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Gospel of John


Garden scene: 'woman' and 'man' Connected with Lord's Supper ... Samaritan woman at the well: Culture & Gospel 'Five husbands' & Samaritan religious history ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Gospel of John

Gospel of John
Wednesday June 6, 2007
  • Jn. 119-51
  • Jn. 21-442

Jn. 119-51
OverviewThree Days
  • Could be 3, 4, or 5 days mentioned in Chapter
  • Prior to v. 19 (?)
  • V.19-28
  • V.29-34
  • V.35-42
  • V.43-51 (?)
  • Mention of third day in Jn. 21 suggests John
    is doing theology here
  • Each day brings greater awareness and deeper
    insight concerning who Jesus is.

First Interrogation (v.19-23)JB his role
  • The Jews religious authorities hostile to
  • who he was no uniform Jewish expectation
    concerning the Messiah
  • Elijah expected to return before YHWH (Mal.
    31ff. 41ff.)
  • Was he or wasnt he? JB Elijah?
  • Yes he was (Mt. 1114 1712 Mk. 913)
  • Looked acted the same (Mk. 16 2 Kings 18),
    though traditional (Zech. 134).
  • JB says no! (Jn. 121)
  • Solutions
  • (1) JB distinguished the actual Elijah vs. coming
    in his likeness
  • (2) JB didnt know the full extent of his role
    and mission (us?)
  • Uses Isaiah 403 as self-description (same as

John 124-51
  • V.24 sent from the Pharisees. Historical
  • Size Role of Pharisees minor
  • But John contextualizes his message
  • 3 times messenger of God sees person says
  • Jesus as Lamb of God
  • V. 30 JB aware of Jesus pre-existence
  • V.31 Israel (vs. Jews)
  • V.33 dove. See Gen. 12. remains on him
  • V. 35-37 disciples who follow ultimate
    testimony of discipleship.
  • First words of Jesus in John What are you
    looking for?
  • V.41. How does Andrew know? Deeper Insight
  • Philip Nathanael
  • The fig tree
  • Verse 51 Jacobs Ladder (Gen. 2812)

Jn. 21-442
Chapter 2A Drink A Brawl
  • The Wedding at Cana (v.1-12)
  • Explains new wine of Mk. 219
  • Fits with Wisdom motif (Prov. 95 Isa. 501-3)
  • Mary (the Church) collaborator with Christ
  • Garden scene woman and man
  • Connected with Lords Supper baptism (catacomb
  • Cleansing the Temple (v.13-22)
  • Moved in Johnto spoil the ending! (Cp. Mt. 21
    Mk. 11)
  • Jesus Discerns Hearts (v.23-25)
  • There is such a thing as inadequate faith! (Cp.
  • Jesus knows the characters do they know Jesus?!

Chapter 3The outside insider Knowing too much
to listen
  • The New Birth (v.1-21)
  • Jesus Nicodemus speak 3 times each
  • Nicodemus Good or Bad character? (750 1939)
  • Mentioned 3 times in John in each case, he came
    by night
  • Crypto-Christian almost not yet. But either/or!
  • Spirit kingdom of God water baptism LS
  • Love for worldonly time in John!
  • Lifting up Christ crucifixion not in condemning
  • John the Baptist Exalts Christ (v.22-36)
  • V.30 Perhaps JBs last words in this gospel!
  • wrath remains on him (v.36)
  • Disbelievedisobey

Chapter 4The inside outsider Hearing Anew
  • Jesus and Samaritan Woman (v.1-26)
  • Jesus needed to go (must go) through Samaria
    Gods will?
  • Samaritan woman at the well Culture Gospel
  • Five husbands Samaritan religious history
  • Living water
  • Worship the Messiah
  • The Fields are White for Harvesting (v.27-38)
  • Disciples more concerned with Samaritan than
  • Water food baptism LS
  • Belief through the Samaritan Woman (v.39-42)
  • Jesus as Saviorunderstood by outsiders!
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