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Our School Life


The class is also enjoyable because I have a very funny teacher named Mr. Hong. ... I sometimes go to the movies. / I go to sleep earlier than usual. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Our School Life

Our School Life
  • Introduction to the project
  • Topics for discussion
  • My School
  • My Teachers and Classes
  • Preparing for Examinations
  • Assignment

  • Objectives This international e-mail exchange
    project is mainly intended to help students
    understand how school life is like in different
    countries by discussing three topics, My School,
    My Teachers and Classes, and Preparing for
    examination through IEEC. At the end of this
    project, students will create a website on it
  • Timeline The timeline for this collaborative
    learning project is February to April. (About 4-5
  • Activities Students are expected to exchange
    e-mails/voice mails/video mails with their key
    pals every week.
  • Assignment By the end of March, students have to
    finish their written reports on A Day in Our
    Schools and give an oral presentation in class.

Topic 1. My School
  • Questions
  • 1. What school do you go to?
  • 2. What year are you in?/ What grade are you in
  • 3. How many students are there in your school?
  • 4. How many teachers are there in your school?
  • 5. Is your house far from or close to school?
  • 6. How do you get to school?
  • Suggested Answers
  • 1. I go to St. Paul's High School.
  • I study at Washington High.
  • 2. I'm in the first year.
  • I'm in the first/final of junior high school. /
    I'm in the sixth/seventh grade.
  • 3. There are 1000 students in my school.
  • 4. There are more than 100 teachers in my school.
  • 5. My house is very close to/near/not far from
  • 6. I ride my bike a motorbike /commute / walk to
    school. / I take a bus/train to school. / My
    father drives me to school.

  • My School
  • I go a nice school with a little over
    800 other students. The campus is located very
    close to the seaside, so my biology class often
    takes field trips to the beach. Students from all
    over Taiwan attend my school because it is a very
    exceptional school. My school is good in many
    different subjects, especially math and science.
    In national math competitions, my school always
    places in the top ten. My school also
    participates in numerous science exhibitions
    throughout the year, and we always win many

  • Learning Activities
  • Exchange e-mails on your school with your key
  • Shortly introduce yourself to your key pal.
  • Describe your school.
  • Ask your key pals how their school is like.
  • Attach several digital pictures of your school in
    the mail.

Topic 2. My Teachers and Classes
  • Questions
  • 1. What is your favorite class?
  • 2. Who is your favorite teacher?
  • 3. What does she teach?
  • 4. Why do you like her?
  • 5. How is your English class?
  • 6. How many days per week do you go to school?
  • 7. How many hours do you study a day?
  • 8. When does first period begin?
  • 9. When does the school day end?
  • 10. How long do you have for lunch?
  • 11. Do you take a nap after lunch?
  • 12. How long do you take for your nap?
  • 13. What classes are you taking this semester?
  • 14. If you go to cram school, what class do you
    take in the cram school?
  • Suggested Answers
  • 1. My favorite class is music / history /math/
  • 2. I like Miss Lee/ Mr. Wang.
  • 3. She teaches music.
  • 4. Because she is very kind. / She is humorous.
  • 5. My English class is very boring.
  • 6. I go to school five days a week.
  • 7. I study seven hours a day.
  • 8. It begins at eight.
  • 9. It ends at four.
  • 10. I have one hour for lunch.
  • 11. Yes./No.
  • 12. I take half an hour.
  • 13. I am taking physics, chemistry, computer,
    science, art and P.E.
  • 14. I take English conversation.

  • My Favorite class
  • I'm currently in the second grade of
    junior high school. My favorite class at school
    is history. I like that class very much because I
    love learning about ancient cultures. The class
    is also enjoyable because I have a very funny
    teacher named Mr. Hong. He always makes his
    lessons very interesting, so you never get bored
    in his class!

  • Learning Activities
  • Exchange e-mails on your favorite teachers and
    classes with your key pals.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite teacher and
    briefly describe how he/she looks.
  • Tell your key pals the reasons why you like the
    teachers class.

Topic 3. Preparing for examinations
  • Suggested Answers
  • 1. We have exams three times every semester.
  • 2. Usually, I spend two days preparing for exams.
  • 3. Yes, I stay up all night studying.
  • 4. I go to the library to study.
  • 5. I like to study alone because I don't want to
    be disturbed.
  • 6. I watch TV to relax./ I sometimes go to the
    movies. / I go to sleep earlier than usual.
  • 7. I'm worried during the exam. / I'm very
    nervous during mid-term.
  • 8. I didnt do too well./ I did pretty well. /
    Not bad. It was all right. /It was terrible! /I
    studied, but I still didn't do very well.
  • Questions
  • 1. How often do you have exams?
  • 2. How many days do you study to prepare for
  • 3. Do you study hard the night before an exam?
  • 4. Where do you study for the exam?
  • 5. Do you study alone or with you classmate? Why?
  • 6. What do you do before your exams?
  • 7. How do you feel during exam time?
  • 8. What did you think of your exams this year?

  • The Night Before an Exam
  • I like studying but I don't like
    exams. I always get nervous on the night before
    an exam. I become very uneasy when I have to give
    up watching TV or reading novels. Usually, I go
    to the library to review all my notes from class.
    Sometimes, I have to stay up all night in order
    to prepare well. This make me very upset,
    especially when I have several exams in the same
    week. On those weeks, I don't get much sleep at
    all, and I don't do very well on any of my exams.
    I should probably find a better way to study so I
    will get better grades!

  • Learning Activities
  • Exchange e-mails on tips for becoming a good
    learner with your key pals.
  • Are you a good learner?
  • What is learning like?
  • What subjects are you good/bad in?
  • How do you learn the subject before class/ in
    class/ after class?
  • What are the tips for becoming a good learner?

  • After exchanging your view points on school life
    in different countries with international key
    pals, we may start to compose a written report
  • Topic A Day in Our Schools
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