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Punctuation. When you speak, nobody hears it, It's just there when you talk. ... Sarah, our new classmate, talks a mile a minute. The comma - 2 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Punctuation

  • When you speak, nobody hears it,
  • Its just there when you talk.
  • In writing, you have to show it

End Punctuation
  • That which goes at the
  • End of a Sentence.
  • Really!?!?

The Period
  • The period is used at the end of a sentence
  • Billy the frog lived in a bog.
  • It is also used at the end of a polite command
  • Please ask Billy to take a shower.

? The Question Mark
  • The question mark is used at the end of an
    interrogative sentence
  • Whats up?
  • Should we interrogate the suspect?
  • Did you cash your paycheck?
  • Will you loan me ten bucks?

! The Exclamation Point
  • The exclamation point is used at the end of a
    sentence to show surprise or shock
  • Look out, were going to crash!
  • It is also used after an exclamatory word (called
    an interjection)
  • Cowabunga! Its Testosterone Man!

Middle Punctuation
  • Which goes in the
  • Middle of a Sentence.
  • Well, duh!

The commaThe 6 main uses
  • To separate items in a series
  • To set off introductory words
  • To set off words in apposition
  • Between two complete thoughts using and, or, for,
    but, so, etc
  • To set off a direct quotation
  • For everyday stuff

The Comma - 1
  • Use 1 To set off items in a series
  • Willy used a hammer, saw, and nails in his work.
  • Bottles, wrappers, and butts littered the floor.
  • Use 2 To set off introductory words
  • Carefully, the surgeon drilled into the brain.
  • Hello, whats this?
  • Use 3 For words in apposition
  • The man, a very old one, walked slowly away.
  • Sarah, our new classmate, talks a mile a minute.

The comma - 2
  • Use 4 Between two complete thoughts using and,
    but, for, or, nor, so, yet.
  • The crew mutinied, so I jumped ship
  • I went home, but my brother stayed at the party.
  • Use 5 To set off a direct quotation
  • Well, Juanito, she said, I guess the answer is
  • Use 6 For everyday stuff
  • Please, sir, can you loan me a quarter?
  • Okay, Rebecca, you can have your own way.
  • Please, can I have my motorcycle back?

The semicolonThe super-comma
  • The semicolon shows a stronger pause than a comma
    and has three uses
  • Joins two complete thoughts without a connecting
  • The chemistry lab exploded Professor Garcia was
  • Joins two complete thoughts with a transitional
  • He spoke for hours however, he made no sense.
  • Separates items in a series which have commas-
  • This fall I wont have to work on Labor Day,
    September 7 Veterans Day, November 11 or
    Thanksgiving Day, November 26.

The colon
  • The colon is a way of introduction. It is used to
    introduce a list
  • He had three options pull over, slow down or
    speed up.
  • To introduce a long quotation
  • Isabels paper was based on a quote from the Lord
    of the Rings When Frodo and Sam entered the
    caveGollum followed them, but behind Gollum,
    there lurked Shelob.
  • To introduce an explanation
  • There are three ways to do this job the right
    way, the wrong way and the army way.
  • Also, it is used between the hour and minute when
    writing time 430am 1245pm

Special Punctuation
  • That which does a specialized job

Quotation Marks
  • Quotation marks are used when you directly quote
    another persons speech-
  • Carmen told me, You have a face only a mother
    could love.
  • I know, he said, thank you for reminding me.
  • Do not use quote marks in an indirect quote-
  • Tomas said that his car was re-possessed.

The Apostrophe
  • The apostrophe has two uses
  • First, in contractions
  • Im youre well theyd youll arent
  • Second, to show possession
  • Janies book Robbies bike The Suarezs house

The dash or hyphen
  • The dash is used in sentences to show special
  • The old man a particularly surly one liked to
    chase the children with a stick.
  • The hyphen is used two ways to join words that
    act together
  • A white-gloved waiter a long-suffering
  • To divide long words at the end of a line
  • He was the last of his kind, a throwback to a
  • gotten time.

Capital Letters
  • Capital letters have two uses
  • The first word in a sentence-
  • I know youre right.
  • Why do you have to be so ugly?
  • Proper nouns and adjectives-
  • Tommy McAllen, Texas Chevrolet HEB
    Hernandez Mexican American Texan
    African Australian etc
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