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Museum Entrance


Our technology curriculum exposes the students to ... San Diego Zoo site to locate their. data and complete their research. Click here for a sample. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Museum Entrance

Museum Entrance
Welcome to the Museum of Technology Ss. Peter
Paul School
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade One
Grade Four
Museum Entrance
Grades 5-8 Technology Ss. Peter Paul School
Online Student Center
Grade Six
Grade Seven
Grade Five
Grade Eight
Curators Offices
Curators Office
Mrs. Ruthy OMalley Mrs. Nancy
Fitzgerald Curators
Our technology curriculum exposes the students
to keyboarding, word processing, graphics,
multimedia development, digital imagery,
electronic graphic organizers, spreadsheets,
databases, desktop publishing, graphing, map and
timeline work, streaming videos, electronic
sourcing for research, web activities including
WebQuests, virtual field trips, inquiry-based
learning projects, web essays, and web page
development. Students are also provided with
online test-taking and electronic skill-building
with differentiated learning. Most recently, the
8th graders completed an online science unit.
This program is coordinated with classroom
teachers to enhance the curriculum and create an
authentic learning environment.
Return 5-8
Mrs. OMalley Mrs.
Room 1
1st Grade
Beginning Consonant Sounds
Good Friday
Return to Entry
Room 2
2nd Grade
KidPix Slideshows
Online Explorations
Return to Entry
Room 3
3rd Grade
Draggable Division
Internet Safety
Return to Entry
Room 4
4th Grade
Animal Research
Rebus Sentences
Rosary PowerPoint
The Real Gifts
Return to Entry
Room 5
5th Grade
Charts Graphs
Planet Research
Poetry Presentation
Biography Research
Return to Entry
Room 5
6th Grade
Fortunately PowerPoint
Mesopotamia WebQuest
Rome Inspiration Graphic Organizer
Greek Gazette
Mona Lisa
Return to Entry
Room 5
7th Grade
Virtual World Tour
CAD Drawings
Buddy Project
RRR Project
Return to Entry
Room 5
8th Grade
Virtual Frog Dissections
Internet Safety Posters
Merged Letter Database
3D CAD Drawings
Movie Editing
Return to Entry
Room 1
My House
Return to Entry
Beginning Consonant Sounds
The 1st graders began the year with identification
of the different parts of the computer, opening
and closing programs, and saving. Curriculum
ties Reinforced within the lab included telling
time, counting money, basic math skills,
consonant sounds, and word sequencing.

Return to 1st Grade

The 1st graders completed a penguin template and
typed in sentences about them. This reinforced
the penguin unit completed in the classroom.
Return to 1st Grade
The students located their pictures in their
class folders and learned how to insert them
into Word. Using the picture tool bar, they
worked with the "Crop" button to cut and shape
the pictures of themselves. The 1st graders
also learned how to center the pictures and
create borders.

Return to 1st Grade
Good Friday

The 1st graders drew pictures and tailored stamps
to depict a scene from the Stations of the Cross
in preparation For Easter.
Return to 1st Grade
The students located their pictures in their
class folders and learned how to insert them
into Word. Using the picture tool bar, they
worked with the "Crop" button to cut and shape
the pictures of themselves. The 2nd graders
also learned how to center the pictures and
create borders.

Return to 2nd Grade
The 2nd Graders also learned how to make shapes
using auto-shapes in MS Word. They created
several different hearts and filled each one
with different color. Next they learned how to
insert Word Art.

Return to 2nd Grade
Online Exploration
The 2nd graders completed online explorations
that reinforced classroom curriculum as
follows Draggable Subtraction Students entered
the numbers 5, 3, and 2 to set up their
problems and the number of digits to
subtract. Wall of Words Students played Wall of
words, where they dragged scrambled  words to
make a sentence, it started with 5 words once
the wall was built, it switched to 7 words. 
They had to add 5 layers of brick and they had 1
minute to do it.

Return to 2nd Grade
KidPix Slideshows
The 2nd graders composed short stories and
created multimedia slideshows in KidPix. They
used their keyboarding, drawing, saving and
insertion skills. They added transitions and
sounds to their finished products. KidPix is
suitable for younger students because it
allows them to draw and be more imaginative.

Return to 2nd Grade
Click here for a sample.
The 3rd graders learned all the letters and
symbols of the keyboard. They worked Primarily
in the Mavis Beacon program, But also reinforced
their skills doing online keyboard practice at a
keyboarding Site .

Return to 3rd Grade
The 3rd graders created Haikus in conjunction
with the language arts curriculum. They wrote
their creative poems during class time and typed
them into the Print Artist program. Next,
they inserted images and copied and pasted their
work into Microsoft Word.

Return to 3rd Grade
Internet Safety
The 3rd graders completed an online study about
Internet Safety. They explored the site and
learned about cyber bullying and the importance
of not providing personal information, navigating
safely, and online netiquette.

Return to 3rd Grade
Draggable Division
The 3rd graders completed online explorations
that reinforced classroom curriculum as follows
Draggable Division - Students entered the
numbers 5, 3 and 1 and clicked on the circle
next to No Remainder to set the problems up.

Return to 3rd Grade
Rebus Sentences
The 4th graders worked on their typing skills in
Mavis Beacon, and kept track of their speed by
creating progress charts in Microsoft Excel each
week. Using their typing skills, the students
created Rebus sentences in Word and
imported images from PrintArtist, gaining
practice in the ability to switch between two
different programs.

Return to 4th Grade
Animal Research
The 4th graders were assigned an animal to
investigate and used the San Diego Zoo site to
locate their data and complete their research.

Return to 4th Grade
Rosary PowerPoint
The 4th Graders created PowerPoint presentations
on the mysteries of The rosary.

Return to 4th Grade
Click here for a sample.
The Real Gifts of Christmas
The students created a nativity scene in Print
They surrounded the picture with words like
Comfort, Love, 2nd Chances, Wonder, Peace,
Charity, Joy, Faith, Trust, Hope, Compassion,
Reassurance, Rejoicing, and Courage.

Return to 4th Grade
Planet Research
The 5th graders were assigned a planet to
investigate and used the Welcome to the Planets
site to locate their data and find an image.

Return to Exhibit
Charts and Graphs
The 5th graders entered data into spreadsheets
and then generated graphs at Create A Graph, and
online site.

Return to 5th Grade

Students are completed an 8 slide presentation
for their Social Studies research project using
Return to 5th Grade
Click here for a sample.
Poetry Presentation
Poetry presentations were created to display
haiku's, limericks, rhymes and acrostic Poetry.
First the 5th graders completed worksheets on
the four types of poetry and then they made up
their own. Next they put their poetry together
In multi-media presentations where they added
images and buttons to create non-linear

Return to 5th Grade
Click here for a sample.
Probability Graphing Project
The 6th graders conduct a short probability
study to reinforce a math lesson. The group
rolls a virtual die 20 times and data is
recorded into a spreadsheet. After all numbers
have been entered, students learn how to autosum
each column (1-6) to determine total times each
number came up. A 3D pie graph is then generated
using this information.

Return to 6th Grade
Mesopotamia WebQuest
The 6th graders access an online project
entitled The Mesopotamia Museum is Empty!
Students then worked in pairs and chose an
accomplishment to research. They used a graphic
organizer to template to answer questions about
the accomplish- ment and keep track of resources.
The final product was a 5 slide presentation
that included a short movie clip. Students
were also required to add a gradient
background, custom animations and Transitions.

Click here for sample.
Return to 6th Grade
The students completed an interactive book based
upon Fortunately by Remi Charlip. This project
involved groups using a graphic organizer to
plan their original story. Each student in the
group then created his/her page in PowerPoint.
Once complete the 6th graders learned how to
coordinate their font selections, grayscale
"Unfortunately" pages, and string multiple
slides into one presentation. The final
projects were presented as multimedia stories
using the SmartBoard.

Return to 6th Grade
Click here for a sample presentation.
Greek Gazette

The 6th graders worked in groups to create a
"Greek Gazette" with Microsoft Publisher.
Working in groups, the students researched
ancient Greece and wrote articles as if they
were reporters living in that time.
Return to 6th Grade
Rome Inspiration Graphic Organizers
Using their knowledge of the graphic organizer
program, the 6th graders completed webbed maps
about the ancient Roman culture.  They also
created interactive timelines of their own
lives. The program allows them to include
graphics, create hyperlinks, and insert movies

Return to 6th Grade
Mona Lisa
The students covered various artists of
the Renaissance in Social Studies and we tied
our Mona Lisa project to this unit. Digital
photographs of the students were transformed
into "Monas".  Using a draw program, students
discovered how to cut a photo and layer it onto
an existing image of Mona Lisa. They also used
the software tools to soften edges, colorize,
transparency, and match two image colors with
the paint dropper tool to create their

Return to 6th Grade
Virtual World Tour

The 7th Graders completed a latitude/longitude
activity and were Introduced to a map program.
Next they utilized the tools to locate
latitude/longitudes of various cities around the
world and recorded them into spread- sheets.
From this, the students created a "World Tour"
using Google Earth.
Return to 7th Grade
The 7th graders used Microsoft PhotoStory to
create photo slideshows of their Timberlee
Outdoor Ed experience. The students chose from
photos of the trip that were saved into a
central networked file. They added text,
animations, photo effects and sound to create a
movie memory.

Click on here to play a sample.
Return to 7th Grade
Little Buddy Project
The 7th graders developed an interactive
multimedia PowerPoint story based on The
Gingerbread Man. This project began with the
creation of graphic organizers using the
Inspiration program to plan the story and the
students then used the information to create
their presentations. The 7th graders then taught
their 1st grade little buddies how to record and
insert sound and animations into the PowerPoint

Click on here to play a sample.
Return to 7th Grade
CAD Drawings
The students began the project by visiting
Building Big to learn about the physics and
structure of buildings. They also used the
Internet to research their selected building.
Next they used Google SketchUp to complete the
tutorials that provided information about how to
manipulate shapes and tools within the program.
For science class they researched and
collaborated with partners to create short
reports about the buildings. They also
constructed a 3D model of the buildings at home
to display in the schools hobby fair.

Return to 7th Grade
RRR PowerPoint
The students created interactive multi- media
project with words from the school logo. Each
student in the group developed one slide and then
learned how to string them together into one
presentation. They inserted movie clips, sound
files and added buttons to advance the slides.

Click here for a sample. The words Religion,
Respect and Responsibility are buttons to
click on.
Return to 7th Grade
Internet Safety Posters Desktop Publishing
The students created Internet safety posters in
Microsoft Publisher after discussing and viewing
streaming videos on the subject and completing a

Return to 8th Room
Virtual Frog Dissections
The 8th graders completed a virtual frog
dissection using a program called Biolab Frog
in the lab. Next they visited http//www.froguts
.com to complete another lab online before
performing actual frog dissections in science

Return to Entrance
Return to 8th Room
3D CAD Drawings
The students chose a building from the parish
campus to render in 3D using Google Sketchup.

Click here for movie samples.
Return to Entrance
Return to 8th Room
Merging Letters Databases

The 8th graders worked in pairs to complete the
Civil War A Nation Divided WebQuest. (See
link below.) The project called for them to
write letters to each other as soldiers in the
Civil War (one as a Confederate soldier and the
other as a Union soldier). First, they organized
their ideas in a graphic organizer and then
typed their letters. To extend the lesson, the
students created databases in Excel and
subsequently learned how to merge the
information together to generate multiple
letters. This lesson included instruction about
how to create fields and records, sort, and
filter information in a spread- sheet. In Word,
they created merge fields to coincide with their
databases and learned the significance of using
auto-dates in letters.
Return to 8th Room
Web Page Development
The 8th graders learned how to create web pages
using html coding. They were very creative and
incorporated formatting changes, bulleted lists,
and target links. Some ventured further and
added music and Java scripts. A later assignment
called for them to use a WYSIWYG program called
Kompozer to create a website consisting several

Click here for a sample of the What Am I
Return to 8th Room
Movie Editing
The 8th The movie editing project involved
creating an instructional video using Microsoft
MovieMaker. They started with assorted film
clips on bullying and cliques and learned how to
insert text, transitions and make cuts. Final
projects were burned on cds for use by other
students in the school.

Click here for a sample of an edited movie.
(Please be patient since this is a large file!
Return to 8th Room
The Kindergarteners located two images of
opposites and used stamps to type the words.

Return to Kindergarten
The students created addition problems using
pictorial representations.

Return to Kindergarten
Alphabet Reinforcement
The Kindergarten technology curriculum begins
with how to handle the mouse and most of the
activities tie into their regular class- room
curriculum by Reinforcing number Letter
Recognition, spatial Sense, and alphabetical
dequencing. For this project, the students
worked with alphabet stamps in the KidPix
program to reinforce their alphabet knowledge
and fine motor skills.

Return to Kindergarten
The Kindergarteners drew and used stamps to
create pictures of their houses and added a
sentence. Each step takes coordination and fine
motor skill to complete.

Return to Kindergarten
SSPP Online Student Center
The Online Student Center was created as a
resource for students, teachers, and parents. It
contains resources for searching, research, skill
reinforcement, reading compre- hension,
enrichment, and Internet assistance.

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