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The Quantum Computer


Each Qubit has a speck of the element Niobium and coiled wire ... Solved Sudoku problem on the spot- Shows computers ability to think' logically ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Quantum Computer

The Quantum Computer
  • Start-up Demos Quantum Computer
  • By Michael Kenellos

What is a Quantum Computer?
  • New concept for computers,
  • very different from the electric
  • computers we are accustomed to
  • Digital computers (traditional) provide
  • mathematical solutions to input,
  • whereas the Quantum computer
  • provides physical simulations
  • Ultimately it is an analog computer
  • February 13th 2007 first public
  • demonstration

How it Works
  • Key Feature Silicon chip composed of 16
    connected qubits
  • Each Qubit has a speck of the element Niobium and
    coiled wire
  • When there is electric input it creates tiny
    magnetic fields along the wires and generates a
    reaction from the niobium and a change in the
  • Reaction measured and solutions presented
  • Currently being kept frozen in
  • Canada at minus 274 degrees
  • Celsius with liquid helium

Purpose and Advantages
  • Ideal for running and solving extremely complex
    and multidimensional problems that companies are
    unable to solve on their own
  • Problems too sophisticated for current computers
    to process
  • Able to work with multiple variables at once
  • Very low electrical consumption inexpensive in
    this sense
  • Stable Chips protected from light and sound
    penetration - difficult to disturb

Applications and Demonstrations
  • Demonstrations at the conference
  • Solved Sudoku problem on the spot- Shows
    computers ability to think logically
  • Compared and identified similar molecules within
    prescription drugs active ingredients- Ability to
    work with multiple variables at once
  • Practical Applications
  • Medical/Science fields forced to slow research to
    comply with current computing capabilities
  • Quantum computers could keep up with information
  • Able to process unlimited information and keep it
    as separate units or combine/link it to other

Fun Demonstrations!
  • At the conference it created a seating chart for
    historical figures. It considered all known
    information from each guest and created a chart
    based on who they would be most compatible with.
    For example, Cleopatra did not eat meat, and
    apparently Genghis Khan did, so they could not be
    seated together. It created a full chart with a
    minimum number of violations to the directions.

The Future of the Quantum Computer
  • Do not displace digital computers- two different
  • By the end of 2008 D-Wave (the creators) plan on
    tripling the number of qubits
  • At this time they will sell its computing
    capabilities to companies
  • Company pays D-Wave to process some problem for
    them, D-Wave processes it and send back the
  • Currently too large and expensive to sell a whole
    computer to one company

Why does this matter to me?
  • Could help cure illnesses and diseases by
    tracking how a virus/cancer reacts to certain
    treatments, and could suggest one type of therapy
    which would cure it
  • Keep constant attention on the global economy and
    predict when prices will change and how
  • Can be applied to any situation where there are
    multiple variables/outcomes and has the ability
    to keep track of all components simultaneously
  • Example of how computer technology has gone far
    beyond the capabilities of man

How it relates to Communication
  • Tendency of the Quantum Computer to bring
    together specialists and multiple studies/data at
  • Increased business/science communication between
    specialists all over the world
  • It is focused around interaction and combining
    multiple variables and ideas
  • Not yet to the stage where it directly effects
    consumers (like us) communicate, but in the
    future it could be applied to different
    situations where we could benefit

Reactions to Article
  • Do you think the Quantum computer will find an
    audience among large businesses/ the medical
    field since it is suggesting a entire new
    business model (of renting computing
  • Do you foresee this type of technology ever
    taking over our digital computers, since its
    engineering is so superior?
  • What other fields could the Quantum computer
    influence other than medical, business and
    science? War or world hunger?

Works Cited
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