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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


uesday, December 5, 2006
Goal of the Session
  • Provide information about opportunities for
    international engagement after graduation
  • Post-graduate study and scholarships
  • - International service careers
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • International teaching opportunities
  • International internships and careers
  • - International program administration careers

Post-graduate study, scholarships, and teaching
  • Honor's Scholarships
  • Fulbright, Marshall, Truman, Rhodes, NSEP, DAAD,
  • Lyn Fulton-John, Associate Provost of
    Undergraduate Education
  • Teaching
  • TeachAbroad, World Teach
  • Sarah Schlachter, Study Abroad Advisor
  • JET Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme
  • Ian Reynolds, Former JET Participant
  • ESL/EFL opportunities
  • Lee Martin, Assistant Director, Intensive
  • Program, English Language Center

International careers, internships, and volunteer
  • Networking with international alums,
    Opportunities overseas, Career Center resources
  • Lori Bumgarner, Assistant Director, Career
  • Internships overseas
  • Gary Johnston, Director, Study Abroad Programs
  • Peace Corps
  • Lisa Bender, Former Peace Corps Volunteer in
  • Volunteering Overseas
  • Carolyn Audet, Assistant Director, Office of
    Active Citizenship and Service

International education administration careers
  • Study abroad administration and advising
  • Gary Johnston, Director of Study Abroad Programs
  • Work with international students and scholars
  • Judy Pennywell, Director, Office of
    International Student and Scholar Services
  • International admissions
  • Lyn Fulton-John, Associate Provost of
    Undergraduate Education
  • NAFSA and other international organizations
  • Judy Pennywell and Gary Johnston

Honor scholarships
Lyn Fulton-John
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TeachingFulbright ETA
Lyn Fulton-John
  • In most cases, ETAs
  • Are placed in schools or universities outside of
    the capital cities
  • Are assigned various activities designed to
    improve their students' language abilities and
    knowledge of the United States
  • Are fully integrated into the host community,
    increasing their own language skills and
    knowledge of the host country
  • May pursue individual study/research plans in
    addition to ETA responsibilities
  • Countries
  • Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil,
    Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary,
    Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Romania, Russia,
    Slovak Republic, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey,
  • Language requirements, academic level, and hours
    required vary by country.
  • Application
  • Students apply through the Fulbright Scholarship
    program applications due in late September.

Teaching English - Programs
Sarah Schlachter
  • French Cultural Services France
  • Paid
  • No certification necessary
  • applications due Dec. 1, Jan. 1, Feb. 1
  • Central European Teaching Program Hungary,
  • Paid, program fee for participation
  • No certification necessary
  • Applications accepted year-round
  • American Scandinavian Foundation Finland
  • Paid
  • No certification necessary
  • No deadline submit resume cover letter

Teaching English - Programs
  • Princeton-in-Asia China, Hong Kong, Indonesia,
    Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia,
    Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Paid, small contribution fee for participation
  • TEFL certification required
  • Applications due Dec. 4
  • CIEE Chile, Spain, Thailand, China
  • Unpaid, program fee for participation
  • No certification necessary
  • Application due dates vary (Oct. June) by

JET Programme
Ian Reynolds
  • JET Japan Paid
  • No certification necessary
  • applications due late November

Other teaching resources
  • Transitions Abroad Magazine job listings, tips
    for finding positions
  • World Teach placements unpaid, program fee
  • Teach Abroad job listings, tips for finding
  • i-to-i TEFL resources, placements with program
  • Overseas Digest tips for finding trustworthy
    companies, organizations

ESL/EFL Opportunities
Lee Martin
  • TEFL Opportunities Presenter
  • The VU English Language Center (ELC) Lee Martin
  • provides English language courses to
    Assistant Director
  • International students, faculty, and
    staff Intensive English Program
  • at Vanderbilt. For further information,
    English Language Center
  • please visit our website Vanderbilt
  • lee.martin_at_vanderbilt
  • 615.322.2277
  • Contact
  • Dr. Dawn Turton
  • Director, ELC
  • 615.322.2277

TEFL opportunities
  • Qualifications
  • Professional Development
  • Beginning a Career
  • BA/BS
  • Intro programs
  • MA-TESOL, etc.
  • Endorsement/Add-on Certification
  • Certificates
  • Distance Learning
  • Getting Experience
  • Volunteering (see ELC contact info. above)
  • Observations
  • Finding a Job
  • Professional Development
  • Job Search Resources

International Schools
Sarah Schlachter
  • Teach in International Schools as a certified
  • Opportunities worldwide
  • Placements are competitive
  • Some fees may be required
  • See handout for information on search companies,
    job fairs

International careers - networking with
international alums
Lori Bumgarner
  • (Commodore Career Connection)
  • Provides contact info for alums located around
    the world
  • Alumni Clubs/Chapters
  • China
  • London
  • Stay in touch!
  • Make a list of ALL the contacts you made while
    abroad and keep in touch with them.

Opportunities overseas
Lori Bumgarner
  • Internships
  • username prof
  • password exper
  • UCAN Internships
  • CareerLink
  • More online resources
  • Career Library resources
  • Full-time Jobs
  • Click subscribers enter here
  • Username Vanderbilt
  • Password cc37240
  • CareerLink
  • Vault
  • Career Search
  • Set up account
  • Referral code vandy04
  • More online resources

Career Center Resources
Lori Bumgarner
  • Individual advising
  • Group workshops
  • Career Library resources
  • Variety of web resources available at
  • Including the Career Planning Guide, Chapter 7
    International Job Search for US Students
  • Resources gt International Opportunities
  • Resources gt Teaching English Abroad
  • Office Contact Info
  • Location 310 25th Ave., Ste. 220
  • Phone 615-322-2750
  • Email

Internships overseas
Gary Johnston
  • (can
    order a directory of international internships on
    line at this web site)
  • (A bimonthly magazine
    for those interested in working, studying, and
    living abroad)
  • http// (a web
    site with listings of additional internship web
    site locations)

The mission and goals of the Peace Corps
Lisa Bender
  • To help the people of interested countries in
    meeting their need for trained men and women
  • To help promote a better understanding of
    Americans on the part of the peoples served
  • To help promote a better understanding of other
    peoples on the part of Americans

Fast Facts
  • History
  • Peace Corps officially established March 1,
  • Total number of Volunteers and trainees to date
  • Total number of countries served 138
  • Volunteers
  • Current number of Volunteers and trainees 7,810
  • Current number of countries served 77

Fast Facts…(contd)
  • Volunteers
  • Gender 58 female 42 male
  • Minorities 16 of Volunteers
  • Age Average 28 years old Median 25 years
  • Volunteers over 50 6 of Volunteers
  • Education 96 have undergraduate degree
  • 13 have graduate degrees

Volunteer programs
Benefits of service where Peace Corps operates
  • Student loan deferment or partial cancellation
  • Language, cross-cultural and technical training
  • Post-service re-adjustment allowance
  • One year of non-competitive eligibility status
    for federal jobs
  • Full medical and dental care
  • Caribbean
  • Latin America
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • North Africa and the Middle East
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Pacific Islands

  • Jean Kern, Regional Recruiter
  • Atlanta Peace Corps Office
  • 100 Alabama Street SW   Suite 2R70
  • Atlanta, Georgia   30303
  • 1-800-424-8580, option 1, 23470
  • PCV Cape Verde 1996-'99
  • Email Lisa Bender at

Foreign Service -
Lyn Fulton-John
  • Five Career Tracks
  • Management, Consular, Economic, Political and
    Public Diplomacy within the following general
  • Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) help formulate
    and implement the foreign policy of the United
    States. An essential part of the frontline
    personnel at all U.S. embassies, consulates, and
    diplomatic missions, they will be found at nearly
    265 locations worldwide as well as in Washington,
  • Foreign Service Specialists provide unique
    services in support of foreign policy at one of
    nearly 265 posts worldwide or in Washington, D.C.
    Specialists are an integral part of a team
    dedicated to representing America's interests in
    other countries.
  • The Civil Service supports the Foreign Policy
    mission from offices in Washington, D.C., and
    across the nation.

Foreign Service Exam
  • Offered each Spring.
  • Measures knowledge on a range of topics, from the
    structure and workings of the U.S. Government to
    psychology to American culture to management and
    finance. Includes a job knowledge section, an
    English usage section, a biographic inventory,
    and an essay exercise.
  • Candidates must be U.S. citizens between the ages
    of 20 and 59, and be available for worldwide
  • Academic Languages, World Politics, World
    History International Experience through Study
    Abroad, NSEP, Fulbright, DoD

Foreign Service Deadlines
  • several programs for
    students and professionals
  • Pickering Undergraduate Fellowships
  • Pickering Graduate Fellowships
  • Fall Internships at the Dept of State
  • Foreign Service Written Examination
    registration deadline in March

Volunteering overseas
Carolyn Audet
We make a living by what we get, we make a life
by what we give. -Sir Winston Churchill
  • Opportunities to work, live, travel and study
    abroad are plentiful, as are opportunities to
    contribute to the host community throughout the
  • Whether engagement in the host community and
    culture is the purpose of the entire experience
    or comprises one part of a larger whole, civic
    engagement will enhance your life and those of
    others touched by your service.

Reasons to volunteer abroad
  • See the world with a purpose
  • Personal Development
  • Different perspective discover that changing
    the world isnt necessarily the best that we can
    offer to do.
  • Challenge yourself daily, gain patience, and
    experience other ways of living.
  • Learn about yourself
  • Do things that you never imagined yourself
    capable of
  • Flexibility

Reasons to volunteer abroad
  • Resume Building Experiences
  • Employers value volunteerism demonstrates
    flexibility, commitment and patience.
  • Career Development
  • Great way to gain hands-on experience in fields
    youd like to explore
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Purpose and itinerary are largely providedyou
    can focus on full immersion in the host culture
  • Affordable Travel
  • Program Fees GENERALLY cover basics room/board,
    orientation, and the program
  • Other expenses covered through personal
    fundraising (letter writing campaigns,
    contributions from churches or student
    organizations and other donation driven efforts).
    Many organizations will provide you with sample
    fundraising letters from past volunteers.
  • Funding Sources Small scholarships / donations
    local community groups tied to the region
    Organizations should provide sample fundraising
    letters from past volunteers. Offer to speak at
    organizations with ties to your destination to
    increase interest and solicit assistance.

Is volunteering abroad for you?
  • Flexible, patient, self-starters genuinely
    respectful of host culture sought for interesting
    opportunities around the world! Volunteers needed
    to share energy and time, eager to experience new
    cultures firsthand while experiencing personal
  • Those with a desire to teach the native people
    western ways or to save the locals from their
    ways of life NEED NOT APPLY.

Is volunteering abroad for you?
  • Consider the following
  • Have you camped for an extend period? Can you
    live without modern plumbing, hot water and
    electricity for an extended period? Are you
    trained in First Aid/CPR?
  • Are you open enough to accept and respect a
    culture no matter how different it is from your
    culture? Will you be tolerant and respectful of
    local gender roles, traditions, religious and
    business practices, etc.?
  • Are you comfortable with yourself? Are you prone
    to loneliness? Do you need constant contact with
    family or friends? Are you trying to leave
    something behind or move on from a situation that
    is imperfect?
  • Are you hungry to learn? Will you treat each day
    as a learning experience or as a good/bad

Volunteering would be great, but doing what?
  • Community Development building a school, setting
    up a water treatment facility, cleaning streets,
    greening areas by planting vegetation or
    removing waste.
  • Education teaching, assisting or tutoring, all
    levels from Pre-K through adult ed, special
    topics education (HIV/AIDS, EFL, ballet, etc.)
  • Eco-Environmental Work wildlife reserves,
    national parks, monitoring or counting species,
    reforestation programs
  • Social Welfare working with issues of poverty or
    homelessness, community centers, centers for
    older adults, women's co-ops, hospitals,
    orphanages, etc.

How can I find programs and projects?
  • Talk with peers, faculty, staff, others who have
    traveled to or worked in areas that interest you
  • Research programs offered through reputable and
    established organizations with which you or
    family/friends are affiliated (Rotary, Lions
    Clubs, church organizations, professional
    organization chapters)
  • Use Internet resources to search for additional
    opportunities, to research options, and to seek
    out additional ways to verify offerings.

Local starting points
  • At Vanderbilt, the Office of Active Citizenship
    and Service offers students and recent graduates
    several ways to connect to global service.
  • Service Organizations Student groups with
    international opportunities Alternative Spring
    Break, Habitat for Humanity, Manna Project
    International, Free the Children Free the Slaves
  • Extended Term Service Projects Summer 2006 in
    Guatemala, Sri Lanka and Uganda
  • Global Service Opportunities Database connect
    with others whove been where you want to go,
    whove done what you want to do by searching
    submitted information or adding your information
    to the database!

Global sites for global service
  • Great starting places include
  • Action Without Borders volunteer
    opportunities search offers worldwide projects
    and programs spanning the gamut of service
  • Cross-Cultural Solutions well-established
    organization with multiple locations, varied
    service terms, and experience working with
    college-aged individuals and recent graduates
  • Habitat for Humanity International Global
    Village programs provide fee-based options for
    volunteers in all areas of the world with various
    H4H projects
  • site to match interests and
    time availability with opportunities to
    identified needs locally or globally
  • Quaker Information Center Amazingly
    comprehensive collection of links to sites both
    related to Society of Friends service projects
    and others that are unaffiliated

Final thoughts
  • Planning and Evaluation Consider the kind of
    experience that is desired and whether the
    programs and projects meet your needs consider
    your needs, abilities and skills to evaluate
    fit within programs
  • Motivation and Expectation Consider WHY you want
    to volunteer and WHAT you wish to bring to and
    receive from the experience
  • Reputation and Costs Can you contact many former
    participants, others who know the area? Are there
    organizations that verify the work of the
    organization or programs of interest to you? What
    do the costs cover, what do participants cover in
  • Benefits and Rewards The rewards over the
    long-term should outweigh costs, and benefits
    should be for both volunteer and community

Careers in international education administration
Gary Johnston
  • Study Abroad
  • Full profession with professional membership
  • The Forum on International Education -
  • Study abroad office operates as a mini
    collegereflects the functions of the larger
    institution academics, student life issues

Other international education
  • CIEE (Council on International Educational
  • IIE (Institute of International Education)
  • IES (International Education of Students)
  • IFSA Butler

  • How to get involved
  • Join a professional organization such as one
    listed previously
  • Join a listserv of that organization to become
    familiar with the discussion topics in the field
  • Intern or volunteer in a study abroad office
  • Attend a regional or national conference of NAFSA
    or other organization
  • Network with others through the listserv or at a

International education administration careers
Judith Pennywell
  • International Students and Scholars
  • Immigration advising processing
  • Cross-cultural advising/counseling
  • Adjustment, social, educational, culturally-
    relevant programming
  • International students, scholars, employees, and

International education administration careers
Lyn Fulton-John
International Admissions
Admission Counselor
Study Abroad Advisor
Overseas Teaching
Travel International Education
Systems NAFSA/ADSEC Language Cultural Knowledge
International Program Manager (ieLondon Center)
ESL Teacher or Advisor
Goal of the Session
  • Provide information about opportunities for
    international engagement after graduation
  • Post-graduate study and scholarships
  • - International service careers
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • International teaching opportunities
  • International internships and careers
  • - International program administration careers