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Email Communication


Serves as a means to transfer electronic files as attachments ... 5 Tips for Using Email More Effectively. Follow basic rules of good business writing ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Email Communication

Email Communication
  • Business Procedures

  • Short for Electronic Mail
  • Transfers messages electronically across the
  • Messages can be sent globally in the matter of
  • Work email is not the same as your personal

Appropriate Uses
  • Email is designed for
  • Quick, informal written correspondence
  • Serves as a means to transfer electronic files as
  • Example, share a financial record spreadsheet
  • Work email should only be related to work
  • Companies can go in and read your emails
  • Never write anything you wouldnt want your
    supervisor to read!
  • Your emails can be subpoenaed in court!

  • Quick
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use for all levels of the organization
  • Documents itself
  • So you can keep track of and organize your
    written messages
  • Facilitates collaboration
  • Allows employees to work together better as a team

  • Sending email takes the place of face to face
  • Never use email to say something you would not
    say in person. Do not hide behind email.
  • If possible, call or walk over to the other
    persons office. This may help you avoid an
    accusatory tone.

Email Addresses
  • Every email address is unique
  • No two are the same
  • Userid_at_domain name
  • The highest level of the domain begins at the
    right Example US, GA, K12, Gwinnett

Addressing Email
  • TO Who the message is written to
  • CC Anyone else who needs to see the message, but
    it is not directly addressed to them
  • BCC Blind Carbon-Copy
  • Protects the privacy of those you address the
    message to. Especially useful when sending a
    message to a large group that doesnt know

Email Messages
  • Be sure to include a relevant subject in the
    subject line
  • If the message is urgent, you should be able to
    mark the message with high importance
  • Ex. Push the red exclamation mark in outlook
  • Use proper spelling (spell check) and grammar
  • Just because its email you shouldnt start typing
    in text message talk
  • Reply promptly to email messages

  • Always sign your emails so the person knows who
    it is from
  • Most software lets you set up a signature that
    will appear in every message you send, example
  • Andrea Barrett
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Maximum Technology Corporation
  • 404-555-2394 (phone)
  • 404-555-2360 (fax)

Proofread before you hit Send
  • Check for the 5 Cs
  • Is the message clear, concise, complete, correct,
    and courteous?
  • Check that you entered the recipients email
    address correctly
  • Dont send the message to unnecessary people
  • Check the tone of your message
  • If youre angry when you write it you might want
    to cool-off first

7 Ways to Get a Faster Response to your Email
  • Make sure the recipient knows its from you
  • Make sure youre full name appears in the
    recipient line
  • Keep the formatting simple
  • Just because it looks great on your screen
    doesnt mean it appears the same way to the
    recipient. Keep graphics to a minimum.

7 Ways, continued
  • Dont have a lengthy and distracting signature
  • Keep it between two and four lines
  • Keep it to one subject per email
  • If you want the recipient to respond now rather
    than later, dont give them more than one thing
    to do

7 Ways, continued
  • Tell them what you need in the first sentence
  • Keep it short
  • Let the recipient know if your request is urgent
    or time sensitive. If so, let them know the

5 Tips for Using Email More Effectively
  • Follow basic rules of good business writing
  • Use complete sentences, spell check, use proper
  • ?Put something useful in your subject line
  • ?Make your subject line work like a headline for
    your message

5 Tips, continued
  • Put your most important information on top
  • You cannot assume your reader is going to read
    your entire message
  • Highlight action items
  • Let your reader know immediately if you need them
    to do something.
  • Dont routinely reply to all

  • Communication between humans is approximately
    90 body language, 8 tone of voice, and 2 what
    you say. With email, you remove the first 98. Be
    aware of this when you write emails. Be very
    obvious with your meanings, since subtleties will
    be lost or completely misunderstood. Remember
    this too, when reading others' emails. Their
    grasp of the language, or their haste in
    composing the email, may have given it a "virtual
    tone" that may come off as derogatory or
    aggressive. Reread it and see if you are simply
    misinterpreting the words."

Links for more Email Tips
  • http//