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TBF Current Benefits


Oklahoma Bass Federation. TBF Current Benefits ... will costs the Oklahoma Federation close to $37,000 to fund. ... The 2006 SQT events will be Oklahoma TBF events ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: TBF Current Benefits

TBF Current Benefits
  • 2006 Living the dream Fed Champion Elite
    Series entry fees
  • 2007 Living the Dream full sponsorship, wrap
    truck and wrap boat 2007 with chance at 2008
    Forrest Wood Cup
  • Cash to state federation for newsletters ads
  • Cash to state federation for web ads
  • Pennzoil program
  • Evan Williams program
  • Fish Hedz program
  • Meritech program
  • State Federation receives cash rebates via the
    TBF store

Anglers Opportunities
2006 BASS, LLC
  • State tournaments will exist
  • OBF will manage and run the events
  • The OBF State Champion will qualify for a BassFan
    State Champions Event
  • 12 man state team
  • 2 Anglers from each states qualify for TBF
    Federation National Championship (100,000.00)
  • 6 anglers and 6 co-anglers qualify for the FLW
    All-American (1,000,000.00)
  • Fed Champ Angler and Co-Angler qualify for the
    Forrest Wood Cup (1,000,000.00)
  • 6 Anglers and 6 co-anglers qualify for the
    100,000.00 BassFan Weedend Warrior event
  • State tournaments will exist
  • BFN will manage and run the events
  • 12 man state team divisional payout based on
    roster counts
  • FNC Purse - 2007 (145,000)
  • 6 Classic spots

Youth Opportunities
2006 BASS, LLC
  • Will have a similar program to CastingKids in
    place in 2006 w/travel assitance
  • Will have a similar program to the existing JWC
    as soon as possible
  • TBF/FLW will provide travel assistance to the new
  • TBF/FLW will direct CASH into state youth program
  • Wal-Mart, Kelloggs and other FLW sponsor
    companies are committed to growth youth
  • FLW has a relationships withBoy Scouts
  • Childrens Miracle Network
  • St. Jude Hospital
  • CastingKids program
  • CastingKids travel assistance
  • Junior World Championship
  • 2007 JWC contenders will receive travel
  • Junior Bassmaster magazine
  • One 4 year undergraduate scholarship program for
    fisheries major (2000.00/yr)
  • One 2 year graduate scholarship program for
    fisheries major (5000.00/yr)

2006 BASS, LLC
  • TBF/FLW will direct CASH into state federation
    conservation program
  • The federation can design the program from the
    ground up
  • Wal-Mart, Chevy, BP/Castrol, Fuji are ready to
    provide support
  • Wal-Mart and FLW has an existing 300,000,000
    land program in-place
  • Proposed a New Divisional Conservation program
    (under review by Presidents)
  • State Federation can apply for funds from the
    National Fish Habitat Foundation. Up to 1000.00
  • State and National leverage via a strong lobby
  • Strong Federation Conservation programs and

Dues and Benefits
2006 BASS, LLC
  • FLW dues 25.00
  • TBF dues 15.00
  • BassFan dues Free
  • (19.95 or 800,000.00)
  • BASS Dues 25.00
  • Federation Dues 20.00
  • BassInsider free
  • (35.00 value)
  • 3rd party liability 1,000,000 (Better
  • A.D.D 9500.00
  • 25,000 additional medical coverage
  • Early entry BFL and Stren Series
  • TBF State Champions will be guaranteed Pro slots
    in Stren Series (must enter all 4)
  • Enhanced Ranger Cup Program state funding
  • Full dollar for dollar accounting of your money
  • Fed coverage in FLW and BassFan media
  • 3rd party liability 1,000,000
  • A.D.D 9000.00
  • Early entry Tour and Elite series for amateurs
  • Non-Boat slots for Majors and Elite series
  • Alliance program
  • Platform for media coverage
  • Members must sign a code of conduct agreement
  • Annual club agreement
  • Mandatory term limits

2006 BASS, LLC
  • Ranger Boats
  • Wal-Mart
  • Yamaha Outboards
  • Chevy Trucks
  • BP
  • Kelloggs
  • Lowrance
  • Fuji Film
  • Evinrude
  • Pedigree
  • Wal-Mart
  • Castrol
  • Pure Fishing
  • Evan Williams
  • Land O Lakes
  • Other TBF Sponsors
  • other state sponsors
  • Triton Boats
  • Mercury Outboards
  • Motorguide
  • Citgo
  • Evan Williams
  • Lowrance
  • Busch
  • Toyota Trucks
  • BassPro Shops
  • Purolator
  • Pure Fishing

2007 Federation Nation (BASS, LLC)
  • State tournaments will exist and be operated
  • 12 man state team progress to divisional
    (currently OBF reimburses travel expenses )
  • FNC angler (total payout 145,000) spouse
    travel will be funded
  • 6 Divisional Champions will get free entry fees
    into Northern or Southern Tour (7500/angler)
  • Each state will qualify 6 (six man) teams (36
    people) for Regional Team Championship (RTC).
    BASS will set the state tournament entry fee so
    it will be uniform across the country (that cost
    has not been determined). Based on funding a
    team at 250.00 a member 9000.00 or funding
    the team at 500.00 per person 18,000.00 for
    expenses) without including entry fees.
  • Entry fee for RTC is 250.00 per person (9000.00
  • One 6 man team will qualify for Federation Nation
    Club Championship (prize will be 6 Triton Mercury
    packages estimated value 250,000 (entry fee to
    be determined)
  • State and national entry fees will be charged
  • Regions look similar to Weekend Series
  • BASS will generate funds from Pro Tour events for
    Fed. Nation
  • Member discount for BASS-STUFF and Field Test

2007 Federation Nation (BASS, LLC)
  • Comments
  • This program including State Team and Club
  • will costs the Oklahoma Federation close to
    37,000 to fund.
  • That means that entry fees will have to increase
    by a factor of 3
  • to 4 to fund this program or 450.00 to 600.00
    fees to fish the
  • the program (current tournament fees are 150.00)
  • Overall Federation Nation Entry Fees and Payout
  • 9000.00 per state
  • Assume 48 state federations (54 including
  • Total Program Entry Fees Based on 48 states
  • Published payout for 6 Triton/Mercury boats
  • Unaccounted cash 182.000.00 (payouts/overhead/p

2006 Oklahoma TBF/FLW
  • State tournaments will exist and be operated
  • 12 man state team progress to divisional
    (currently OBF reimburses travel expenses )
  • TBF Fed Championship Qualify a angler and
    co-angler (payout 100,000.00)
  • 6 Anglers and 6 Co-Anglers advance to BFL-All
    American (1st place 140,000 and Total Purse
  • 1 Fed Angler and 1 Fed Co-Angler Advance to
    Forrest Wood Cup (payout 1,000,000.00)
  • Fed Champion will receive the Living The Dream
    program Entry fee for FLW Wrap Boat Wrap
  • State Champion from SQT will qualify for the
    BassFan Divisional Federation Championship
  • One angler and co-angler from each Division (12)
    total qualify for the BassFan Weekend Warrior
    Tournament (100,000.00)
  • Comments
  • FLW will pay state federation for all new members
    at 7.00
  • 80 Membership required to initiated program
  • Wal-Mart discounts and ther FLW member benefits

2006 Time Line
  • Pay 15.00 Federation dues (TBF) to James Hardage
    by February 1, 2006. This is necessary to
    protect clubs and members.
  • The 2006 SQT events will be Oklahoma TBF events
  • TBF clubs will help staff and meet existing
    CastingKid the commitments through March 1, 2006
  • On March 1, 2006 the OBF will operate as an
    affiliate to the TBF/FLW
  • We are qualifying for the TBF/FLW/BassFan program
    in 2006
  • Members must join the FLW (25.00)
  • Top-6 Event will remain as scheduled
  • Reference BASSMASTER.COM
  • Reference OKBASS.ORG (click on TBF logo)

The purpose of this letter is to provide
information and answers to frequently ask
questions to the affiliated clubs in Oklahoma
and members of the OBF. All the information in
this presentation is based on the information,
that was available as of Tuesday, January 17,
2006 1939 PM. Answers to Four FAQ 1. How
did the OBF vote on the issue of
supporting the TBF/FLW or BASS LLC last
week at the Federation Championship ? I
collected the information that was presented by
BassFan, BASS LLC and the TBF/FLW. After,
reviewing the programs, I called a meeting with
the Executive BOD (via a conference call)
and presented them a recommendation. The
EBOD was unanimous in supporting the
recommendation. The OBF voted to support
the combined offers of TBF including BassFan
and FLW/Wal-Mart.
  • Answers to FAQ
  • 2. Why did you vote in Florida and not bring
    the issues
  • back to Oklahoma ?
  • At the December board meeting it was motioned,
  • and unanimous approved to empower the
    President to
  • make a decision in Florida. I handled the
    situation as we
  • always have, in that no one person makes a
    decision. For
  • example no one person disqualifiers an angler
    in an OBF
  • event for a rules violation. The TD , ATD
    and Pres
  • discuss the situation, collect information
    and make a
  • decision. In this case, I used the same
    process, by
  • collecting the data, reviewing the options
    and considering
  • the ramifications then formulated a
    recommendation and
  • presented the information to the EBOD.
    When the
  • EBOD collectively supported the
  • I moved forward to support the
    TBF/BassFan/FLW plan.

Answers to FAQ
4 Will the OBF be forming a new corporation
? The EBOD discussed this issue last
night. The OBF is a non-profit corporation. As
we understand the articles of incorporation do
not reference B.A.S.S. or BASS-LLC. But,
reference that the OBF will affiliate with an
organization of like mind. Thus, it will not be
necessary for the OBF to form a new corporation.
However, any clubs that wish to de-affiliate with
the OBF will need to form a new organization and
a new corporation. Again, we will discuss
this issue during the conference call. It is not
the EBOD desire to destroy the OBF or hold any
club hostage.
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