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George Ryazanov's 'angels' go up and down 'Jacob's Ladder' from Earth to Heaven. ... These tiny wormholes have exotic cores inside the throats where space-time is ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Remember when you were young?
  • You shone like the sun.
  • Shine on you crazy diamond.
  • Now there's a look in your eyes,
  • like black holes in the sky.
  • Shine on you crazy diamond.
  • Pink Floyd

  • Chapter One
  • Physical reality splits into matter in space-time
    and quantum thought beyond space-time.

Mind-Matter Duality
  • Mind is a physical non-material field of quantum
    information in David Bohms implicate order
    beyond space-time.
  • Matter is in the explicate order in space-time.

Mind Is Quantum Information
  • Quantum information is like a radio wave guiding
    a model airplane.
  • There are significant differences because radio
    waves are inside space-time and mind is outside

Quantum Mind is Unconscious
  • Minds are not automatically conscious.
  • Minds act on matter.
  • Consciousness is the reaction of matter on its
    attached mind.
  • Its not easy for this reaction to work.

The Action-Reaction Principle
  • Newton, in the 17th century, discovered that
    actions have equal and opposite reactions.
  • This is the recoil of a gunshot.
  • It is how jet planes and rockets move in the
    explicate space-time order.

Einsteins Vision
  • Each physical object influences and in general
    is influenced in turn by others. The later,
    however, is not true of the ether of Newtonian
    mechanics one may call it absolute. The ether
    of the general theory of relativity differs
    from that of classical mechanics, or the special
    theory respectively, as it is not absolute

Einsteins Relativity
  • Einstein generalized Newtons idea into the
    principle of relativity.
  • There are no absolute physical objects that touch
    without being touched.
  • Space-time geometry acts on matter to make it
    move in space.
  • Matter reacts back on space-time to make it curve
    into gravity.

Physics of Consciousness
  • Consciousness is generated by the reaction of
    matter back on the quantum mind that is guiding
    the motion of the matter in space.
  • The reaction of matter on space-time, all in the
    explicate order, is gravity.
  • Similarly, the reaction of matter on the quantum
    information field in the implicate order is
    conscious experience.

Physics and Qabala
  • Aleph is Bohms implicate order beyond
  • Mem is Bohms explicate order in space-time.
  • Sheen is action.
  • Seen is back-action.
  • Picture by Fred Alan Wolf

God and Golem
  • Fred Alan Wolf has the Golem of quantum theory
    in his picture, and I have The Breath of God of
    post-quantum theory. My fit includes Fred's as a
    limiting case. George Ryazanov's "angels" go up
    and down "Jacob's Ladder" from Earth to Heaven.

Physics of the Paranormal
  • Consciousness is beyond quantum theory.
  • Precognition is part of consciousness.
  • Quantum theory forbids precognition.
  • Quantum theory is an approximation to a greater
    post-quantum theory.
  • Quantum theory only works for inanimate matter.

Experiments on Precognition
  • Libets brain waves at UCSF (F.A. Wolf)
  • Radin-Bierman experiments at Interval and
  • PEAR experiments at Princeton.
  • CIA-US Army remote-viewing project.
  • John Walkers retro-PK WEB experiment.

Biermans Analysis
  • the material states to be influenced were
    recorded BEFORE the intention was determined a
    reversal of time
  • from Biermans paper

The Force of Destiny
  • What kind of world could coherently admit the
    past . counterfactually dependent on the future?
  • Advanced action is just what we should have
    expected in the world
  • Quantum mechanics simply shows us how God managed
    to pull it off.
  • Huw Price, Times Arrow

Wheeler-Feynman Theory 1940
  • The action of electric charge A on electric
    charge B is coupled to an equal and opposite in
    time reaction of charge B back on charge A.
  • This is a closed loop inside space-time.
  • If charge A acts on charge B forward in time,
    then charge B reacts on charge A backward in

Using Zero Point Energy?
  • The incoherent reactions backward in time (BIT)
    from absorber charges in the future to emitter
    charges in the past generate uncontrollably
    random electromagnetic zero point quantum vacuum
    fluctuations in the past.
  • Thus, coherent reactions from the future cohere
    the past zero point fluctuations.

Metric Engineering
  • Advanced coherent reaction from the future should
    enable direct psychokinetic control of
    space-time geometry in the past for practical
    propellantless propulsion of flying saucers
    (e.g. Col. Phillip J Corso)
  • Hal Puthoff et-al has been trying to achieve
    control of zero point energy for controlled warp
    drive of space-craft (NASA BPP).

Times Arrow
  • Why do we apparently not experience advanced
    influences from the future, but only retarded
    influences from the past?
  • The experiments of Libet and Radin-Bierman
    suggest that our future is in fact influencing
    our present subconsciously.
  • All creative discovery and intuition is
    precognition in my post-quantum theory.

Feynmans Holographic Universe
  • Feynman describes the physics of electric charges
    and electromagnetic fields in terms of pictures
    inside the dual 8D complex momentum-energy
    holographic image of 4D real space-time.
  • These pictures consist of finite line segments
    meeting at points.
  • The lines are called propagators.

The Feynman Propagator
  • Each line segment for the propagator function has
    a real part and a virtual part.
  • The real part is called a pole.
  • The propagator function hyper-surface explodes to
    infinity at a pole which is a point in the the
    energy plane.
  • The virtual part is the rest of the surface.

Singularities Future and Past
  • There are two kinds of singularity poles of the
    Feynman propagator.
  • Advanced poles () from the future.
  • Retarded poles (-) from the past.
  • A path around both of these poles must be chosen
    in order to decode the hologram into a space-time

Paths of Destiny
  • Feynman showed there are two kinds of paths
    around the past and future poles of the
  • The causal path propagates positive energy into
    the future and negative energy into the past.
  • The anti-causal path does just the opposite.

Virtual Photons
  • The electric force between charges is caused by
    the exchange of a virtual photon.
  • Virtual photons are the transient zero point
    fluctuations of the quantum vacuum.
  • Virtual photons are inside Heisenbergs
    uncertainty principle.
  • They violate energy conservation for a short time
    limited by Plancks quantum of action.

Repulsive Forces
  • Alice and Bob are ice skating with frictionless
  • They stop.
  • Alice throws a fast ball to Bob.
  • Alice recoils in the opposite direction to the
  • Bob catches the ball moving the way it did.

Attractive Forces
  • Alice throws a magic ball to Bob with positive
    energy backward in time, or with negative energy
    forward in time.
  • In either case, Alice will recoil in the
    direction of the ball and Bob, catching the ball,
    will move opposite to the direction the ball had.

Why do unlike charges attract?
  • The virtual photon exchanged between like charges
    follows Feynmans causal path in the energy plane
    causing a faster-than-light (FTL) mutual
    repulsive static force.
  • The virtual photon exchanged between unlike
    charges follows Feynmans anti-causal path
    causing an attractive static force in the near

Tesla Weapons?
  • One hears rumors of new kinds of long range
    weapons of mind-control based on Teslas
  • These would be FTL non-radiative time dependent
    near field effects rather than radiative far
    field effects.
  • However, there is a lot of false disinformation
    about this. Buyer beware!

Particle-Antiparticle Pairs
  • Ordinary particles and antiparticles follow the
    causal Feynman path for the electron propagator
  • Therefore, a particle of negative energy
    propagating back from the future is equivalent to
    an antiparticle of positive energy propagating to
    the future with opposite charges.

Exotic Matter and Warp Drive
  • Exotic matter follows the anti-causal Feynman
    path like the magic ball Alice tossed to Bob.
  • Exotic matter keeps wormholes open so that they,
    perhaps, are used by advanced intelligence for
    faster-than-light space travel and for time
    travel to the past.
  • FTL - BIT

Light Cone
  • Each point in space-time has both a past (-) and
    future () light cone corresponding to the two
    poles of the Feynman propagator in the
    momentum-energy hologram of space-time.
  • The principle of retarded causality is that
    signals can only propagate either inside or on
    the forward light cone.

Passion at a Distance
  • Eberhards theorem is that conservation of
    quantum probability enforces retarded causality
    in uncontrollably random quantum processes.
  • Abner Shimony calls this passion at a distance.
  • The Bierman-Radin data violate Eberhards theorem.

Wheelers Geometrodynamics
  • Sidharth has proposed that elementary particles
    are quantum wormholes with throats a Compton
    wavelength across.
  • These tiny wormholes have exotic cores inside the
    throats where space-time is complex obeying
    Feynmans anti-causal path.

Compton Wavelength
  • Elementary particles have an invariant mass m.
  • This m is the same number for all inertial
    observers in non-accelerated motion relative to
    each other in flat space-time.
  • The Compton wavelength is h/mc.
  • h Plancks constant, c speed of light.

Gravity Near Field/Far Field
  • "wave and static ... the former propagate on or
    inside the light cone, while the later are
    instantaneous" parts of gravity"although we
    cannot see the extra particle outside our horizon
    we can certainly feel it
  • Note on p. 132 of Space-Time and Beyond (1975) by
    Dennis Sciama IC/73/94

Near Field
  • The near field is faster than light.
  • The near field is made by virtual particles
    outside Einsteins classical light cone.
  • Coulombs radial static electrical force is near
  • Newtons radial static gravity force is near

Gravitys Near Field
  • (quantum curvature vacuum fluctuation/classical
    mean curvature )
  • (Planck distance)2(Compton wavelength)3/(Classic
    al wormhole size) L4
  • L is the length over which the fluctuation is

Single Electrons
  • Compton wavelength h/mc 10-11 cm
  • Planck distance (hG/c3)1/2 10-33 cm
  • Classical wormhole size Gm/c2 10-55 cm
  • Classical mean curvature Gr/c2
  • r m/(h/mc)3 m4c3/h

Gravitys Rainbow
  • My formula justifies Sidharths picture that
    elementary particles are naked singularity
    quantum wormholes.
  • The effective range of large relative near field
    quantum gravity curvature fluctuations is exactly
    a Compton wavelength!
  • Tony Smith and Nick Herbert contributed to this
    new development.

Far Fields
  • The far field is from real photons and gravitons
    on the light cone.
  • The poles of the Feynman propagator make the far
  • Transverse radiation, both electromagnetic and
    gravitational, are far field.

Wheelers Far Field
  • (quantum curvature vacuum fluctuation/classical
    curvature )
  • (Planck distance)(Compton wavelength)3/(Classica
    l wormhole size) L3
  • Plug in the numbers for a single electron to get
    an effective range of about 1 micron which is the
    size of a single living cell.

Quantum Bio-Gravity?
  • Sidharths 1998 model when combined with
    Wheelers seems to give a new kind of strong
    short range quantum gravity field from single
    electrons on a scale of one micron 10-4 cm.
  • I wrote this prediction in 1974 in SPACE-TIME AND
  • Was it a precognition of future physics?

Single Electrons in Microtubules
  • Single electrons in hydrophobic cages may be the
    sources of these mesoscopic micron bio-gravity
  • Coherent future absorbers may allow natural
  • Picture by Stuart Hameroff

Bohms Quantum Theory
  • Material beables B in the the classical
    explicate space-time order consist of tiny
    particles and extended force fields.
  • Non-material, but physical, quantum information
    fields Q in the implicate order act one-way on
    these beables B in their higher-dimensional
    configuration spaces.
  • Q - B violates Einsteins principle.

The Quantum Approximation
  • The implicate quantum potential Q touches the
    explicate beable B without being touched by it.
  • Then, and only then, can we use the approximation
    of a conserved quantum probability cloud for
    statistical ensembles of simple disconnected

Quantum Probability
  • The probability cloud picture of quantum theory
    depends on one-way action - of Q on B with no
    direct compensating self-reaction (i.e.,
  • This violates Einsteins principle of relativity
    of no action without a compensating reaction.

Inanimate Quantum Reality
  • The probability cloud works only when you have a
    good statistical sample of a large number of
    simple disconnected pieces, like particles in a
    beam in a scattering experiment.
  • A living brain has all the particles connected
    together. There is no statistical sample.

Let the ball roll.
  • The Bohm quantum information field Q acts
    directly in the higher dimensional configuration
    space of matter B.
  • Q forms a landscape of hills and valleys on
    which B rolls like a ball.
  • Nonlocal quantum connections (i.e.,
    entanglement) require these higher dimensions.

Bohms Realism
  • Bohm, like Einstein, believed that The Lord is
    subtle, but not malicious, that God does not
    play dice with the universe. That there is a
    there there.
  • Consciousness is not necessary for quantum
    reality. Wigner is wrong here.
  • There is no observer-created quantum reality as
    in Bohrs Copenhagen idealism.

Bohrs Idealism
  • Objective reality is an illusion.
  • Quantum reality is observer-created.
  • The collapse of the quantum wave is an increment
    of knowledge (Stapp).
  • God plays dice with the universe.
  • Probability clouds are fundamental.
  • There are no beables B.

Many Worlds
  • This theory is excess metaphysical baggage and
    it is inconsistent.
  • It requires an infinite number of clones of
    everything in parallel universes.
  • These universes cannot communicate with each
  • But David Albert shows that they can.

  • Given a pair of particles 1 and 2 in an entangled
  • Measure position of particle 1, infer position of
    particle 2.
  • Alternatively measure momentum of particle 1,
    infer momentum of particle 2.
  • Therefore, if no action at a distance from 1 to
    2, 2 violates Heisenberg uncertainty.

Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb-Tester.
  • "a physical effect that results from the
    possibility that the detonator might have been
    wiggled, even if it was in fact not actually
    wiggled ...
  • there can be actual physical effects arising from
    ... counterfactuals..."
  • Roger Penrose p. 240 Shadows Of The Mind

Action of Mind on Matter
  • -() is advanced quantum action of future mind
    Q on present matter B along past light cones
    (i.e, the pole in the Feynman propagator).
  • -(-) is the retarded quantum action of past mind
    Q on present matter B along the future light
    cones (i.e, the - pole in the Feynman propagator).

Reaction of Matter on Mind
  • future matter B on present mind Q along past
    light cones (i.e, the pole in the Feynman
  • of past matter B on present mind Q along the
    future light cones (i.e, the - pole in the
    Feynman propagator).

Wigners Principle
  • if certain physico-chemical conditions are
    satisfied, a consciousness arises Does,
    conversely, the consciousness influence the
    physico-chemical conditions?
  • The traditional answer is, No the body
    influences the mind but the mind does not
    influence the body.

Wigners Action-Reaction
  • Note that the traditional answer has
    post-quantum back-action generates consciousness, without quantum action
    -. However, Wigner adds
  • we do not know of any phenomenon in which one
    subject is influenced by another without exerting
    an influence thereupon. This appears convincing
    to this writer.

Intents and Experiences
  • Quantum actions -() and -(-) of mind on matter
    are unconscious.
  • These quantum actions happen for inanimate
  • Q becomes Q and action becomes intent.
  • Conscious post-quantum SELF-reactions animate matter.

Two Loops In Time 0
  • 0 means loop in time, not zero.
  • F future
  • N now
  • P past
  • Q sentient post-quantum mind
  • Q(N) -() B(P) Q(N)
  • Q(N) -(-) B(F) Q(N)

Explaining Experiments
  • Radin-Bierman data is explained by
  • Q(N) -() B(P) Q(N)
  • A present experience Q(N) in the implicate
    orders beyond space-time, in configuration space,
    causes brain activity B(P) in the past in the
    explicate order inside space-time.
  • This is the observed time reversal with free

Libets Brain Wave Data
  • Fred Alan Wolfs analysis of the data can be
    explained by using both loops in time
  • Q(N) -() B(P) Q(N)
  • Q(N) -(-) B(F) Q(N)
  • That is two material brain events in the past and
    in the future generate a conscious experience in
    the present.
  • Backward causation replaces nonlocality.

Free Will
  • Free will is from the spontaneously sentient
    self-organization Q B inherent in these
    loops in time along the past and future light
    cones of the Wheeler-Feynman theory.
  • This self-organization is tweaked by Darwinian
    natural selection from non-SELF environmental
    pollution or decoherence.
  • This fits Stuart Kauffmans biology.

Quantum Gravity Self-Collapse
  • Penrose and Hameroff propose that consciousness
    is generated by the conflict between gravity and
    quantum coherence.
  • The duration T for for a single unitary moment of
    consciousness is allegedly
  • T h/Eself
  • h is Plancks quantum of action.
  • What is Eself?

Gravity Self-Energy
  • Eself GM2/L (GM/c2)/LMc2
  • M Nm
  • L (N)1/3 a
  • Eself(N) N2 Gm2/ (N)1/3 a N5/3Gm2/a
  • N number of quantum switches (q-bits) in the
    sentient biocomputing network that are phase
    coherent over effective distance L.

Quantum Coherence
  • Note that according to the Bekenstein bound, m2
    in Gm2/L is a measure of information. Each
    (Gm2/L)1/2 is a little Feynman amplitude. They
    are all in phase like in a superfluid from
    instantaneous Q. So the total effect is the
    coherent square of N(Gm2/L)1/2. That is N2 rather
    than N for an nonlocal quantum coherent phase

Pribrams Holographic Brain
  • When I say that the N active nano cubes are all
    in phase, I do not necessarily mean that they
    all have the same exact phase, only that the
    relative phase relations among them are coherent
    and not randomly fluctuating within a single
    conscious experience.
  • Qualia are the phase modulation patterns.
  • This derives Karl Pribrams model.

Electron Biogravity Computer
  • T ah/N5/3 Gm2 (a/c)(h/mc)/(Gm/c2) N5/3
  • (1/ N5/3)(a/c)(Quantum/Classical)
  • Quantum 10-11 cm
  • Classical 10-55 cm
  • T (1044/ N5/3)(a/c)
  • Let a 10-7 cm, c 1010 cm/sec
  • N 1017 gives T of order 0.1 sec.

Simple Back-Action Model
  • Bohm and Hiley in 14.3 and 14.6 of The Undivided
    Universe show a Q
  • t 1016/N sec
  • This is the minimum time needed for a conscious
    experience to self-organize. Thus,
  • t

Dance of Shiva
  • The post-quantum time t is the creation time for
    the moment of consciousness.
  • The Penrose-Hameroff time T is the destruction
    time for the moment of consciousness.
  • This is why t than T.

The Crossing Point
  • The two power laws, Penrose-Hameroff of 1027/N5/3
    and GRW Gaussian back-action of 1016/N cross at
    Nmax 1017 at a time t of order of 0.1 second
    which is the duration of a moment of human
  • L (1/20) cm (approximately)
  • These estimates are only order of magnitude. We
    are in the right ball park.

Back-Action Constraint
  • The post-quantum back-action places a universal
    constraint of maximum N Nmax on any conscious
    post-quantum network.
  • For a post-quantum gravity biocomputer made from
    electrons, the upper limit is around 1017
    electrons each displaced a nanometer for a moment
    of consciousness of 0.1 sec, i.e., 10 of brain
    is active.

Universal Upper Bound Nmax
  • T t for consciousness for N q-bit network
  • (a/c)(Quantum/Classical)(1/N5/3) Tgrw/N
  • (a/cTgrw)(Quantum/Classical)(1/N5/3) 1/N
  • Nmax (a/cTgrw)(Quantum/Classical)3/2
  • a coherence length of q-bit 10-7 cm.
  • Quantum h/mc 10-11 cm for e- q-bit
  • Classical Gm/c2 10-55 cm for e- q-bit.

A Good Fit
  • The upper curve to the left of the crossing point
    is the Penrose self-gravity collapse.
  • The lower curve is from the back-action.
  • The curves cross at
  • Nmax 1016.5,
  • T 10-1/2 sec 0.3 sec

Nano Cubes
  • So imagine 1017 little active nano cubes each
    approximately 10-7 cm on each edge.
  • They can be hydrophobic cages (10-5 cm apart) in
    the protein dimers of the microtubules inside our
    nerve cells.
  • They can be quantum dots in an artificial Q chip
    with natural consciousness.

Nonlocal Phased Array of q-bits
  • The electron (black dot) is in two places at the
    same time about 10-7 cm apart inside each cage or
    quantum dot.
  • Active cages are about 10-5 cm apart over one
    liter of brain.

  • All N nano cubes form a single system point B
    (beable) in 3N dimensional configuration space.
  • Its as if the nano cubes were close-packed with
  • L N 1/3 a (1/20) cm

The Enchanted Web
  • Each nano cube has a little Feynman arrow, like
    an antenna, attached to it in the implicate order
    beyond space-time.
  • All of these Feynman arrows phase-lock like
    soldiers marching in step across a suspension
  • The bridge collapses!
  • Thats orch OR.

Chorus Line
  • Each nano-cube is about 10-7 cm on a side, but
    nearest neighbors are 10-5 cm separated from each
    other on the average.
  • 1018 boxes over 103 cc.
  • So the separation between adjacent boxes is about
    100 times the edge of each box.
  • Quantum action at a distance connects them to
    form a coherent chorus line.

(No Transcript)
Seer of Visions
  • Come on you target for far away laughter,
  • Come on you stranger,
  • You legend,
  • You martyr,
  • and shine!
  • You reached for the secret too soon

(No Transcript)
You cried for the moon.
  • Shine on you crazy diamond.
  • Threatened by shadows at night,
  • And exposed in the light.
  • Shine on you crazy diamond.

Come on you raver,
  • You Seer of Visions,
  • Come on you painter,
  • You piper,
  • You prisoner,
  • and shine!
  • Pink Floyd

The truth is out there.
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