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Destination 2009


Long Range Plan 2000 2006 ... Sallie Melvin James Finley Bruce Boehm. The Building Campaign ... Louise LeBron LRP/Christian Education. Sallie Melvin LRP/Resources ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Destination 2009

Destination 2009
Williamsburg Presbyterian Church
  • our long range plan
  • Meeting the great ends of the church

WPCs Response
  • Long Range Plan 2000 2006
  • Sallie Melvin James Finley Bruce Boehm
  • The Building Campaign
  • Faith for Today Vision for Tomorrow
  • Our Vision Goals
  • Our New Sanctuary
  • Long Range Plan Destination 2006 - 2009

Long Range Planning Report
  • Committee
  • Sallie Melvin
  • Louise LeBron
  • Joe Avellar
  • Debbie Riley
  • Rob Lisle

The mission of the planning committee is examine
the possibilities of growth, change and
innovation for WPC and make viable
recommendations to our session for action.
Long Range Planning Products
  • 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard

Action Plans
Planning Process
Holy Conversations Strategic Planning as a
Spiritual Practice for Congregations
Articulate the Strategy
Communicate The Strategy
Monitor Activity
Manage /Measure Activity
Goal keep it simple
Desired Effect ?
Holy Conversations
  • 1st Phase - Session Retreats
  • Ken McFayden,
  • Union Theological Seminary
  • Objectives
  • Validate Vision Statement and Goals
  • Initiate the Holy Conversation with the
  • 2nd Phase - Small Groups
  • Parents of Young Children
  • Youth
  • Wesfel
  • Circles
  • Worship
  • Administration
  • Facilities/Resources
  • All Ministries

Holy Conversations Strategic Planning
as a Spiritual Practice for CongregationsGil
Rendle and Alice Mann
A complex conversation
  • In a contemporary congregation, planning can be
    challenging because
  • people share a common faith and values
  • have very different preferences and needs

Planning as spiritual discernment
  • Planning should include process time for biblical
    study and discernment, so that we do not forget
    that this is about the will of God in our

Heart of the Holy Conversation Three Critical
  • Who are we?
  • What has God called us to be?
  • Who is our neighbor?

Holy Conversations 2005 - 06
  • http//
  • Wesfel
  • PYF and parents
  • Mid-High Youth and parents
  • Presbyterian Women Circles
  • College of Elders
  • Choir
  • Administration
  • Worship
  • Christian Outreach
  • Christian Education
  • Congregational Life
  • Resources
  • Facilities
  • Young Families and Young Adults
  • Church-wide mailing
  • Pastoral Staff Office Staff

" living stones, let yourselves be built
into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood,
to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God
through Jesus Christ." 1 Peter 25
  • Our Journey
  • Several themes have developed throughout our
    work. Youth, young adults, young families, and
    facilities are areas that must be developed as
    priorities in the next steps of our process.
  • 2000 Long Range Plan

Our Journey
  • Emerging Concepts
  • Becoming a spiritual Community Center
  • Effectively utilize the time and talent of the
    congregation through use of lay coordination
  • Use of technology in all areas of our church life
  • Becoming a transformed congregation with
    mutualism as a desired state

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Our Belief
  • The Church is the body of Christ both in its
    corporate life and in the lives of its individual
    members and is called to give shape and substance
    to this truth.
  • Book of Order G 3.0200
  • The great ends of the church are the proclamation
    of the gospel for the salvation of humankind the
    shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the
    children of God the maintenance of divine
    worship the preservation of the truth the
    promotion of social righteousness and the
    exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.
  • Book of Order G1.0200

Our Vision the relationship between what we
discerned, our belief, and our theological charge
  • In response to Gods love for all humankind as
    shown in the life, death and resurrection of
    Jesus Christ, Williamsburg Presbyterian Church is
    called to a rich worship, a lively witness and a
    joyful welcome to all people.
  • We will actively engage one another in
    stimulating, informative, supportive ministries
    that nurture and challenge our faith and enable
    us to minister in a changing community and world.
  • We will risk opening ourselves to new
    understandings of our relationships with God and
    one another. We will share our faith, gifts and
    talents with our brothers and sisters in
    Williamsburg and the world.

Our Goals
  • Create A Growing Church
  • Ensure A Vital Christian Community
  • Deepen Our Relationship With God
  • Share Our Gifts With Others

Taking Shape
  • What would WPC look like if our vision became a

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Destination Statement 2009
  • At our foundation are the people, governance
    processes, and support activities that enable the
    church to operate.
  • Upon that foundation we have three core goals
  • Ensure a Vital Christian Community
  • Deepen our Relationship with God
  • Share our Gifts with Others
  • Activities to achieve these three core goals are
    the pillars of our church which facilitate
    carrying out our operational functions.
  • Supported by these pillars is our last goal which
    reflects our calling to create a growing church.
    Our belief is that a growing church is a healthy
    indicator of the work of the Holy Spirit in the
    life of Williamsburg Presbyterian Church.

Long Range Plan 2006 - 2009
  • How will our Ministries work towards our Vision
    and Goals?
  • How will we evaluate our progress?

DRAFTWilliamsburg Presbyterian ChurchChristian
Outreach Ministry Four Year Planning
ProcessApril 2006 to April 2009
  • Hank Dorris
  • Chair Christian Outreach Ministry
  • Version 2 April 27, 2006
  • 757-253-2260

Holy Conversations Strategic Planning as a
Spiritual Practice for CongregationsGil Rendle
and Alice Mann
PATH Planning Positive Possible Futures Jack
Pearpoint John OBrien Marsha Forest
Action Plan Requirement
  • February 14, 2002 Revision of the 2000 Long Range
    Plan that included Ministry Action Plans

Long Range Plan 2006 - 2009
  • Ministries were encouraged to develop Mission
    statements and objectives based on the strategic
  • Developed strategic objectives based on Holy
    Conversation data reflected in the Destination
  • Action Plans were requested as an evaluative

Christian Outreach Ministry Mission
Statementrevised 9/2006
  • The Christian Outreach Ministrys activities and
    efforts are in response to the Great Commission
    (Matthew 2819-20), and the words of the Lord
    from Matthew 2535 for I was hungry and you
    gave me meat I was thirsty and you gave me
    drink I was a stranger and you took me in. Our
    mission is to identify opportunities and to
    develop programs where the resources of time,
    talents and treasures of the Williamsburg
    Presbyterian Church may be used effectively.

Christian Outreach Ministry Mission
Statementrevised 9/2006
  • Christian Outreach Ministry Goals
  • To identify and evaluate service organizations as
    potential recipients of church benevolence and to
    make recommendations for their support.
  • To encourage church members to serve and support
    local service organizations.
  • To establish an ultimate goal for Benevolence of
    25 of the churchs total operating budget.
    (This 25 goal should include special Offerings
    such as One Great Hour of sharing, Joy
    Offering, and other special funds of the
    congregation even though these items cannot be
  • To achieve this goal, the Benevolence budget
    would increase its percentage of the total
    operating budget by ½ per year).
  • To develop outreach programs in which WPC church
    members may participate.
  • To establish and manage time stewardship program.
  • (This would include church membership commitment
    of time, gifts, and prayers as part of their
    stewardship commitment to the Lord)

Strategies Matrix
Key Xp Primary Responsibility X Resulting
Williamsburg Presbyterian Church Destination 2009
Ministry Mission Statement Insert Ministry
Mission/Vision Statement based on Destination
2009 Ministry Goals Insert Ministry
Goals/Objectives based on Destination
2009 Ministry _____________________________ Dat
e __________________________________ Goal/Objectiv
e ________________________________________________
Long Range Plan 2006 - 2009
  • The Destination Statement is a description of our
    state in 2009
  • From the Destination Statement strategies were
    developed to show a path to the destination
  • From the strategies the staff, ministries, and
    groups of the church will create mission
    statements, objectives, and action plans to
    execute the strategies in order to arrive at the
    envisioned destination

LRP Role 2007 - 08
  • To keep the WPC Session, committees, staff, and
    congregation mindful of and focused on our Long
    Range Plan for 2009 as discerned by our
    congregation through Holy Conversation
  • Session Approved January 25, 2007 Expansion of
    the Long Range Planning Committee to include a
    representative from each of the Ministries who is
    responsible for coordinating a church-wide
    unified long range plan with the purpose of
    recognizing and using the congregations
    spiritual gifts, maximizing the churchs
    resources, aligning the efforts of the Ministries
    to meet the Great Ends of the Church.

LRP Role 2007 - 08
  • Addressed 2007 Budget issues
  • Communication issues during administrative staff
    changes early 2007
  • Issue concerning How we communicate ourselves as
    a church.
  • Brand Marketing
  • Need for a Communications Coordinator/Ministry
  • Parking lot entrance design and communication of
  • Signage issues in the new facility
  • Ministry reports and Session minute
  • Tasked lay coordination activity to
    Congregational Life Ministry
  • Organized PEVA Conference January 25, 2007
  • Communicating LRP progress to Session

  • Have we embraced the Vision of the
  • long range plan?

WPC Progress towards Our Vision
  • on or above the planned financial commitment for
    the sanctuary
  • created the financial roadmap for how to
    implement new innovative programs
  • has adequately implemented technology to support
    the staff and the operations of the church
  • is continuing to support and enhance our existing
    programs, capabilities and services
  • has fostered a culture of mutual trust and
    respect, clear communications amongst the staff,
    commitment to the goals WPC has set, and the
    active development of the staff
  • has a lay coordinator that facilitates filling
    the gaps between church needs and the talents
    provided by the congregation

Progress Create A Growing Church
  • WPC has
  • experienced a period of both spiritual and
    numeric growth.
  • defined and is effectively promoting our
    capabilities as a Christian community spiritual
  • thoughtfully begun transforming its overall
    understanding of mission to include more
    evangelistic and activist outreach.

Progress Ensure A Vital Christian Community
  • WPC has
  • transformed beyond the traditional core group.
  • utilized technology to create a virtual Christian
    community for communications and collaboration.
  • integrated the youth and Wesfel activities into
    all church activities.
  • employed the capability provided by the new
    sanctuary to develop rich worship opportunities
    for music ministry, integrating youth, Wesfel,
    younger adults and families.
  • WPC demonstrates an atmosphere of inclusive
    hospitality and openness to all people.

Progress Deepen Our Relationship With God
  • WPC has
  • expanded our opportunities in Christian
  • created small groups to fill gap areas such as
    evening circles, young adults/singles, and
    fellowship activities.
  • created innovative programs including
    special/alternative worship and music services
    that have created opportunities to deepened our
    worship experience and facilitate the integration
    of new members into the church.
  • developed and is utilizing technology to assist
    members of the congregation who can not attend
    church activities or worship by publishing
    electronic content to their location.
  • maintained its doctrinal excellence in Worship.

Progress Share Our Gifts With Others
  • WPC has
  • expanded its use of facilities with the purpose
    of outreach to the community.
  • increased its outreach budget.
  • embraced Christian service as part of their
    stewardship commitment supported through the lay
    coordinator function
  • has defined and established an eMinistry for
    outreach to those not part of a faith community.
  • defined and established a program for adult
    mission opportunities both local and distant.
  • significantly expanded our role with the college
    and Wesfel.
  • in place a mentoring program to identify and
    develop future church and community leaders.

2007 08 LRP Committee
  • Joe Avellar LRP/Outreach Ministry
  • Laura Baetz Worship
  • Barbara Finley Congregational Life
  • Presbyterian
  • Jim Finley Deacons
  • Louise LeBron LRP/Christian Education
  • Sallie Melvin LRP/Resources
  • Mark Newcomb Clerk of Session
  • Debbie Riley LRP
  • Clara Robertson Outreach Ministry
  • Dale Trowbridge Facilities