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Demonstration Speeches


Abstract Topics: Challenge is to make it visual. ... How to Make a Collage. Braiding Hair. Making a Pi ata. Table Dressed to Impress ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Demonstration Speeches

Demonstration Speeches
  • A demonstration speech would be appropriate if
    you were going to speak on topics such as making
    sushi, repairing a lamp, cutting hair, showing
    how a vacuum cleaner works, or binding a book.
  • -Fujishin on page 136

Demonstration Speeches
  • Provides answers to the question How do you do
  • Also known as how to speech.
  • Type of informative speech.

Attention Getter and Memorable Close
  • Even though you are showing the audience how to
    do something, you still need an enticing
    attention getter and a memorable close.

Preparing a Demonstration Speech
  • Required steps or stages
  • What comes first?
  • Whats absolutely essential?
  • Which step is easiest?
  • Which step is hardest?
  • What does the audience already know how to do?
  • Where will the audience be most likely to get
  • Which step takes the most time?
  • Which take very little time?

Organizing a Demonstration Speech
  • Organize steps in order.
  • Clarify and simplify difficult steps.
  • Think about the physical space of the room.
  • Dont forget to put stage directions on your
    index cards or outline.

Audience Participation
  • Only use audience participation that is practiced
    ahead of time or is highly controlled.

Dont Assume You Know
  • Just because you are demonstrating something you
    know how to do…doesnt mean you can automatically
    explain it to an audience.

Visual Aids
  • What actual objects will you need.
  • What gaps will you need to fill in.
  • Practice working with your props.

Abstract versus Concrete
  • Abstract Topics Challenge is to make it visual.
  • Concrete Topics Challenge is to make it new and

Condensing Time
  • Prepare several different versions of the items
    at different points in the process.

Two Audience Questions
  • Why should I care?
  • Why should I believe you?

Memory Canon is Key
  • Rehearsal is one of the keys to delivering an
    effective demonstration speech.

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Demonstration Speeches
  • Make sure you choose a topic that is narrow
    enough that you can actually demonstrate it in
    4-6 minutes.