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Buddhism says that Buddha himself was reincarnated. ... Buddhism was born in rejecting Hinduism ... Buddhism ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • The Uniqueness of Christ

  • We understand that there must be a God
  • Not only the Physical Scientific Evidence
  • But also from the logical evidence
  • Must be an uncaused first cause
  • Must be a designer for things to have meaning
  • Must be a moral Law
  • Now we must find out which from the bunch is the
    best candidate.

  • We have no time to talk about all religions in
    one hour.
  • Even a college semester cant exhaustively talk
    about a belief that took some people a whole
    lifetime to learn.
  • We will do some comparative religion study.
  • Point you in the right direction.
  • Go over the essentials of the defense.
  • Go back to Truth
  • Talk about the uniqueness of
  • Christ.
  • The Biblical view of the Human condition/Capacity.
  • The Trinity
  • Do all roads really lead to God?
  • Are all religions essentially the same?
  • Or is there one way?

  • On the American Quarter theres an inscription
  • E Pluribus Unum
  • America is the Melting Pot of the world.
  • Here there is a interaction of many peoples
  • We have grown to respect the differences.
  • Culture, Food, Behavior Religion
  • Being Politically correct is aimed at respecting
  • Religious Tolerance doesnt mean Truth
  • With the principle of equal toleration has come
    the idea that no religion has exclusive claims to
    truth. Though the concept of legal religious
    toleration says nothing about the validity of
    true claims, many have drawn the implication that
    equal toleration means equal validity- R.C.

Prologue of World Scripture.
  • All religions are connected to the same ultimate
    reality lead people toward a common goal. This
    is true even though the various religions make
    exclusive claims about themselves, sometimes
    asserting the uniqueness incompatibility of
    their God or ultimate principles. Nevertheless,
    in affirming the existence of ultimate reality or
    the ultimate principle, we assume it can be only
    one, regardless of various beliefs which people
    hold about it- be it described as one or many,
    impersonal or personal, absolute emptiness or
    absolute being, and regardless of the name by
    which is called.

The Test for a Religion
  • 2 Main Category of tests for a religion
  • The Use of Logic Truth
  • How it reflects reality
  • The Test of Meaningfulness
  • How purpose and meaning is answered.
  • People think there is a wide selection out there.
  • They fall apart under scrutiny
  • Which corresponds with reality
  • Which is knowable
  • Which make sense

Back to Truth
  • We said that truth was foundational.
  • Conformity to fact or actuality / Reality.
  • When you say something is true, then youre
    saying it actually exists (even thought)
  • Weve been using the qualities of truth and Logic
    for all our lessons
  • We are going to use it again here.

Spiritual and Physical Truth
  • Why view them Differently.
  • People dont think that way about the physical
  • We think of the physical world as objective.
  • While the Spiritual is viewed as subjective.
  • Stop separating the two.
  • if the spiritual is true then it must correspond
    with reality.
  • In regards to logic
  • Its not a downplay of miracles or supernatural
  • Why believe something if it doesnt correspond
    with reality?

Truth applied to religion
  • Truth is exclusive
  • A Belief must have a sense of exclusivity
  • (it must assume something and denounce what
  • Hinduism there are a millions of gods.
  • Not a single set of principles, but a diverse
    interpretation of reality.
  • The various gods are metaphors for life.
  • the problem with the Hindu philosophy is that
    it has opened her arms out so wide that when she
    finally starts to close them, she will strangle

  • -Dr. S. Radhakrisha, president of India
  • G. K. Chestertons modern-day rebel In an the
    attempt to denounce everything, he has lost the
    ability to denounce anything. (but in reverse)
  • Jesus- no man can come to the father but by me
    (John 146)

Truth applied to religion (cont)
  • Truth as an object
  • A belief must fit snuggly into reality
    (regarding logic).
  • Hinduism Says life and Individuality is an
    illusion (Matrix Movie) how do you know its not?
  • The one who said it is also an illusion so it
    doesnt really matter.
  • Hinduism, Buddhism, Scientology believes in
  • Buddhism says that Buddha himself was
  • With reincarnation, if you work backwards, where
    did it all begin?
  • A Blessed person or a Cursed person?
  • If blessed then it was a reward for good deeds
  • If cursed then it was a punishment for bad deeds
  • Karma (the force at work) doesnt know what to do
    with the origin?
  • By virtue of its own self-imposed rules, it goes
    on forever backwards.
  • Jesus
  • Classical Apologetics tells us otherwise
  • the heaven stretches (physics) Psalm 1042
  • The clouds get heavy with water (precipitation)
    Job 268

Truth applied to religion (cont)
  • All truth is parallel
  • A belief must be validated by other truths.
  • Islam says God is unknowable, unfeeling,
  • hates sinners, Never comes personally to humans.
  • Problem
  • How did Mohammad know what to write if God is
  • Unfeeling Indifferent?
  • Hates sinners why is there a plan to for going
    to heaven
  • How did Mohammad know what to write if god never
    comes personally to humans.
  • The Judeo/ Christian God
  • Says Seek me and find me. Deuteronomy 429
  • Find another example

Truth applied to religion (cont)
  • The Law of Non-Contradiction
  • A belief must take this into account.
  • The Car in the garage illustration.
  • Since all religions are fundamentally different
    it is better to say that all of them are false
    than to say that all of them are true.
  • Bahai Makes exclusive claims about not being
  • Man had the potential to be reflect the
    attributes of God.
  • God has many names and all roads lead to God.
  • So which god are your trying to reflect
  • Bible says, God cannot Lie. Titus 12/ Heb 618

Uniqueness of the Biblical View
  • Not merely different- but Unique.
  • The Human Condition
  • What is in my heart.
  • The Human Capacity
  • What is my potential.
  • The Uniqueness of Christ
  • His offices and functions
  • The Uniqueness of the Trinity

The Human Condition
  • Other views
  • Bahai / Scientology says man is basically good.
  • It becomes a false sense of security
  • Biblical View
  • None are righteous
  • The heart is desperately wicked.
  • There is a bankruptcy within the human heart.
  • Romans 718-19 I know that nothing good lives in
    me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the
    desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it
    out. For what I do is not the good I want to do
    no, the evil I do not want to dothis I keep on

The Human Capacity/ Potential
  • Other Views
  • Buddhism says Life is suffering, (your escape is
    Nirvana / afterlife)
  • Islam - Theres no way to know God Hates
  • Biblical view
  • Lord Be holy for I am holy. Leviticus 192
  • You are the temple of the holy spirit 1
    Corinthians 619
  • God makes a place holy. ( this is holy ground
  • Who is man that you are mindful of him?- Psalm
  • I came so You may have life and have it
    abundantly. -John 1010
  • You can know God.
  • You are now my friends because servants dont
    know the masters plans. -John 1515

The Uniqueness of Christ
  • The Deity of Jesus (100 God, 100 Man)
  • Islam denies Jesus deity but acknowledges his
    virgin birth ability to raise the dead.
  • Neither of those are attributed to Mohammad.
  • Other Religions give you steps how to be Good.
  • Buddhism Life is suffering and suffering ends
    through right speech, understanding, action,
    livelihood, effort, mindfulness and
  • The Bible says you can never be good enough.
  • ( Gods standard) Be holy for I am holy
    Leviticus 192
  • V.S.
  • (your ability) Your righteousness are like filthy
    rags. Isaiah 646
  • There is a feeling of helplessness
  • Grace comes in.
  • You need a savior. (JESUS)
  • The office of
  • 1. Priest 2. Prophet 3.King.
  • Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.
    -Isaiah 96

The Uniqueness of the Trinity
  • The Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  • (1 God, 3 personality (in the context of
    purpose- i.e. 3 purposes)
  • Hinduism believes Shiva manifests in 3 forms.
  • Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
  • Buddhism says Buddha has 3 bodies and 3
  • the nirmana-kaya or created body which manifests
    in time and space the sambhoga-kaya or body of
    mutual enjoyment which is an archetypal
    manifestation and the Dharma-kaya or 'Reality
    body' which 'embodies' the very principle of
  • Hear O Israel the Lord your God is one God.
    -Deuteronomy 64
  • But there are other monotheistic (one god)
  • (i.e. Islam, Zoroastrian)
  • Since God is the creator of all
  • Who was God able to express love to before he
    created angels and man.
  • There is community and Relationship within the
  • E Pluribus Unum that unity in diversity.
  • quintessence - that which unites all 4.

  • Before we can talk about a God of love, we must
    first establish that God exists.
  • Then Before we can talk about a God that exists,
    we must first understand truth and reality.
  • Then we provided logical evidences that God truly
  • But then the question came Which God is it?
  • So we established, by using truth, which God
    corresponds reality.
  • Not cause he is bound by it
  • Not cause he is limited
  • But because he created truth, logic, and reality.

  • The exclusive Claim.
  • The Correspondence with reality
  • The accurate identification of the human
  • The Need for a Savior.
  • He addressed Origin, Pain, meaning, Destiny.
  • The Genius of the Trinity.

Not quite.
  • In school, what do you call someone who almost
  • Some comes close but, they just dont cut it.
  • No other belief system can address truth this
  • No other world view can address meaning this
  • Only Christianity is able to address the entirety
    of the qualities of Truth
  • How? Why? cause it is true.
  • And He has made himself knowable,
  • since he is a personal God.
  • …I will dine with him and he with me.. Revelation

  • Hear O Israel the Lord your God is one God.
  • Buddhism was born in rejecting Hinduism
  • Some Hindus say god is personal and other Hindus
    say god is not
  • Every assertion rejects something.
  • Jesus is offensive. When you talk about God
    people are willing to give you a hearing. That is
    a very acceptable concept- Since I can be a God.
    But the moment I talk about Christ, I am labeled
    as a religious, prejudiced fanatic.

  • In philosophy, Ultimate Reality is the absolute
    nature of all things. It is different from
    ordinary reality, which is considered a product
    of the individual conscious mind. Ultimate
    Reality is independent of observation.
  • Wicca
  • An it harm none, do what ye will.
  • Do what you will, so long as it harms none
  • The rule of three (or threefold law) is an
    important tenet in Wicca. It states that both the
    good and the evil that one creates in the world
    will be returned threefold (in joy or suffering).
  • Scientology
  • What is true is what is true for you. No beliefs
    should be enforced as "true" on anyone. Rather,
    the tenets of Scientology are expected to be
    tested and seen to be true, or not, by its
  • Scientology teaches entry-level recruits that it
    is fully compatible with all existing major
    religions. The Church of Scientology has publicly
  • "Scientology respects all religions. Scientology
    does not conflict with other religions or other
    religious practices." (What is Scientology? 1992,
  • "Although there is no policy or Scriptural
    mandate expressly requiring Scientologists to
    renounce other religious beliefs or membership in
    other churches, as a practical matter
    Scientologists are expected to and do become
    fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion of
    other faiths. As Scientologists, they are
    required to look only to Scientology Scriptures
    for the answers to the fundamental questions of
    their existence and to seek enlightenment only
    from Scientology." (Response to Final Series of
    IRS Questions Prior to Recognition of Exemption
    Under Section 501(c)(3) As a Church, October 1,
  • "Gods are fragile things they may be killed by a
    whiff of science or a dose of common sense."
    -Chapman Cohen
  • So many Gods, so many creeds, So many paths that
    wind and wind, When just the art of being kind Is
    all this sad world needs. -Ella Wheeler Wilcox\
  • Science without religion is lame, religion
    without science is blind." -Albert Einstein

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