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INSPIRE England: a national programme delivered locally


Inspire in the West Midlands 15th July 2004 ... WM Chrysalis gateway. Cornucopia ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: INSPIRE England: a national programme delivered locally

INSPIRE England a national programme delivered
  • Managed access between academic, national and
    public library services
  • Inspire in the West Midlands 15th July 2004

Widening Participation
Raising learner aspirations
LIS workforce development
Inspire England
DCMS Framework for the Future
Inspiring Learning for All
Routes to Knowledge
Resource Sharing in the Knowledge Economy
Social Inclusion
Information Sharing Partners in Resources for
  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • What are we building on?
  • Inspire partners
  • Inspire context
  • Inspire deliverables
  • Lessons so far
  • Known interest in Inspire
  • What are we working on now?
  • So this is what Inspire is about

What are we trying to achieve?
  • Cross-sectoral access pathway to information
    knowledge for learners
  • Link across 875 HE, 4610 public and 3 national
  • Interweave current network of successful access
    partnerships into single pathway irrespective of
    geography and sector
  • All libraries continue to fulfil current
    responsibilities to users
  • Managed reciprocal access and referral to other
    libraries with relevant collections and materials
  • LIS workforce development building capacity and
    awareness of LIS resources across the UK

What are we trying to achieve?
  • Widen horizons
  • Resource-sharing enhances access for all
  • Staff more aware of the resources available to
    their primary users from partners
  • Resource discovery and information literacy
    enhanced across current users of public and
    academic libraries
  • Reach non-users and those currently excluded from
    access to learning opportunities

What are we building upon?
  • Regional National consortia
  • Currently 45 regional, national local consortia
  • Significant number include borrowing rights
    across HEIs
  • Many cross-sectoral covering public, FE, health,
    some workplace
  • Some cross-domain examples (archives/ libraries/

INSPIRE partners
  • BL, NLS, NLW
  • Learning Skills Council (national widening
    participation programme)
  • MLA Council (formerly Resource) regional MLACs
  • SCL (England, Northern Ireland and Wales)
  • Scottish Library Information Council

INSPIRE context overview
  • British Library Reaching the Regions
  • Empowering the Learning Community/ Inspiring
    Learning for All ELC demonstration projects
  • Building on LLiL
  • Lifelong Learning, Widening Participation and
    Social Inclusion shared focus
  • Framework for the Future Action Plan 2003-06
  • WILIP/Routes to Knowledge
  • People Flows restoring the balance

INSPIRE context
  • British Library Reaching the Regions
  • Programme launched autumn 2002 within the BL's
  • Co-operation and Partnership Programme
  • Aim
  • to increase relevance of BL and its collections
    to a wider public by improving services to users
    in the new political regions
  • put the BL on the regional map
  • Mechanism working with local partners, through
    the regional Museums, Libraries and Archives
  • BL as active partner, not merely funder
  • Multi-partner programme

INSPIRE context
  • Empowering the Learning Community LIC 2000
  • Public and educational libraries in any community
    or region should draw up access maps to enable
    users and learners to reach resources or
    assistance in other libraries on a managed basis
  • Training of librarians, resource managers and
    teachers should be coordinated and should include
    ways of developing mutual support
  • Public and educational libraries in communities
    or defined geographic areas should establish
    co-operative arrangements to improve services to
    their users

INSPIRE context
  • Building on Libraries Learners in London (LLiL)
  • Inspires inspiration
  • Launched 5/02 and now enhanced beyond public
    academic to incorporate many special libraries
  • Learning from LLiL a major part of the Inspire
    England rollout
  • From major metropolitan area to issues of rural
    conurbations, more dispersed populations,
    different transport infrastructure

LLiL Initial concerns
  • Over 600 libraries in London - a complex picture
  • Fears over loss of income from external borrower
    schemes in HE
  • Security worries
  • That there would be overwhelming demand for scant

LLiL Negotiating agreements
  • Initial agreement was with a steering group of
    the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries in
  • Followed by agreements with individual libraries
  • Timescale
  • Initial negotiations 1 year
  • Production of final scheme 2nd year
  • Negotiations take time
  • Important to have a working operations group

LLiL staff perspective
  • Important to involve staff from an early stage
  • Briefing sessions
  • Procedures manual
  • information on collections
  • documentation for referral
  • monitoring evaluation forms

LLiL Procedures manual
  • Appendix One - Collection level descriptors of
    public library specialisms and special
    collections have proved most useful
  • Scheme has provided CPD/current awareness service
    for librarians in London about other collections

LLiL current membership
  • 33 London Boroughs
  • 35 M25 Consortium libraries
  • 41 Specialist/independent libraries
  • British Library

Managed referral in action LLiL
Referral form needed
Branch Public Library
Central Reference Library
Academic Library General
Academic Library Research
British Library
Specialist Public Reference Library
Management info needed
INSPIRE context
  • Framework for the Future DCMS 2003
  • Strategic vision for 2013
  • Any member of a public library can also access
    materials held in HE and FE libraries
  • Anyone seeking opportunities for learning and
    training can be guided to a course through a
    public library
  • F4F Action Plan 6.1.2
  • improve access to resources in academic public
    libraries 40k pa in 2004/5 and 2005/6 for
    Inspire x 8 regions
  • MLAC in partnership with SCL CILIP implementing
    action plan now

INSPIRE context
  • Widening Participation
  • White Paper The future of higher education
  • We must make certain that the opportunities that
    higher education brings are available to all
    those who have the potential to benefit from
    them, regardless of their background. This is not
    just about preventing active discrimination it
    is about working actively to make sure that
    potential is recognised and fostered wherever it
    is found.
  • http//

INSPIRE context
  • Aimhigher Partnerships for Progression (HEFCE)
  • Direct link to 50 widening HE participation
    target by 2010
  • Joint initiative of HEFCE and LSC
  • Encourage more better-prepared students to stay
    in education post 16
  • Raise attainment participation among young
    people under-represented in HE
  • Build on and encompass regional partnerships

INSPIRE context
  • Aimhigher Partnerships for Progression (HEFCE)
  • HE Associations in each English region have
    developed Aimhigher delivery plans
  • Subregional plans feed into regional strategy
  • Circular letter 07/2004 Aimhigher national
    activity invitation to bid
  • National activity defined as activity that takes
    place at local/regional level that would benefit
    from national coordination

Inspire England Steering Group
  • British Library
  • Home Nations
  • Inspire NW
  • Inspire WM
  • LLiL
  • LSC
  • SCL
  • SCONUL/SCL/BL Access Referral Taskforce
  • LISU (as consultant)
  • MLA WM (as p/t project officer)
  • Stephanie Kenna, BL
  • Stuart James, SCURL
  • Sue Valentine, LNW,
  • Geoff Warren, MLAWM
  • Fiona OBrien, LLDA
  • Sue OHara, Programme Manager Widening
    Participation, LSC
  • Andrew Green, Coventry City
  • Mary Heaney, University of Wolverhampton
  • Elizabeth Heaps, University of York
  • Yvonne Hamblin
  • Lindsay Tulloch

Inspire England deliverables
  • Standard access agreement for learners between HE
    and Public Libraries in the 3 regions built on
    the LLiL experience
  • Clear 2-way referral process to take learners
    between Public HE library systems without
    barriers apparent to the learner
  • LIS workforce development package for front line,
    technical and senior staff to include
  • staff handbooks
  • resources for onward staff briefing
  • programme for delivering the briefings 6-7/04 for
    9/04 launch

Inspire England deliverables
  • Training the trainers programme to empower
    effective local delivery of staff briefing and
    training materials for HEIs Public Library
    authorities in the North West and West Midlands
  • Marketing strategy to reach library staff and
  • Recommendations on further rollout in England

Lessons so far
  • Experience has shown
  • Inspire England needs to be capable of rollout to
    other home nations
  • Criticality of effective staff briefing
    workforce development
  • Need for infrastructure eg website as resource
    discovery tool for access maps and entitlements
  • Importance of including other sectors FE,
    Health, workplace libraries other partner
  • Pan regional coordination now emerging as

Known interest in Inspire
  • 2004/5
  • East Midlands
  • East of England
  • North East
  • South East
  • Yorkshire
  • Other future interest
  • An Chomhairle Leabharlanna
  • (Irish Library Council)
  • Wales European bid submitted

What are we working on now?
  • Confirmation received of Regional Libraries
    Advisory Group funding for national coordination
    delivery for year 1
  • Aimhigher proposal for year 2
  • Identify source of funding for website
  • Laying foundations for rollout beyond England
  • Explore integration model for access routes
    across domains through existing partnerships

What are we working on now?
  • Coherence of national offer for learners and
    libraries alike Inspire kitemark criteria
  • As a minimum, library users have reference access
  • Service plans reflect commitment to cooperative
    working with Inspire partners
  • Inspire is publicised within the library
    information service and to the wider community
  • Promotion of collection strengths via Inspire web
  • All staff receive information about Inspire

What are we working on now?
  • Coherence of national offer for learners and
    libraries alike Inspire kitemark criteria
  • Selected staff receive in-depth Inspire training
  • Trained staff ensure the Inspire list of
    collection strengths is promoted as an additional
  • Inspire included in induction and update training
  • Trained staff cascade training
  • Monitor Inspire to demonstrate impact
  • Gather statistics
  • Written comment and verbal feedback

Widening Participation
Raising learner aspirations
LIS workforce development
Inspire England
DCMS Framework for the Future
Inspiring Learning for All
Routes to Knowledge
Resource Sharing in the Knowledge Economy
Social Inclusion
Relevant websites
  • Inspire
  • http//
  • LLiL
  • http//
  • SCONUL list of access schemes
  • http//
  • WM Chrysalis gateway
  • http//
  • Cornucopia
  • http//

Inspire England contacts
  • Mary Heaney
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • 01902 322 302
  • Andrew Green
  • SCL
  • Coventry City Council
  • 024 7683 1579