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Rheanna Perry


... a great 'freebie' as the Doctor Who Adventures magazines are a series that have ... type of children who are into Doctor Who and similar genres of story. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Rheanna Perry

Rheanna Perry
  • 9Z
  • Year 9
  • Graphics

What I want to achieve
  • I have been asked by a magazine publisher to
    produce a product which will be promotional to
    the magazine. It needs to remind people to buy
    the next issue of the magazine and will therefore
    need to suit the correct audience. I am going to
    research different ideas for my product to help
    me work out what I am going to be making.
  • I will be using materials such as card, paper and
    Correx and any other materials I find which I
    have not been supplied with. The magazine
    publisher wants the surface graphics to be raised
    off the surface so I am therefore going to layer
    the materials I use to create this affect. I need
    to produce a variety of design ideas to show to
    the publisher and then choose the best one. I
    will try to include a catchy slogan to hook the
    customers and make them want to buy it again. It
    also needs to be a reasonable size to be packaged
    with the magazine.
  • Not only do I have to make the product which will
    be in the magazine but I need to present a C.A.D
    model of a van which will have the product
    advertised on its sides. I will be using
    Pro-Desktop to create this model. I have also
    been asked to present the magazine publisher with
    a survey of children's opinions of the ideas I
    have had.

Freebie Ideas
  • A mask would be a good idea for the Doctor Who
    magazine as there are lots of different monsters
    for the mask to be based on. These would appeal
    to the children who watch it as they would
    probably be quite imaginative.
  • A mouse mat would also be a fairly good idea as
    it could be bright and colourful so that children
    who read the magazine would use it. It would be
    fairly simple to make as it is a flat object.

Freebie Ideas 2
  • A pencil case could be a good idea as there are
    many different types which come in lots of
    different sizes. They could have a simple box
    design or a tube. It could also be made out of a
    range of different materials such as tin, fabrics
    or plastic. There is also a range of different
    ways to open and close the pencil case. You
    could also just use a pencil-case type container
    but for storing something else such as glasses or
    make-up. These could be quite appealing to the
    buyers as most people need a new pencil case
    sometime during the year.

Freebie ideas 3
  • A magazine rack would be a great freebie as the
    Doctor Who Adventures magazines are a series that
    have been produced for a long time. They are
    brought out every two weeks so it would be handy
    to have somewhere to store them neatly. These
    could come in a range of styles and made from
    lots of different materials. They would be
    easily decorated with common features from the
    magazine and pictures of the characters.

Freebie ideas 4
  • A hanging mobile could be suitable for all ages
    as long as the theme is appropriate for the
    magazine. I could attatch things to it such as
    glittery, space-age materials and decorations. I
    could theme it on a certain episode or character.
  • A jigsaw puzzle could be a freebie as it would be
    fun and could also be challenging to the children
    who will buy the magazine. It could take the
    shape of one of the characters or could just be a
    scene including a few characters

  • I have decided that I am going to make a Doctor
  • Who themed hanging mobile for a kids bedroom. I
    think this will be a good idea as if it is
    hanging in their room then they will constantly
    be reminded to buy the next magazine.

Doctor Who related gifts
Finger Puppets
  • I have now changed my mind and have decided to
    make some doctor who finger puppets. This way I
    can focus on the characters and the layering
    effect we are supposed to be using.
  • These will be fun for imaginative kids who like
    to play games and make up stories. These are
    normally the type of children who are into Doctor
    Who and similar genres of story.
  • They could be made with a variety of materials so
    I should be able to make some good quality finger
    puppets from using card. The can also be a
    variety of different styles. Some easier to make
    than others.

New Magazine
  • I have changed the magazine I am going to be
    using as I think that it would be too difficult
    to create the doctors and other characters
    faces using the card. There is too much detail to
    use the layering technique.
  • Instead, I have chosen to base my finger puppets
    on Spongebob Squarepants. This way I will be able
    to create the layers of the characters more
    easily as they are cartoons and use blocks of
    bright colours. Plus they would be more fun for
    the audience and I think they would generally be
    more appropriate for this magazine. There are
    lots of stories in the magazine so the children
    who might be using them could copy one of the

Spongebob Related gifts
To make the finger puppets and a suitable bag to
hold them in I will need to find out exactly how
the characters look and the size differences
between them so they are to scale. I intend to
find some lettering to put on a header to the
finger puppets. I should also find out what a
good background would be for this lettering. The
background and lettering styles should match up
to the ones in the magazine.
I have drawn and traced lots of different
expressions to see which one would be the best
to use on my Spongebob Finger puppet.
I have collected images of some of the other main
characters which will be helpful when making my
finger puppets. I have also stuck on some slogans
and names which I can use on the packaging.
I have collected lots of different pictures of
Spongebob for this moodboard. I collected them
from the magazine and from the internet.
I have cut out snippets of the backgrounds
throughout the magazine to see which one suits
the packaging the best.
This is the font I have used.
I have collected lots of different fonts from the
internet and various magazines to see which one
would suit the magazine the most. I found one
particular font most suitable as it is used
throughout the Spongebob magazine.
This is my coloured version of the design. It
will be helpful when I come to layering my design
as it shows the colours I will need for each
This is part of the packaging.
What I am going to do to make my puppets.
  • For my finger puppets to be successful I need to
    make sure that each individual piece is cut out
    neatly so that it all fits together accurately. I
    need to be careful to not cut some things too
    thin that they fall apart so I need to make sure
    that it is strong and isnt going to get worn out
    easily. I also need to make sure that they are
    the right size for peoples fingers to fit into.
    They do not need to be too big as they are going
    to be for children who read the spongebob

  • To make my finger puppets I have been cutting out
    the different shapes and layers from different
    coloured card and paper. I have used a craft
    knife and have made the puppets at school and at
    home. Any thin black lines that I have needed to
    draw onto my puppets I have drawn on with a black
    pen. I have stuck all the individual pieces of my
    puppets together and I have now created my final
    product. The parts of the puppets which seemed
    flimsy and thin I have covered with a thin layer
    of watered-down PVA glue to help make them become
    stronger and less likely to break.

I have now begun to create my CAD van which would
be used to advertise the product to the public. I
have made the van shape on Pro-Desktop which is a
program used for making CAD models. I have used
an instruction booklet provided to make the basic
van shape and the wheels to put on the side. Once
I have fixed these parts together I will begin to
put the images onto the side of my van. I am
going to use graphics with bold colours which
would appeal to the public.
Final Product
Here are my finger puppets which I have made out
of different coloured card and paper. The purple
label will eventually stapled to the top of a
plastic wallet to seal the bag which the puppets
would be stored in. To make a plastic sleeve the
right size I have cut a section off an A4 plastic
wallet and glued down one edge.
  • I have now finished my product to the best
    quality possible in the time I have been given.
    It is fairly neat and accurate and is suitable
    for the magazine I chose. It meets the
    specification in the fact that it is suitable for
    the audience, it is made from layering different
    materials and it is in a suitable packaging to be
    sold with the magazine. I have spent time at home
    and at school on this project to try and finish
    it as neatly as possible.
  • To improve my product I could
  • Cut some of the pieces out more neatly so that
    they have smoother edges.
  • I could change the style of finger puppets as I
    feel that the tabs and slits attaching them
    together could break off easily.
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