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The Moen Experience


Introducing the small island of Moen, Denmark. Area: 238 km2. 49 persons per ... 'The IKEA contest 'fiffigafolket (ingenious people) asked amateur outsiders to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Moen Experience

The Moen Experience
Tourism Research Unit
  • Experiementing with experiences

Experiencing Moen
Introducing the small island of Moen, Denmark
Area 238 km2 49 persons per km2 (country
123) 11,743 inhabitants as per 1.1.05 500,000
overnight stays in 2004 300,000 one day visitors
to the cliffs of Moen 1,791 second homes
Research purposes
  • The overall purpose was to form a platform for
    developing socio-culturally sustainable
  • Develop an experience profile in order for
    tourism development to build on concrete
    knowledge of locals and tourists wants
    concerning experiences.
  • Test the empirical usefulness of the Pine
    Gilmore experience model

Gap analysis based on service management theory
Data has been entered into and analysed in SPSS
Theoretical experience framework and connection
to questionnaires
Based on the Pine Gil-more (1999) approach to
Profile of the local population in the survey
  • People between 18 and 76 years, Danish citizens,
    a balanced number of men and women, and with no
    protection of address. This makes up a group of
    approximately 8,000 people.
  • 1,200 people were randomly chosen and
    question-naires were sent out with free return
    envelopes included. This is 15 of the sample
  • 344 questionnaires were received. This
    corresponds to 28.7. All in all 4.5 of the
    sample population chose to answer.

Profile of the local population in the survey
  • Respondents typically 50 years old, women
    slightly over represented.
  • Answers from all over the island, but a small
    majority from the main town, Stege.
  • Come heres are slightly over represented.
  • Family is important to the respondents.
  • Income between 25,000 and 62,000 EUROs per year.
  • Most have professional educations. Some but not
    many have higher education.
  • Main part of the respondents are active in the
    labour market. Less than ¼ indicates dependency
    on tourism.

Profile of the tourists in the survey
  • Respondents typically from Denmark and Germany
    and between 35 and 67 years of age.
  • A small majority of women.
  • A majority of families with children and couples
    without children.
  • A majority of first time visitors to Moen
    (including day trippers).

Profile of the tourists in the survey
  • A clear majority with accommodation in holiday
    homes and camping.
  • The respondents typically stayed on the island
    for shorter periods of time.
  • The car is clearly the most used means of
    transportation to the island.

Gap 1 tourists ideal and actual experiences on
Six cate-gories with deficits
Gap 5 locals perceptions of and tourists
actual experiences
Gap 6 future experiences on the island of Moen
according to locals and tourists
In conclusion
  • Gap 1 disappointment in one and/or more
    categories may affect the overall experience of
    the stay at the destination. This may cause the
    tourist (and family/friends) not to choose the
    destination the following year.
  • On the other hand, it depends on what value the
    specific experience has for the individual
    tourist compared to the overall experience.

In conclusion
  • Gap 5 in almost all the categories, the locals
    are very much mistaken concerning what tourist
    actually experience on the destination.
  • The locals either over- or underestimate the
    value of different experiences.
  • The locals gravely underestimate the value of the
    experience of enjoying views and contemplating
  • Also the gravely overestimate the value of
    entertainment and activity experiences.

In conclusion
  • Gap 6 it would seem that it could be very
    dangerous indeed to rely on locals perceptions
    on what the tourists value in terms of future
    experiences when developing the destination.
  • It would also seem that there are rather big
    differences between locals wants, tourists
    wants and locals perceptions of tourists wants
    concerning experiences.

In conclusion
  • The implications of these differences are very
    important in developing this particular
  • Socio-culturally sustainable experiences must
    necessarily build on a balanced composition of
    local wants and tourist wants combining the
    producer and the consumer perspectives.

The experience profile of Moen
From survey results to strategy
Customer driven innovationCustomer-made
  • The new trend Customer-made
  • The phenomenon of corporations creating goods,
    services and experiences in close cooperation
    with consumers, tapping into their intellectual
    capital, and in exchange giving them a direct say
    in what acutally gets produced, manufactured,
    developed, designed, serviced, or processed.
Customer driven innovationCustomer-made (5 million hits a day!!)
  • Customer-made is about the truly empowered
    consumer and it is apparently a new mega trend.
  • It is powered by the Generation C the creative
    generation and the internet, new technology made
    available to people around the world
  • Customer-made is taking consumers seriously and
    accepting that they definitely know what kind of
    service they need, and what constitutes a good

Customer driven innovationCustomer-made (200 million visits and 3.5 million
  • In 2005, 120,000 people around the world signed
    up to join Boeings World Design Team, an
    internet-based global forum that encourages
    participation and feedback while the company is
    developing its new airplane.
  • Activities include message boards, conversations
    with Boeing design team, and extensive
    discussions on what members like and dont like
    about air travel today, as well as features
    theyd like to see in their dream airplane.
    TRENDWATCHING 2006 - Fuel for your MINI Obsession
Customer-madeA way of evaluating and designing
experiences in real time
  • True customer-made involves co-created goods,
    co-created services, co-created expriences.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of experts,
    innovators, inventors and so on outside company
    walls and research labs, and innovation units at
    large corporations are increasingly NOT going it
    alone. TRENDWATCHING 2006

Transformation of the Relationship between firms
and consumers
  • One-way
  • Firm to consumer
  • Controlled by firm
  • Consumers are prey
  • Choice buy/not buy
  • Firm segments and target consumers consumers
    must fit into firms offerings
  • Two-way
  • Consumer to firm
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer can hunt
  • Consumer wants to/can impose her view of choice
  • Consumer wants to/is being empowered to
    co-construct a personalized experience around
    herself, with firms experience environment

Prahalad Ramaswamy 200412
IKEA CONTEST A way of evaluating and designing
experiences in real time
  • The IKEA contest fiffigafolket (ingenious
    people) asked amateur outsiders to send in clever
    designs for storing home media in the living
  • Out of 5,000 ideas submitted, fourteen winners
    went to the IKEA headquaters to participate in a
    workshop and receive EUR 2,500, and the designs
    will actually get produced and end up in IKEA
    stores for all to see, buy and assemple.