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The American Youth Soccer Organization AYSO


Positive Coaching ... The Psychology of Coaching. Working with Young Athletes ... Explain your coaching philosophy. Explain short-sided soccer and why we play it. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The American Youth Soccer Organization AYSO

The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)
  • Presents
  • The AYSO U-8 Coaching Course

U-8 Coaching Course
  • Presented by
  • The American Youth Soccer Organization

AYSO 2006
U-8 Coaching Course
  • The AYSO National Coaching Program is
  • accredited by
  • The National Council for Accreditation of
    Coaching Education.
  • (NCACE)

U-8 Coaching Course
  • Overview
  • AYSO Vision Statement Mission Statement
  • The Psychology of Coaching
  • Team Management
  • Training Overview for U-8 Players
  • Objectives Principles of the game
  • Teaching Methods
  • Techniques
  • On the field
  • Training Games
  • On the field

  • Vision Statement
  • To provide world class youth soccer programs that
    enrich childrens lives
  • Mission Statement
  • To develop and deliver quality youth soccer
    programs, which promote a fun, family environment
    based on the AYSO Philosophies

Open Registration Everyone Plays Balanced Teams
Positive Coaching Good sportsmanship
AYSO Philosophies
  • Everyone Plays
  • Our programs goal is for kids to play soccerso
  • mandate that every player on every team must play
    at least
  • half of every game.
  • Balanced Teams
  • Each year we form new teams as evenly balanced as

  • possiblebecause it is fair and more fun when
    teams of
  • equal ability play.
  • Open Registration
  • Our program is open to all children between 41/2
    and 19
  • years of age who want to register and play
    soccer. Interest
  • and enthusiasm are the only criteria for playing.

AYSO Philosophies
  • Positive Coaching
  • Encouragement of player effort provides for
    greater enjoyment by the players and ultimately
    leads to better-skilled and better-motivated
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • We strive to create a positive environment based
    on mutual respect rather than a win at all costs
    attitude, and our program is designed to instill
    good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO.

The Psychology of Coaching
Working with Young Athletes
  • As coaches we need to recognize that each athlete
    is an
  • individual with unique needs and that we treat
  • accordingly
  • Understand that players want to enjoy attending
  • and games.
  • Organize your practices and games so that every
    athlete on your team has an opportunity to
    develop and maintain
  • positive feelings of self-worth.
  • Provide positive encouragement to all players for
  • accomplishments and mistakes.

Working with Young Athletes (Continued)
  • Play in this very young age group is meant
  • to give a taste of the game, some
  • experience in working together as a team,
  • and, most of all, a positive introduction to
  • The sports experience.

What to Expect from U-8 Players
  • New and exciting adventures begin to open up
  • to the U-8 players as their coordination
  • improves and their size and strength increase.
  • However, new challenges are often met with a
  • mixture of enthusiasm and frustration.

What to Expect from U-8 Players
  • They typically set unrealistically high standards
  • themselves, have difficulty making choices and,
  • times, are overwhelmed by unfamiliar situations.

  • At the same time, changes in their cognitive
  • abilities enable them to see that underlying
  • are often useful for understanding everyday
  • events, objects and the behavior of others.

U-8 Physical/Gross Motor Development
  • They work and play hard.
  • They exhibit significant improvement in
  • agility, balance, endurance, timing and
  • hand-eye coordination

U-8 Social/Emotional Development
  • Have definite likes and dislikes.
  • Friendship is important.
  • Enjoy purposeful play.
  • Afraid of failure.
  • Beginning to compare themselves to others
  • self-esteem and self concept are big
  • issues

U-8 Social/Emotional Development
  • Actions can be influenced by peer
  • acceptance.
  • Quick to tattle when others arent
  • obeying.
  • Will cooperate with adults.
  • Likes to feel like they belong to a group

U-8 Cognitive/Thought Development
  • Begin to grasp moral rules of the
  • game.
  • Problem solving skills are improving.
  • Understand that parts make up a whole
  • (for example, that individual players
  • make up a team)

U-8 Cognitive/Thought Development
  • Need concrete reinforcement.
  • Apply a rigid understanding of justice and
  • fair play even a small infraction can be a
  • BIG deal.
  • Beginning to rank importance of things
  • based on real criteria

Things To Remember About The U-8 Player
  • Despite possible turmoil and trying times (for
  • players and coach), U-8 players will
  • experience an abundance of good times
  • marked by a lively curiosity, an eagerness
  • to learn, a endearing sense of humor and
  • exuberant outbursts of affection and good
  • will.

Team Management
  • There are off-the-field responsibilities that
  • affect the team and the players before they
  • ever step on the field. These practices are
  • referred to as team management and they
  • are important!..

Team Management
  • Organizing the Team This should be your
  • first priority!
  • 1. Develop a Team Goal
  • 2. Develop a Coaching Philosophy
  • 3. Conduct a Parents Meeting

Develop a Team Goal
  • Try
  • Players having FUN while learning about
  • soccer is a good base for a team goal.
  • You, the parents and players can build on
  • that foundation.

Develop a Coaching Philosophy
  • Why are you Coaching
  • Why should you be coaching?...

Conducting a Parents Meeting
  • Discuss AYSOs Vision and Mission Statements.
  • Discuss the teams goals.
  • Explain your coaching philosophy.
  • Explain short-sided soccer and why we play it.
  • Educate parents briefly on the Laws of the
  • game specific to this age group.
  • Discuss player equipment needs

Conducting a Parents Meeting
  • Set team policies.
  • GET HELP You will need (at a minimum)
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Team Manager
  • Team Parent

Coach Equipment
  • The following is a basic list of the minimum
  • equipment you should have with you on activity
  • day
  • Player medical release forms
  • A basic first-aid kit
  • A water container (filled with water) and
  • Soccer balls
  • An extra pair of shinguards
  • A marking pen for labeling
  • A whistle
  • Your players should bring a soccer ball to every

  • activity and must be wearing shinguards..

U-8 Practice
  • Be prepared.
  • Elements of a Practice
  • Warm Up Stretch
  • Introduce Technique
  • Skill-Based Activity (dribbling, passing)
  • Small sided game
  • Cool down
  • Remind players and parents about game
  • Day (times and location)

Activity Day (Game day)
  • Before the Activity Starts
  • Arrive early
  • Get organized
  • Gather Team
  • Have FUN!..

Game Day
  • After Activity
  • Shake hands with the other team!
  • Congratulate players
  • Reminder on next activity date

You are now ready for the field segment of the
U-8 Coach Training.
  • Any Questions?
  • See you on the field!