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Introduction of Cosil Mask Pack


By an elimination of dirt and make-up residues in the pores, the skin will be ... popularity since cheaper antibiotics has shown a lot of problems such as side ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Introduction of Cosil Mask Pack

Introduction of Cosil Mask Pack
Revolution of Nano-Colloidal Silver

Table of contents
  • 1. The Main Effects of Cosil Mask Pack
  • 2. What is Nano-Colloidal Silver?
  • A. Basic Functions of Nano Silver
  • B. Functions of silver in
    protecting human body from electronic, electric,
  • water-vein and other harmful
  • C. Nano-Colloidal Silver as an
    Antibiotic for the Immune System
  • D. Different Usages of Nano-Colloidal
  • E. Mass Media Report on Nano-Colloidal
  • F. List of Possible Treatments by
    Nano-Colloidal Silver
  • 3. Effects of Arbutin on Skin
  • 4. Effects of Collagen on Skin
  • 5. Characteristics of Aloe Vera and its
  • 6. Approved Laboratory Report
  • 7. Cosil Mask Pack Product Manual

Cosil Mask Pack
For a youthful, flawless skin Mask Pack
1. The Main Effects of Cosil Mask Pack

Nano-Colloidal Silver
  • - A direct antibiosis and disinfectant, which
    effectively kills bacteria and 650 kinds of
    germs, causing skin troubles
  • Activates cells to vitalize the skin
  • Strengthens the immune system for stabilizing
    and relieving inflammation, as an electrolyte

- Treats pigmentation disorders such as
freckles, pregnancy marks and age spots
for whitening effects - Inactivates Tyrosinase
(the enzyme responsible for skin darkening) and
reduces the appearance of melanin
Effects of Arbutin
  • Improves the appearance of dull skin and coarse
    skin texture -
    Calms and soothes the skin

    - Lightens and
    evens out skin tone

    -Anti-age effect and UVB/UVC filter
  • - Aloe Vera extract eliminates toxicity, and
    provides nutrients and resilience to the skin

Effects of Collagen Aloe Vera
1-2. The Main Effects of Cosil Mask Pack
  • As an Antibiotic
  • More than 99.99 content of silver is
    liquefied into the particle size of
    Nano-Colloidal Silver. For the unicellular
    animals (bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.),
    Nano-Silver acts as a catalyst, by overpowering
    the digestive enzymes, it disinfects and controls
    the metabolism.
  • Additionally, it has a merit of acting
    critically and rapidly only on parasitic
    materials, such as bacteria and germs. Therefore,
    most germs cannot survive when contacted with
    Nano Silver ion. Most important of all, silver
    cannot have a tolerance of bacteria, different
    from the traditional antibiotics, therefore, we
    can be rest assured and use it for our
  • Skin Trouble Management
  • Antibiosis of Nano Silver shows efficiency
    not only for the general skin but for the
    troubled skin caused by bacteria, germs or
    constant usage of make-up.
  • Skin Toxicant Removal
  • With its uniqueness in characteristics,
    Nano Silver has a chemical and organic linkage
    with substances like sulfur compounds and heavy
    metals, which illustrate its ability to gather up
    contaminants and adhere toxicants from the
    make-up residues are relatively strong.
  • Moisture preservation
  • The skin cell from Nano Silver,
    responsible for the cell activation and the
    moisture substance from the Cosil pack itself,
    (Hidroxyethyl Cellulose) will transform your skin
    into more moistened, elastic and beautiful skin.

1-3. The Main Effects of Cosil Mask Pack
  • Strengthening the Skin Immune System

    Nano Silver, which is responsible for
    strengthening the skin immune system, are
    absorbed into the skin cells to protect your skin
    from outside factors, such as weather, stress, or
  • Pore Reduction

    Cosil pack shows high
    efficiency in deep cleansing, which removes all
    the unwanted residues, unclogging your pores to
    give your skin more vitality. With a constant
    use of Cosil Pack, the size of pores will
    noticeably be reduced.
  • Whitening Effect By an elimination of dirt and
    make-up residues in the pores, the skin will be
    free from skin troubles. Additionally, Nano
    Silver activates blood circulation of your skin,
    giving it a more vitalized, glimmering look.
    Arbutin whitens the skin tone by inactivating
    Tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for skin
    darkening) and highly effective for anti-age
    effect and protection against UV rays.
  • Joint use for Both Men and Women Cosil pack is
    made from 100 high-quality natural substances
    and it is safe to be used by anyone, regardless
    of gender or age.
  • Easy to Use After thorough cleansing,
    attach a Cosil mask pack onto the face and rest
    for half an hour. After peeling off, you will
    experience beautiful, youthful change of your

2. What is Nano-Colloidal Silver?
  • Historical Tales of Nano-Colloidal Silver
  • During the ancient times in Korea, a
    traditional belief existed, showing the
    importance of possessing silver around their
    bodies, which brings them fortune and good health
    as a consequence. The silver could be worn as a
    hairpin, used as utensils, a dagger and so on.
  • Centuries ago, Greeks and Romans accidentally
    discovered that the food stored on silverware
    kept its freshness for longer periods of time
    compared to other flatware. Before entering the
    battle fields in Ancient India, the soldiers each
    received a silver coin, with a faith that fast
    recovery of injury would occur if silver is
    pressed against the wound.
  • In Medieval Age when a deadly pest was sweeping
    across Europe, killing nearly half of forty
    million populations, many were aware that royal
    palaces were free from such lethal disease.

2-2. What is Nano-Colloidal Silver?
  • The primary reason for such
    miraculous result was due to the existence of
    silver. Various types of appliances and
    furnishings, made of silver, emitted a great deal
    of silver ions, blocking the dissemination of
    such fatal disease in the Royal Palaces.
  • The settlers in the US Western frontiers
    coincidentally discovered about silver coins,
    taking a part as a preserver for milk. The
    silver utensils also played an important role of
    keeping water fresh and unimpaired for a long
  • In Chinese medicine, silver is widely known to
    be an efficient factor in controlling and
    regulating the human body. Silver remedies
    Womans disease as well as the mental illnesses
    such as epilepsy and convulsions. By consuming
    or possessing silver on the body, five viscera
    will feel much comfort and your mental state will
    experience a tranquility as an effect.

2A. Basic Functions of Nano Silver
Wisdom of our ancestors In the past, silver was
considered valuable and if possessed around human
body, it is said that it will bring them fortune
and good health as a consequence. Silver not only
absorbs and isolates a variety of harmful waves
such as electronic waves and water-vein waves,
but also maintains the natural balance of
hormones in the human body. From an excerpt
from a Korean book on medicine titled,
Dong-Eui-Bo-Gam, silver is defined as a specific
remedy against mental illnesses like epilepsy,
convulsions and Womans diseases such as
leucorrhoea. In another Korean book on herbal
medicine titled, Bon-Cho-Gang-Mok, the author
illustrates about silver being a helper in
extending lives by providing much comfort to five
viscera, maintaining the natural balance between
mind and body and acquiring tranquility as a
result. The handbook on medicines The medical
book on details of herbs  

2B. Functions of silver in protecting human body
from electronic, electric, water-vein and other
harmful waves
Everyday, we are exposed to electronic
waves emitted from TV sets, mobile phones,
electronic blankets, high voltage cables,
fluorescent ramps, and so on. Even though such
invisible waves could be fatal to our health,
most people do not seem to be aware of it. It
has been tested numerously and scientifically
proving that compared to other frequently used
metallic substances such as copper, silver showed
more efficiency in absorbing and isolating
water-vein, electronic, and electric waves. It
would be beneficial for our health if we keep our
closeness with silver at all times to prevent
exposure from invisible, yet harmful waves. It
is marvelously exciting to learn that our
ancestors had somehow obtained some knowledge
about the efficacy of silver. During that
century, they had a vague view of silver, as a
source for preventing minor diseases and
providing mental tranquility. Today, through
the development of modern science, we have come
to complete understanding of silver and its
effectiveness and ought to apply it in our daily
2C. Nano-Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic for
the Immune System
  • Dr. Robert Baker, the author of Human Body and
    Electricity, mentioned about silver, as a keeper
    of the immune system and if silver content falls
    below the standard level of 0.0001 percent, it
    raises the risk of contracting diseases.
  • As vegetables are consumed, silver is absorbed
    and accumulated inside the human body along with
    the rest of the nutrients from the veggies. For
    conclusion, it is wise to consume large
    quantities of vegetables to enhance our immune
  • For instance, it is a well-known fact that
    vegetarians and Buddhist monks deep in the
    mountains have more resistance to diseases
    compared to meat-eaters.

2C-2. Nano-Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic for
the Immune System
  • In the past, the ordinary people could not
    possibly dream of experiencing the benefits of
    silver as it was rare and precious as gold.
    Nowadays, however, silver could be commonly used
    since the price of silver got relatively cheaper
    compared to decades ago.
  • Completely occupying the interior of the body,
    silver ions, spouted by silver, fights off not
    only the influenza virus, but also the germs by
    absorbing deeply into the body.

Microscopic image of virus
Silver is not only efficient in sterilizing the
germs but also highly capable of absorbing and
blockading the electronic and water-vein waves.
This is an opportune time for us to experience
the likelihood of perfect health of royal
families through daily use of silver.  
2C-3. Nano-Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic
for the Immune System
Silver as antibiotics (sterilizer) Through
several laboratory trials, silver is proven to
sterilize nearly all the existing single cell
bacteria. Though the direct interrelationships
between silver and the extermination of bacteria
are yet established, a theory that silver
intervenes with an enzyme for which the singer
cell bacteria metabolizes (digestion and
absorption), neutralizes and eventually
sterilizes enzymes, is well accepted without much
doubt. It is said that no bacteria can
survive more than six minutes once it got in
contact with silver. This marvelous fact is
drawing more attention recently. Even though its
scientific and medical values have been ignored
for quite long time due to its expansiveness,
silver appears to gain such popularity since
cheaper antibiotics has shown a lot of problems
such as side effects, poisoning, and constant
reproduction of bacteria.

Human Immune System
2C-4. Nano-Colloidal Silver as an Antibiotic for
the Immune System
Recently, as a consequence of the scientific
technologies advancement, the price of silver, as
a sterilizer, became cheaper compared to the
ordinary antibiotics. Clearly silver proves
itself to be the best natural innoxious
antibiotic without any side effects.

Furthermore, silver shows the highest heat
conduction rate among all the metallic
substances, rapidly diffusing heat from the blood
vessels. Heat conduction rates of gold, iron and
white gold are 53.2, 1.6 and 8.2, respectively,
comparing with rate of 100 for silver
metal. Remarkable heat conductivity of silver
affects the prevention and the treatment of
various diseases by decreasing heat emission from
the essential blood vessels of the human body.
2D. Different Usages of Nano-
Colloidal Silver
  • Nano-Colloidal Silver can be used for the
    following - For mole, athletes foot, eczema,
    sore wounds, acne and various skin infections
  • - Waterborne epidemic or as a cough
  • - Bacterial dermatitis, enteric fever
  • - Disinfectant for kitchen, bath, pool ,
    closet, and public water fountain
  • - Ophthalmic inflammation
  • Directions on how to use

    - Nano-Colloidal Silver
    is sensitive enough to be applied on childrens
    delicate skin. For womans infected genitals,
    use Q-Tips to apply and let dry.
  • - For the chronic diseases, take 2-3
    tablespoons (approx. 10ml) once every day for one
    to two months and reduce the amount of intake in
    next 2 months
  • Never use the product without the
    doctors prescription
    Even the condition is serious,
    never exceed the recommended dosage

2E. Mass Media Report on Nano-Colloidal Silver
2E-2. Mass Media Report on
Nano-Colloidal Silver
  • 2F. List of Possible Treatments by Nano-Colloidal

3. Effects of Arbutin on Skin
  • Skin whitening products have become
    increasingly popular in the past few years. The
    main purpose for skin whitening products is to
    lighten the skin as well as even out skin tone or
    to treat pigmentation disorders such as freckles,
    pregnancy marks and age spots for whitening.
  • Arbutin is becoming more successful as a
    natural whitening agent and it is also called
    Tyrosinase inhibitor, which plays main role in
    inactivating Tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible
    for skin darkening).
  • Cosmetic uses of Arbutin
  • Arbutin is a skin whitening agent
    which is very popular for skin de-pigmentation.
    Arbutin inhibits the formation of melanin pigment
    (melanophore) by inhibiting Tyrosinase activity
    to produce the amazing clarity of skin. It can
    be used to reduce the appearance pimples, to
    prevent liver spots and freckles, to treat
    sunburn marks to reveal whiter, brighter skin.

4. Effects of Collagen on Skin

Collagen, making up 75 of our skin, is a natural
protein that supplies structure and is found
throughout the body in skin, muscle, tendon and
bone. Collagen fibers are woven like threads to
form a framework and support structure and
enhance the contours of the upper layer of skin.
It provides the skin texture with resiliency and
shape. Collagen in human skin is very similar to
the collagen in some animals and, as a result,
animal collagen has many medical applications,
including sutures and heart valves.
Picture of Collagen under electroscope
Collagen is one of the key elements that keep our
skin looking young, firm, and smooth. Every time
you smile, squint, or frown, you put stress on
the underlying collagen in the skin, which
results in the development of facial lines. In
addition, collagen is depleted naturally as you
age, leaving many yearning for the plump and
youthful skin.
4-2. Effects of Collagen on Skin
  • Collagen, a scleroprotein acting as a
    linkage between cells, composes 1/3 of human body
    protein. Today, supplementary collagen is
    commonly used for the beauty products and its
    superior results are highly acclaimed by the
    public. Collagen helps dramatically improve the
    appearance of dull, lifeless skin and coarse skin
    texture caused by lines and wrinkles without the
    irritation that can occur with some exfoliants.
    It calms and soothes the skin, while dead skin
    are gently removed to reveal visibly smoother and
    naturally radiant skin.

Before and After Picture (Use of Collagen)
Collagen, also contained in Cosil Mask Pack,
offers immediate and dramatic results for those
unhappy with the early signs of aging and is used
as a non-surgical method to smooth out facial
lines, plump up lips and fill in scars. Use of
Cosil Pack produces results that can be seen and
felt instantly and leaves you with a refreshed
and more youthful looking skin.
5. Characteristics of Aloe Vera
  • Aloe Vera, most common and well-known among its
    species, apparently looks to be a cactus by
    glance and composes of many long, sharp leaves,
    full of clear watery liquid. The word aloe comes
    from Arab meaning bitter material and Vera
    signifies the truth in Latin. Juice from the
    leaves is commonly used for pharmaceutical
    purposes and its gel, which could also be found
    at the internal part of the leaves, is a
    phlegmatic temperament, clear and reddish in
    color. Aloe Vera gel consists of multiparty
    systems like Glucomannans, Pectic Acid and other
    inorganic and organic substances.
  • Generally, the consumers are familiar of using
    aloe for the cosmetic skincare purposes. But
    without having the systematically proven
    documents, certifying the safety and the
    efficiency of the aloe gel upon medical usage, it
    has been used to heal minor burns, dermatitis,
    and etc. for the decades. Some experiments
    indicate the capability of aloe being a curer for
    minor wounds, psoriasis, and diseases like
    genital herpes but no actual proof was yet
    certified by the medical department.
  • Some scholars insist that aloe gel will
    suppress the production of both bradykinin, the
    factor for inducing pain, and an unknown
    substance, which is responsible for the temporary
    role of antibiosis and for fast recovery. Those
    people, who keep insisting about the
    effectiveness of its healing power, asserted that
    aloe gel covers up the wound and the substances
    from gel unite with the growth factors to prevent
    genes from destructions. As a result, the
    infected cells are forbidden to penetrate into
    the wounded area, which explains the speeding up
    of the recovery process.

  • Approved Laboratory Report

Clinical Test Result (FITI Testing and Research
Safety of Nano-Colloidal Silver (RCH FDA
Certified Laboratories)
99.9disinfectant (FITI Testing and
Research Institute)
  • Left Cosil Mask Pack proves to be a 99.9
    disinfectant against Staphylococcus and
    Escherichia coli, tested by FITI Testing and
    Research Institute.
  • - Middle Nano-Colloidal Silver (Ag) contained
    in Cosil Mask Pack is proven to be a
    safe(non-toxic) material by a result of toxicity
    test carried out by FDA certified laboratories
    (RCH Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Analytical
  • - Right Nano-Colloidal Silver (Ag) contained in
    Cosil Mask Pack is clinically tested by both men
    women and proven to be safe as shown in the
    test result issued by FITI Testing and Research

6-2. Approved Laboratory Report
Certificate of Free Sales
Certificate of Manufacture
The Certificates above are issued by Korea
Cosmetic Industry Association
  • Cosil Mask Pack Product Explanation
  • Product Guide
  • As a mask pack made with 99.99
    Nano-Colloidal Silver, it is a chemical free mask
    using the antibacterial function and whitening
  • Cosil Pack Major Ingredients
  • - Nano-Colloidal Silver
  • - Arbutin
  • - Phyto-Collagen
  • - Aloe Vera Extract
  • - Other Nutritional ingredients
  • - Patch Mask
  • Function Effect of Cosil Pack
  • Antibiosis
    Skin troubles
  • Skin contaminant absorption
  • Strengthening skin immunity
    Pore size reduction
  • Whitening
    Joint use by men women
  • Convenience of using

7-2. Cosil Mask Pack Product Explanation
  • How to Use Cosil Mask
  • 1. Thoroughly cleanse your face with lukewarm
  • 2. After using skin toner, remove the backside
    film and apply Cosil Mask Pack onto your face.
  • 3. Remove Cosil mask pack after 20 to 30 minutes
    of adsorption.
  • 4. Tap lightly at the remaining residue on
    face and finish by applying skin lotion and night
    cream (do not wash off).
  • Usage Range of Cosil Pack
  • 1. Harsh, tired skin due to frequent make-up
  • 2. For easily irritated skin due to weak immune
  • 3. Harsh skin due to stress and overloaded work
  • 4. For oily skin with pimples and other skin
  • 5. Skin care for both men and women with sun
  • 6. Widened blackheads
  • 7. Other skin troubles general skin management