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Captains Meeting Information


In Coed games, if a female player crosses the goal line with possession of the ... The offense must have 4 (Coed 5) players on the line of scrimmage at the snap. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Captains Meeting Information

Captains Meeting Information
  • Flag Football

  • Any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate
    student with a valid University of Texas at
    Austin ID.
  • UT faculty and staff with a valid RecSports
  • Spouses of students or faculty/staff with a
    valid RecSports membership (Must participate on
    the same team as spouse).

  • Current scholarship football players, walk-ons,
    and squad members.
  • Any student who has earned a letter
    intercollegiate football (exception--Graduate
  • Guest Pass holders, Student associate,
    Community, and Alumni RecSports members.

  • Team rosters are due by 5pm on Friday, September
  • Captains will be required to submit player
    names, current status (student, faculty/staff or
    spouse) and EID for each member of the team.

Varsity Athletes
  • Any student whose name appears on a current team
    list for UT athletics is limited by the 2 person
  • Only two of these individuals may be on any one
    Intramural team. Varsity athletes must play in
    the highest division offered.

How many teams can I play for?
  • Each individual must meet the requirements for
    the Division(s) in which he or she wishes to
  • An individual can play for only one team per
  • Example a male undergraduate student could
    play for as many as 4 teams if he meets all the
  • Orange, White, Coed, and Fraternity.

  • Team Captains are responsible
  • Officials and staff rate each team
  • Rating system
  • No Show ratings
  • Playoffs

Captains Responsibilities
  • Pre-Game
  • Captains Meeting with referees - Coin Toss
  • To defer his/her options to second half
  • To start on offense or defense
  • To defend a specific goal

Field Markings Dimensions
Equipment Game Ball
  • Teams MUST provide their own ball.
  • The offense is responsible for the ball.
  • Mens teams must use a regular size ball.
  • Womens and Corec teams may use
  • Regular
  • Intermediate
  • Youth or
  • Junior size ball

Equipment Required
  • A player must wear
  • Pants or shorts - WITHOUT Pockets
  • A jersey
  • Shoes
  • A flag belt

Equipment Illegal
  • Billed hats
  • Bandanas with knots
  • Pads or braces worn above the waist
  • Shoes with metal or ceramic cleats
  • Screw-in cleats when the screw is not part of the
  • Shirts or jerseys which do not stay tucked in
    unless they are more than 4 from the waist
  • Any hood which does not remain tucked in
  • Pants or shorts with belts or belt loops, pockets
    or exposed drawstrings
  • Exposed metal on clothes or person
  • Towels attached at a players waist.

Illegal Equipment
Beginning the Game
  • Team Composition
  • Maximum
  • Mens Womens 7
  • Coed 8
  • 4 men 4 women
  • Minimum
  • Mens Womens 5
  • Coed 6
  • 3 men 3 women
  • 4 women 2 men
  • 4 men 2 women
  • Players may substitute at any time between downs
    provided they are ready to play

Timing - No Show Procedure
  • Any team not ready to play at game time shall be
    penalized in the following manner
  • Game Time - ball and choice of goal to defend to
    opposing team
  • 3 minutes - ball moved to own 39-yard line - 1st
    to the 40
  • 6 minutes - ball moved to 20 and credit for
  • 9 minutes - penalized one TD and 3-point
    conversion (9 pts)
  • If game begins after 9 minutes, the team arriving
    late shall be given ball at their own 14-yard
    line, as if they had been scored upon
  • 10 minutes - Game is declared a NO SHOW, 9-0
    final score

  • The game consists of one 20-minute half, a
    5-minute half-time, and a 15-minute second half
    followed by a game ending 10-play series.
  • The clock runs continuously during both halves.
  • All timing is kept simultaneous on all fields by
    bell tones. EXCEPTION If an injury occurs on a
    field, time will be kept by the referee or IM
    staff on-site.
  • Each team receives one 30-second timeout per half
    and one 30-second timeout during the 10-play
  • Timeouts DO NOT carryover from half to half or to
    the 10-play series
  • No timeouts shall be called in the final 5
    minutes of the 1st half

Timing - 10 Play Series
  • A tone will signify the end of the 15-minute
    second half and the beginning of the 10-play
  • Game will continue without any interruption.
    Team in possession of the ball shall retain
  • Extra points and plays in which a non-loss of
    down penalty occur DO NOT count towards these 10
  • Punts DO count toward the 10 plays.
  • Exception - A game cannot end with a punt on the
    10th play. If a team does punt on the 10th play,
    the opposing team will be allowed one play from
  • If the referee misses the 15-minute tone, the 10
    plays will begin as soon as the error is
    discovered. However, if 10 minutes elapse and
    the error is not discovered, the game shall be
    considered over even though the 10 plays were not

Zone Line-to-Gain and New Series
  • The offensive team has 4 consecutive downs to
    advance the ball across the next zone
  • A new series is awarded
  • to the offense if the line-to-gain is reached or
    a penalty which carries an automatic first down
    is accepted,
  • to the defense if the offense fails to reach the
    line-to-gain after four consecutive downs, or
  • to either team if a change of possession or a
    kick occurs during the down.

Scoring Touchdown
  • A team scores a touchdown when one of their
    players is in possession of the ball in their
    opponents end zone.
  • In Coed games, if a female player crosses the
    goal line with possession of the ball or throws a
    legal forward pass and a touchdown is scored by
    any Team A player, prior to a change of
    possession, it is worth 9 points.
  • All other touchdowns are worth 6 points.

Scoring Tries
  • After a touchdown, the scoring team may elect to
    try for
  • 1 point from the 3-yard line
  • 2 points from the 10-yard line or
  • 3 points from the 20-yard line.
  • If the defense gains possession during the try
    and scores what would normally be a touchdown,
    they are awarded 3 points.
  • Following a try, the opponents of the team which
    scored the touchdown will get the ball at their
    14-yard line.

Scoring Penetrations
  • Only used to break ties in games if the scored is
    tied at the end of the 10-play series during
    regular season games.
  • A penetration shall be scored when a ball is dead
    and legally in possession of a team on or beyond
    the opponents 20-yard line.
  • A live ball penalty bringing the ball back
    outside the 20-yard line does not count as a
    penetration since the ball was not legally dead
    inside the 20-yard line.
  • Only one penetration can be scored per
  • During playoffs, penetrations will not be counted
    to break ties. All tied games will play overtime.

Scoring Mercy Rule
  • If at the start of or any time during the 10-play
    series . . .
  • the point differential is 19 or more points in a
    mens or womens game, or
  • the point differential is 25 or more points in a
    coed game,
  • …the game is immediately ended.

Line of Scrimmage Requirements
  • No player may be in the neutral zone before the
  • The offense must have 4 (Coed 5) players on the
    line of scrimmage at the snap.
  • The snap receiver must be at least two yards
    behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Only one offensive player may be in motion at the
    snap and it may not be forward.
  • The snap must be one continuous motion.

Running the Ball
  • Any player may hand the ball in any direction at
    any time.
  • The runner may not ward off defensive players
    with his/her hand or arm.
  • The runner may not place the ball over the flag
  • The defensive team may not use his/her hands to
    push, pull or hold the runner.
  • A defensive player may take a position in the
    runners path provided the defense does not
    initiate contact.

Passing the Ball
  • Any player may pass the ball backward at any
  • The offensive team is permitted to throw one
    forward pass during a down provided
  • the pass is thrown from behind the offensive
    teams scrimmage line, and
  • it is thrown before a change of possession.

Passing the Ball
  • To make a legal catch, a player must have
    possession of the ball and land inbounds with at
    least one foot.
  • Pass interference by
  • the offense, results in a 10 yard penalty and a
    loss of down.
  • the defense, results in a 10 yard penalty and an
    automatic first down.

Downing the Runner
  • The runner is down when an opponent removes
    his/her flag belt.
  • If his/her belt is all ready off, the runner is
    down when an opponent delivers a one hand tag
    between the runners shoulders and knees.
  • A runner is also down when any part of his/her
    body, other than hand or foot, touches the ground.

Screen Blocking
  • Either team may obstruct an opponent by getting
    into his/her path.
  • If contact occurs, the player who initiated the
    contact shall be guilty of illegal contact
    provided his/her opponent took a position which
    was initially legal and legally moved to maintain

  • If a fumble or backward pass strikes the ground,
    it is dead and belongs to the fumbling/passing
    team at the spot it struck the ground.
  • The offensive team may not bat a backward pass

Punting the Ball
  • A punt is only legal when it has been declared.
  • usually on 4th down.
  • the offensive captain may request to punt on any
  • Neither team may cross their scrimmage line until
    the ball is kicked.
  • A punt which strikes the ground is live unless it
    has been touched by either team.
  • The receiving team may run a punt out of the end

Coed Differences
  • An offensive male runner may not run the ball
    across the offensive teams scrimmage line. This
    restriction ends
  • after the ball has been beyond the offenses
    scrimmage line,
  • during a female players run, or
  • after a change of possession.

Coed Differences
  • If a play is open, any player may complete a
    legal forward pass to any other player.
  • If a play is closed, a female player must
    either throw or catch a legal forward pass and
    the play must gain positive yards.
  • There may not be two consecutive male-to-male
  • If a female passer completes a pass to a male
    player behind the line and he runs through the
    offenses scrimmage line, it is an illegal
    forward pass.

Captains Meeting Information
  • Flag Football - QUESTIONS?