You Want me to stick What Where Installing XP on the Intel Mac - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You Want me to stick What Where Installing XP on the Intel Mac


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: You Want me to stick What Where Installing XP on the Intel Mac

You Want me to stick What Where?Installing XP on
the Intel Mac
  • Vince Spiars
  • Wesleyan University
  • Jan. 30, 2007 (revised April 26)

The concept of XP on a Mac
  • Users need 1 to several PC-only apps to do their
    job but prefer or need a Mac for the majority of
    their work
  • They are just stubborn and dont want to learn
    the Mac version/equivilant

How Windows on Intel Macs came to be
  • Apple switched to Intel chips from the PPC unit
    supplied from Motorola and IBM.
  • First units hit the street in Jan.06
  • onmac had a contest to see if it could be done
    (Windows run natively on an Intel Mac)--Contest
    completed with success
  • Apple responded (by pressure or plan?)a few weeks
    later with Boot Camp.

Overview of options ups and downs
  • Wine--Open-source project that installs Windows
    librariy files to allow apps to run within OS X
    without a Windows OS. Older project based on PPC
  • OnMac--now superceeded by Boot Camp due to
    general compatibility and a start-up control
    panel for XP
  • Parallels--the 1st Intel-based Virtual Machine

  • MS announces no more Virtual PC
  • VMWare announced/released Fusion beta Dec. 22,
  • Cross-Over --Utopia?

Methods for distribution
  • Radmind from within X to reimage the XP partition
    (can be done with both NTFS and FAT32 XP
  • Ghost--conflicting reports on use of Console, but
    BartPE would be your conduit if the Ghost console
    does not work.
  • NetRestore

Methods explained -Radmind
  • Radmind--You must have ntfsprogs installed in
    your image. A link can be found at Mike
    Bombichs site on his explanation of how to use
    NetBoot/NetRestore to re-image the XP partition
  • As Radmind does not recognize registries this is
    a time-consuming process. The entire XP
    partition will be downloaded each time. And you
    will have to make an overload of just the XP
    partition each time you wish to push an update.

Methods explained-Radmind (cont)
  • Being this is a second partition you will need to
    point to this partition for Radmind to load the
    files to the correct place
  • As these systems are somewhat distinct with
    hardware you will need to know and use
    Microsofts Sysprep utility to prepare the OS for
    system semi-agnostic installations.
  • Sysprep actually has very good documentation as
    to how best set it up and run it. Who knew a
    FREE app from Microsoft would be useful?

Ghost 11.0/Solution Suite 2.0 update
  • The latest version of Ghost (v 11.0 or Solution
    Suite 2.0) both sees all partitions and file
    formats on Intel Macs and will write to them. It
    sees the EFI, HFS and NTFS partitions. It will
    still restore the XP partition without issue.
    However, it is a mixed result when restoring the
    X partition. X will boot to the same-sized
    partition. However, the boot tables are all
    corrupted as the drive is then seen as MBR by
    Ghost and other Apple disk utilities. To do any
    work on the partition you will need to write
    zeros to the drive in a reformat.

Ghost--Console and BartPE
  • I have not been able to reproduce a post on Mac
    Enterprise stating a user was able to install X
    AND XP on an MBR formatted drive. This
    supposedly gave the user the ability to run Ghost
    Console and image the XP partition (you must be
    booted in to XP).
  • At present there is NO WAY to be able to control
    from ARD or a script/scheduled task to get from
    XP to X. You must physically visit each station.
    Or run VNC/MS Remote Desktop to run the Startup
    Disk app and make the selection.

  • Bart writes some great utilities. His
    documentation is lacking, at best.
  • You will need to create a new BartPE boot CD with
    the necessary drivers (NIC) and network drive
    mapping plug-in
  • Windows scripting will help if you want to
    automate the drive mapping process. Otherwise,
    it is a manual process. And this must be done at
    each system each time you want to use BartPE.

Ghost--BartPE (cont)
  • You must have valid Ghost licenses. And you must
    have enough licenses to cover this hardware (only
    important if you are adding more XP stations with
    Intel Macs and not replacing Wintel machines with
  • NOTE--When you edit your list of plug-ins be sure
    to leave Boot Fix (Enabling Press any key to
    boot from CD) to NO. Otherwise, you will have
    the issues I mention about unplugging the
    keyboard and doing quick plugs/unplugs.

  • Again, selecting your boot OS via a script or
    mechanism other than manual process is the
    stumbling block.
  • This product was written to replicate the
    functionality and method to run the NIX version
    of Radmind. It had to add the Registry overload
    creation to the scheme.
  • Cumbersome as it has 3 overloads/baseloads you
    have to manage

Radmind-PC (cont)
  • Very immature app. Great concept. But the main
    developers have moved on to other functions and
    projects. This is more of an orphan, at present.
    But great potential.
  • Very similar (All Radminds) to Assimilator for OS
    9, RevRdist/PCRdist. File comparison utility.
  • Very limited documentation. I am 1 of 6 users I
    have seen post about it. This limits the ability
    to overcome base/overload creation issues. Some
    files will not like to be copied/Radminded
    (Sharing violations/permissions). Editing the
    Negative.K file is difficult for beginners.

  • File comparison utility (similar to Radmind and
  • Still hobbled by inability to have control of
    when to boot back to X from XP
  • No longer commercially available
  • No longer officially supported
  • Vista compatibility?

Deep Freeze
  • Still No control of partition bootability.
  • Once initial XP image is installed maintenance
    can be as relatively simple as unfreezing XP,
    reboooting for thaw, using Ghost AI
    (AutoInstall--file capture utiltiy) to push-out
    changes and reboot to frozen state
  • CRITICAL NOTE--You can not create an AI package
    from a DeepFreeze machine. All AI packages MUST
    be created on machines that do not have Deep
    Freeze installed.

  • Mike Bombich has made some changes to his app and
    suggests the use of ntfsprogs (link found at his
    NetRestore page). This will allow NetRrestore to
    write an NTFS captured ASR image to the NTFS
  • Still no automatable control over boot partition.
  • Can be used in conjunction with mASR

  • Excellent application from Tim Perffitt --
  • Recommended deployment method. Compression of
    image file by 1/2 of data on live original image
    partition, approx 1 minute per GB for restore
    when done imaging done locally.
  • http//
    --instructions on how I did it and with which

The 1 Common limitation
  • No control of on-demand partition bootability.
  • All this is relatively significant for mass
    distribution of partition imaging of the 2 OSes.
    At present it makes such events not viable.
  • This makes Wine/Cross-Over the only real
    industrial solution at this time.--CRITICAL
    NOTE--SPSS will not certify on BootCamp or
  • Apple has heard the need for item 1.
  • Watch for 10.5 and the ARD update for it.

Why did I choose dual-boot?
  • At the time it was the only real option.
  • My concern for users and the ability to train
    them on the many steps required for a parallels
  • Cost. The way the MS license agreement is
    written--One OS at a time is acceptable. Two
    Oses, simultaneously will cost for a full seat of
    XP/Vista plus Parallels.

Helpful implementation ideas
  • Maybe one of these solutions. Maybe status-quo
    (doing nothing new for now)
  • Poll your audience/users (mostly focus on
  • Come prepared with info and be braced for a good
  • Educate your users.
  • Pilot the project. Use the feedback

Helpful implementation ideas-cont
  • Economics may not be the main driving force. Be
    prepared for Penny-wise pound-foolish. You may
    save a boatload of money, initially. But what is
    it costing you or the support group in time,
    support calls, aggrevation and reputation from
  • train faculty.
  • give faculty plenty of warning of the move.
  • It is still all about Customer Service

Helpful implementation ideas-cont
  • Know what your Mac model needs are. Higher
    video-intensive apps need the 17-20 iMacs to
    Mac Pro. Mac Minis are great for word processing
    farms and less processor-intensive apps.

  • Mike Bombich-- http//bombich./
  • Parallels --http//
    op/ and http//
  • MS Sysprep -- http//
  • Faronics Deep Freeze-- http//
  • Cross-Over-- http//

  • http// and
    --About BartPE and the driver/plugin repository
  • http//
    tpe_ghost_cd_installer --Ghost plugin help
  • VMWare--http//
  • http//
    572 --BootCamp

  • Symantec Ghost --http//
  • Binary Research (reseller of Ghost)--http//
  • UIU (Universal Imaging Utility)--http//www.uiu4yo
  • NTFSprogs--http//packages.debian.otitrg/unstable/

  • http//
  • http//
    --This is a method using WinClone and supercedes
    the Ghost method.

  • Radmind-- http//
    nd/ (be sure to read Ofir Gals documentation.
    It is a bible)
  • Winclone-- http//
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