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Let the Second Life Games Begin


... create the best 3-D object via Real World team ... Virtual Rules. No more than 5 min building for one person at a time...have to tag another builder ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Let the Second Life Games Begin

Let the Second Life Games Begin!
  • Marija Franetovic Asya Pichot
  • Course Developer, Lawrence Tech Univ
  • franetovic_at_ltu.edu
  • AECT Rays of Change 2008

Let the Games Begin!
  • It is the year 2050 and you and your tribe have
    been struggling for survival…the survival of your
    ethical integrity. In fact, words and deeds have
    become shameless facades for wrong-doings done
    unto the less fortunate ones…
  • One couple has been given a family heirloom, an
    object which stands for the ideals of past
    generations. The man and woman have resolved to
    carry the long forgotten torch through the ages -
    to preserve and pass it on into the future. Due
    to the onslaught of warring factions of
    information that they have to deal with, theyve
    called upon your tribe to deliver the news of
    hope to the next generation.
  • Your tribe must now work together to coach the
    virtual generations on reconstructing this piece,
    without actually telling them what it is or what
    it does. After all, would you or them really
    know the true meaning of the message if your
    didnt inspect its many parts?

  • Remember, this is a time of great turmoil and
    there are those in whose best interest it is -
    that you do not pass it on…hence they attempt to
    sabotage your goal by oversimplifying your
  • Provided you do pass it on, and hopefully you
    do, you realize that in your lifetime you want to
    also erect a memorial that exemplifies your
    essence and tie it in with the family heirloom
    hence, encoding the message within Your Tribes
    Collective Identity totem.
  • Time is of the essence. After all, it is up to
    you to dig this tribe out of its misery…It is up
    to you to work together, but not only here on
    land, but to use technology to deliver the
    message to the men and women in cyberspace who
    await your guidance.
  • If you succeed, the world will sustain those
    aspects that are beneficial to the quality of
    life of all men and women. If you fail, there is
    no telling what unspeakable horrors could be

Game Directions and Rules
  • The goal of the game is to collaboratively create
    the best 3-D object via Real World team
    communication with virtual team members within a
    half hour
  • The winning team will receive the highest scores
    by the judges in terms of craftsmanship,
    innovation and teamwork
  • The winners receive the Trophy, and their design
    will be further developed by LTU design students
    using Tech Museum Project tools

Game Rules
  • RL Rules
  • All communication to virtual team via Moderator
  • For 1st part cannot directly tell virtual team
    what they are building or what that object does,
    until it is revealed to them by both moderators
    at same time
  • Switch roles and types of contributions
  • Virtual Rules
  • No more than 5 min building for one person at a
    time…have to tag another builder
  • Set all objects as shareable with group via
    General tab

Introducing The Teams!
  • Team B - RL
  • Moderator Anne-Marie (gypsieanne Rasmuson)
  • 12x AECT participants
  • Team B - Virtual
  • Moderator Robert Stephenson (Stephe Roux)
  • 4-5x Tech Museum participants
  • Team A - RL
  • Moderator Marija Franetovic (Asya Pichot)
  • 12x AECT participants
  • Team A - Virtual
  • Moderator Steve
  • 4-5x LTU student participants

RL-Virtual Collaboration
  • Coach virtual team in designing given 3-D object
    using Moderator as an intermediary
  • Create a design that represents collective
    identity and incorporates 3-D object
  • Translate this design to virtual partners to
    something that can be built (1st the 3-D object,
    than the completion of the entire design)
  • Coach virtual partners
  • Adapt to design changes as time grows short and
    the deadline approaches

RL-Virtual Collaboration
  • Figure out how to 1st build the 3-D object with
    beginning-moderate SL building skills
  • Continue building, figuring out what the
    collective identity design is all about,
    incorporating the 3-D object to be aligned with
    the entire design
  • Convey problems back to the RL team
  • Adapt to design changes as time grows short and
    the deadline approaches

The Design Problem
  • Part 1
  • Create given 3-D object
  • Use more than 3 prims
  • Use more than 2x textures (even if change just
    involves color)
  • Part 2
  • Create collective identity sculpture, which
    incorporates the look and feel of the actual 3-D
    object,, but primarily the collective identity of
    your team
  • The entire sculpture should be less than 12x
  • Its width, length, height should each be less
    than 7x

Introducing The Criteria!
  • SCALE 1(poor) - 2(good) - 3(very good) - 4 best)
  • Quality of Product Craftsmanship and adherence to
    design problem specifications (does it match the
    original object incorporated within a sculpture
    which makes sense? Can it be developed?
  • Product Innovation, within the confines of the
    specifications (originality? Alignment of 3-d
    object with collective identity? Aesthetics and
  • Teamwork (Effectively work together? How many
    participated most of the time? How often and how
    well did they switched roles and contribute

Stay the course!
The End!
  • One thing you learned that you wouldnt have
  • Team learned from you they probably wouldnt have
  • Suggestions for a) educational gameplay in
    virtual world b) RL/virtual collaboration?

Gameplay Level II
  • LTU Design Students Project Development
  • http//www.ltu.edu/architecture_and_design/index.a
  • Continuation of Project at Tech Museum
  • http//thetechvirtual.org/projects/afm-projects/
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