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and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in power.' ( 1 Samuel 16:13) ... evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Module 2º
  • The progressive manifestation and Understanding
    of the Holy Spirit

  • The manifestation of the Spirit in Old Testament
  • The name of the Spirit
  • The Spirit of Genesis, of creation
  • The Spirit came upon some important persons
  • The future work of the Spirit
  • The Spirit in the Psalms
  • Revelation of the Spirit in the New Testament
  • The new Genesis
  • Upon very important persons
  • The Spirit in Jesus
  • The sin against the Holy Spirit
  • The promise and the gift of the Spirit
  • The apocalyptical perspective

It is quite natural for Christians to think the
Holy Spirit as a new Testament manifestation.
We have not to overlook that the Holy Spirit has
always existed.
Manifestation of the Spirit in the OT
The writers of the New Testament were steeped in
the Old Testament and looked to it as the divine
revelation of Gods truth. The Old Testament was
their source of knowledge about God, and the
place from which they obtained their ideas.
The Name
The name of the Spirit
  • The word ruah (xUØrº) appears 398 times in the
    Hebrew Old Testament.
  • Three meanings
  • 1) wind, and blowing of air
  • 2) strength of life in the human being, principle
    of life, the see of knowledge and feelings
  • 3) Gods power of life, through which He operates
    and makes operate.
  • xUØrº

The name of the Spirit
  • xUØrº
  • In the Bible ruah (xUØrº)
  • is not something disembodied,
  • it is the vital principle of the body.
  • The spirit is always energy of life.

The name of the Spirit
  • xUØrº
  • hUr
  • sometimes means wind (John 38 Act 2,1-4.6),
  • other times the breathing of God, transmitting
    life (Ex 158-10 Sal 336),
  • the breath of human person, principle and sign of
    life (Gen 722).
  • the creative inspiration for carrying out an
    artistic work.

Card. Jean Danielou
  • What are we trying to say when we speak about
    the spirit, when we say God is Spirit?
  • Do we speak like the Greeks, or like the
  • If we speak like the Hebrews we are saying that
    God is a storm, a typhoon, an irresistible power.
    The essence of Hebrew spirituality is not to
    become immaterial, but to be animated by the Holy

Creation and destruction
  • Ruah (hUr)
  • is a feminine substantive,
  • but at times it is used as masculine.
  • H. Schüngel-Straumann, theologian women,
  • hUr is used in masculine when it contains a
    violent reference the destructive wind of East,
    or the power which overwhelms the prophet.

Creativity and violence
  • Where the meaning is connected with the creative
    action, with life, with creative and spiritual
  • there ruah ((hUr) is used undoubtedly in its
    feminine form

The Spirit of Genesis
  • "In the beginning God created ()ØfrfB) the
    Heavens and the Earth.
  • Now the earth was formless and empty.
  • Darkness was over the surface of the deep,
  • and the Spirit of God (yêiholE) axUØrºw) was
    hovering over the waters." (Genesis 11-2) .

The Spirit of Genesis
  • The Spirit is seen as present at creation in
    Genesis 1.2
  • the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the
  • and the Psalmist conjoins the ideas of spirit and
    word when he describes the creation in these
    terms -
  • By the word of the Lord were the heavens made,
  • and all their hosts by the breath (spirit) of His
    mouth (Psalm 33.6).

The Spirit upon central figures
  • Joseph - Seventy Elders Joshua
  • The Judges temporary experiences
  • Two Kings Saul and David (more permanent
  • The Prophets

Joseph, the Son of Jacob
  • "So Pharaoh asked them, "Can we find anyone like
    this man, one in whom is the Spirit of God?"
  • Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, "Since God has made
    all this known to you, there is no one so
    discerning and wise as you." (Genesis 4138-39)

Moses and the Seventy Elders
  • "The Lord said to Moses, "Bring Me seventy of
    Israel's elders who are known to you as leaders
    and officials among the people. Have them come to
    the Tent Of Meeting, that they may stand there
    with you.
  • I will come down and speak with you there, and I
    will take of the Spirit that is on you and put
    the Spirit on them. They will help you carry the
    burden of the people so you will not have to
    carry it alone." (Numbers 1116-17)

Moses and Joshua
  • "So the Lord said to Moses, "Take Joshua son of
    Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay your
    hand on him." (Numbers 2718).

Judges of Israel temporary experiences
  • Othniel
  • The Spirit of the Lord came upon him (Othniel),
    so that he became Israel's judge and went to war.
    The Lord gave Cushan Rishathaim king of Aram into
    the hands of Othniel, who overpowered him
    (Judges 310).
  • Gideon
  • The Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he
    blew a trumpet, summoning the Abiezrites to
    follow him (Judges 634).
  • "Samson.
  • He grew and the Lord blessed him, and the Spirit
    of the Lord began to stir him..." (Judges
  • The Spirit of the Lord came upon him in power so
    that he tore the lion apart with his bare hands
    as he might have torn a young goat. (Judges 146).

King Saul
  • "The Spirit of the Lord
  • will come upon you Saul in power,
  • and you will prophesy with them
  • and you will be changed into a different person.
  • (1 Samuel 106)

King David
  • "So Samuel
  • took the horn of oil
  • and anointed him in the presence of his brothers,
  • and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came
    upon David in power." (1 Samuel 1613)

The Spirit on the Prophets Voices of the Spirit
  • Ezekiel 115
  • Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and he
    told me to say "This is what the LORD says That
    is what you are saying
  • Daniel 247 49
  • "Surely your God is the God of gods and the Lord
    of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you
    were able to reveal this mystery ... I know that
    the Spirit of the Holy God is in you."

The future work of the Spirit
  • The continual failure of Gods people showed that
    only by an act of divine power could His purposes
    be fulfilled Isaiah, Ezekiel and Joel.

Isaiah "the Fifth Gospel of the OT"
  • The Spirit will first visit Israel and Judah as a
    Spirit of judgment and of burning (Isaiah 4.4),
    through foreign armies.
  • There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of
    Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.
    And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him,
  • the spirit of wisdom and understanding,
  • the spirit of counsel and might,
  • the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord
    (Isaiah 11,1-2).

Isaiah "the Fifth Gospel of the OT"
  • I will pour
  • water on him who is thirsty,
  • and floods upon the dry ground.
  • I will pour
  • My Spirit upon your children,
  • and my blessing upon your offspring (Isaiah 44,

  • Vision
  • A valley full of dry bones, unresponsive to the
    prophets message even though they become covered
    with flesh, for there is no life in them (Ezekiel
  • Then he is told to call on the Spirit of God, so
    that the Spirit will breathe life into them
    (v10). The dry bones will come to life by the
    action of the Spirit.

Ezekiel 3525-27
  • Then will I sprinkle clean (cleansed) water upon
  • and you will be clean.
  • A new heart I will give you, and a new Spirit I
    will put within you.
  • I will take away the stony heart from your flesh,
    and I will give you a fleshy heart.
  • I will put My Spirit within you, and cause you to
    walk in my statutes, and you will keep my

I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, your
sons and your daughters will prophesy, your old
men will dream dreams and your young men will see
visions, and also on the servants and
maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those
days (Joel 2.18-29).
The Holy Spirit in the Psalm 5110-12
  • Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new
    and right spirit within me. Do not cast me away
    from your presence, and do not take your holy
    spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your
    salvation, and sustain in me a willing spirit.
  • The righteous can thus enjoy the blessing of the
    Spirit in any age.

The Holy Spirit in the Psalm 1397
  • Where can I go from Your Spirit? Where can I
    flee from Your presence?
  • The answer is nowhere, for God has him under
    control (v.13).

The Holy Spirit in the Psalm 14310
  • Teach me to do your will, for you are my God.
    Your Spirit is good. Lead me into the land of
  • The psalmist, overwhelmed by a sense of his own
    weakness and prays

To summarise
  • The Holy RUAH carries forward successfully and
    continuously the purposes of God.
  • Failure comes when the Spirit departs.
  • She is always invisible but known by Her
  • We are never told of people experiencing
    particular feelings.
  • His presence is known by success, or proclamation
    of Gods message.
  • Sometimes She comes on people temporarily,
    sometimes more permanently.

To summarise
  • People do not seek the Spirit, She comes as God
  • The idea behind the use of the term is
  • the invisible,
  • powerful presence of God
  • carrying forward His purposes in history.

Revelation of the Spirit in the NT
With the coming of the Spirit, Jesus is shown as
the one anointed. He proclaims with power the
Gospel of the Kingdom and works signs of the new
creation in favor of many. It is through the
power of the creative Spirit that Jesus restores
to health this sickly world and restores to
liberty those who are enslaved.
Outline The Spirit in the NT
  • The new Genesis
  • Upon very important persons
  • The Spirit in Jesus
  • The sin against the Holy Spirit
  • The Promise of the Spirit and the new birth
  • The coming of the Spirit at Pentecost
  • The Apocaliptic Spirit

1. The new Genesis (Matthew 11-18-20)
  • Now the birth of Jesus the Messiah took place in
    this way
  • When his mother Mary had been engaged to Joseph,
    but before they lived together, she was found to
    be with child from the Holy Spirit
  • "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take
    Mary as your wife, for the child conceived in her
    is from the Holy Spirit.

1. The new Genesis (Lk 135)
  • The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the
    power of the Most High will overshadow you
    therefore the child to be born will be holy he
    will be called Son of God
  • The Holy Spirit produced the human body for the
    Son of God by a creative act. Of that body the
    Son of God spoke as a prepared body (Heb. 105).

2. Upon very important persons
John, the forerunner was filled with the Holy
Spirit from his mother's womb. Elisabeth, the
mother of John, was filled with the Holy Spirit,
and so was Zechariah when he prophesied. The
same is said of Simeon, who had received a
special revelation by the Spirit and was led by
Him to the temple (Luke 225).
3. The Spirit in Jesus
  • Baptism of fire and of Spirit
  • The Baptism of Jesus
  • Ministry of Jesus in the power of the Spirit

The Baptism of Fire and Spirit
  • I have baptized you with water but he (The one
    who is more powerful than I) will baptize you
    with the Holy Spirit. (Mark 17)
  • "For John truly baptized with water, but ye shall
    be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days
    hence." (Acts 15).

The Baptism of Jesus
In those days Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee
and was baptized by John in the Jordan. And just
as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the
heavens torn apart and the Spirit descending like
a dove on him. And a voice came from heaven,
"You are my Son, the Beloved with you I am well
pleased." And the Spirit immediately drove him
out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness
forty days, tempted by Satan.
Mk 19-13
In the Jordan, Jesus was baptized with the
Spirit, not as a private person, but as the one
representing the whole of humanity. He received
the Spirit for the sick persons he cured, for the
sinners he pardoned, for the poor and
marginalized whose company always sought out, for
the disciples called to follow him. He received
the Spirit as a collective person, as the Messiah
of the new Creation.
  • God the Father
  • anointed Jesus with his Spirit and force (Act
  • granted Him the Spirit without measure (Joh
  • With the power and energy of the Spirit-Ruah
  • spoke,
  • acted,
  • healed the sick,
  • expelled demons.
  • Was the human face of God the Father

To die was for Jesus to give the Spirit It was
necessary that He left of this world so that the
Spirit could be sent to us. Jesus says that he
leaves, that is to say that he dies, for asking
to the Father that he gives us another Advocate
(Jn 1416)
In the death and in the glory, the intimacy
between Christ and the Spirit is such that it
seems that both of them become one being Christ
has become Spirit (1 Cor 15 45).
4. The sin against the Holy Spirit
  • Matthew 1231-33
  • Therefore I tell you, people will be forgiven for
    every sin and blasphemy, but blasphemy against
    the Spirit will not be forgiven. Whoever speaks a
    word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but
    whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not
    be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to
  • Mark 328-30
  • "Truly I tell you, people will be forgiven for
    their sins and whatever blasphemies they utter
    but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit
    can never have forgiveness, but is guilty of an
    eternal sin" for they had said, "He has an
    unclean spirit."
  • Luke 129-10
  • "And I tell you whoever denies me before others
    will be denied before the angels of God. And
    everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man
    will be forgiven but whoever blasphemes against
    the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.

The sin against the Holy Spirit
  • The context explains what that sin is
  • The scribes which charged the Lord that He had
    the spirit of Beelzebub, used his power, and not
    the power of the Spirit of God, were guilty of
    that blasphemy.
  • They did so against their better knowledge

Eph 429-31
Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but
only what is useful for building up, as there is
need, so that your words may give grace to those
who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of
God, with which you were marked with a seal for
the day of redemption. Put away from you all
bitterness and wrath and anger and wrangling and
slander, together with all malice, and be kind to
one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one
another, as God in Christ has forgiven you.
Having believed, you were marked in him with a
seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit
guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption
of those who are God's possession--to the praise
of his glory (Ephesians 113-14).
At the service of the Reign of God
  • The demons
  • are the forces destroying life, represented in a
    personalized way.
  • They enslave people,
  • destroying their personality,
  • tormenting the individuals and
  • stimulating in the persons the tendencies of
  • Jesus is the messenger of the Father to
    de-demonize the world and to restore people to

5. The promise of the Spirit
  • If you then, who are evil, know how to give good
    gifts to your children, how much more will the
    heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who
    ask him (Luke 1113).
  • And I will ask the Father, and he will give you
    another Advocate, to be with you forever.
  • This is the Spirit of truth, whom the world
    cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor
    knows him. You know him, because he abides with
    you, and he will be in you.
  • "I will not leave you orphaned I am coming to
    you (John 1416-18.).

The other Comforter
  • During the absence of the Lord Jesus Christ She
    is to take His place
  • The other comforter, the Holy Spirit, is the gift
    of the Father through the Son, for our Lord says,
  • I will pray the Father and He shall give you
    another comforter
  • The Lord gives a promise which was to be
    fulfilled in the future on the day of Pentecost.

5. Revelation of the Spirit
The icon of Pentecost
The icon of Pentecost (1)
  • And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like
    the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the
    entire house where they were sitting. Divided
    tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a
    tongue rested on each of them. All of them were
    filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in
    other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability
    (Act 2,2-4).

The icon of Pentecost (2)
  • All were amazed and perplexed, saying to one
  • "What does this mean?...
  • Then Peter said
  • 'In the last days it will be, God declares, that
  • I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh,
  • and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
    and your young men shall see visions, and your
    old men shall dream dreams... everyone who calls
    on the name of the Lord shall be saved.' (Act

When the Holy Spirit is sent, She comes like a
tempest she pours out over all the alive beings,
as the waters of a flood, invading everything. If
the Spirit is really the Ruah of God, the whole
reality invaded by the Spirit, is deified.
The Ruah arrives to us and assumes diverse forms.
She is as the water that first it is source,
then river, and finally lake. One is the water,
but the forms of their flow are different and
The work of the Spirit is the bringing about the
vision of God... It enables us to 'see visions'
and 'dream dreams'. The Kingdom of God is the
miracle of ocular newness the blind see. The
Kingdom creates a visionary community . The
tongues were the language of the world to come...
It's the time of the MISSION OF THE SPIRIT
The Holy Spirit in the book of Revelation
The seven Spirits of God
  • Rev 14 John to the seven churches that are in
    Asia Grace to you and peace from him who is and
    who was and who is to come, and from the seven
    spirits who are before his throne
  • Rev 31 And to the angel of the church in
    Sardis write These are the words of him who has
    the seven spirits of God and the seven stars "I
    know your works you have a name of being alive,
    but you are dead.
  • Rev. 45 Coming from the throne are flashes of
    lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder,
    and in front of the throne burn seven flaming
    torches, which are the seven spirits of God

What the Spirit is saying to the Churches
  • In the Chapter 2 and 3 of Revelation we read
    seven times
  • Let anyone who has an ear listen to what the
    Spirit is saying to the churches. .
  • The seven church messages are prophecies about
    the history of the Church on earth

Life and new Jerusalem
  • But after the three and a half days, the breath
    of life from God entered them, and they stood on
    their feet, and those who saw them were
    terrified. (Rev 1111).
  • The Spirit of life is the Holy Spirit active in

Life and new Jerusalem
  • And the Spirit and the bride say, Come.
  • And let everyone who hears say, "Come."
  • And let everyone who is thirsty come.
  • Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as
    a gift. (Rev 2217)

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Christology of the Spirit
  • The history of Jesus does not begin with Jesus
    himself, but with the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus is moved and anointed by he Spirit
  • The presence of the Spirit is the most important
    factor of the Christology
  • The Holy Spirit comes from the Father, it remains
    in the Son and from the Son it is irradiated in
    the world

  • What do you think about the Holy Spirit after
    this study?
  • What are the names of the Spirit you prefer?
  • How to explain who the Holy Spirit is?
  • What consequences for Christian Spirituality
  • What are your feelings about the presence and
    mission of the Holy Spirit
  • What practical consequences can be drawn?