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Making Your Website Work for You


Five Keys to Web Success. Plan properly for a well developed website ... Printing colors do not translate same on web. RGB vs. CMYK. All monitors are not ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Making Your Website Work for You

Making Your Website Work for You
Think about how you lived less than 10 years
  • Nothing has impacted society and our behavior as
    rapidly as the internet has!
  • Changed entire marketing communications dynamic
  • 1996 a push flow of information was the norm
  • tell me everything I need to know (reactive)
  • By 2000 we shifted to pull flow society
  • Let me decide what I need to know(proactive)

Five Keys to Web Success
  • Plan properly for a well developed website
  • Keep a user centered mindset
  • Ensure clean, crisp graphics/layout
  • Design site to be search engine friendly
  • Implement SEO and SEM

Web Success Key 1
  • Plan for an effective site

Web Success Key 1Plan for an Effective Site
  • Websites are like any other project
  • Planning will save money, time and headaches
  • Hire an expert but, dont leave it all up to
  • Know why you need a website
  • Use the Web Planning Guide provided today

The Web Planning Process
  • Think about the type of site you need
  • Static or Dynamic
  • Static is the typical site environment
  • Dynamic allows for content management, data
    management, etc.
  • Content Management Systems are popular
  • The Cms section Link is
  • http//

The Web Planning Process
  • Know your objectives and purpose
  • - The designer should not define this for you!
  • Define your web related goals
  • Clearly identify what you expect visitors to
    doThis will help the design direction

The Web Planning Process
  • Account for where all content will come from
    ahead of time (biggest project killer)
  • Reference other sites to gain insight
  • Document everything with designer (scope)
  • Clearly identify and analyze everything you can
    about your target visitor

The Web Planning Process
  • Brainstorm potential visitor movement they may
    desire to make once on your site
  • Jot down your proposed site map
  • Ensures smooth page flow
  • Clarifies best navigation
  • Identify landing pages, then sub pages

The Web Planning Process
  • List features/functions/forms for the site
  • Decide up front if you will want to optimize the
    site for search engines

Web Success Key 2
  • Keep a user centered mindset.

Keep a User-Centered Mindset
Old site
New site
Web Success Key 2Keep a User Centered Mindset
  • Ask yourself - is what I am adding to the site
    helping or hurting the user experience?
  • Recognize that websites are self service tools
  • Avoid making the visitor figure your site out
  • Always step back and think about your targeted
    audience and how they think
  • Align content and navigation to their mindsets

Usability Will Determine Your Success
  • It is often overlooked in the design process
  • Effective usability is difficult to achieve
  • Space limitations
  • Content and graphics to merge together
  • Limited font options
  • Color issues, monitor and browser issues, etc.
  • Avoid overdoing what we want in the site vs.
    what the visitor wants

User Friendly Web Tips
  • Have clean and easy to follow navigation
  • Align your site structure with user expectations
  • Avoid distracting the visitors direction
  • Make sure your contact info is visible
  • Visitor should always know where they are
  • Test usability with peers or hire test users
  • Try to keep key pages within 3 clicks

Visitor Frustration Will Run Deeper than Just
Your Site
  • A challenging or unorganized site reflects poorly
    on your organization
  • Close your eyes and think about your emotions
    when you struggled to get something on a site!
  • Your site should make the visitor feel okay

Have Clean Navigation
  • Keep it simple, straightforward, intuitive
  • Best main navigations are clearly left, right or
  • Check your ability to travel back to where you
    came from using only page navigation
  • Menu names (links) should be specific,
    descriptive and relative to the topic
  • Make sure nav is visible from any page
  • Avoid distracting sounds on links
  • Icons should be easy to understand

Align Sites Structure With User Expectations
  • Think about where your visitor would expect
    certain information
  • Realize that you have background knowledge of
    what you intended the navigation to be.
  • The visitor has to figure out your intentions
  • Think in terms of what the user wants before
    considering what you want in the site

Avoid Distracting the Visitors Direction
  • Keep links that leave your site off early pages
  • Keep fringe information off the home page
  • Make it clear where the core information is

Make Sure Contact Info is Visible
  • Can you remember being frustrated by this?
  • Try and keep the path to finding contact info
    accessible throughout the site

Visitor Should Always Know Where They Are
  • Try and use titles on pages when possible
  • Have the navigation hi-light location status

Test, Test, Test, and Test More
  • Use your peers or hire local people to test it
  • Predetermine what you want to achieve (purchase,
    find key info, getting sign ups, etc)
  • Sit with them - watch eye and mouse moves
  • Have the tester verbalize what they see as they
    go, and their vision of move options
  • Command honest feedback listen

Keep Key Pages Within 3 Clicks
  • If it takes more than 4 pages to purchase on
    ecommerce rethink your paths
  • Fewer page clicks improves your conversion rates
    and makes visitors happy

Web Success Key 3
  • Clean, Crisp Clear.

Web Success Key 3Clean, Crisp
  • The goal is to balance form and function
  • Visitors scan pages looking for an anchor
  • Go with the flow! Most visitors eyes flow
  • immediate glance to top left
  • then center
  • then left or the top looking for navigation
  • Conversion related content is best from center to
    slightly right on the page

Clean, Crisp Graphics/Content/Layout
  • Choose web-safe colors
  • Printing colors do not translate same on web
  • RGB vs. CMYK
  • All monitors are not created equally
  • Use color to effectively manage visibility of

Clean, Crisp Graphics/Content/Layout
  • Break content and text into easy to follow
    sections or blocks
  • Create a clear hierarchy or path in the way
    information is positioned on the pages
  • Create contrast with color and text

Clean, Crisp Graphics/Content/Layout
  • Write clear and concise copy
  • Use quality images
  • Design page resolution to least common
    denominator (800 x 600 screen resolution)

Website Sample
Web Success Key 4
  • Use a Search-Engine Friendly Approach.

Web Success Key 4Use Search Engine Friendly
  • Amazingly, many sites are designed without search
    engine considerations
  • It saves money to create an SEO friendly site up
    front compared to converting a site
  • Even if SEO and web marketing are not in current
    budget, it pays to at least make the site SEO
    ready from the get go!

Web Success Key 4Use Search Engine Friendly
How Do Search Engines Work?
How Do Search Engines Work?
  • Wow, I cant believe I found a place just down
    the road!
  • It happened long before your search
  • It starts with url submission or link activity
  • Then come the spiders to check it out
  • Whats with these robots
  • And the..the algorithms keep score!

Want an SE Friendly Site?
  • Avoid using frames hard for SEs to index
  • Minimize or compress graphic file sizes
  • Search engines dislike slow loading sites
  • Stay more in html and text - less in graphics
  • SEs like to read text and evade graphics
  • Be sure your html coding is W3C compliant

Want an SE Friendly Site?
View Source Encoding sample
Want an SE Friendly Site?
  • Carefully research keywords and phrases
  • Actively update and change your content
  • SEs love site updates and new content
  • Make good use of keywords in top of page
  • SEs begin at top and seek quick relevancy

Want an SE Friendly Site?
  • Optimize your sites title and meta tags
  • Place key words in titles and tags
  • Meta tags keyword and description tags.
  • Each page should have its own title
  • Makes it easier for SEs to index pages
  • Create a back-end SE friendly site map helps
    SEs index your pages and content

Want an SE Friendly Site?
  • Place keywords in your graphics alt tags
  • Make sure your navigation is html-not graphic
  • SEs dont recognize flash
  • If used, just make sure most of site is html

Web Marketing Solutions
  • Implement SEO and SEM

Web Marketing Solutions
  • Linking Activity
  • Internet Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Viral Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Linking Activity
  • What is linking?
  • Why does linking matter?
  • How do I find good links
  • Tools like by Google
  • Do a search on your key words looking for
    complementary sites (non-competitive sites)
  • Create a link request email message or call
  • Best link to sites with high PR and link pop.

Linking Activity
Internet Advertising
  • Paid placements
  • Pay per click advertising you only pay for
    click throughs
  • Creates increased exposure on SEs
  • Research best words
  • You see these on the right side usually
  • Web optimization creates the center pg ranks.
    This is free but requires expertise.
  • Can take at least six months to make progress

Internet Advertising
Sponsored adsfor the Search on Yoga Toes
Internet Advertising
  • Check out to get traffic
    potential, keyword statistics, open an acct.
  • Paid advertising (PPC, etc,), is a great way to
    generate quick activity you can get results in

Affiliate Marketing
  • Great for people who do e-commerce
  • Think of it as building a big referral network
  • Compensate affiliates a variety of ways
  • Click through
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Build affiliates through software or approach it
    the same way you do linking strategies

Make Blogs Work For You!
  • Rapidly growing strategy
  • Two ways to use them
  • Create multiple blogs for independent linkage
  • Participate in industry specific external blogs
  • How to approach this strategy
  • Keyword searches looking for good blogs
  • Participate in only relevant blogs
  • Provide valuable info, and refer to your site

Viral Marketing
  • Good examples Tell a friend/refer a friend
  • Helps build email contacts and avoids spam
  • Use on your site or in email campaigns or in
    articles/white papers you place on web

Email Marketing
  • Tips
  • Do in html minimize graphic use
  • Create links back to your site
  • Offer value or education
  • Follow ethical practices to avoid getting
  • Maximize viral marketing
  • Consider using an auto responder in your site

Email Marketing
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