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Fastlane Updates. NCURA Conference. Tulsa, Okla. April 10 13, 2005. Evelyn F. Baisey-Thomas ... Began ten years ago as experimental project with first modules ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Administration

Fastlane Updates NCURA Conference Tulsa,
Okla. April 10 13, 2005 Evelyn F.
Baisey-Thomas 703-292-4204
What is NSF FastLane?
  • FastLane ( is over 40
    externally facing interactive web-based systems
    used by scientists, engineers, educators,
    research and financial administrators to conduct
    business with NSF electronically.
  • Began ten years ago as experimental project with
    first modules released in 1995.
  • Electronic Proposal Submission through FastLane
    became required in October 2000.
  • In 2003, NSF won the Presidents Award for
    Management Excellence for FastLane and other

FastLane An eGovernment Success Story FY 04
  • Over 43,500 Electronic Proposals
  • (over 99.9 of all proposals submitted)
  • 195,000 Electronic Reviews
  • 9,000 Electronic Graduate Research Fellowships
  • 25,000 Electronic Grantee Progress Reports
  • 14,000 Electronic Cash Requests

Electronic Proposal Percent By Fiscal Year (FY
FastLane Goals
  • Reduce administrative burden on external
    customers and NSF.
  • Provide greater access to information.
  • Decrease Award Decision time.

FastLane Customers
  • Public
  • Reviewers
  • Researchers/Educators (Principal Investigators)
  • Sponsored Projects Offices
  • Financial Offices
  • NSF Staff

Who Uses FastLane?
  • 7,000 registered FastLane organizations
  • Universities and Colleges including Community
    Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions
  • Large and Small Businesses
  • Non-profits
  • State and Local Governments
  • 270,000 registered FastLane users
  • Principal Investigators (PIs) Co-PIs
  • Reviewers
  • Sponsored Projects Offices (SPO)
  • Financial Offices

  • Proposals, Awards and Status
  • Proposal Preparation,
  • Proposal Status Inquiry,
  • Letter of Intent
  • Project Reports
  • And much more!
  • Research Administration
  • Financial Administration
  • Proposal Review
  • Panelist Functions

FastLane Functions
  • Awards Search (public)
  • Medal of Science Nominations (public)
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Applications
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • Proposal Review (reviewers)
  • Panel Review (panelists)
  • Print Proposals on Demand and CD on Demand
    (reviewers and panelists)
  • Panelist Banking and Travel System (panelists)
  • Interactive Panel System (panelists)

FastLane Functions Principal Investigators (PIs)
  • Prepare Proposals
  • Edit PI Information
  • Proposal Status Inquiry
  • Includes release of feedback from reviewers.
  • Revised Proposal Budgets
  • Proposal File Update
  • Electronic Proposal Withdrawal
  • View Award Letters
  • Prepare Supplements
  • Project Reporting
  • Post Award Notifications and Requests
  • Continuing Grant Increment Status
  • Letter of Intent

FastLane Functions Sponsored Projects Office
  • Submit Proposals/Supplements/Revised Proposal
    Budgets (includes Edit capability)
  • Add/Modify/Delete Users/Passwords/Permissions
  • View and Download Reports
  • Proposals
  • Awards
  • Final Project Reports
  • Continuation Funding
  • Organization Permissions
  • View Project Reports/Award Letters
  • Change Organizational Information
  • Prepare and Submit Post-Award Notifications
  • Electronic Signatures (Password and

FastLane Functions - Financial
  • Cash Requests
  • Quarterly Federal Cash Transaction Report
  • EFT Verification and Submission

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Recent Enhancements to FastLane
Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • Created Letter of Intent Module
  • Changes to Submitted Proposals
  • Allow PI Transfers
  • Allow Change of PI/Co-PI
  • Allow Insertion of New Files
  • (not previously uploaded as pdf, cover sheet
  • Enhance Proposal File Update Module
  • Ability to change proposal data.
  • Ability to add files where none exist.

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • Proposal File Update enhancements are consistent
    with the new guidance on Proposal File Updates
    contained in the most recent issuance of the
    Grant Proposal Guide (NSF 04-23 )
  • A request for a proposal file update
    automatically will be accepted if submitted prior
  • the deadline date specified in a program
  •  initiation of external peer review in cases when
    a target date is utilized
  • initiation of external peer review in the case of
    an unsolicited proposal.

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • A request for a proposal file update after the
    timeframes specified deadline date will require
    acceptance by the cognizant NSF Program Officer
  • Such requests may be submitted only to correct a
    technical problem with the proposal (i.e.,
    formatting or print problems)
  • Changes in the content of the proposal should not
    be requested after the timeframes specified
    deadline date

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • Changes supported by the new PFU include the
    ability to
  • Add or delete sections of the proposal,
    even sections that are not
  • uploaded as PDF files
  • Modify all sections of the proposal, even
    those that are created as
  • forms within FastLane
  • Change the PI
  • Add or delete coPIs
  • Modify the proposed budget, including
    addition of subaward budgets
  • adding or correct coding on the cover sheet
    for SGERs, Human
  • Subjects, international pre-proposals
  • Modify several sections of the proposal as
    part of one Proposal File
  • Update.

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • The following attributes remain unavailable for
  • Programs/NSF Unit of Consideration
  • Awardee Organization (changes are permitted
    if the
  • proposer is an unaffiliated individual)
  • Performing Organization
  • Due Date
  • Funding Opportunity number and
  • Letter of Reference Writers (associated
    with Post
  • Doc Proposals)

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • SPO Return Proposal to PI
  • Enhance Spreadsheet Upload Process
  • Redesigned Financial Login
  • Update Organizational EFT Information
  • Organizational Permissions Report

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • Redesign Research Administration modules
  • Streamline navigation.
  • Improved search and sort functionalities.
  • Search documents by PI's last name
  • Ability to extract search results into an Excel
  • Research Administration InBox is back!
  • CD on Demand for Reviewers
  • Created modules to support National Science Board
    Office (NSBO) Honorary Awards

Recent Enhancements to FastLane
  • Created modules to better support Graduate
    Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)
  • Reporting period for Project Reporting will be
    set by NSF.
  • E-Mail reminders to AORs who have proposals not
    signed within 5 working days of submission.
  • Port new look and feel to rest of FastLane.

Planned Enhancements
  • Revised Award Budgets
  • EDI Award Notice
  • Enhance Spreadsheet Upload Process
  • Redesign of Project Reports System

Planned Enhancements to FastLane
  • Implement Sophisticated Help Functionality and
    Training Materials
  • Integrate with Government-wide E-Grants System so
    that proposals submitted to NSF via E-Grants
    System can be processed electronically by NSF.
  • Redesign Login Update EFT Procedures/Functions

Continuous Improvement
  • System Reliability
  • Quality Control of Software
  • User Focus
  • Smooth Integration Inside NSF
  • Improved Help, Communication, and Outreach
  • Look to the Future

FastLane Customer Service and Outreach
  • FastLane User Support
  • 1.800.673.6188
  • 703.292.8042
  • New hours
  • (700 am 900 pm)
  • Workshops and
  • Presentations at
  • Organizations
  • Video Conferences/ Training

The Initiative
  • Mandate - Presidents Management Agenda and
  • Originally called the E-Grants Initiative
  • Eleven Partner Agencies
  • HHS (managing partner), NSF, Defense, Education,
    HUD, Justice, Transportation, Agriculture,
    Commerce, Labor, and Homeland Security/FEMA
  • Produce a simple, unified storefront for all
    customers of Federal grants to electronically
  • Find grant opportunities Launched in February
  • Apply for grants Launched in October 2003 with
    SF424 forms

30 Solution One place to go to find
opportunities and submit proposals
Benefits Both Grant Applicants and Agencies
  • The extensive experience that NSF has with
    electronic grants and electronic business is
    being leveraged in the development and
    implementation of
  • NSF will be making changes to NSF systems to
    ensure that the integration to Government-wide is successful
  • NSF is continuing to develop Fastlane to
    seamlessly integrate with

32 Current Status and Next Steps
  • All 26 grant-making agencies posting funding
    opportunities to the FIND mechanism.
  • Deployed APPLY functionality.
  • Additional Forms Development for agencies not
    using the SF424 to collect additional data
  • Build Functionality to support the Research
    Related Application Data Set NSF is one of the
    agencies leading in the design and development
  • Agency System to System Interface Successfully
    tested with several agencies including NSF
  • Applicant System to System Interface Gathering
    requirements, piloting in Summer 2004

NSF FastLane and
  • By late Spring 2005, NSF will be able to accept
    proposals through
  • Will start with unsolicited proposals
  • 15 application packages will be posted to for submission to NSF during the 4th
    quarter of FY 2005
  • Packages will be from across the agency and
    include NSFs Application Guide
  • Interface will be tested by institutions during
    Spring 2005.

NSF Application Package on
  • SF 424 Research Related Forms
  • Cover, Pages 1 and 2 (Includes certification and
    assurance language
  • Project/Performance Site Location(s)
  • Other Project Information
  • Senior/Key Person Profile(s)
  • Personal Data (PD/PI and co-PD/PI only)
  • Budget

NSF Application Package on
  • NSF Agency Specific Forms
  • Mandatory Forms
  • Cover Sheet NSF Unit Consideration
  • Checklist
  • Optional Forms
  • List of Suggested Reviewers or Reviewers Not to
    Include (Optional)
  • Deviation Authorization
  • Organization and Individual Registration for
    NSFs Fastlane System

Application Package
Application Package (Bottom of page)
Example of Application Form
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Application Package
Once you have completed and saved the
application, the Submit button will become active
and you will be able to upload your application
All the forms have to be moved to the Submission
List before Submit button will become active
Press Yes to Submit
Login Screen Authorized Official
Representatives Only!
Enter the username and password provided by
Grants.govs Credential Provider.
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