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Trends 2009: What the Future Holds for Food and Dining


a return to families cooking together and eating at home more than they have in decades, ... These days, the economy dictates our cooking and shopping decisions. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Trends 2009: What the Future Holds for Food and Dining

Trends 2009 What the Future Holds for Food and
  • Kaiti Roeder, RD, LMNT
  • Director of Nutrition and Education Nebraska Beef

Definition Trend
  • Definition 
  • tend or move in particular way to show a
    tendency or movement toward something or in a
    particular direction
  • prevailing style a current fashion or mode

How are trends influenced?
  • Trends are influenced by a variety of players
  • Celebrity chefs
  • The food and restaurant industry
  • The travel industry
  • Consumer and industry magazines
  • Hollywood

More about trends
  • They can be
  • Regional
  • Cultural
  • Socio-economical

So 2008
  • Food and Health
  • Less was definitely more in restaurants last year
  • In 2008, 3 of the top trends had to do with
  • Mini food
  • Value pricing
  • Lighter food options

Top Food Trends for 2009
  • From a variety of sources

Overlying themes
  • Hallmarks of 2009 will include
  • a return to families cooking together and eating
    at home more than they have in decades,
  • a premium on high-quality, seasonal ingredients
    that provide good value
  • an emphasis on simple food for the people, by the

2009 Economy
  • Restaurants will struggle to stay afloat
  • Promotions including more fixed price points and
    all-you-can-eat nights/
  • Themed night
  • CA Meatball Monday
  • Lounges
  • Drinks and appetizers

Functional Foods
  • Foods with ingredients that are medically
    beneficial beyond their basic nutritional value.
  • People are starting to look at foods as a
    prescription for health.
  • Functional foods in highest demand includes those
    containing omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and

Functional Foods
  • Some examples
  • foods with enhanced nutrient profiles such as
    tomatoes bred to deliver higher levels of
  • eggs that contain omega-3 fatty acids derived
    from feeding hens flax
  • and frozen vegetable blends that feature
    combinations of veggies that accent specific
    nutrient needs for omega 3 fatty acids,
    antioxidants and fiber.

Gluten-free products
  • Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered
    by gluten, a protein found in rye, wheat and
    barley, affects only about 1 percent of the
    population. But gluten-free products are now
    considered chic!

Alternative Sweeteners
  • In December the FDA approved the use of Stevia, a
    naturally derived, zero-calorie alternative to
    artificial sweeteners like aspartame and
    sucralose, providing a new option for people who
    are concerned about both calories and side
    effects from the non-sugar sweeteners on the

Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D has long been associated with healthy
    bones when it's paired with calcium.
  • Recent studies now link this nutrient to benefits
    including heart health.
  • Likewise, early results from on-going studies
    suggest a possible link between vitamin D and
    colon, breast, pancreatic and lung cancer

Pre-Measured Ingredients
  • Several companies have launched products that are
    perfect for occasional cooks who don't want to
    store a lifetime supply of spices or who shy away
    from the high cost jarred spices..

Bold Ingredients
  • Pepper
  • Hot" on the heels of the artisan salt trend,
    specialty peppers are attracting the attention of
    chefs in 2009. Look for gourmet endorsed
    talamanca peppercorns as well as new smoked tri
    color peppercorns, Bali long peppercorns and
    aromatic comet tail peppercorns on menus and at
    well-stocked grocers.

Bold Ingredients
  • More interest in
  • Hemp oil and seeds
  • Anti-oxidant potent spices
  • Cumin, cinnamon, ginger

  • Although it's an ancient grain, spelt is the new
    darling in the whole grain movement. Perception
    that spelt is a healthier (although not gluten
    free) alternative to whole wheat is fueling the

Stress Reducers
  • In these uncertain times, look for new foods and
    beverages to help de-stress
  • Dasani Plus Calm Relax
  • Arizona Rx Stress tea
  • Blue Cow Relaxation drink

Vitality Boosters
  • The idea of energyboth physical and mentalwill
    greatly influence food products.
  • Its no longer simply about caffeine
  • Herbal ingredients like ginseng and guarana and
    amino acids such as taurine and L-carnitine are
    migrating to energy drinks and foods.

Value is the new Sustainable
  • These days, the economy dictates our cooking and
    shopping decisions.
  • Bargains are in, no matter where they come from.

Noodle Bars are the new Sushi Joints
  • With some seafood being suspect or overfished and
    raw fish prices high, noodles make complete
    sense. If there's no ramen, udon, or soba shop in
    your neck of the woods, there will be soon.

Ginger is the new Mint
  • Move over, mojitos. Ginger beers and ginger
    cocktails (like the Ginger Rogers, Gin Gin Mule,
    and Ginger Smash) are bubbling up at places like
    The Violet Hour in Chicago, the Clock Bar in San
    Francisco, and Matsugen in New York.

Smoking is the new Frying
  • You know how everything tastes better fried?
    Well, almost everything tastes better smoked,
    too, and that includes cocktails. Bartenders are
    smoking their bourbons, and chefs, recognizing
    the national craze for BBQ, are smoking more than
    just salmon and ribs nuts, salts, etc

Regional Roasters are the new Starbucks
  • It's come full circle. What started as a local
    coffee phenomenon migrated to other cities and
    turned Americans into java junkies. Then the
    chain overexpanded
  • and overreached,
  • hood coffee roasters
  • thrive and the little
  • neighborhood again.

  • Products with too much salt often get a bad rap
  • More companies will take the lead, just like
    Campbells soup, and formulate their products
    with sea salt rather than mineral salt.
  • Place salts (Hawaiian, Red Clay) and flavored
    will appear more often on supermarket shelves.
  • Balsamic vinegar is out!!

Dining Trends 2009
  • As reported by Mintel Menu Insights

New/Fabricated cuts of meat
  • Several factors drive this trend
  • Culinary creativity
  • Cost conscious
  • Interest in lean protein
  • Developed to
  • gain maximum flavor from the meat
  • Incorporate under-used parts of the animal into
    innovative dishes
  • Customize cuts to trim fat content

Peruvian is the new Thai
  • You thought Peruvian cuisine was all about
    seviche, maybe? Guess again Peru boasts culinary
    influences from Spanish, Basque, African,
    Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, and British
    immigrants. Pisco Sour, anyone?

Comfort Foods Reinvented
  • Often connected to times of economic recession,
    comfort food is what people crave when they are
    feeling down.
  • Looking for warm, familiar favorites
  • Increase use of slow cooking

Fresher Food
  • Fresh, natural and pure are taking its place on
    the menu
  • Local farm names on the menu
  • Convey the fresh, inherently good nature of
    their food

More Mediterranean
  • Encompassing the flavors of Spain, Italy, Greece
    and the Middle East.
  • Already popular are tapas, gyros and hummus
  • Upcoming Calling out the origin
  • Spanish olives
  • Greek cheese
  • Middle East yogurt sauce
  • More Med dishes in fast casual restaurants

Story telling
  • Surrounded by negative news about the economy and
    obesity rates, restaurants will try to make
    diners happy by telling stories on the menu about
    the foods preparation, health benefits or
  • This helps people feel good about what they are

  • If you like eggs at any hour, youre in luck.
    Look for more restaurants with all-day breakfast
    items. Fried or poached eggs on top of dishes

Nutrition Police??
  • May 2008 New York
  • LA the city council banned the construction of
    new fast food restaurants in certain city
    neighborhoods for a year.
  • Now the state of New York is proposing a
    15-percent sales tax on non-diet soft drinks that
    could kick in this year.
  • With legal challenges failing to prevent these
    fat-fighting municipal and state measures from
    going through, look for them to spread in 2009.

Nutrition and health
  • Nutritionally balanced childrens dishes
  • Produce and fruit items
  • Smaller dishes
  • Gluten free/ allergy conscious meal

What it really comes down to is.
  • Eating well is one of lifes greatest
  • Julia Child



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