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The Underground Railroad


Cassie Louise has lost her little brother, Be Be. ... Now, it's up to Cassie Louise to find Be Be before the bounty hunters find her. (Modern Fantasy) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad
  • Presented by
  • Katie, Alison, Dawn,
  • Kelly, Amber

Importance of Teaching the Underground Railroad
in your Classroom
  • Significant event in American history
  • Important to teach about multicultural subject
  • Can easily be broken down for various age groups
  • Important for children to learn this aspect of
    history to make sure that it does not repeat
  • Children should recognize what their ancestors
    went through so they can be proud of where they
    are today!

Harriet Tubman A Hero of the Underground Railroad
  • Primary Lesson Grade Level 2
  • Objectives
  • Students should be able to complete a worksheet
    about heroes.
  • Students will recognize Harriet Tubmans
    importance with the Underground Railroad.

Slavery and the Underground Railroad
  • Intermediate Lesson Grade Level 5
  • Objectives
  • Students will be able to explain the significance
    of the Fugitive Slave Law as it relates to the
    Underground Railroad.
  • Students will be able to identify and explain the
    need for secret signs along the Underground
  • Students will create their own secret signs and
    routes throughout the school as needed to
    transport groups of students along the
    Underground Railroad.

Closed Cupboard
Open Cupboard
The Underground Railroad in Illinois
  • Middle School Lesson Grade Level 7-8
  • Objectives
  • Students will investigate the purpose and
    importance of the Underground Railroad in our
  • Students will learn to use technology and books
    to investigate a topic.
  • Students will learn to use their talents and
    creativity to present the history of the
    Underground Railroad, by focusing on a specific

Explanation of Worksheets
  • Silence Activity
  • Make index cards that state specific areas of
    your classroom
  • Explain to students that for the Underground
    Railroad to work, people involved needed to
    communicate in silence
  • Divide students into groups of three
  • Give one student an index card and tell them that
    they are not aloud to show anyone else what it
  • This student is responsible for getting the
    others to that specific destination in the room
    without talking or using their hands
  • After this activity, allow students to state how
    hard it was to do and have them share their
    feelings about how slaves had to get around.

Annotated Bibliography
  • Armstrong, Jennifer (1992). Steal away. New York,
    NY Orchard Books.
  • This is the true story of two 13 year-old girls
    in the spring of 1855. Bethlehem, a black slave,
    was given to Susannah, a white orphan, as a
    present from her aunt. Susannah did not believe
    in slavery and grew very close with Bethlehem
    because they both could not remember their
    parents. The story is told by the two girls
    forty-one years later, of their trek to be free
    of the South. (Biography/Multicultural)
  • Hopkinson, Deborah and James E. Ransome. (2002).
    Under the quilt of night. New York Simon
  • Under the quilt of night a young slave girl leads
    her loved ones away from the slave master who
    worked them "hoeing and picking, / mending and
    sewing, / till my hands got raw." In this
    striking companion to Deborah Hopkinson and James
    Ransome's Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt,
    Hopkinson uses the rhythm of verse to echo the
    drumming of the slaves' feet as they travel along
    the Underground Railroad in pre-Civil War times.
    Ransome's oil painting illustrations are rich
    with the purple hues of night, and fraught with
    the tense emotions of the men, women, and
    children trying to escape--and those helping
    them. Over the course of the story, the deep
    purple gradually lightens, as the sun begins to
    rise and the slaves approach freedom. The final
    illustration is a veritable sunburst of brilliant
    orange and yellow. (Historical Fiction)

Annotated Bibliography Cont.
  • Lester, Julius. (2000). To be a slave. New York
    Puffin Books.
  • What was it like to be a slave? Listen to the
    words and learn about the lives of countless
    slaves and ex-slaves, telling about their
    enforced journey from Africa to the United
    States, their work in the fields and houses of
    their owners, and their passion for freedom. You
    will never look at life in the same way again.
  • Riggio, Anita. (1997). Secret signs along the
    underground railroad. Pennsylvania Boyds Mills
    Press, Inc.
  • Luke and his mother are making sugar eggs to sell
    at the general storewhen a man burst into their
    home and accuses them of hiding slaves. Lukes
    mother denies such a charge, but the man still
    refuses to let her leave the house. Luke, who is
    deaf, must go to the store and find a girl in an
    indigo shawl who is waiting for information from
    them. She is their contact on the Underground
    Railroad. Lukes courage and quick thinking
    enable him to pass along the description of the
    next safe haven in a way no one would ever
    suspect. (Picture Book)

Annotated Bibliography Cont.
  • Ringgold, Faith. (1994). Aunt Harriets
    underground railroad in the sky. New York First
    Scholastic Printing.
  • Cassie Louise has lost her little brother, Be Be.
    He has gone back to the time when there were
    slaves. Now, its up to Cassie Louise to find Be
    Be before the bounty hunters find her.
  • (Modern Fantasy)
  • Turner, Glennette. (2001). The underground
    railroad in Illinois. IL Newman Educational
    Publishing Company.
  • This well-researched study presents a great deal
    of information...through its user-friendly,
    question-and-answer format. With its specific
    coverage of the Underground Railroad in the
    Midwest, this book will be a welcome addition to
    library collections in the region and an
    invaluable resource for students researching the
    Underground Railroad in Illinois.
  • (Informational)

Annotated Bibliography Cont.
  • Winter, Jeanette. (1992). Follow the drinking
    gourd. New York Random House, Inc.
  • This book relates the story of an old white
    sailor called "Peg Leg Joe" who went from
    plantation to plantation in the pre-Civil War
    south, teaching enslaved blacks a folksong that
    he wrote, the lyrics of which held directions for
    following the Underground Railroad to freedom.
    This particular story focuses on the journey of
    one group of runaways who travel according to the
    directions of the song to reach the Ohio River,
    where Peg Leg Joe himself is waiting with a boat.

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