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Robins Air Force Base Georgia. Future Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool. F2AST ... Sustainment support of Air Force operated weapon systems, support systems, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: F2AST Training

Future Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool
F2AST Training 4 Feb 2009
  • Organizational Structure
  • Background
  • FAST vs. F2AST
  • Scope
  • Contract Parameters
  • Pricing Arrangements
  • Prime Contractors
  • Customers
  • Oversight Governance
  • How to Use F2AST
  • Good Info
  • Summary

Enterprise Acquisition Division FedEx Mail
Address 215 Page Road, Ste 231, Robins AFB GA
31098-1662 Fax (478) 926-4543
Enterprise Acquisition
Division Ms. Debbie H. Jackson, Chief
478-222-1346 Ms. Kathy
Mackowski, Adm Support
Contracting Ms. Charlotte Hobson 478-222-1270
Program Management Mr. Alan Chasteen 478-222-126
Engineering Mr. Al Thompson 478-222-1269
Mr. Russell Dukes 478-222-1322
Mr. K.C. Jones 478-222-1324
Vacant 478-222-1319
Vacant 478-222-1320
Ms. Debra Napier 478-222-1321
Mr. Chuck Pollard 478-926-6053
Ms. Carol Clopton 478-222-1318
Current as of Feb 09
  • Awarded 23 Jul 2008
  • Multiple Award IDIQ contracts
  • 6.9B ceiling
  • 12 Prime Contractors
  • Numerous Subcontractors
  • Requirements included in F2AST were previously
    acquired under two separate programs
  • Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool Program
  • Integrated Weapon System Support Program (IWSSP)

  • Multiple Award IDIQ
  • 6.9B ceiling
  • 12 Prime Contractors
  • Numerous Subcontractors
  • Scope
  • Modifications
  • Development
  • Services integral to devel, Mx or the mod, or SS
    to a prime or LB sub
  • Spares repairs
  • For Mods
  • Limited, Critical, Contingency
  • Avg Award Time Working Days
  • Simple 26
  • Moderate 70
  • Complex 95
  • Multiple Award IDIQ
  • 7.4B ceiling
  • 6 Prime Contractors
  • Numerous Subcontractors
  • Scope
  • Modifications
  • Services
  • Eng Service
  • AAS
  • Spares repairs
  • For Mods
  • Limited, Critical, Contingency
  • Avg Award Time Working Days
  • Simple 23
  • Moderate 45
  • Complex 75

  • Scope Does Not Include
  • New weapon system development
  • Military Construction (MILCON)
  • Civil engineering
  • Base operating support (BOS)
  • Commercial items/services (FAR Part 12)
  • Work suitable for performance by small business
    IAW FAR 19.502
  • Small Business Modifications
  • Engineering Services
  • Advisory and Assistance Services (AAS)

  • Scope Does Include
  • Sustainment support of Air Force operated weapon
    systems, support systems, subsystems, components,
    and related services
  • Partnerships
  • Direct Sales Partnership Agreements
  • Workshare Partnership Agreements
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Requirements generated by NASA, Navy, Army, and
    other federal agencies through sponsoring Center
  • Development, Modification, Maintenance, Repairs,
    Spares, and Services some exclusions apply

Scope - Development
  • Will not develop the next generation aircraft
    (i.e., JSF, JCA)
  • May modify current weapon systems and/or their
  • Design, engineering, development, and test
  • New parts, software, or systems shall be designed
    and produced to integrate with existing system
    components and software if applicable
  • Development activities shall take into account
    maintenance, repair, and operational support

Scope - Modifications
  • Modify current weapon systems and/or their
  • Enhancements
  • Reliability
  • Serviceability
  • Maintainability
  • Performance

Scope - Maintenance
  • May include
  • Programmed (PDM)
  • Unprogrammed (UDLM)
  • Inspections
  • Unpredictable Repair Maintenance

Scope - Services
  • Not reasonably severable from
  • Development
  • Modification
  • Maintenance efforts
  • Sole source efforts to a F2AST prime contractor
    or large business subcontractor

Scope - Spares
  • Standard and Non-Standard Spares
  • Development and/or modifications
  • Contingency Spares
  • Non-responsive source
  • Limited Spares
  • Low fielded population
  • Low demand rate
  • Critical Spares

Scope - Repairs
  • Standard and Non-Standard Repairs
  • Development and/or modifications
  • Contingency Repair
  • Normally organic source that cannot meet the time
    frame required by the government
  • Limited Repair
  • Low fielded population
  • Low demand rate
  • Critical Repair

Contract Parameters
Ordering Period
3 yr basic
2 yr opt
2 yr opt
3 yrs
7 yrs
3 yr basic 2 yr opt
2 yr opt
3 yr PoP
  • 3 year basic ordering period w/two 2 year
    ordering period options
  • 10 year total period of performance
  • Jul 23, 2008 Jul 22, 2018

Contract Parameters (cont.)Small Business
  • All large business prime contractors have
    approved small business subcontracting plans at
    basic contract level
  • Small business subcontracting requirement is 13
    of competitive dollars
  • Post-award monitoring via CDRL
  • Semiannual reviews
  • Documentation in CPARS (D/TO level)

Contract Parameters (cont.)Incentives
Competitive If prime does not meet 13
small business requirement, get-well plan must be
furnished. The delta between the primes SB
subcontracting plan and actual F2AST
subcontracting performance can be applied as part
of the get well plan.
Small Business Subcontracting Requirement 13
of competitive dollars
13 Minimum
Subcontracting performance will be reviewed
semiannually (on or about 15 Jan and 15 Jul). If
prime does not meet requirement after second
review period, get-well plan must be submitted
and approved by PCO. Continued failure to meet
requirement may result in suspension from
Contract Parameters (cont.)MOASP
  • Performance Based IAW AFI 63-124
  • Performance-Based Work Statement (PWS)
  • Services Summary

Contract Parameters (cont.)MOASP
Contract Parameters (cont.)MOASP
  • Designated Official (DO) will be assigned for
    each D/TO as applicable
  • D/TOs will contain PWSs, Performance Plans, and
    Service Summaries as applicable
  • Requirements for appointment and training of
    Quality Assurance Personnel (QAP), 30-day post
    award review, and annual review to be
    accomplished at D/TO level
  • QAP reside in the requirements organizations

Contract Parameters (cont.)Partnering
  • Direct Sales Partnership Agreement (DSPA)
  • AF sells supplies and/or services directly to
    private industry
  • Industry conveys payment directly to the
    performing AF activity prior to the beginning of
    work by organic personnel
  • Workshare Partnership Agreement (WSPA)
  • Specialized arrangement whereby a combination of
    organic and industry facilities and/or employees
    share responsibilities for the execution of DoD
  • Allows the government to avoid non-value added
    industry markups on AF-performed services
  • Allows contractor maximum flexibility to meet
    contractual requirements
  • AF program office will determine the type of
    partnership applicable to a requirement prior to
    release of Request For Order Proposal (RFOP)

Contract Parameters (cont.)Incentives
  • Performance Incentive Options
  • Review of contractor performance at beginning of
    year 3 of basic contract ordering period
  • Semiannual performance metric reviews by
    Enterprise Acquisition Division (WR-ALC/PKE)
    including, but not limited to, subcontracting
    performance and RFOP response time
  • Exercise of incentive option
  • Satisfactory performance Option exercised
  • Marginal performance Option exercised but labor
    costs decremented by 5 on all D/TOs for one year
  • Unsatisfactory performance Option not exercised

Pricing Arrangements
  • Fixed Price (FP)
  • Profit negotiated at D/TO
  • Labor Hour (LH)
  • Profit negotiated at D/TO
  • Profit capped at 10
  • Time and Material (TM)
  • Profit included in rates (10 max)
  • Cost Reimbursable (CR)
  • Fee negotiated at D/TO
  • Incentive Types
  • Award Fee and Incentive Fee Available

Prime Contractors
  • Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc
  • DRS Technical Services
  • L-3 Communications TCS
  • Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems
  • MacAulay-Brown
  • Northrop Grumman Technical Services
  • Raytheon Technical Services Customized
    Engineering and Depot Support (CEDS)
  • Science Applications International Corporation
  • Scientific Research Corporation (SRC)
  • Support Systems Associates, Inc (SSAI)

  • Who Can Issue Orders?
  • Centralized ordering at WR-ALC
  • Decentralized ordering at WR-ALC on case by case
  • Decentralized ordering at OO-ALC
  • Decentralized ordering at ASC
  • Who Can Use?
  • ALC Program Managers Requirements Personnel
  • ASC Program Managers Requirements Personnel
  • Other organizations through a Sponsoring ALC

Oversight Governance
Program Management On-site Technical Quality
Contract Issuance General Contract Management
Delivery/Task Order Administration Technical/Quali
ty Oversight
Program Mgr/ Project Officer
Enterprise Acquisition Division WR-ALC/PKE
Requiring Activity
How to Use F2AST
  • Website information
  • Users Guide
  • WR-ALC Addendum
  • Preliminary Planning
  • Step-By-Step
  • Sponsorship Agreements

F2AST Web information
  • Website for information can be found at
  • http//www.robins.af.mil
  • Units
  • WR-ALC Staff Agencies
  • Enterprise Acquisition Division
  • Information Available
  • F2AST Users Guide
  • WR-ALC Addendum
  • OO-ALC Addendum
  • F2AST Primes and Subcontractors Listing
  • Government POCs

How to Use F2AST (cont.)
F2AST Users Guide
  • Scope
  • Delivery/Task Order Process
  • Responsibilities of the Customer
  • Post Award/Administration of Orders
  • Contractor Teams
  • Appendices
  • Memorandum for Record
  • Fair Opportunity Exception (FoE)
  • Award Process
  • FAQs

WR-ALC Addendum
  • Introduction
  • Delivery/Task Order Process
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • Attachments
  • Checklist
  • Sample Evaluation Criteria
  • Sample Technical Evaluation
  • Past Performance Evaluation
  • Prime Contractor Addresses

Preliminary Planning
  • Define Requirement/Idea of Requirement
  • Requirement POC contacts Business Advisor
    (Cognizant Wing PCO) to determine appropriate
    contract vehicle
  • Follow contract vehicle selection process
  • Conduct Business Planning
  • Completed by Requirements POC Wing PCO

F2AST Step-By-Step
  • If F2AST is selected
  • Step 1 Contact the EAD (F2AST Program Office)
    via e-mail at wralc.pkf.fast.follo_at_robins.af.mil
    or one of the Requirements Managers listed in the
    Users Guide to notify them of a potential

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 2 Meet with the F2AST Team
  • Not limited to one meeting
  • Via e-mail, phone, or face-to-face
  • Review requirements documents
  • Requiring activity's PM and PCO should complete
    the CHECKLIST (Addendum Attch 1) prior to mtg

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • F2AST Checklist
  • Control Number PR

  • The following checklist will assist you in
    organizing the necessary information for the
    D/TO. The F2AST team will work with you in
    completing this checklist as needed.
  •  Please note The first part of the checklist
    covers the information the F2AST team needs to
    ensure that your requirement fits the scope of
    F2AST. The second part of the checklist covers
    some of the most important information needed for
    the contract file. These are not F2AST
    requirements, but are necessary for all
    contracting personnel to adhere to regulatory
    requirements and to help set up the contract and
    solicitation. Additional information about the
    WR-ALC PR process can be found in the F2AST
    Users Guide. If you have any questions, please
    contact one of the F2AST POCs listed in the
    Users Guide. (http//www.robins.af.mil/library/fa
  • Requiring Activity WR-ALC Organization
    / Office Symbol ______
  • Sponsored Organization / Office Symbol

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • 1. Program dollar value (include options)   
        Desired Contract Award Date       
  • and Brief Description of Requirement
  • 2. This requirement includes
  • Development Modifications
    Maintenance Services
  • Spares
  • (Check one spares for modifications
    contingency critical
  • Explain rationale for spares
  • Repairs (Check one
    contingency critical limited)
  •     Explain rationale for repairs

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • 3. Competitive Sole Source (Attach
    F2AST Appendix B located in the Users Guide)
  •  4. Type of contract recommended (Check all that
    apply) FFP TM
    Labor Hour Cost Plus Award Fee
    Cost Plus Incentive Fee Cost Plus
    Fixed Fee
  •  Basis for this pricing arrangement recommended
  •  5. Procurement History (Check all of the
    following as appropriate to confirm that your
    requirement is within established guidelines)
  • Requirement was previously MIPRd to
    another service or agency
  • No procurement history new requirement
  • No current Air Force (AF) contract will be
    disrupted or displaced by F2AST
  • No follow-on AF contracts for reqts
    currently acquired under 8(a) set- asides or
    xSmall Business AF contracts will be
    transitioned to F2AST
  •   Previous FAST/F2AST order(s) Provide

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  •  6.  Evaluation Criteria (Note Not applicable
    to Sole Source requirements, go to item 7)
    check the factors to be included in the
    solicitation from the list below and provide as
    an attachment. You only need those factors that
    apply to your requirement (see attachment 2 for
  •   Mix/Availability of Skills
  • Technical solution/approach
  • Management approach
  • Technical/management approach
  • Delivery schedule or Turnaround Time
  • Capacity
  • Targeted Past Performance NEXT SLIDE

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  •  6.  Evaluation Criteria (cont.)
  • Targeted Past Performance (The contractors
    past performance must be evaluated on each
    requirement. See Attachment 2 to WR-ALC Users
    Guide Addendum for information.)
  •   Technical Knowledge/Experience
  • Other
  • If competitive, user must define the following
  • 1. Relevancy
  • 2. Quality

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • 7. Are 7 working days appropriate for
    submission of proposal? Yes
  • If no, how many days should be provided in
    the RFOP for receipt
  • of proposals?        days
  • 8. Are 7 working days adequate for your Govt
    technical evaluation? Yes No
  • If no, how many days should be provided in the
    RFOP for evaluation of proposals? (state your
    technical evaluation time the F2AST team will
    add an additional 12 days for negotiations as
    necessary and issuance of order)        days
  • The technical team will be required to review
    the labor categories and labor hours and make a
    determination as to whether the categories and
    hours are reasonable for the requirement.

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  •  9. The following is a list of documents that
    are generally needed to solicit the various F2AST
    requirements. Please check as appropriate for
    your requirement. If document is needed, check
    Yes. If the document is not needed, check Not
  •  Note All applicable documents must be provided
    to the EAD electronically
  • Not

  • Yes Applicable
  • DD 2579 (Small Business Coordination)
  • Performance Work Statement, Statement of Work,
  • Performance Plan
  • -Streamlined Acquisition Strategy Summary (SASS)
  • -Formal Acq Plan (10M Devel 25M any 1 yr/50M
    tot pgm)
  • -Formal Acq Plan IAW AFPEO/CM Format gt100M
  •  Fair Opportunity Exception (App B located in
    Users Guide)
  • (required for Sole Source)

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Not

  • Yes Applicable
  • Market Research Report
  • Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) DD Form
  • Purchase Request (PR) Form 36
  • ABSS place FA8530 in Block 1, place F2AST and
    F2AST PCO on front
  • page in Block 12 PR must be walked to the EAD
    or provided via email
  • APRS place FA8530 in Block 1, PR is received
  • Classified (DD 254) Applicable? If yes, does the
    contractor possess
  • the necessary security clearance and safeguarding
  • The Visitor Group Security Agreement (VGSA) is
    also needed if
  • contractor will be on base in performance of this
    task for 60 days
  • or more

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Not

  • Yes Applicable
  • Safety Requirements (Appendix C), requested thru
  • Squadron Safety Officer
  • IAW 78 ABW/SEG Safety Plan is required
    Current (on file)
  • N/A (Must provide 78 ABW/SEG
    information. If safety plan required
  • provide content requirements, format, etc. If
    current or not required
  • furnish SEG e-mail, letter, etc.)
  •  Multi-Functional Team) Appointment Letter
  • QAP Phase I Certificates
  • FD/FC Training Certificate
  • (Note Phase II training will be conducted by
    the post award PCO
  • after contract award)
  • Transportation (DD 1653)
  •  Packaging (AFMC 158)
  • Quality (AFMC 807)

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Not

  • Yes Applicable
  • Green Procurement Program (GPP)
  • (Applicable when using appropriated funds)
  • Theater Business Clearance
  • (Applicable to Iraq/Afghanistan)
  • Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • (Applicable for work performed on government
  • Requirements Approval Document (RAD)
  • Provide Post-Award PCOs Buyer Code
  • (If not WR-ALC PCO, please enter name number)
  • Performance-Based Service Contracting IAW AFI
    63-124 applies for all services acquisitions over
    100K. Performance-based SOW (please provide in
    editable format, if possible), Performance Plan,
    and Multi-Functional Appointment Letter are all
    required documents for services over 100K.
  • NOTE Everything thats not supply (actual
    hardware) is a Service

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • 10. Are all documents annotated with the
    appropriate distribution statement/export control
    notification? Yes No Not
  • 11. Proprietary data should not be included as
    part of the data package.  Have you ensured that
    no proprietary data is included? Yes
    No Not Applicable
  • 12. Can the funding profile be released to the
    contractor with RFOP? Yes No
  • 13. For repair/mods, have you attached your
    SORAP, 50/50 cert, or workload certification, as
    applicable? Yes No - If no, this
    must be provided prior to solicitation. Not
    Applicable WR-ALC/XP is the OPR
  • 14. For repairs/mods, is ALC partnering
    applicable? Yes No
  •  15. Performance Site
  • Contractors Plant
  • Government Location       
  • If performance is on a Government location,
    identify working space, materials, equipment,
    services and other support that will be provided
    in the PWS.

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • 16. Class I Ozone Depleting Substances
  • I have reviewed the requirements, including
    available technical documentation, and believe
    that it does not require the contactor to use
    Class I Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS)
    identified in Air Force Policy, nor is it written
    so that it can only be met by the use of a Class
    I ODS.
  •   I have attached the approved ODS waiver.
  •  17. Will Government Furnished Property (GFP) be
    provided? Yes No - If yes, identify
    GFP and delivery schedule. Also indicate which
    of the following is applicable FOB Origin
    FOB Destination MILSTRIP
  • Note If the GFP was previously authorized
    under another contract, please provide the
    contract number and the name and phone number of
    the cognizant PCO/ACO. This information is
    required before a D/TO can be awarded.

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • 18. Do you have a technical support contractor
    involved in working this program?
  • Yes No - If yes, please provide name
    and company
  • 19. Will you have Non-Government Advisors
    participating in the technical proposal
    evaluation? Yes No - If yes, please
    provide the names and company below. This
    information must be included in the RFOP and
    accepted by the offerors before proposals are
  • 20. Is the Service Contract Act (SCA)
    applicable? Yes No

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Explanations/Additional Information
  • The average D/TO issuance for SIMPLE ACQUISITIONS
    is projected at 26 working days. The Offeror is
    allowed 7 days to submit a proposal, unless
    otherwise specified in the RFOP. The Government
    will evaluate and negotiate, as necessary, and
    issue the order within 19 working days after date
    set for receipt of proposals, unless otherwise
    stated in the RFOP. The 19 working days consists
    of the following
  • a. An electronic notification will be issued
    from the F2AST team requesting an evaluation from
    the customer of all proposals received. The
    customer has 7 working days to evaluate the
    proposal(s) from the contractor(s) and submit the
    evaluation back to the F2AST team.
  • b. The remaining 12 working days will be
    used to resolve discrepancies and complete award
    preparation. If negotiations/discussions are
    needed, contractor(s) may be requested/allowed to
    revise their proposals, as necessary. Upon
    receipt of completed and acceptable technical
    evaluations (see attachment 3) and finalization
    of negotiations, the ordering PCO will issue a
    D/TO to the contractor whose proposal provides
    the best value to the Government.

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Rules for submitting requirements to be awarded
    under F2AST in R2M
  • RAD must be approved
  • DD 2579 (Small Business Coordination) must be
    approved by SB
  • F2AST Appendix B (Fair Opportunity Exception)
    must be signed -- if sole/limited source
  • F2AST Control number must be assigned by
    personnel on the F2AST teamThis number is
    assigned once the F2AST team agrees the package
    is complete
  • Failure to comply will result in the package
    being returned/rejected
  •  ________________ ____ _________________
  • Signed by Program Manager Date Signed
    by the cognizant PCO Date

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 3 Registration and PR Package Development
  • Minimum required documentation
  • Signed checklist
  • Signed Fair Opportunity Exception (FoE) SS
  • Signed DD Form 2579 SB coordination
  • Signed/Approved Requirements Approval Doc (RAD)
  • The official RFOP will not be released until the
    complete pkg is received in R2M
  • A control number must be assigned by the F2AST
    Prog Office prior to loading docs in R2M

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 3 Registration and PR Package Development
  • Evaluation Criteria developed by requiring
    activity with F2AST team support as needed
  • (Attch 2 provides sample criteria relevancy
  • Targeted Past Performance is reqd for all
    competitive orders
  • Develop past performance evaluation criteria
  • Determine whose past performance will be
  • prime only or prime and sub
  • Complex requirements prepare relevancy
    definitions and FACTS sheet

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 3 Registration and PR Package Development
  • Targeted Past Performance (cont.)
  • Simple acquisitions past performance evals
    performed by F2AST team w/ Tech Office support
  • Moderate and Complex acquisitions past
    performance evals performed by Performance
    Confidence Assessment Group (PCAG) which is
    formed in requiring activity
  • Composed of a min of 3 personnel (including at
    least 1 PCO or buyer and 1 technical person)

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 4 Issuance of Request for Order Proposal
  • F2AST PCO will issue
  • Provides Prime contractors opportunity to propose
  • Will include all applicable clauses
  • Contractors have seven (7) working days to submit
    proposal unless otherwise specified in the RFOP

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 5 Evaluation of Offerors (Attch 3)
  • Tech eval conducted by requiring activity
  • Cost/Price conducted by F2AST team unless the
    order is decentralized
  • Govt eval is conducted within seven (7) working
    days unless other wise stated in RFOP

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 6 Delivery/Task Order (D/TO) Award
  • Negotiations and award within twelve (12) working
    days for simple acquisitions
  • F2AST PCO makes best value decision in most cases
  • Requested debriefings can be either written or
  • Step 7 Administration
  • Post award PCO performs for the D/TO(s)

F2AST Step-By-Step (cont.)
  • Step 8 Protest of Orders
  • Contractors can protest D/TOs based on
  • Order increases scope, period of performance, or
    maximum value of the order
  • Order is in excess of 10M (FAR 16.505(a)(9)(i)
  • F2AST PCO will respond to protests resulting from
    award process disputes
  • Requiring activity PCO will respond to protests
    resulting from scope, performance, or acquisition

How to Use F2AST (cont.)
  • Sponsorship Agreements
  • When sponsored by a WR-ALC organization, F2AST
    may be utilized by product centers, other
    agencies, and/or other services
  • WR-ALC sponsoring organizations responsibilities
  • Serving as the focal point for the F2AST team
  • Furnishing required F2AST documentation IAW
    WR-ALC/PK policy
  • Establishing evaluation team(s) composed of
    personnel from both WR-ALC and the requiring
  • Determining post award administration prior to
    entering into sponsorship agreement

Good Info To Know
  • F2AST process is in place
  • Similar to FAST
  • Must complete F2AST Checklist prior to acceptance
  • F2AST is not a magic bullet that will fix all
    acquisition problems
  • Acquisition planning is still required
  • A complete requirements package is essential
  • Timeframe to award
  • Avg days depend on threshold and sole source Vs
  • Currently 26 WORK DAYS for simple acquisitions

Good Info To Know (cont.)
  • F2AST is not for everything
  • Some acquisitions gain little with F2AST
  • Good when it makes sense
  • Large Source Selections
  • Looking for a Small Business sub?
  • Cant use F2AST
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