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Title: Philmont 2010 Council Contingent

Philmont 2010Council Contingent
  • Contingent Advisor Sid Covington925-1231
  • Scout Advisor Rick Denison617-8627, 944-7751

Agenda tonight
  • Philmont
  • Contingent
  • Travel plans
  • Financial
  • Trek planning
  • Participants/Rules
  • Equipment/Stuff
  • Itineraries
  • Shakedown/Preparation
  • Communications/Information
  • Questions

What is Philmont?
1.7 million acres Larger than Rhode Island
or Delaware
  • Philmont is a BSA high adventure base for camping
    and training.
  • Philmont is a working ranch
  • Cattle Horses
  • Burros Buffalo
  • History
  • Early Ponil (Anasazi) people
  • Jicarilla Apache/Moache Ute Indians
  • Claimed by Spain
  • Beaubien-Miranda
  • Double H High Adventure Base
  • Florida Sea Base
  • Northern Tier Canoe Base

Maxwell Land Grant
What is Philmont?
  • Philmont is a BSA high adventure base for camping
    and training.
  • Philmont is a working ranch
  • Cattle Horses
  • Burros Buffalo
  • History
  • Early Ponil (Anasazi) people
  • Jicarilla Apache/Moache Ute Indians
  • Claimed by Spain
  • Beaubien-Miranda
  • Waite Phillips
  • Boy Scouts of America

You get toexperience this withPhilmonts
Maxwell Land Grant
Where is Philmont?
  • North Central New Mexico near Colorado border
    735 miles from Austin!
  • On edge of plains in the Sangre de Cristo (Blood
    of Christ) mountain range.
  • Elevation ranges from 6,500 to 12,441
  • Headquarters is 4 miles south of Cimarron, NM

Circa 1913
What do you do at Philmont?
  • Philmont Experience
  • More than backpacking!
  • Programs

What do you do at Philmont?
What does Philmont look like?
  • Numbers
  • In summer 2008 23,352 campers.
  • 350/day arrive, 350/day depart
  • 350/day head to the backcountry, 350
    people/day return from the backcountry
  • Up to 1,500 people in base camp at any time
  • 4,000 people in backcountry at any time.
  • Valle Vidal 40,000 acresNo trails, 3 4
  • Turner Ranch 20,000 acres, Trails, 2 camps
  • Barker Wildlife Area 10,000 acres Trails, no
  • Philmont 137,493 acres330 miles trails, 120
    backcountry camps
  • Total 210,000 acres Scouts can use!
  • Countrys
  • Valle VidalRolling country, spacious meadows,
    limited water, large Elk population, buffalo,
    LNT, no trails, no permanent facilities
  • North CountryHighest elevations (Baldy), gold
    mining, dramatic vistas
  • Central CountryMuch elevation change, dense
  • South CountryNarrow valleys, more creeks, best
    fishing, warmer
  • Your itinerary determines
  • Where you will go,
  • Which programs you will participate in,
  • Which camps you will visit,
  • Which mountains you will climb,
  • How many miles you will hike.

Mr. Cs House!
Philmont Vocabulary/Lingo (You too can speak
  • Ranger
  • Backcountry
  • CHQ/Camping Headquarters/Base Camp
  • PTC/Philmont Training Center
  • Tent City
  • Trailbound
  • Homebound
  • Yum-yum Bag/Oops Bag
  • Floaters/Sinkers
  • Trek/Expedition
  • Bear-muda Triangle
  • Programs
  • Itinerary
  • Camps
  • Staffed
  • Trail
  • Dry
  • Day
  • Expedition
  • Bears/Mini-bears
  • 12 day Backpacking trip
  • Other ways to go to Philmont
  • Cavalcades (8-day horseback)
  • Ranch Hands (8-day working, 8-day Cavalcade)
  • Rayado Trek (20-day backpacking)
  • R.O.C.S. (21-day conservation school/backpacking)
  • Trail Crew Trek (14-day work/trek, emphasis on
    Hornaday Award, LNT Trainer, outdoor and
    leadership skills)
  • OA Trail Crew (7-day Service, 7-day backpacking)
  • Autumn Adventure (Any length, can be adult only)
  • Kanik (Winter weekend program)
  • Mountain Man/Woman Trek (5-day trek while parent
    at Training Center)

Rangers Very well trained. Very
competent. Sometimes wrong! Never in
doubt! Always have an answer!
  • Facilities
  • Camps
  • Sumps
  • Bear Cables
  • Commissaries
  • Purchase Fuel
  • Food re-supply
  • Trading Posts
  • Cantinas
  • Red Roof Inns
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot
  • Pilot/Bombardier
  • Catholes

Philmont Crew
  • A Crew goes on a trek at Philmont.
  • The Crew may be created from either a Boy Scout
    Troop or a Venturing Crew (may be coed youth)
    at Philmont, they are all referred to as a
  • By definition, a Crew is 7 to 12 people with a
    majority of youth and a maximum of 4 adults (21
    or older). Adults may be male or female.
  • A Capitol Area Council Contingent Crew is 12
    people with a maximum of four participants that
    are 21 years old or older.

Council Contingent
  • Capitol Area Council resumed sponsoring
    contingents in 2000.
  • Councils request slots prior to unit sign-up.
  • We have one of the largest contingents of any
  • Conducted as a service to units to allow more CAC
    Scouts to be able to experience Philmont.

Council Contingent
  • Council makes reservations for Contingent
    selects participants from applications.
  • Contingent travels to/from Philmont together.
  • Contingent is checked in as a single group by
    the Contingent Advisor.
  • Crews plan/select own itineraries, do their own
    shakedown, training, etc.
  • Crews are totally independent of one another on

Council Contingent
  • Crews are completely responsible for their
    crewmembers while enroute at Philmont not
    Philmont, not the Capitol Area Council.
  • Crew Advisors are responsible for assisting the
    Bus Leader with video selection.
  • Crew Advisors are responsible for the behavior of
    their crewmembers (youth and adult).
  • You CANNOT vote someone off the island.
  • If a crewmember has to be removed from the trail
    due to behavior reasons, the entire crew will be
    sent home at their own expense.

Contingent Organization
Crew is made up of
Crew Leader (youth)
The Crew Leader is in charge! The crew always
stays together on the trail!
Chaplains Aide (youth)
Crew Advisor (Adult)
Crew Members
How are crews organized?
Good Crew Leadership Teamwork SUCCESS
  • Crew Leader
  • Organize crew, assign duties/manage duty roster
  • Selects itinerary with Advisor
  • Provides leadership
  • Check-in on arrival at camps
  • Choose routes during trek
  • Insure smellables properly stored
  • Insure Philmont Wilderness Pledge upheld
  • Chaplains Aide
  • Supports Crew Leader
  • Facilitates daily reflections/devotionals
  • Tracks, obtains Duty to God Patches (if earned)
  • Adult Advisor
  • Selects itinerary with Crew Leader
  • Counsel coach crew leader and crew members
  • Arrange logistics (permits for shakedowns, etc.)
  • Philmont Wilderness Pledge
  • LITTER/GRAFFITI-Keep Philmont free of litter and
  • WILDLIFE-Respect all wildlife.
  • TRAILS-Stay on Trails Do not cut across
  • CAMPSITES-Use designated sites and leave neat and

ADULTS Let the youth run the crew even when
its painful! We know you can do it better but
it just doesnt matter!
Thorns Roses ( buds)
Travel Plans
  • Travel will be on four 57 passenger buses
  • San Antonio City Tours
  • Bathrooms
  • Video (VHS and/or DVD) players
  • Snacks/drinks are provided
  • Austin to Philmont
  • Saturday, June 26, 2010 500 amThe bus will
    depart Austin at 600 am and drive straight
    through to Philmont, with stops for lunch (Texas
    Tech, Lubbock) and dinner (Highlands University
    of NM, Las Vegas). Arrival time at Philmont is
    approximately 930 pm (MDT).
  • Philmont to Austin
  • Friday, July 9, 2010 1045 pmThe bus will
    depart Philmont 630 am (MDT) and stops for
    lunch (Mr. Gattis, Amarillo) and dinner
    (McMurray University, Abilene) on return to

Daily Trek Schedule
  • Day 0 Travel Austin to Philmont CHQ/Tent
    City (or Meadow)
  • Day 1 Camping HQ/Tent City (June 27)
  • Financial Check-in Logistics (bring overall
  • Medical Re-check Services (food, equipment)
  • Equipment shakedown Crew Photo
  • Museum tours (optional) Opening campfire

    may do
    morning of Day 2
  • Day 2 Depart CHQ/1st Day on trail
  • Day 3 2nd Day on trail, first full day
  • Day 4 3rd Day on trail, Ranger Departs am
    (hike between camps, participate in
  • Day 11 Last Full Day on trail
  • Day 12 Return to Camping HQ/Tent City
  • Return equipment Financial check-out
  • SHOWERS! Trip to Cimarron
  • Souvenirs Closing Campfire
  • Day 13 Travel Philmont to Austin

Meet Your Ranger
Arrival Day
  • Ranger Training
  • Hiking techniques
  • Campsite setup
  • Cooking
  • Water purification
  • Navigation

Participant Expenses
Campers spend an average of 100 at Philmonts
trading posts.
Financial Policies
  • Each crew is financially responsible for 12
    participants (12 x 976 11,712).
  • There will likely be Waite Genevieve Phillips
    Scholarship money available for youth
    participants (October, 2009).
  • Let us know early if there are financial issues!

Payment Schedule
Create a payment schedule for your crew that
collects money in advance of these payments!
Contingent Participants
Stuff! Where does it come from?
  • Contingent provides
  • Sectional maps
  • Duffle bags
  • Shoulder strips
  • Philmont provides
  • Tents
  • Dining fly poles
  • Food (trail base camp)
  • Cooking equipment
  • Cleaning gear
  • Water purification
  • Bear bags ropes
  • Crew provides
  • First Aid kit
  • Backpacking stoves
  • Ground cloths
  • Tent stakes
  • Water carriers
  • Crew tee shirts
  • Individuals provide
  • Backpack
  • Clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Boots
  • Sleeping bag/pad
  • Water bottles

What kind of stuff do we need?
1947 Equipment!
1940 Equipment!
  • The equipment has (fortunately) changed over the

What kind of stuff do we need in 2010?
This is the REALLY important stuff!
  • Campers spend an average of 100 at Philmonts
    trading posts. If major items such as jackets
    are desired, more money will be needed.
  • Spices
  • Bowl, spoon, cup
  • Water bottles (3 or 4 - 1 qt)
  • Pocketknife
  • Flashlight
  • Compass maps
  • Rope/Cord
  • Stuff sacks for dining fly poles, ½ tent, tent
    pins, bear bag contents
  • Good rain gear! Rain suit no ponchos!
  • Backpack with rain cover
  • Over-the-ankle boots
  • Sleeping bag with pad sleeping clothes
  • Shorts crew tee shirt(s)
  • Lots of socks liners outer
  • Long pants, long-sleeve shirt
  • Camera
  • Spending money

You really dont need all that stuff!
GPS recommended ifgoing to Valle Vidal. Load
campsite intermediate waypointsbefore leaving
What about the other stuff?
  • Philmont-provides
  • Cooking/cleaning gear
  • Trail Food
  • Two-person Tents
  • Crew provides
  • Backpacking Stoves
  • Tent pins
  • Bear bags/rope
  • Water purifier (Micro Pur)
  • Dining fly poles

Bring carabineer, cord, and stuff sack for
oops bag.Bring extra rope carabineers if
you are going into the Valle Vidal.
Coffee isnt included in food packages. Pick up
at Advisors meeting in base camp Day 1.
  • Ground cloths
  • First Aid Kit
  • Water containers
  • Sectional Maps

Scout Uniform (youth adult)
  • Wear Class-A Uniform while traveling for base
    camp activities.
  • Can remove uniform shirt wear crew tee shirt
    while bus is moving Class-A when off bus.
  • Class-A Uniform
  • Registered with Troop
  • Tan uniform shirt
  • Scout belt
  • Scout long pants -or-Scout Shorts with
    Scout socks
  • Registered with Venturing Crew
  • Green uniform shirt
  • Crews official pant (long or short)
  • Crews official socks (with shorts)
  • Crews official belt

Primary Registration
  • Will leave in duffle bag in locker while on trail.

Crew tee-shirts
  • Each Crew designs its own tee-shirt.
  • Include Contingent logo on sleeve or breast
    (artwork on website).
  • Typically have at least two shirts per
  • Tee-shirt ideas
  • Topo map
  • Trek map (from Treks-2010 book)
  • Crew designed logo/slogan
  • Philmont logos (arrowhead, brands, etc.)
  • Some crews do hats too! Some do Polo-type
  • One crew in 2006 used Hawaiian shirts leis
    were noticed!
  • Tee-shirt is likely to be the best Philmont
  • May want to have extra shirts for gift for your
    crews Ranger.

Logistics Tee Shirt Winners
Contingent Activities
  • Meeting 2, October/November 2009
  • Review 2009 Contingent
  • Review logistics/schedules
  • Distribute Planning Guide
  • Distribute Medical forms
  • Discuss Itinerary selection
  • March, 2010 (Pick up at Sid Covingtons house)
  • TREKS 2010 books
  • Guidebook to Adventure books (packing lists)
  • Philmont Overall wall map
  • Meeting 3, April/May, 2010
  • Distribute Duffle Bags
  • Distribute topographic maps
  • Distribute Crew Advisor parent information
  • Collect final paperwork

Planning Timeline
On contingent website in Crew Advisor binder.
Philmont Rules
  • Participants MUST meet age requirements
    Participants must be at least 14 by September 1,
    2010 Philmont will not make any exceptions to
    the age requirement!
  • One person (preferably two) per Crew must be
    currently certified in Red Cross Wilderness First
    Aid one person currently certified CPR (adult
    or youth, doesnt have to be the same person).
  • Participants MUST meet height/weight guidelines.
  • Participants MUST use 2010 Philmont Health
    Medical Record form physical within 12 months.
  • Recommend at least three adults per crew, maximum
    of 4 (for Philmont crew count purposes, an
    adult is a person over 21).

Itinerary Selection
  • Be cognizant of the desires and capabilities of
    your Crew.
  • Weigh selection toward programs that the crew
    wants to participate in.
  • Consider Distance Difficulty.
  • Consider Elevation maximum daily change.
  • Area
  • South
  • Central
  • North
  • Valle Vidal

Will make itinerary selection in March, 2010!
Ask your crew what they want to do where they
want to go!
  • Do what works best for your crew!
  • Train for Day 11, not Day 1
  • training is mandatory it is absolutely
    essential that the crew spends time together,
    learning the skills they will need while on the
    trail at Philmont. Remind the crew that the
    purpose of these training sessions is not just to
    get in shape or learn how to hike, anymore than
    ball practice is to learn to throw and catch.
    The purpose of the training is to learn how to
    work together as a team rather than a group of
    individuals hiking together.
  • Focus on equipment, skills, teamwork, not

What did previous leaders say?
  • Do your shakedowns with the Philmont crew only.
  • Dont try to combine with troop
  • Have the right equipment.
  • Make sure that everyone in your group has a
    proper backpack rain cover and good rain suit.
    We had some boys get the 3 plastic Wal-Mart rain
    suits and they got ripped up the fist day. By
    the 2nd day, the duct tape exceeded the rain suit
    in coverage.
  • Pack light and get very fit
  • Don't try and go on the cheap. Buy good

Problems Observed
  • Many participants (not just in our Contingent)
    were not adequately prepared for Philmont
  • Mentally/emotionally/physically
  • Equipment
  • Crew Advisors MUST take a strong position to keep
    people from going to Philmont who should not be
  • Philmont will not/cannot make special allowances.
  • Crew paperwork is extremely important and must
    be turned in to Crew Advisor ON TIME!

We can minimize risks but we cantcontrol
stupid.A Philmont manager, 2006
Have Participants (and Parents) sign a contract
attesting that they understand the difficulty,
risk, and danger of the trek and committing to
fully participate in shakedowns, preparation,
paperworkcompletion and submission, etc.
Crew Preparation Suggestions
  • Schedule Shakedown activities
  • C.O.P.E. Course for crew
  • Equipment shakedown(s)
  • Technique shakedown(s)
  • Campsite setup
  • Bear Bags
  • Water purification
  • Cooking (Philmont style)
  • Wilderness First Aid and CPR Courses
  • Crewmember Contract
  • Duty Roster

May want to havealternate participantsin
Philmont Advisors Guide Cooper Wright
Wally Feurtado, Venturing Crew 1519, National
Capitol Area Council
  • October or November. Meeting with crew and
    parents. The purpose of this meeting is to
    review the Philmont Pre-trek Training video,
    discuss equipment needs, go over medical
    requirements, and discuss emotional problems and
    learning disabilities. Ask crewmembers to bring
    their sleeping bag, backpack, and rain gear for
    your evaluation.
  • March - classroom, full backpack, equipment
  • April - 1 to 4 mile hike, set up full Philmont
    campsite. Philmont-style cooking. May want to
    order Philmont meals.
  • Mid May - 15 mile, 2-night shakedown hike with
    all personal and crew gear.
  • Four weeks prior to departure - A second 15 mile,
    2-night shakedown hike with all personal and crew
  • Week before departure - Final backpack and
    uniform inspection.

Information Distribution
  • Tonight (meeting)
  • Basic information
  • Fall, 2009 (meeting)
  • Crew Advisor Binder Information for Crew
  • Placeholders for future information (medical
    forms, etc.)
  • CD with various files
  • Philmont 2010 Health Medical Record forms
  • 2010 Council Unit Planning Guide
  • Copy of the 2009 Guidebook to Adventure
  • March, 2010 (pick up)
  • Philmont Treks 2010 Itinerary Guide
  • 12 copies 2010 Guidebook to Adventure
  • Philmont Overall map (take to Philmont with
  • April/May, 2010 (meeting)
  • Duffle bags
  • Sectional maps

  • E-mail to Crew Advisor, others on e-mail list.
  • Web site
  • http//
  • Links to
  • General Information
  • 2010 Contingent
  • Send email with questions to put Philmont 2010 your
    expedition in subject
  • Phone
  • Cell (512) 925-1231
  • New Mexico (575) 377-6820
  • Philmont (575) 376-2281 x1231 (Logistics)

Web Site Structure
Crew Information
Review this information frequently. It is used
to show your crew roster, financial status,
paperwork status, etc.
Crew Roster
Travel/Tent Info
Paperwork Status(Red is not turned in)
Crew Makeup
Financial Status
Dont get obsessive! Dont set unrealistic
expectations! Relax and enjoy the
experience! Philmonts staff will make it work!
  • Capitol Area Council Philmont Contingent Website
  • National BSA Website
  • BSA Philmont website
  • Passport to High Adventure
  • Leave No Trace
    urces/leave no trace.aspx
  • Teaching Leave No Trace
  • Guide to Safe Scouting http//
  • US Scouting Service Project
  • High Adventure
  • E-mail Discussion Lists (Canoe Base, Philmont,
  • Clip Art
  • Passport to High Adventure out of print
  • Philmont Field Guide out of print
  • Philmont Advisors Guide
  • Published by Cooper Wright Wally Feurtado as a
    fundraiser for Venturing Crew 1519, National
    Capitol Area Council
  • Order from websitehttp//
  • Seldons List
  • Philmont Staff Association
  • Jason Cotting (former Ranger) website
  • General Philmont information
  • Philmont documents
  • Philmont PhilSearch
  • Dan Yoders Philmont Itinerary Information

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