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The Sun (the kids


The Sun keeps the temperature of most of the Earth's surface at 51 to 49 degrees ... Solar panels are used to collect the Sun's heat. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Sun (the kids

The Sun(the kids section)
  • TQ Team C0112425 2001

The Sun
  • In this chapter we will talk about
  • The Role of the Sun
  • Effect on Weather
  • The snug Earth
  • Solar Power
  • Why do we have temperature
  • How do we measure air temperature?

The Suns Role
  • The Sun is the ultimate source of heat energy of
    the earth.
  • All the Earths heat and light comes from the Sun.

Life Support
  • The Sun keeps the temperature of most of the
    Earths surface at 51 to 49 degrees Celsius.
  • For most living things can only survive at 0 to
    49 degrees Celsius.
  • If the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth was
    cut by one tenth, the oceans would turn to ice
    and like on Earth would die.

Effect on Weather
  • The Sun is the key to the worlds weather.
  • Its rays filter through the atmosphere and warm
    the Earths surface which heats the air above.
    This makes the air move because warm air rises.
  • The movement of air causes winds which lead to
    weather changes.

The Snug Earth
  • The Earth absorbs sunlight and then releases it
    into the air again as heat.
  • The heat is trapped by water vapour and clouds in
    the atmosphere and reflected back to Earth.
  • The atmosphere acts like an enormous blanket
    around the Earth, keeping the warmth.

Solar Power
  • Solar panels are used to collect the Suns heat.
  • Water in them absorbs the heat and is used to
    warm homes. Electricity can also be made from

Why do we have air temperature?
  • Air temperature tells us how hot or how cold the
    air is.
  • This greatly affects the weather.
  • It is important to us because we need to wear
    different clothes for different temperature.

How do we measure air temperature?
  • Thermometers are used to measure air temperature.
  • They are placed in the shade, 1.5m off the
  • That is because in direct sunshine and on the
    ground, temperature recorded maybe much higher
    than that off the ground.
  • Air temperature is measured in degrees Celsius
    (C) or degrees Fahrenheit (F)

Photos I
  • Solar Panels

Photos II
  • A Sixs thermometer

  • TQ Team C0112425 2001
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