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Web Marketing Fundamentals


Appears larger than even your logo, company. name or tagline. Ed Schipul CEO ... Even better, use client logos and link to their Web sites ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Web Marketing Fundamentals

Web Marketing Fundamentals
  • Does your website increase your sales?

What well cover
  • Importance of online strategy
  • An overview of Web-user characteristics
  • Essential elements of great web design
  • Optimizing your site for effective Search Engine
  • Paid Placement tactics and options
  • New online technologies and how to make them work
    for you

Marketing Budget Surveys A Balanced Approach (web
Has anyone seen more recent data? I have heard
up to 40 as 2006 online ad spend? - ES
Know thy Web-user
  • They are incredibly smart
  • They use search engine tools to navigate
  • Their intelligence is exceeded only by their

Image Marketing vs Direct
Marketing Response
  • Visa Example (commercials vs direct mktg)

Uncommon Smarts
  • According to the Graphic, Visualization and
    Usability Centers 10th WWW User Survey…
  • 28.5 percent have some college
  • 33.9 percent are college graduates
  • 18.2 percent have a Masters Degree
  • 3.8 percent have a doctoral Degree

Use of Navigation Tools
  • Every day, Web users utilize the major search
    engines to launch over 400 million queries for
    products, services and information solutions
  • Over 5 billion Web documents
  • This number increases at a rate of roughly 7
    million per day

Resources to look at http//www.useit.com/
Amazing Impatience
  • According to Penn State researchers…
  • Web users typically visit only the first three
  • from a query
  • One in five searchers spend 60 seconds or less on
  • linked Web document
  • By the time three minutes have elapsed, 40
    percent of searchers have moved on

First Things First
  • Put yourself in the visitors shoes
  • Ensure error free pages
  • Offer consumer-friendly messaging
  • Create navigation that makes sense

10 Ways to Achieve
Marketing Success
1. Grab em 2. Dont mix messages 3. Feature a
call to action 4. Retain your branding 5. Make
it easy to contact you
6. Use expected colors and imagery 7. Optimize
for search engines 8. Feature testimonials 9.
Focus on the visitor 10. Adopt a privacy policy
1. Grab em With a
Strong Headline
  • A good headline
  • Is focused on the visitor, with words such as
  • you and your
  • Is the dominant element on the home page
  • Appears larger than even your logo, company
  • name or tagline

Tracking Eye Movements
Email Eye Tracking
Web Page Eye Tracking
Source http//blog.eyetools.net/eyetools_ researc
Source http//psychology.wichita.edu/surl /usabil
2. Put Your Product/Service
on a Pedestal
  • Feature what you offer
  • Use pictures
  • Use relevant text
  • Link directly from those images on the home page
    to detailed pages with extensive information and
    more pictures

3. Feature a Clear Call to Action
  • Tell the site visitor, on the home page, exactly
  • you want them to do
  • Visitors will read your site content at length if
  • answers their questions
  • Be sure to ask for the business at the end of the
  • page or article

4. Dont Stray from Your
  • Building upon your existing brand identity is key
  • immediately establishing trust…
  • These elements need to be consistent with your
    brands off-line identity…
  • Brand logo
  • Brand name
  • Key messaging
  • Graphics

Resources to look at http//ries.typepad.com/
5. Make it Easy to Contact You
  • Your visitors dont want to dig for the basics,
    so make sure its easy to find the following
  • Telephone numbers
  • Contact forms (mini and full)
  • E-mail links
  • Physical address of your place of business in an
    easy to copy format

6. No Surprises
  • Use industry-appropriate color and imagery
  • Give your visitors what they expect exactly as
  • expect it
  • Dont attempt to re-brand your industry
  • This is your opportunity to be consistent and
    professional at the beginning of the sales

7. Feature Testimonials
  • Assure visitors that you are a real company
    with a solid reputation
  • Gain client approval to use a quote
  • Even better, use client logos and link to their
    Web sites
  • Never assume that everyone knows you want
  • their business

8. Focus on the Visitor
  • Cater to what the visitor wants and needs from
    your site, then give it to them…
  • If you are a consultant, offer calculators for
    metrics and
  • case studies
  • If you are a plastic surgeon, offer dynamic
    before-and-after photo galleries
  • If you are targeting the younger generation,
    offer games
  • that feature your brand

Resources to look at http//www.grokdotcom.com/
90.91 Self Focused!
Resources to look at http//www.futurenowinc.com/
9. Adopt a Privacy Policy
  • Respect the privacy of your site visitors with a
  • privacy policy
  • Link to a written privacy policy at the bottom of
  • every page
  • Be sure policy is written in normal language,
  • not legalese
  • - Just because you are paranoid does not mean
    they arent out to get you!

10. Optimize for Search Engines
  • An estimated 77 percent of Internet users employ
    search engines to find Web sites
  • If you are not listed on Google or Yahoo, you
    are invisible
  • It doesnt matter how well known your brand is!
  • Visitors will not guess your site name but will
    go through Google or Yahoo just to be safe
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) vs Natural SEO

Break // SEO portion next…..
Search engine Internet marketing will grow …
reaching 11.6 billion by 2010.
Forrester Research.
SEO is all about links and great content!
Speaking of
Search Engines
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the positioning
    of your Web site in the search engines so that it
    is found by your target market
  • In SEM, your targeted prospects search for your
    Web site through relevant key words, instead of
    you searching for them
  • SEM is a cheaper and faster strategy than
    traditional marketing campaigns, with easily
    measurable ROI

The Long Tail (natural SEO rules!)
Source http//www.wired.com/wired/images.html?iss
What is a Search Engine?
Do you want Optimal SEM Results?
  • A successful SEM campaign can help you generate
    qualified leads for your services.
  • Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Fine-tuning your website content and structure to
    naturally rank higher
  • Paid Placement (PPC) Search engine advertising
    campaign purchased for specific keywords to buy
    your way to the top

Fine-tune your Web site Content and Keywords
  • Compile a list of relevant search terms for your
    Web site, using a search term suggestion tool
  • Overture www.overture.com
  • Word Tracker www.wordtracker.com
  • Google https//adwords.google.com/select/main?cmd
  • What are you really saying on your Web site?
  • Keyword Density Measurement www.schipul.com/en/sem

How Do You Optimize Your Web Site?
  • Make sure the overall keyword density of the page
    focuses on your intended subject matter
  • With your top 3 terms, re-work the following
    elements of your Web site
  • Title
  • META tags
  • Body copy of the page
  • Image ALT tags
  • Links
  • Articles, news and Press Releases
  • and

Analyze Your Content
Source www.schipul.com/en/sem/keywords/ analysis
of http//www.dwazoo.com/aquarium.html
Paid Placement Accounts
  • Paid Placement advertising gives you fast,
    optimized results and customizable features
  • Re-work your ad content as needed at any time
  • View them within minutes online!
  • Flexible budgeting keeps you in control
  • Maintain a monthly and daily budget never spend
    more than you want to
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) pricing pay only for the
    clicks on your ad and bid on your ranking and

Where Are Your Ads In the Search
Buy your way to the top!
Source www.overture.com
Maximizing Your Paid Placement
  • Keep Web site content fresh and relevant
  • Regularly optimize your ad verbiage tinker with
    your ad until it is just right
  • Review your bids and nearest competitors
  • Are you getting the number of leads you want? Be
    sure that you are budgeting enough money in your
  • Check your company strategy!

  • Strategy with a Balanced Approach
  • Web responds like Direct Marketing
  • Essential elements of great web design
  • SEO is about Links and Content
  • Paid Placement an available weapon

QA Bonus?
  • QA
  • If we have time blogs, podcasts, rss, Oh My!
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