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My name is Vegas Holahan (AKA Brown Dog) and I am a six year old mixed breed dog. ... under supposedly dog-proof fences, wrestling with Vegas, eating house keys, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Donor Quarterly

June 1, 2004- September 1, 2004
Donor Quarterly
A look at whats flowing at the MSU VTH Blood
Donor Program
Happy Tails
Barks of Praise
If you are interested in adopting a donor dog
(i.e. Carter or Zosha) or would like to know more
about our program, please call 517-432-4546
Thank you to all of our donors! A special thanks
to our donor dogs that have retired within the
last three months Nala
Czarnecki donated 13 times from 6-20-02
to 6-8-04
Jada Lane donated 2 times from 11-6-03
to 2-3-04
Jake Mazzeo donated 12
times from 9-19-01 to 2-10-04
Timber Bullock
donated 4 times from 7-10-03 to 7-1-04

Michael Simenauer donated 8 times from
1-3-03 to 7-7-04
Babe Fisher donated a whopping 31
times from 12-30-98 to 6-22-04
Logan Chuddy donated 7 times from 6-17-03
to 4-15-04
Oscar Sheffer donated 1 time on 8-5-04
Hoss Husted donated a huge 33 times from
11-18-99 to 6-17-04
More barks of praise go out to our NEW
donors thank you so much for joining our
Tabor Johnson started 7-8-04
Brea Dekett started 7-15-04
Samuel Adams Gustafson started 3-11-04 Hugs
and Kisses Ridler both started 5-21-04
Phillips started 8-5-04 Murphy
and Lakota Hayner both started 7-7-04

Koda Loe started 7-15-04
Sara Hohauser started 8-17-04
Did you know that the MSU VTH Blood Donor Program
also has feline blood donors? Our happy tail
this quarter comes from our feline files. On
July 11, a small stray tiger-striped kitten came
to MSU very badly injured. His rear leg had
become infested with fly larvae
making it hard for him to walk, he had fleas
making him anemic, he was dehydrated and hungry.
Luckily this small kitten had guardian angels in
the way of the McCabe-Power family. These kind
people were at the front desk when
soon-to-be-named Zeke came in. These terrific
people agreed to pay for his medical bills AND
give him a new home. Zeke went from living on
the street, injured and alone, to having a loving
family to call his own! Zeke had extensive work
done while here. His injured leg was amputated,
he was put on IV fluids and medication, and he
was given a blood transfusion for his anemia.
Zeke was given plenty of love and attention while
here, but he still had a long recovery period to
go. Our happy tail ends with Zeke in his new
home with his new family doing wonderfully!
Thank you to the MSU VTH blood donor cats who
were able to help Zeke in his time of need, and
to the McCabe-Power residence for giving Zeke a
new lease on life!
MSU VTH Blood Donor Program rescues their donors
from the local animal control and gives them a
second chance at life. Our in-house blood donor
dogs are available for adoption after completing
a year of service with us. Carter and Zosha are
currently available for adoption (see above
pictures). The Blood Donors of the Quarter,
Vegas and Remington, were both in-house donors at
one time and now live in the lap of luxury with
Matt, their dad. We are thankful to people like
Matt who adopt our dogs and give them the life
that theyve always deserved. Please think about
adopting a donor dog.
Hello! My name is Vegas Holahan (AKA Brown Dog)
and I am a six year old mixed breed dog. I have
been with the blood donor program for five years
now donating an incredible 55 TIMES!!!!!!!!! I
have saved 110 lives with my blood! I enjoy
running under trains and across 496 (true stories
although I dont recommend it to any other dogs
out there!), hiking with my dad, running in the
dog park, grooming my feline housemates, and
barking at the squirrels at the birdfeeder!
Hi! My name is Remington Holahan (AKA Noodle)
and I am a five year old lab mix. I have been
with the blood donor program for four years now,
donating 31 times thus saving 62 lives with my
blood!!!!! I love digging under supposedly
dog-proof fences, wrestling with Vegas, eating
house keys, chasing ducks, and opening doorknobs
with my mouth (much to the detriment of the
The blood donor program is SO pleased to have
both Remmy and Vegas in our program they are
wonderful dogs! We are VERY thankful for their
services and to their dad for continuing with
donations after adopting them! VEGAS IS OUR TOP
BLOOD DONOR DOG with his record (and counting) of
55 blood donations! Congratulations to both dogs
on being Blood Donors of the Quarter! We could
not be more proud!
Paws To Remember
We would like to say an extra special thanks to
those blood donors that have passed away within
the last three months. Thank you to Sonic Smith
who donated thirty-five times from May of 1999 to
October of 2004, saving seventy lives!
Thank you to Deacon Sharrow who donated five
times from May 2003 to February 2004, saving ten
lives! These dogs selflessly helped others by
donating numerous times to our program they
will always be remembered and loved by their
family and us. Thank you.
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