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March 2004


The Association requested a five-year continuation of the program which includes ... as part of PFA implementation, the achievement gap could be worsened. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: March 2004

Prop 10 Briefings
  • March 2004

Association Meeting Highlights
  • Partnership with Boys Girls Clubs and American
    Academy of Pediatrics
  • Mike Ruane (Orange), Chair of the Advocacy
    Committee, provided a status report on this
    partnership effort
  • At a conference call held February 11th, the
    California Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs
    agreed to hire or contract for a statewide
    coordinator who will be Sacramento-based and
    report to a steering committee of all three
  • County commission representatives who have
    indicated interest in the Partnership will be
    convened this month.
  • A panel presentation has been approved for the
    upcoming statewide conference, scheduled for
    April 22nd at 145 p.m.

Association Meeting Highlights (continued)
  • Planning for Distance Learning
  • Pat Wheatley (Santa Barbara), Chair of the TA
    Committee, provided an update on the TA
    Committees investigation of distance learning as
    a means of increasing access to training for
    county commission staff and grantees.
  • On March 16th the Committee heard a presentation
    on the Digital California Project and
    Californias K-20 Education Network. Partnering
    with the Project may assist First 5 with the
    technological infrastructure to provide
    professional training to all corners of the
  • The Committee is finalizing a distance learning
    plan and hopes to present it at the May 19th
    Association meeting.

Association Meeting Highlights (continued)
  • Update on April State Conference
  • Schedule for State conference and associated
  • The Pre-conference Institute for commission staff
    will be held on April 21. This will include two
    tracks, one for county-level school readiness
    coordinators and one for EDs and fiscal staff
  • The Statewide Conference will be on April 22-23.
    Registration is due March 31 and information is
    available at
  • An all-day Technical Assistance Conference will
    be held on April 21 for Child Care Retention
    Incentive Programs.
  • A local evaluators meeting will be held from 1 to
    5 pm on April 21.
  • The Bay Area Commissions will co-host a reception
    Thursday evening with the State Commission. They
    were instrumental in obtaining monologist/playwrit
    e Josh Kornbluth as a special guest for the
    closing session on Friday.

Association Meeting Highlights
  • Progress on Strategic Planning Decisions
  • Sherry Novick provided a status report on
    projects that grew out of the Associations
    strategic planning process
  • The Association website ( is being
    upgraded. Project Manager Carola Cabrejos-Healy
    is working with Carolyn Wylie (Riverside) and
    Susan Wilson (Siskiyou) on the re-design.
  • A consultant database is in development.
    Consultants will pay a fee to be listed and must
    be recommended by at least one County Commission.
  • A peer mentoring database is in development. It
    is intended to identify county commission staff
    with particular expertise who can be helpful to
    other commissions.
  • A new Associate Membership program will soon be
    developed. It will include a graduated dues
    schedule and benefits package. The Association
    will seek a consultant to develop the program and
    a marketing plan.

Association Meeting Highlights
  • Small County Augmentation
  • A fiscal workgroup has been working with the
    State Commission on a plan for continued funding
    of the small county augmentations. The
    Association requested a five-year continuation of
    the program which includes a minimum allocation
    to the smallest counties 2.5 million in
    administration augmentation to 23 other small
    population counties, and a subsidy to support
  • First 5 California staff recommended a modified
    proposal including
  • Setting aside 3.5 million per year for four
    years to support the small counties with a
    trigger that will permit transfer of state
    funds to a county only when the countys surplus
    funds drops below a certain point.
  • Working with the Association to develop the
    trigger, along with guidelines that define what
    comprises surplus funds.
  • Funding the cost with 80 State Commission funds
    and 20 County Commission funds. The county
    portion will be funded through the redirection of
    state School Readiness funds from the largest
    population counties.

Association Meeting Highlights
  • 2004-05 Dues
  • Sherry announced that, as required by the
    Association bylaws, the Executive Committee has
    approved a dues schedule for the coming year.
    Dues will be based on .50 per live birth per
    county, with a floor of 1000 and a ceiling of
    25,000. The term of membership will be July 1
    June 30.
  • Discussion item Telling the FIRST 5 Story
  • The State Staff has agreed to work with the
    Association to develop materials for use locally
    and at the state level to communicate with a
    variety of stakeholders about First 5s
  • A breakout discussion identified three messages
    that reflect the main goals of all the county
    commissions children are healthy children are
    ready for school families are strong
  • Amy Reisch, Chair of the Media Committee, will
    convene a working group to further develop the
    overall message and format so that it can be
    tailored to reflect local strategies.

Association Meeting Highlights
  • Discussion item Small Counties and State
    The State Commission has launched several
    initiatives that not all county commissions can
    implement. Many commissions hope over time to
    bring the benefits of the initiatives to their
  • A break-out discussion generated a list of how
    the Association might be helpful through
    strategies such as multi-county foundation
    requests, mechanisms for group purchasing from a
    single health plan, formation of new
    partnerships, approaching the State Commission to
    revisit initiatives to see how small counties
    might better fit, and ensuring that all counties
    are able to learn from the experience of those
    that are involved in the early stages of these

Association Meeting Highlights
  • San Diegos Project Q Kids
  • Laura Spiegel (San Diego) introduced First 5 San
    Diego partners from KPBS and Channel 10 who
    described the Q Kids Project, a television-based
    outreach and education program broadcast in the
    San Diego area.
  • Q Kids includes television news segments and
    public service announcements special events
    booklets, promotional items and other take-home
    materials websites and in-depth discussion on
    KPBS local radio programs that are designed to
    provide parent education focusing on health and
    safety education social and emotional
    development and literacy and early learning.
  • The Q Kids Project is interested in partnering
    with other commissions. Interested commissions
    can contact Kim Frink at First 5 San Diego
    ( or Cathy Lloyd, KPBS

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Chairs Report
  • The PFA Collaborative, which includes First 5
    California, the First 5 Association, County
    Commission reps from LA and San Mateo, the
    Packard Foundation, and Preschool California met
    in February and focused on two main issues.
  • The lack of preschool facilities reflects
    inequities among communities. If not addressed
    as part of PFA implementation, the achievement
    gap could be worsened.
  • A well-trained, diverse ECE workforce will be
    essential. LAs PFA master plan calls for 10,000
    lead teachers with a B.A. Supports and incentives
    are needed for ECE students as well as increased
    early education capacity in the states college
  • First 5 LA approved its final Universal Preschool
    Ten-Year Master Plan. It authorized 500
    million, in addition to the original 100 million
    previously approved, to cover the first 5 years
    of implementation. The plans early launch is
    slated for September 2004 at 100 sites.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Chairs Report (continued)
  • A contractor will be selected to do a
    meta-analysis of California-based research on the
    longitudinal effects of preschool on later school
  • A contract is being developed for a statewide
    early education workforce study, to include
    demographics, education, and training of the
    current workforce
  • The research staff is developing an RFP to hire a
    contractor to analyze the characteristics of
    children who are identified with special needs
    after entering the K-12 system, in order to
    understand who is not being identified and why,
    and the barriers to early identification.
  • Preschool and Childcare Enrollment in California,
    was released in January by the California
    Research Bureau, examining preschool and child
    care enrollment rates. It is available at

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Executive Directors Report
  • Health Access for All Initiative - State staff
    has completed a survey of the 11 county
    commissions currently implementing a Healthy
    Kids-type insurance program to re-assess the
    county allocation formula. An RFP is projected to
    be released by the end of March. Staff will
    proceed to implement the project, but hold off on
    making awards until the State Budget is passed
    and outstanding issues are resolved.
  • Staff is continuing its discussion with
    foundation partners on outreach/enrollment/retenti
    on strategies and quality enhancement efforts.
  • The State Commission will co-sponsor a Health
    Coverage Summit in partnership with the Covering
    Kids and Families Project. This 2-day meeting is
    planned for May 11 and 12 in Sacramento.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Executive Directors Report (Continued)
  • Advisory Committee on Diversity - Staff has
    released an RFP for a contractor or team of
    contractors to serve as an expert consultant on
    issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Media/Public Relations Contracts -- An RFP was
    released for the First 5 California Media
    Campaign. The final date for proposal submissions
    is March 19 with a contract award set for
    mid-May. The 67.5 million contract will run from
    July 1, 2004, through June 30, 2007.
  • The Public Relations RFP is scheduled for release
    in late March or early April. The
    Community-Based Organizations contract extension,
    requested until a new contract is in place, is
    still pending.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • FIRST 5 Association Report
  • President Mark Friedman (Alameda) reported on the
    Associations interest in working with the State
    Commission to identify key messages capable of
    getting the First 5 story out to the public.
  • The Association is currently upgrading its
    internal capacity to offer cross-county technical
    assistance through a re-designed website and a
    peer-to-peer mentoring program. The website will
    no longer be password-protected so that all the
    First 5 partners can more easily benefit from it.
  • The Associations application for an expanded
    AmeriCorps program was accepted for national
    competition. If successful, it will expand the
    current program from 100 AmeriCorps members to

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Small and Rural County Augmentation
  • Joe Munso presented the proposal to continue the
    State Commissions support of small population
    counties for four years. The proposal, which was
    presented at the Association meeting the day
    before, was not voted on because Commissioner
    Margaret Taylor had to recuse herself, resulting
    in a lack of quorum eligible to vote. It will be
    taken up in May.
  • Preschool for All
  • Roberta Peck reported that State Staff, in
    conjunction with the Association, have developed
    an approach to PFA that will encourage continued
    planning while allowing the policy and funding
    environment to become clearer.
  • The staffs recommendation that the Commission
    provide county commissions that meet six
    threshold criteria with 50,000 planning grants
    to be used from April through December, 2004 was
    unanimously approved.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Preschool for All, cont.
  • Thirteen county commissions (Ventura, Santa
    Barbara, Orange, Sacramento, El Dorado, Yolo,
    Yuba, Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Joaquin,
    Kern, Stanislaus, and Merced) have indicated that
    they meet the criteria and wish to participate.
    State staff will hold separate discussions with
    commissions that have completed their planning
    process (LA, San Mateo, and Alpine.)
  • The Packard Foundation plans to fund the
    Association to administer a Learning Community
    process that will harvest lessons learned by the
    early planners and implementers to benefit those
    who enter the process later.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Legislation
  • State Staff are closely tracking 37 bills and
    monitoring more than 100 others. She noted
    several bills of particular interest.
  • Two bills push back the age for entering
    kindergarten. The State Commission has
    historically not supported such bills because it
    would pull children out of kindergarten before an
    alternative exists for them.
  • One bill repeals the part-day limit on
    kindergarten, allowing it to expand to full-day.
  • Another bill calls for a master plan for child
    development, focused on the needs of infants and
  • The current version of AB 56, merely states
    Legislative intent that California develop a
    strategy to ensure that children have access to
    quality preschool, including programs that employ
    qualified staff. Staff will continue to work on
    language in the hopes that in its final form, it
    will set the stage for PFA and focus particularly
    on workforce development issues.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • KCET Informal Childcare Giver Proposal
  • The Commission unanimously approved up to 4
    million from funds available in the Informal
    Caregiver Initiative to fund the new KCET
    program, A Place of Our Own, during its first
    year, contingent upon staff working with KCET to
    reach agreement on several outstanding issues.
  • The program is designed to provide early
    education strategies and child development
    information to home-based caregivers. The
    proposal commits to production of English and
    Spanish language versions, includes an extensive
    outreach component, and relies on funding from a
    variety of sources.
  • The program will be carried by all the California
    PBS stations in the first year. KCET will work
    with the local stations on outreach and marketing

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • DHS Childhood Asthma Proposal is Approved
  • The Commission unanimously approved 500,000 in
    new funding over a 12-month period to support
    transferring elements of the Childhood Asthma
    initiative into other systems for larger
    application. Funding will go to the State
    Department of Health Services to
  • Distill the experience gained from the initiative
    into training curricula and resource materials
  • Provide locally coordinated education and
    trainings to at least 1000 individuals who serve
    children 0 5, with a primary focus on
    individuals associated with School Readiness
  • Develop a stand-alone asthma education package
    for all School Readiness sites
  • Synthesize published asthma education materials
    and adapting them as necessary to meet cultural
    and linguistic needs
  • Conduct 30 training sessions for local CHDP and
    other programs
  • Develop training materials based on tiered levels
    of knowledge for professionals who serve young
    children in varying capacities

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Special Needs Project Update
  • The Special Needs Project targets children in
    School Readiness communities who are protected by
    the ADA or have or are at risk of a chronic
  • Sonoma State was selected as the contractor to
    assist in developing criteria for demonstration
    sites, provide training and technical assistance
    to each site, provide TA to School Readiness
    programs that are not demonstration sites, and
    evaluate and recommend screening and assessment
  • An RFA for the demonstration sites will be
    released this summer and approximately 10 sites
    will be selected in October 2004.
  • Matching funds will be provided to the sites for
    4 years.
  • Evaluation of the project will build on the
    existing School Readiness evaluation and will be
    added to the scope of SRIs contract.

State Commission Meeting Highlights
  • Kit for New Parents
  • On January 12th, the 1 millionth Kit was
  • ALOM Technologies was selected as the contractor
    to replace the Office of State Publishing to
    produce and distribute the Kit.
  • The final report from UC Berkeleys evaluation of
    the kit noted that parents would prefer
    information organized by stages of development
    rather than topic, DVDs over video tapes, and a
    smaller kit for easier transport and storage.
  • tmdgroup, inc. was awarded the contract to adapt
    the Kit for distribution in Mandarin, Cantonese,
    Korean, and Vietnamese.
  • tmdgroup noted the generational differences in
    child rearing in the Asian immigrant community
    and the importance of including information to
    help new parents discuss child-rearing practices
    with their parents.
  • A brochure on paid family leave will be added to
    the Kit in April, and State Staff may come back
    with future recommendations on distribution to
    informal child caregivers.

Upcoming Events
  • 4/1-2 Southern California Regional TA Meeting
    Sustaining Support for Young Children, Pasadena,
  • 4/21 Pre-Conference Institute, Burlingame, CA
  • 4/21 Conference for Child Care Retention
    Incentive Programs, Burlingame, CA
  • 4/21 Local Evaluators Meeting 1-5 PM,
    Burlingame, CA
  • 4/22-23 Statewide Conference, Burlingame, CA
  • 5/19 FIRST 5 Association Meeting, Sacramento, CA
  • For more information, please visit the EVENTS
    section of our website at