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Missing, Abducted and Exploited Children Law Enforcement Presentation


Increased aggression due to violent video games and playing in an environment of ... Video Game History ... Does the video game 'Bully' condone harassment, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Missing, Abducted and Exploited Children Law Enforcement Presentation

Virtual Playground vs. Danger Zone
David A. Paterson, Governor
Denise E. ODonnell, Commissioner
Version 1.3 3/17/2008
In a Childs Words
View Video In A Childs Words
Whoever tells the stories defines the culture.
Do you know the story in your child's favorite
game? MediaWise.org - PSA
The Debate Continues
Balance Good vs. Bad Educational Value vs.

Harmful Effect

Game Sources
PC XBox 360 Playstation 1,2,3 PSP Game Cube S
uper Nintendo
Nintendo 64 NES
Game Boy Dreamcast Genesis Sega Saturn Neo Ge
Game Gear Nintendo Wii Cell Phone
Virginia Tech Video Game
Cho Seung-Hui went on a murderous rampage at
Virginia Tech.
View Video Virginia Tech
Associated Press
Now someone has created a video game that
features him.
Video Game Rating SystemAs rated by the
Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)
  • Early Childhood Titles rated Early Childhood
    (EC) have content suitable for children age 3 and
    older and do not contain any material that
    parents would find inappropriate.

Everyone Titles rated Everyone (E) have content
suitable for persons age 6 and older. These
titles will appeal to people of many ages and
tastes. They may contain minimal violence, some
comic mischief (for example, slapstick comedy),
or some crude language.
Everyone 10 Titles rated Everyone 10
(E10) have content that may be suitable for
ages 10 and older. Titles in this category may
contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violenc
e, harsher language and/or minimal suggestive
Teen Titles rated Teen (T) have content
suitable for persons age 13 and older. Titles in
this category may contain violent content, mild
or strong language, and/or suggestive themes.
Mature Titles rated Mature (M) have content
suitable for persons age 17 and older. These
products may include more intense violence or
language than products in the Teen category. In
addition, these titles may include mature sexual
Adults Only Titles rated Adults Only (AO) have
content suitable only for adults. These products
may include graphic depictions of sex and/or
violence. Adults Only products are not intended
to be sold or rented to persons under the age of
Video Game Facts
7 out of 10 kids report playing M-rated video
5,000 game titles available
10 billion in video games sales in US
On average, girls play 5 hours per week, boys
play 13 hours
78 of boys say they own an M-rated game
45 of kids purchased M-rated video games
without a parent
Risks for Children
  • Increased aggression due to violent video games
    and playing in an environment of super weapons,
    slaughter, stabbing, and shooting.
  • Social isolation single-player games and
    neglect of real-life relationships for virtual

Adapted from MediaWise.org
Risks for Children
Exposure to anti-social themes such as violence,
aggression, irresponsible sex, and gender bias
with female characters often portrayed as weak
and helpless. Diversion from real-life responsibi
lities (i.e. school work, household
chores). Addiction, Increased Appetite.
Adapted from MediaWise.org
MMORPGMassive Multiplayer Online Role Playing
View Video Video Game Addiction
Video Game History
  • 1972 - Pong a simulated ping pong game where
    players had to hit a ball with paddles.

  • 1976 First violent video game titled Death
    Race, originally titled Pedestrian.
  • The goal was to run down stick-figure
    pedestrians called gremlins that would scream
    when hit and turn into gravestones.

  • Late 1980s and early 1990s fighting games
    such as Double Dragon and Mortal Kombat
    became best sellers.

  • 1992 Wolfenstein 3D is released, the first
    major first-person shooter game, with the
    player seeing the game through the eyes of the
  • Part of the popularity of Wolfenstein 3D was
    the shock value enemies fell and bled on the

  • 1993 Doom is released with even more blood
    and gore.
  • Players can hunt and kill each other.

  • 2000 The violent first-person shooter game
    Soldier of Fortune is released.
  • There are 26 different killing zones in the

Anyone can download and play Americas Army,
an official game of the U.S. Army.
Cutting-edge technology is essential for training
soldiers, but what about an 8-year-old?
View Video Bully
Rockstar Games, Inc.
Does the video game Bully condone harassment,
intimidation and retribution?
Violent Video Games
What is violent?
What effect do violent games have on children?
How Violent Are Video Games?
Research is inconclusive.
  • One research book, Violent Video Game Effects
    on Children and Adolescents, states
  • Study 1 - Exposure to cartoonish childrens
    violent video games may have the same short-term
    effects on increasing aggressive behavior as the
    more graphic teen (T-rated) violent games.

  • Study 2 - Children who had more exposure to
    violent video games may have more pro-violent
    attitudes, more hostile personalities, may be
    less forgiving, believe violence to be more
    typical, and behave more aggressively in their
    everyday lives.
  • Study 3 - Children who played more violent video
    games early in the school year may become more
    verbally and physically aggressive later in the
    school year.

4 Major Effects of Violent Media
One researcher, Dr. Ronald Slaby, has found
  • Aggressor Effect encouraging violent behavior.
  • Victim Effect increased fearfulness.
  • Bystander Effect leading to callousness,
    accepting violence as normal.
  • Increased Appetite Effect building a desire to
    watch more violence or play violent games.

  • Parents should use good judgment when purchasing
    video games for their children.

Ten Tips for Parents
  • CHECK a games rating and read the description.
    Rent a game to preview before purchasing. Some
    major online games have ESRB ratings others do
    not. Check out online reviews.
  • AVOID first-person shooter, killographic games.
    Instead, pick non-lethal games that require the
    player to devise strategies and make decisions in
    a game environment that is more complex than
    punch, run, and kill.

  • SET reasonable time limits and ensure that they
    are respected by your child.
  • WATCH for warning signs of video game addiction.
    Stop obsessive playing before it gets out of
    control. Encourage your child to play with
    friends off line, away from the computer.
  • TALK with your children about cyberbullying and
    griefers (tormenters). Encourage your children
    to talk to you if they see inappropriate behavior
    online. Establish house rules of netiquette
    and follow through with consequences if rules are

  • DISCUSS the content of games and explain why you
    object to certain games. Remember that children
    also play video and computer games outside of the
    home. What are the gaming rules at their
    friends homes?
  • SET clear house rules around Internet and game
    use and time. Require that homework and chores
    be done before playing.
  • DO NOT PUT video games or computers in kids
    bedrooms. Place video game consoles and
    computers where they are easy to monitor.

MEETING online gaming friends requires adult
supervision. Your kids may feel quite close to
other gamers they meet online. Remind them that
these people are still strangers and that it
isnt safe to meet them alone.
DONT assume that other parents judgments on
video games will be the same as yours. You may
agree on some things, but maybe not here.
Media Family KidScore a rating system by
parents for parents www.mediafamily.org
Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB)
www.esrb.org PBS Parents www.pbs.org PTA PT
A/ESRB Brochure on Video Game Safety
www.pta.org New York State Consumer Protection Bo
ard www.nysconsumer.gov
View Video Obesity
The New York State Missing and Exploited Children
Clearinghouse (MECC) at the Division of Criminal
Justice Services wishes to acknowledge and thank
the Law Enforcement Analysis Facility (LEAF) at
the National Law Enforcement and Corrections
Technology Center Northeast for its
cooperation, support, and assistance.  
NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
Denise E. ODonnell, Commissioner

Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse
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