staff and volunteers are actively involved in
    promoting Think Monroe County First program
  • County officials participate in Government

University of Illinois
Mission Statement To enable people to improve
their lives and communities through learning
partnerships that put knowledge to work
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